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The Bet - Chapter 49 (Friday – week 7 part 2 of 6)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 49 (Friday – week 7 part 2 of 6)

Robin booted up her computer and opened up her email program. She had sent an email to Mel yesterday, but it had been fairly late when she sent it. She was pleased to see a reply from Mel waiting for her today.

Dear Robin,

Thank you for the wonderful picture you sent. You don’t know how jealous I am that I couldn’t be there to see it in person.

How did your chat with Gloria go? I hope she was able to help you. Gloria can’t talk to me about it because of her non-disclosure regulations. And she’s a stickler for those kinds of things.

You asked if I could send along a few items. The bib should be in his diaper bag today. Since I usually put his bottles in while he’s eating breakfast he probably won’t know that it’s there. I’m afraid that I don’t have the bow for his hair that you asked about. But my friend Sandy has lots of them for him. As you remember, Sandy is my friend who likes to teach him to be more of a baby. You two may have a lot in common there. I’m afraid I didn’t get a chance to see Sandy last night but I promise I’ll meet with her today to see if I can get one. If not, I’ll stop at the store and buy one this weekend.

I hate to ask, but now I have a request. And to me I’m afraid it’s a big one. I don’t know if you realize it or not, but Sissy doesn’t get to drink out of anything but a baby bottle very often. Even when he’s out in restaurants with me, I usually make him use one. Not only is it humiliating for him, but it also helps me keep track of how much he’s drinking. Would it be possible for you to see that he drinks a few bottles while he’s at work every day? Or if the bottle idea is out, I’d be happy with him just drinking from a glass. Either way, I really need him to drink more while he’s at work, especially in the afternoon. So if you can find a way, I’ve included a few extra baby bottles in his diaper bag as well. But please make sure you save one of them so that Cassie can give it to him during lunch.

I also have one more minor request for tonight only. Friday night is our usual nail salon appointment and it occurs soon after he gets out of work. This week I have something special lined up for him that he doesn’t know about yet. Since it’s probably going to take a bit longer, the salon has asked that I make sure he gets there on time. So could you please have him ready to go home as soon as work is over?

Thank you so much. And I promise that next week I’ll have a nice hair bow in Sissy’s bag for you as well. Please keep up the great work you’re doing with him.

As always, please feel free to phone or email me anytime you like.

It was by far the longest email that Mel had sent her. She read it through once noting Mel’s unusual request. Then she went back through it a second time. She was a bit surprised to hear that Gloria thought she couldn’t tell Mel what they had talked about. She hadn’t really thought about it, but she guessed that she simply assumed that Gloria would tell Mel about their discussion. She had to wonder though, why would a relaxation therapist be bound by non-disclosure regulations? Not for any reason she could see. It wasn’t like Gloria was a real psychiatrist. Or was she? Now that she thought about it, the way Gloria had talked to her had seemed kind of like that – not that Robin had any real experience with that kind of thing!
The bib she had asked for was in his diaper bag, wherever that was. But no bow for his hair. Oh well, that had just been a minor flight of fancy anyway.
By far the biggest thing that interested her though was the part about the bottles. He usually drank from baby bottles? Even in restaurants? That had to be interesting to see! And now Mel was asking that she give him some during the day? She thought about that and decided that as far as she could see, she had no real problem with it. She would work something out. Besides, watching him drink from a baby bottle in front of her would definitely help to remind her of exactly what he was!
And finally Mel had something special lined up for him at the nail salon tonight. Every Monday he came to work with his nails done differently. She wondered what Mel might have arranged. Unfortunately, she’d have to wait till next week to find out. Oh well.
After checking a few other emails, she opened up the project they were working on and got to work. Yesterday she had been unable to do much of anything on it. But today, with him sitting in the corner under her desk, only inches away from her feet, she had no trouble concentrating on it at all.

It was early, but not too early. Sandy grabbed her phone and dialed Mel’s number, wondering how long she would have to wait for Mel to return her call, especially when Andrea answered. “Hi Andrea. I don’t know if you remember me. This is Sandy, Mel’s friend…”
“Oh hi Sandy,” Andrea replied. “Of course I remember you. How are you?”
“Just fine thanks. Listen, can you have Mel call me when she gets a chance?”
Andrea paused. “Can you wait a minute? She just finished with a client and is heading back to her office now.”
Sandy couldn’t believe how lucky she had gotten. A moment later, Mel greeted her cheerfully. “Hi Mel. Listen, I hate to ask but… Is there any way you can give me Robin’s phone number? I keep thinking about that picture you sent me yesterday of Sissy, and I’d like to talk to her about getting together on something.”
Mel smiled. “I better ask her first to see if she minds. But I thought you two might find something in common when I sent that picture.”
“Yeah, it kind of looks that way. After last weekend… who would have ever thought?”
“My feelings exactly! I’ll call you back when I hear from her. Okay?”
“Thanks Mel,” Sandy replied.
Mel sent a quick email to Robin asking if she minded if she gave Sandy her phone number. Before she could get up from her desk to meet with her next client, Robin had replied.

It was a full hour later when Robin finally backed her chair away from her desk and peeked under it. “Are you ready to behave now?” she asked.
Chad slowly worked his way out from the dark corner and into the light again. With his thumb taped to his mouth, the task was a bit harder because he only had the use of his one arm. But finally he was out.
“Are you going to stop acting like such a child now?” Robin asked as he was still sitting on the floor.
The only way Chad could answer her was to nod his head.
Robin shook her head. “Somehow, I doubt that you will.” She grabbed her scissors and cut the tape for him and removed it. “Get up,” she told him.
Chad pulled his thumb out of his mouth and climbed gratefully to his feet. But he dared not say anything. He was really hoping that Robin would just let him go back to his desk now. But it seemed that Robin had other ideas.
“Where’s your diaper bag?” Robin asked.
His diaper bag? Why would she want that? “It’s out in…”
“Stop!” She waited while a very surprised Sissy stopped talking. “Curtsey first!” Chad curtseyed. “Now tell me where your bag is.”
“It’s out in the car,” Chad replied.
“Curtsey again so I know you’re done spouting nonsense out of your mouth!” She waited as he curtseyed, then as an afterthought she added. “And where does your thumb belong?” Once again she was rewarded to see him sucking on his thumb in front of her. Yes, that was a good thing! That alone helped to remind her of what he was – especially when he was dressed as he was. “Go get it!” She saw he wasn’t moving. “Now!”
Chad started to turn to hurry away, his thumb still in his mouth, but Robin’s voice stopped him I his tracks.
He turned back to her. “Curtsey before you leave!”
Chad curtseyed and started to turn away again, but again she stopped him.
“And don’t forget to curtsey when you get back. Now go!”
Not totally sure what to do, Chad curtseyed once again just to be safe, then he turned and hurried away, his thumb finally coming out of his mouth the second he got out of her cubicle and she couldn’t see him. His diaper bag? Why would she want that? He wasn’t really happy about her request at all. He didn’t know why, but something about it worried him. Was she going to make him strip totally down to nothing again? Like she had done before? Today’s little time-out under her desk was something she had done before too. He had a feeling she would be seeing his little chastity device again today. He just didn’t know why she would want to.

Robin’s phone rang as Chad was disappearing around the corner. She could almost guess who would be calling as she picked it up. “Hello?”
“Hi Robin. This is Sandy. You were at my apartment last weekend when you found…”
“I remember you,” Robin replied. But there was a hint of coldness in her voice. She really wanted to tell the woman what a demented crazy woman she was, but she bit her tongue – only because of what she herself was now doing with Sissy.
Sandy noticed the coldness in Robin’s tone, but she pressed forward. “Mel sent me the picture you took of Sissy yesterday. And I really, really loved it! I don’t know if you know it or not, but seeing Sissy humiliate himself as a total baby really does something to me. I’ve been trying to teach him to behave more and more like a baby for a while now.”
“Mel told me about you,” Robin replied – still coldly.
Again, Sandy was put off by Robin’s curt tone. She was starting to have huge misgivings about even asking to talk to her. But she was on the phone with her now, so… “Well, I just thought… that since you and I like seeing him more as a baby, that we might get together some time and discuss it. I’m trying to think up some really humiliating thing to do with him to display just how much of a baby he can be.”
Robin knew she wasn’t being exactly polite, but really, she simply couldn’t. Not to this woman. Her answer came quickly. “No! And the reasons I do things with Sissy have nothing at all to do with your reasons!” She was tempted again to tell Sandy just how demented she thought she was, but again she was forced to bite her tongue. She tried to put a bit more politeness in her voice. “Besides, I have a family to think of. Nothing I do with Sissy will ever happen outside of this office!”
Sandy was more than ready to get off the phone with her. “Okay,” she replied disappointedly. “I just wanted to ask. I understand.”
Robin berated herself for her tone of voice, but she figured she was lucky to have been as nice as she was. “I understand too,” she replied more kindly. “At least I think I’m trying to. But this isn’t easy for me.”
Sandy wasn’t at all sure what Robin meant, but all she replied was, “Okay. Thanks. I understand.” And she hung up, even though she didn’t understand at all. Scratch that idea. She’d just have to think up something to do with Sissy on her own.

Chad grabbed the bag out of his car and hurried back. His thumb went into his mouth just before he turned the corner into her cubicle.
Robin heard him entering and turned around. His thumb was still in his mouth – good! She seriously doubted that he had kept it there the whole time he was gone, but it was probably best if he didn’t. What they were doing alone down here was best kept secret! She wasn’t a bad person! At least she didn’t want anyone else to know it if she was. She waited as he set the bag down on a relatively empty spot on her desk, then he curtseyed.
Robin got up and opened his bag. She found the bib right away and pulled it out. She set it aside on top of her desk without unfolding it. She would see it later. She spent a few moments going carefully though everything else in his bag. Four baby bottles filled with… something. She wasn’t sure what. Juice of some sort? Plenty of disposable diapers. Extra plastic pants. Cleaning supplies. Baby lotion. Baby powder. A few empty plastic bags. A jar of… suppositories. She remembered that he got one of those twice a day. How could he stand it? She didn’t look any further and grabbed one of the bottles and handed it to him. “Start drinking,” she said. Then she closed his bag since she was done with it.
She sat down. He was standing there next to her desk, near the entrance to her cubicle, just now putting the bottle to his mouth. She didn’t like him standing there. “Sit! Right there,” she commanded and waited till he was sitting on the floor. “Just finish your bottle and let me get some work done.” She turned away from him then and opened up the project, trying to concentrate on it instead of him. Surprisingly, she somewhat succeeded.
Chad was definitely not happy about having to drink something else already this morning. He got way too many liquids in his system before he left for work every day. He might have to wait a bit longer before he started trying to hold back again.
Robin turned around in her seat every few minutes to check his progress. Watching him drink from the bottle was so weird. He was dressed like an adult woman. And the incongruity of it seemed all wrong! But the act of what he was doing also served to remind her of what he was. As he was getting near the end of his bottle, she said to him, “When you’re done with that thing, just stand up and be quiet till I’m ready for you.” Then she turned back to the task she was working on.
Chad finished and stood up, remaining silent. Finally, Robin turned around. “Why isn’t your thumb in your mouth again?”
Instead of answering, Sissy simply stuck his thumb back in his mouth again.
Robin nodded. “You keep that thing there whenever you’re around me! Now put your empty bottle down on the desk. She waited till he had done that. “Now curtsey.” Again she watched him going through the silly motion. “Now get out of here and get some work done! Now!”
Chad started to leave, but he quickly dropped yet another curtsey to her before hurrying out – and finally taking his thumb back out of his mouth. Why had she made him sit and drink another bottle – that he really didn’t need? More liquids at this time of day was only like throwing gasoline on a fire! He felt himself peeing yet again as that thought hit him.

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