Friday, July 24, 2015

The McComber Switch

Yes, as I said in my last post, I will continue to post my stories – for now!  But please be advised that I am growing tired – and old.  It’s becoming more difficult for me, but I WILL try to keep going.  I’m also still struggling with trying to write on my wife’s tiny little computer, and I figure it will be Christmas before I can afford to get myself a new one to replace the one that lightning destroyed.  At least I’m hoping I can afford one by then.  I think it’s going to depend on whether I get a Christmas bonus or not. 

So as you know now, the next story is called:  The McComber Switch.  Before telling you anything about it, let me tell you what it is not!  It is most likely not the kind of thing that many of you want to read from me.  But I promise you, that if you do “attempt” to read it, you will probably find it hard to stop reading.  Some of you may remember how addictive “The Bet” was.  Well, in my opinion, this story is even more so.  Maybe much more addictive.  In my opinion anyway.

This story is NOT about diapers or any adult baby stuff.  There are no diapers in this story at all.  At least not for anyone older than eighteen-months of age.

This story does NOT contain “Femdom” – despite the fact that one of the characters would like it to.

This story is NOT about anyone who is a sissy – again, despite the fact that one of the characters would really like it to be.

And finally, believe it or not, this story is NOT about anyone who wants to switch their sex or who is even remotely transsexual. 

And yet…as many of you I’m sure have guessed, this is another twin switch story.  But I’m fairly sure that I can say that this twin switch story will be unlike any twin switch story you will ever read!  Yeah, I’m fairly sure I can say that.  Definitely!

So what is this story about? 

It’s about the McComber family.  It’s about children.  It’s about adults.  It’s about – LIFE!

There are characters in this story that you will probably dislike – only to turn around and find out later that you really love them.  There are situations here that you will probably say are wrong, wrong, wrong!  Only to later find that you agree whole heartedly.  And mostly, I hope, there will be characters here that you can find yourself identifying with, understand, rooting for, and loving.  I hope, at least.

So let me tell you just a little bit about the McCombers. 

The McCombers are a very close-knit family that live in northern Arkansas.  They are a clan with one foot rooted firmly in the past, while the other foot steps tentatively toward the future.  They care for each other and stick up for each other like very few families ever have.  They are an amazing family that I myself would be proud to be a part of. 

The McComber family is also a family that seriously values all of their many family traditions.  Traditions that have been a part of the family for generations.  Traditions that have seen the family through some very tough times in the past – only to make the family stronger in the end. 

The problem here, is that some of those family traditions are now being threatened – by of all things, two pre-teen twins…one who suddenly refuses to do what should be done, and the other who refuses to stop doing what shouldn’t be done.  And nothing seems to be able to sway the two twins to behave any differently.  And so the family finally decides to put the twins through hell.  But…it is a hell of the twin’s own design. 

There are a lot of characters in this story, so here’s a brief rundown of who’s in the McComber Clan (you may want to copy this and keep it for reference):

Jacob McComber - Grandpa                                                  
Rose McComber - Grandma                                                  
            Jed McComber - Jacob’s oldest Son - land and resource coordinator, hunting guide                       Valerie McComber - Jed's wife - works in family business office                                                                
                        Ethan - Jed’s oldest son - 18 years old          
                        Justin - Jed’s second son - 16 years old                     
                        Ashley - Jed’s daughter - 13 years old

Jane Mason - Jacob's oldest daughter - one of six teachers in the school      
            John Mason - Jane's husband - school teacher and principal, hunting guide                         
                        Hunter – John’s oldest son - 16 years old                  
                        Olivia – John’s oldest daughter - 11 years old                      
                        Lucas – John’s youngest son - 8 years old     

            Peter (Pete) McComber - Jacob's second son - Electrician, hunting guide
            Marcy McComber - Pete's wife - works with Valerie in family office
                        Elliot - Pete’s oldest son - 13 years old
                        Nichole – Pete’s daughter - 11 years old                   
            Clint McComber - Jacob's third son - Electrician, hunting guide
            Susan McComber - Clint's wife - works in office with Valerie and Marcy              
                        Tommy – Clint’s oldest son - 14 years old                
                        Jasmine – Clint’s daughter - 11 years old - twin to Jimmy                
                        Jimmy – Clint’s youngest son - 11 years old - twin to Jasmine

            Brian McComber – Jacob’s fourth son - Doctor, hunting guide                               
            Janet McComber - Brian's wife – Nurse, works at county hospital               
                        Allison – Brian’s daughter - 12 years old                  
                        Aaron – Brian’s son - 8 years old      

            Jessica Cumberland – Jacob’s youngest daughter - works in husband's store                       
            Jack Cumberland – Jessica’s husband - Owns huge sporting goods store (Only family members who don’t live on McComber land – they live near their store instead.)
                        Madison – Jack’s oldest daughter - 5 years old                     
                        Caleb – Jack’s son - 3 years old                     
                        Melody – Jack’s youngest daughter - 18 months old            

So now that you’ve had a brief introduction to who’s in the McComber Clan, and with everything else being said, starting with the next post, I will proudly present:  The McComber Switch.


sarah penguin said...

Sounds interestng :)

Anonymous said...

I'm Intrigued. You say NONE of the elements that i read your stories for and yet i'll be addicted to the story? Roll on tuesday for chapter one and thanks for your previous stories that have kept me turned on and wishing i was those characters.