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The Bet - Chapter 49 (Friday – week 7 part 1 of 6)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 49 (Friday – week 7 part 1 of 6)

He was wearing diapers of course, but nothing else – not unless you counted the plastic panties and the pacifier in his mouth. The diaper he was sitting in was messy too – it bothered him a bit, but there was nothing he could do about it. As he looked around him, the bars of the playpen he was trapped in seemed all too confining. All too high. There was no way out of it. He got to his knees and scooted over to the bars and grabbed hold with both hands. His chin just rested on the top rail of the bars. He was on his knees, yet for some reason, he couldn’t get to his feet so he couldn’t climb over the top. He couldn’t get out. Stuck, like a real baby in a playpen.
He released the bars and sat back in his messy diaper again. The floor of his playpen was littered with toys – baby toys. With nothing else to do, he rolled over toward the center where he could reach them better. A stuffed lamb caught his attention. He grabbed it. The material it was made from felt soft and fluffy. A moment later, he pulled his pacifier out of his mouth and inserted the back of the lamb instead – just to see what it tasted like… just to see what it felt like – in his mouth. But it was dry and uninteresting, so the lamb came back out again and his pacifier went back in.
He was aware that he was wetting himself again. But awareness was all it was, and he barely gave it another thought. He wet himself so frequently it didn’t matter. There was nothing he could do about it anyway if it did matter. Wetting his diapers was simply a fact of life. Messing them too, for that matter. He had no control of anything anymore – just like a baby. And here he was, just like a baby, in a playpen, with nothing but baby toys to occupy himself with. And he couldn’t get out.
The sound of someone at the door caught his attention. He saw Mel walking towards the door, opening it, letting in… a flood of people! They would all see him like this! They would all see what a complete baby he had become! And since he was trapped in this playpen, he couldn’t get away! He couldn’t hide – anywhere!
“Ooo. Look at the baby!”
He looked to see Sandy approaching with a big grin on her face. Robin was walking right next to her.
“Just what he deserves!” Robin said with a smirk.
“Doesn’t he?” Sandy replied.
And then Mel walked up with a baby bottle in her hands. “Come here, baby,” she said. He worked his way over to the bars and pulled himself to his knees, his hands clutching the bars, he chin resting on the top rail again. Mel pulled the pacifier out of his mouth and handed him the bottle. He let himself lay back on the floor of the playpen again as he put the bottle to his mouth to start drinking it. There was laughter from all the people on the other side of the bars, but there was nothing he could do about it. He was trapped – here where they could all see him. And there was no way out of the playpen.
He felt himself peeing yet again, but that’s all it was – a feeling. Nothing more. It didn’t matter. For all intents and purposes, he had become a complete baby again – in everything except size. He was big – adult size – but the only functions he was allowed were those of an infant. Nothing more. He had been totally reduced to this state. Completely. No more adult things – only baby things. He wasn’t allowed to walk. He wasn’t allowed to talk in anything except nonsense. He drooled continually. He now needed something to suck on all the time. He wet himself helplessly, and he messed himself helplessly too. The only things he was allowed to occupy himself with were all baby things, nothing more.
A baby. Reduced. No more say in any matter. No longer deserving of any respect. A thing of ridicule. Reduced.
Through the self-pity of his dream, he felt the familiar teeth inside of his chastity device digging in slightly again. But as usual, it was more of a background reminder. As sexually charged as he was, his tiny penis never dared get any bigger anymore – not as long as those teeth were there to make sure he never would. And they were always there!
In his dream, person after person laughed at him… told him he deserved just what he had gotten… that he would never be anything more than what he was now… a baby! And he had no way to fight back, no way to argue with anything other than nonsense baby sounds… and no arguments to counter what they were saying anyway. Nothing. He had been… reduced.
All he could do was to lay on his back and drink his bottle – proving that everything each one of them was saying was true. The only other expression his body was capable of making, was to pee again, further proving everything that they were saying.
No way out. Useless. Helpless. Reduced.
The sudden shocking blaring noise from his pink clock radio jerked him harshly out of his wonderful erotic dream… grating at his nerves, setting his teeth on edge. It was so shocking that he couldn’t move for several moments as his muscles were all locked. But as soon as he was able, he rolled off of his blow-up mattress, knocking over empty baby bottles in the process as he hurried to turn off the irritating noise.
Silence! He took a moment just to breathe and recover from the rude awakening. Tiny remnants of his dream, not much more than feelings, still lingered in his mind. But as odd as it seemed, those remnants represented a wonderful erotic experience for him.
He climbed to his feet, starting to take stock of himself as he did so. The three super thick cloth diapers that Mel had put on him last night were of course much thicker and heavier now. As usual, he had wet a lot during the night and as usual, he had messed in them too. He could feel how much they forced his legs apart. They had been hard to walk in last night so he knew without a doubt that it would be much more difficult now. His breast forms hung heavily inside of the bra he was wearing. And his pacifier was in his mouth again. He hadn’t bothered to put anything on over what he was wearing because it would only be something else he would have to wash eventually.
He stumbled his way wide-legged out to the kitchen to see if she had left him a note. She had! But when he read it, it was hardly worth the effort. The same as usual, with one minor note added at the bottom to make sure he had his pacifier again. No problem.
He grabbed his usual three baby bottles out of his refrigerator, noting as he did so that his supply was running low again. Well, it was Friday, so that was about normal. He put his pacifier down on the counter and carried his bottles out to the only piece of furniture that he owned – his one single solitary chair – that faced a wall of things he’d rather not look at. Closing his eyes, he put the first bottle to his mouth and began drinking. He immediately felt himself peeing again, but it was not anything he was going to do anything about. He was way too early to even think about holding back yet. And with all the bottles he would have to drink before he left for work, it would probably be late morning before he could even try.

Mel gave up trying to sleep and got out of bed. Her alarm would be going off in a little while anyway. She hadn’t slept well, and now that it was morning again, sleep seemed to be out of the question. She was too worried over what she was going to do about Sissy. She slipped her robe on as she headed out to make her morning coffee. But as much as she needed her coffee, her brain was already in gear and worrying about things.
Five minutes! How was she going to overcome that obstacle! It was the primary thing she had stressed over all night long. But along with that problem, she also remembered a few other things she had neglected to do last night. Easy things, but still things that needed to get done.
As soon as her coffee was making, she opened the drawer where she kept Sissy’s bibs. She pulled them out and started going through them. Finally she selected one that appeared to be perfectly clean – probably because it got used less than the others since it wasn’t one of her favorites. She folded it and set it aside for later. Then, since the drawer was open, she pulled out another one to use on him when he arrived for breakfast later.
She checked the coffee – as she expected, it was still making. She went to the living room and found her laptop and turned it on, then went back to the kitchen to wait till her coffee finished. Finally, with a fresh cup in her hands, she took a sip and headed back to her laptop where she opened up her email program. But what to say? Well, she would start with the obvious and go from there. Yesterday, Robin had sent her an email with a wonderful picture of Sissy in his diaper playing on the floor. Robin had sent a few tiny requests in the email. Now, she had a request for Robin. A big one!
When her email was finally sent, she relaxed a bit more than she had all night and took a bigger sip of her coffee. So good!

Chad stood in front of the long mirror hung on his closet door and checked his reflection one more time. Overall, he thought he looked pretty good – at least for a guy in a skirt. Make that – a sissy in a skirt. But skirts and dresses were the only clothes available for him now. Mel had removed anything remotely masculine from his apartment a long time ago. His hair was curled as femininely as he could for the length it was. He had applied his makeup as usual. The light blue crystal studs in his ears sparkled prettily. His cream colored blouse was fairly plain but the skirt he was wearing was colorful. His legs were encased in nude colored pantyhose and on his feet he was wearing tan strap-on heels. Of course underneath it all was his waist cincher, his all-in-one girdle, and of course his two diapers and plastic pants.
He looped the handle of his purse over one arm, and grabbed his diaper bag. In his other hand he grabbed the plastic bag containing all the empty baby bottles he had drank before he went to bed last night and again this morning. He paused just a second to brace himself for the day ahead. He had no doubt it would be another day full of humiliation. They always were. He opened his door and went out, heading for Mel’s apartment next door. He knocked and was rewarded by her opening it a moment later. He curtseyed. “Good morning, Mistress,” he said in his new sissy voice, lisping around the S’s.
“Good morning, Sissy,” Mel replied as she stood back out of the way. She started looking him over as he was walking in. As usual, her first impression was satisfactory. She waited while he stowed his things under her little table by the door, then she took a better look at him. Definitely acceptable. But he was without a doubt, a man under all the makeup and clothes. Again she wondered if there was any way she could feminize him even more… remove even more of his masculinity. But other than surgery, she had no clue what else she could do. But then, anything else would have to wait till after their bet was settled anyway, and there was only two weeks left to go. “Okay, Sissy. “Up in your highchair.”
A few minutes later, Chad was trapped in his highchair, a bib tied around his neck, eating baby cereal with a baby spoon held in his left fist.
While Chad was busy with his breakfast, Mel grabbed four more baby bottles from the dwindling supply in her refrigerator along with the bib she had gotten out earlier. She carried them to his diaper bag and put them in, removing the three bottles from the day before – two of which were still full. Those she could put back in her refrigerator for later. Even though he usually only used one of the three bottles she always sent, today she was adding one more. She closed his diaper bag up and went back to the kitchen to get a fresh cup of coffee and to watch him eating.

Chad got to the office before Robin. He knew because he checked her desk as soon as he got there. Yesterday she had suggested that he greet her with a curtsey out in the hallway every morning when she came in. But there was too much of a chance that someone might see him there. He wondered if he should actually do it. Yesterday she had been all over the place emotionally. There was a good chance she might not remember that today. Besides, what was the worst she could do to him if he didn’t? He stowed his purse in his desk drawer and booted up his computer.
Robin parked her car and got out. She was happy because she had left the house a few minutes earlier than usual so she could make a quick stop at the store before work. She had actually managed to get thorough the store fast enough that she wasn’t close to being late. She picked up the stack of magazines that she usually brought with her and grabbed her large bag that she carried every day and headed into the building. Would Sissy be out in the hallway to greet her like she has asked yesterday? She wasn’t at all certain that he would. A few minutes later, she turned down the hallway where her cubicle was located. There was nobody waiting in the hallway for her. It was empty… deserted. Was he here yet?
Her footsteps slowed and stopped as she reached his cubicle. She glanced inside. He was there checking his email. It looked like things weren’t going to bode well for him today!
Chad heard Robin stopping behind him. He turned quickly in his chair. “Hi Robin,” he said brightly in his old sissy voice.
But Robin’s reply wasn’t nearly as cheerful. “I know for a fact, that I asked you to be out in the hallway to greet me with a pretty curtsey every morning! I also know that I asked you to curtsey for me every time you spoke to me. Why is it, that you can’t remember those few simple little things?”
Embarrassed, Chad stood up and curtseyed. “Sowwy Wobbin,” he said contritely in his sissy voice.
“That’s not what I asked for,” Robin replied. “You were supposed to be in the hallway waiting for me to arrive. Now where are you supposed to be?”
With his head held down, Chad walked out to the hallway and stood near the entrance to her cubicle. He was about to curtsey when he saw someone walking across the hallway in the distance, so he just stood there for a moment and waited.
“What are you waiting for?” Robin asked.
Chad started to point to the woman who had been in the hallway a few seconds ago, but she was gone now. He curtseyed and repeated his greeting.”
Robin only nodded and entered her cubicle where she finally got to unload the armful of stuff she had carried in. She had to move the pregnancy t-shirt she had made him wear yesterday out of the way first. “This isn’t the way I had hoped to start my day!” Robin complained as she set her things down. “Obviously you thought I would forget what I told you to do.” She turned to face him, “Don’t deny it!”
Chad stayed where he was out in the hallway and looked nervously down at the floor.
Robin shook her head. “Once again you’re acting like a child and trying to get away with the least little thing!” She shook her head again. “I had planned for you to get some more work done this morning, but it looks like you may not get to it!” She paused for a moment before continuing. “I guess you need another time-out to help you remember!”
Chad’s eyes went wide! “No,” he replied quickly. “I’m sorry! I just didn’t… think.”
Robin pulled her chair away from her desk. “That’s right you didn’t think! Well I think… I think you better get down on the floor right now!” She pointed at the spot where her chair had just been – right in front of the corner of her desk.
Slowly and reluctantly, Chad went into her cubicle and got down on the floor preparing to go into the corner again. He started to push his way forward, but she stopped him.
“Where does your thumb belong?” she asked angrily.
Chad moved his thumb back to his mouth again, just like he had done before.
“Wait a minute,” Robin said, stopping him from moving again. She pulled her desk drawer open and again removed her roll of tape. A minute later, his thumb was again taped firmly into his mouth. “Okay, now you can get yourself in there. All the way in!”
Once again, Chad worked his way forward sitting cross-legged, till both his knees touched the walls of the corner. A moment later, what little light that reached under her desk got much dimmer as she sat down and pulled her chair into place.
“I think an hour under there should help you think about remembering things better!” Robin stated.
There was no way Chad could reply, not under her desk with his thumb completely blocking his mouth.

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