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Hypnotized and Humiliated - Chapter 32 Part 1 of 3

Hypnotized and Humiliated
By Karen Singer

Chapter 32 Part 1 of 3

A large fried onion appetizer, salad with extra dressing, the largest medium-rare steak on the menu, a loaded baked potato, coffee before dinner, Coke with dinner, and chocolate cake with vanilla ice-cream for desert.  It was Jim’s usual meal every time he ate at that restaurant.  Heather had two pieces of the onion appetizer, a salad with the dressing on the side, a small baked chicken breast with sweet potato for her meal, and coffee.  No desert for her, but that didn’t stop her from enjoying her evening with Jim in anyway at all.  The fact that he kept ordering food to eat and prolonging their evening together only made things better for her.  She didn’t want the evening to end.
For most of the evening, they talked about everything but company business, and for most of the evening, Heather even managed to put Phillip, and Marian, and Vivian out of her mind.  But only for most of the evening.  She didn’t want to bring the subject up.  In fact, she wondered if she dared bring the subject up, especially considering that the FBI wanted her to stay completely out of it, but as she watched Jim shoveling the last of that enormous piece of chocolate cake into his mouth, she really felt like this might be her last chance.  Did she dare?  But her worry and curiosity were simply too much.  And…this might be her best opportunity.
“Um…Jim…” she began tentatively.
“Yeah?” Jim replied as he happily shoved the last forkful of the cake into his mouth.
“Um, I know I’m not supposed to ask about this…”
“About what?” he asked with his mouth full of cake.
“And I know the FBI doesn’t want…”
“The FBI!”  Jim almost spit out the cake in his mouth.
“Well, yeah.  That’s what I’m wondering about.”
He swallowed quickly.  “The FBI?  What do you know about the FBI?” he asked.
“Me?  Only that their investigation working with our company is supposed to be kept totally quiet.”
“What investigation?”
She looked at him.  “Okay, I understand.  Don’t mention it.  I promise I won’t bring it up again.”
“No, what investigation are you talking about?”
“You mean there are more than one?  I guess I should have figured that was a possibility.”
“As far as I know, the FBI isn’t investigating us at all!”
“Yeah, I know you’re not supposed to talk about it.  I was just wondering that’s all.”
“Heather, to the best of my knowledge, the FBI isn’t investigating anything at all about our company.”
“Yeah, I know you’re supposed to keep it quiet.”
“But Heather, there’s no investigation that I’m aware of.  What are you talking about?”
Heather glanced around, then leaned across the table and whispered.  “The investigation into Marian, Phillip, and Vivian.”  Her eyes darted around to make sure nobody had listened, then she leaned back in her seat.
“Are they company employees?”  Jim asked. 
Heather nodded.  “You’ve got to know who they are!”  Her eyes went totally wide as she realized something.  “Oh no!  Maybe you’re not supposed to know either.  They must be keeping this really quiet!”
“Keeping what quiet?  As far as I know the FBI isn’t interested in the company or anybody in the company.  Not that I know of anyway.  And if they’re investigating someone in the company, then most likely we’d never hear about it.  How did you find out?”
Heather was confused.  “But Felicia said…”
“Felicia?  Who’s Felicia?”
“She works with me…in out department.  So do Phillip, Marian, and Vivian.”
“So you all work together.”
“Of course.”
“So what’s going on?”
Heather shook her head.  “I don’t know if I should tell you or not now.  I mean, Felicia said the FBI wanted us to keep it totally quiet so they wouldn’t know they were under investigation.”
Jim nodded.  “Okay.  But what are they being investigated for?”
Heather shook her head.  “That’s just it.  I don’t really know.  But I do know for sure what’s really going on with those three – which isn’t anything like what it looks like is going on.  But Felicia told me to not mention it at all or I could upset the FBI’s investigation.”
Jim was confused.  “Maybe you better tell me all of it from the beginning.  First of all, who are Phillip, Marian, and Vivian?  You said they work with you and…Felicia?”
Heather nodded, but she just looked at him for a few moments.  “Um…since Felicia said I shouldn’t mention this to anyone, then maybe I shouldn’t be mentioning it to you too.”
Jim wasn’t sure about what was going on at all.  “Look,” he said, “I can’t help you, if you won’t tell me anything.”
“But that’s just it!” Heather said.  “If the FBI doesn’t want me telling anyone…”
“The FBI told you that?  Who from the FBI?”
“Well, they didn’t tell me.  I told Felicia and she went to you security guys in the company, but the FBI was already there and they told her, and she told me.”
Jim felt like he was falling further behind in the story now.  “Your friend Felicia, came to someone on our security staff and told him, but he said the FBI were already on it…whatever it was?”
“Kind of,” Heather replied.  “But she told me the FBI was there in the building and they kept her there for a real long time and even came and talked with her about it.  That’s how she knew about their investigation, and they told her not to let anyone know about it at all.”
“The FBI spoke with her at our company?”
She nodded as her only answer.
“To the best of my knowledge,” Jim said, “I don’t think anyone from the FBI has ever set foot in our company here.  But tell you what, let me make a call and find out.”  He pulled out his cell phone.
“Do you think you should?” Heather asked.  “I mean, if the FBI doesn’t want anyone to know…  And I don’t want to get in trouble for telling you too.”
Jim shook his head.  “Don’t worry about it.  Besides, you haven’t really told me anything yet at all.”
“Oh,” Heather said as she realized that.  “No, I guess I haven’t.  Not really anyway.  Just about the FBI.”
Jim nodded and pushed a button on his phone.  He had to wait a few moments until someone answered.  “Ed?  This is Jim.  Listen, I’ve got a young lady here who…”  He paused a moment to listen.  “Yeah, that’s the one.”  He smiled at Heather as he said that.  “We’ve been out to dinner.”  He listened for a moment then smiled at Heather again.  “Yeah, it was great.  But listen, are you aware of any FBI investigation into any of our employees?  She’s asking about something she claims the FBI wants kept hushed up.  I don’t need to know any details, just if you can confirm if the FBI is interested in anyone.”  He listened again, for much longer.  “No,” he said, “I haven’t gotten what it’s all about yet, but she claims she knows all about what’s really going on.”  Again he listened – for an even longer time.  “Okay,” he finally said.  “Will do.  We’ll see you there as soon as possible.”  He hung up his phone and looked at Heather.  He nodded, then said, “Okay, let’s go.”  Then he got up from his seat.
“You didn’t get in trouble did you?”
“Not at all,” he said. 
She was about to get out of her seat.  “I’m not in trouble now, am I?”
He laughed.  “Definitely not!  But we’re going back to the company to sort this out and find out what you’re talking about, because he has no idea of any FBI investigation either…and he’s the chief of security.”

Blessed relief!  That was the biggest thing on Marian’s mind, even as she finished getting herself dressed again.  Relief – now that the pressure and strain from all the milk in her udders was gone.  But she knew that all too soon it would be back again.  And this time, it had been worse than ever.  Phillip had emptied the bottles on her machine twice before she had finished being milked.  The amount of milk she was now giving each time was still increasing.  She had to get out of this predicament she was in…if for no other reason than to get off of those stupid pills that were doing this to her…because she knew that all too soon, all that weight and pressure in her udders would be back again.  In fact, she had no doubt it was already starting to collect.  Fortunately, it would be a long time until it started to get really bad again.  Not until tomorrow morning…or actually sometime during the night while she was trying to sleep.
She pulled her jacket on and checked her reflection in the mirror.  Not bad, except for the stupid cow bell hanging around neck.  She turned to Phillip.  “Are you sure this is what you want me to wear tonight?” she asked.
Phillip shrugged.  “You seem to like the cow costume too much, so I thought you may as well wear this instead.”
Marian nodded.  “The costume is kind of fun,” she admitted.  “I’m just surprised you want me to dress like I did for work, that’s all.”
“You may as well,” Phillip replied.
“Fine with me,” Marian told him.  “Actually, since I really don’t know what I want to wear, anything would be fine,” she added with some frustration.
“I know what you mean,” Phillip replied.  What he didn’t tell her though, was that he had decided to let her dress like – an adult – because it went better with his fantasies…and he was already dressed as a little girl.  He picked up Dolly and held her in his arms.  “Am I ready?” he asked. 
“Just fix your lips and make sure you’ve got a bottle in your purse, just in case,” Marian told him.  “How about me?”
Phillip sighed.  “Just fine,” he told her. 
It only took Phillip a moment to redo his lipstick and grab another bottle, while Marian let out a few moos for the benefit of the apartment, then to the clanging of Marian’s bell, the two of them walked out the door.  The two of them, plus Dolly, plus Phillip’s balloon that was still tied around his wrist.  Well, actually, Marian walked, and Phillip waddled.  All the diapers he was still wearing from earlier that morning were now very soaked.  But the three diapers were probably enough that if necessary, they could last all night.  Phillip hoped he wouldn’t be stuck in them all night.
“Where are we going?” Phillip asked as they headed for her car.
“I’m not sure yet,” she replied.  “I think we’ll just drive around and see what we find.”
Not having a better idea, Phillip said nothing.

Despite the late hour and the darkness, the company parking lot was well lit.  Heather’s nervousness increased as they approached the company building.  “Are you sure I won’t get in trouble for this?” she asked.
“Trust me,” Jim replied, “it’s going to be just fine.”
The one thing that Heather realized though, was that ever since he had placed that phone call back at the restaurant, Jim had been all business.  He was certainly nice enough, but all the fun had gone out of their date. 
As they walked towards the entrance doors, a balding, rather heavyset man in a sport jacket held the doors wide open for them.  “Good timing,” he said.  “I just got here myself.”
Jim made the brief introductions.  “Ed, this is Heather.  Heather, this is our Chief of Security, Ed.”
Heather nervously nodded.  “Nice to meet you,” she replied.
Ed smiled and laughed, then looked at Jim.  “Why the heck did it take you so long to ask her out?”
Jim blushed and shrugged.  “I didn’t know if she was…involved with anyone.”
“So what if she was?  What’s it hurt to ask?”
Jim only shrugged again.
“Come on back to my office,” Ed told them, then led the way toward one of the hallways instead of heading for the elevators like most other people did.  Heathers eyes automatically went to the three other security guards now on duty in the lobby.  Her nervousness increased.

“Hey, now that might be fun!” Marian decided suddenly as she headed for the bright lights ahead. 
Phillip looked to see what she was talking about, and nearly had a fit.  “Oh no!  Not there!”
“Why not?” Marian replied as she pulled into the same fast food restaurant where they had eaten lunch the day before. 
“Because they all know me too well.”
“All the better,” Marian told him as she parked the car. 
Phillip was hesitant about getting out of the car, but they did have to spend two hours being humiliated in public again, and he supposed one place was as good as another.  So he got out.  Marian was waiting for him in the middle of the parking lot with her hand held out toward him.  A minute later, with Dolly tucked in his left arm, Marian took his right hand and led him like a child into the restaurant – to the constant clang of the cowbell around her neck. 
With the hour being after dinner now, there were very few people inside, which only let the workers behind the counter notice Phillip that much faster. 
“Hey!” one of them called brightly only moments after they had walked in.  “You’re the guy they told us about from the earlier shift.  You came back again!”
Phillip was trying to think up a reply, but Marian, still holding his hand like a child, was much quicker.  “Of course he came back.  You don’t think he’d pass up an opportunity to visit all his friends, do you.”
The girl, along with several other workers now, laughed. 
“I like your doll,” one of the girls behind the counter told him. 
“Do you really carry it wherever you go?” another worker asked.
“He hardly ever sets it down!” Marian confirmed.  “He literally carries it everywhere.”
Phillip could feel his face turning red as Marian again fielded all their questions.  And now with her holding his hand like a child, he felt even more childish.  Damn he couldn’t wait to get inside of his diapers again! 
“What’s the balloon for?  Any special reason?” one of the girls asked.
“Oh, little Phyllis here got that for being such a good girl in the mall a few days ago now.  And she just loves it so much I let her keep that with her too.”  As the workers all laughed, Marian lowered her voice to a loud whisper.  “I had to tie it to her wrist so it wouldn’t float away!  You know how careless children can be sometimes.”  Her remark brought more laughter.
“Phyllis?” one of the girls asked.
“Sure!” Marian replied.  “This is Sissy Phyllis everyone.”  She turned to Phillip, “Can you do a nice curtsey for all the nice people here Phyllis?”
Phillip nearly had a fit.  Curtsey?  Like a…  But she was holding his hand like a child.  He was dressed like a child.  And this was right in the middle of all of his greatest fantasies.  With Marian still holding his hand, he put one leg behind the other and bent his knees a bit before standing up straight.  He wasn’t surprised at hearing more laughter.  He was surprised at the applause he got. 
“Are you eating tonight?” one of the girls behind the counter asked.  “Or did you just come out to give us a little treat?”
Marian was caught off-guard by the question.  Eating had never even entered her mind.  But the mention of it made her realize that she was hungry, and Phillip hadn’t fed her before they left his apartment.  She turned to Phillip, “Are we eating, or not?”
Phillip had to consider that for a moment.  They had eaten lunch here the day before and it had been a major humiliation for him.  Fortunately, there were a lot less people there now.  “Uh…sure,” he finally said.  “We may as well.”  He dropped his voice to a whisper.  “And it will eat up a lot more time.”
“Sounds like a good idea,” Marian agreed.
“Why are you wearing a cow bell?” the girl asked Marian before they had a chance to order.  “I mean, it’s nice and all, well the bell anyway, but that collar it’s attached to…um…isn’t the best.”
Marian wasn’t at all pleased by the question.  “I’m wearing it because I’m nothing but a stupid ugly cow,” Marian told her almost automatically.  And then she mooed just for emphasis.  The girl laughed…somewhat, but it was obvious she didn’t really know what to think.


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