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Hypnotized and Humiliated - Chapter 2 Part 2 of 2

Hypnotized and Humiliated
By Karen Singer

Chapter 2 Part 2 of 2

Vivian wasn’t getting much work done.  She was having a hard time not watching Phillip with the doll.  And she saw that she wasn’t the only one who was paying more attention to Phillip than to the work that needed to be done.  She wanted badly to laugh out loud and crow over what a big… sissy that Phillip now appeared to be.  It was amazing what Marian had done with him!
And that thought brought up another thought.  What was it like to be able to do something like that to someone else?  What was it like to have that kind of power?

Like all the other women in the room, Marian was keeping just as much of an eye on Phillip as she was on her work.  But Marian was also keeping an eye on the other women as well.  Work had to get done!  And it was her job to make sure that it got done!  But this afternoon she was being more lenient than usual about it… mostly.  She did have to send a few emails to some of them to “remind” them what they were sitting there for!
She watched Phillip slowly trying to type with his one hand.  With his back to her, she couldn’t see the thumb in his mouth or the doll in his lap, but she knew they were there. As she watched him, she saw him click with his mouse, then turn toward the center aisle.  The doll was now plainly visible… as was the thumb in his mouth.  Something about that made him look like such a child – despite the adult way he was dressed.  As she watched, she saw him look worriedly around as the large printer near her desk suddenly came to life.  He had printed something, just as they all printed things frequently.  But as she watched him now, there appeared to be uncertainty on his face.  She wondered what was going on in his head just then.

Phillip’s eyes roamed back and forth across all the other women in the room… some of whom were watching him.  That made him feel even more self-conscious than he already was.  But fortunately, Dolly was there to help him feel better.  But now he had to get up from his desk to get the documents he had just sent to the printer.  Knowing he would have his hands full with them, he was trying to figure out how to get them while holding onto Dolly.  He finally figured he would just have to leave her behind on his desk for a moment.  He never once even thought about removing the thumb of his other hand from his mouth.
He quickly got out of his seat, turned, and sat Dolly down in his chair as if she was a real person.  Then he began walking toward the printer.  But with every step he took the anxiety seemed to crash in on him worse and worse.  He couldn’t stand it!  It was horrible!  He was almost to the printer, when he found himself running right back to his desk and picking up Dolly and hugging her dearly to his chest.  “I’m so sorry,” he whispered to the dolly.  “I’m so sorry.  I won’t ever leave you again.” 
He turned back toward the printer, this time noticing that everyone in the room was now watching him closely.  With his thumb in his mouth and his other arm carefully hugging Dolly to his chest, he forced himself to walk all the way to the back of the room where the printer was.  Once again, he never even considered removing the thumb from his mouth so he could use his other hand.  He tried cradling Dolly under his free arm as he reached out for the pages he needed to grab, but he couldn’t reach far enough without chancing that Dolly would fall.  He finally wound up stashing her firmly under his other armpit to give himself the free hand he needed to grab all his pages.  With his eyes darting all around at everyone watching him… and some of them letting out more than a few sniggers at him, he carried everything back to his desk where he somehow felt much more secure.  He hugged Dolly to his chest again to love on her before sitting her in his lap as he had before. 
But now that he had the papers he had printed, he needed to get them into the office distribution system.  Taking a large envelope from his bottom drawer, and using only his one free arm, he finally managed to get all the papers into the big envelope.  He wrote the name of the department the envelope needed to go to on the lines provided and fastened the string closure on the thing.  He clasped Dolly to his chest.  With the large envelope in his hand, he got up and headed to the front of the room where the office distribution box was.  Everyone in the room was still looking at him.  He dropped the envelope into the box where several envelopes were already sitting, and under the watchful eyes of everyone in the room, he and Dolly slowly walked back to… their desk.
His life had suddenly become so embarrassing!  At least Dolly helped some.  But the fact that he was now carrying Dolly around like a child, wasn’t lost on him.  It was nothing but totally embarrassing… as witnessed by every one of the women he now worked with.  He was very much looking forward to getting home tonight where he could be alone.  Alone with Dolly anyway.  But of course, going home meant that he would have to get home… where so many other people would see him sucking his thumb along the way – like he had to do yesterday going home… and again today coming back to work.  But tonight when he went home, he would be not only sucking his thumb, but hugging Dolly as well.  Embarrassing!  Very, very embarrassing!  But as far as he could see, there was no way he could get around it.  Damn, he needed a good doctor!  And he needed that doctor before his girlfriend came home!

The first afternoon break started, and Marian noted that the women who had decided to be there first started squealing loudly and excitedly the moment the door was closed. 
“He’s just like a child… only worse!” Felicia noted.
“He looks like a big sissy to me,” Vivian declared.
“He sure does!” Courtney agreed.  “And I can’t tell you how much I’m loving it!”
“That’s for sure!” Ashley added.
“This is just the best!” Felicia declared as she looked back out the window toward where Phillip was still trying to type one handed with the big doll sitting in his lap.
Marian noted that all the women were so wrapped up in their excitement over Phillip that she was the only one of them who had bothered to pour any coffee.  And when the second group came in, the coffee pot was still just as full… and Marian knew that most likely, none of them were going to bother to pour any coffee for themselves either. 
All the women, every last one of them, were nothing but delighted over what she had done to Phillip.  And as far as she could tell, she was the only one who had any misgivings over it at all!  Marian noticed that Phillip never got up from his seat to get himself some coffee.  Well, she couldn’t really blame him.

It was midafternoon and Phillip needed to pee again.  And it was getting pretty bad.  Knowing he had to go, he turned his chair toward the center aisle and glanced at everyone else in the room.  Some of his coworkers were watching him, some were working.  Knowing now that he couldn’t leave Dolly behind, he stood up with her cradled to his chest.  Feeling totally foolish, he made his way toward the door and out into the hallway.  He felt so stupid with his thumb in his mouth and cradling a dolly to his chest like a child, but he didn’t seem to have a choice in the matter.  He couldn’t leave Dolly behind without getting a major anxiety attack.  And taking his thumb out of his mouth was now unthinkable!  So he had no choice but to hurry through the halls like that, all the way to the men’s room.  And this time, there were a lot more people around than there were before! 
Everyone turned their head to look at him in disbelief!  Everyone!  And he couldn’t blame them either.  He knew without a doubt that the bright clothing on his dolly was attracting all that much more attention to him.  He was nearly running by the time he got to the men’s room – where he found two other guys already there.  Fortunately, they weren’t guys that he knew.  Not wanting to stand at the urinals next to them, he dashed straight into one of the stalls and closed the door.  But now he was faced with the toilet in front of him, and both his hands were completely occupied. 
Holding tightly to Dolly, he chanced taking his thumb out of his mouth.  The anxiety immediately hit him like a freight train.  It was even far worse than the major ache he now felt in his jaws from sucking his thumb for so long.  He managed to get his pants unzipped before he couldn’t take it any longer and his thumb was right back in his mouth again.  With Dolly cradled under his arm that was somewhat attached to his mouth, he managed to use his free hand to dig his penis out of his underwear and pee.  Relief!  Pulling his zipper up with only one hand was more difficult than getting it down, but he eventually managed it. 
He could hear someone outside of the stall he was in, washing their hands at the sinks.  He stayed right where he was for a few moments until he heard the door open and close again.  One person down, but did the second one leave as well?  He didn’t hear anything so he chanced opening the stall door.  The second guy was peering intently into the mirror above the sinks, looking closely at something near his eye.  The man turned briefly toward him at the sound of the opening door.  And then the guy stopped and turned back to stare at him again… totally dumbfounded.  Phillip nearly ran for the door… just the way he was almost running all the way back to his department – again in front of all too many people.  He was very, very glad to be sitting at his desk again – where every woman in the room was watching him in wide-eyed amazement… not to mention amusement. 
Yeah, he needed a doctor for sure!  A good one!  And he needed him fast!

Marian took no chances this time.  An hour before quitting time she got up from her desk and walked towards Phillip.  She saw Vivian turn toward her as she approached.
“Don’t!” Vivian pleaded softly, having a pretty good idea of why Marian was heading for Phillip. 
“You’re not going to make him normal again?” Felicia asked, sounding somewhat heartbroken as she now caught on to what was happening too.
Marian ignored both of them.  “Phillip,” she said to get his attention.   As Phillip turned toward her, Marian suddenly found Vivian right next to her, but now Vivian had her cell phone out to video what was happening again.  What for?
“Please don’t!” Vivian pleaded again.
 But Marian wasn’t going to let anything delay what she should have done yesterday!  She turned back to the poor sap of a man still sitting in front of her.  Phillip likes to suck his thumb,” she said immediately.  And almost just as fast, Phillip sank into a somewhat deep trance.  Once again, she took a few moments to deepen his trance, even though she was fairly sure he was pretty deep already.  And finally, she began attempting to undo all the damage that she… and the others had done.
She first took all his anxiety away and told him that he would never feel it again.  She explained that he no longer needed to hold the doll, and he no longer needed to suck his thumb.  Everything was back to normal for him now.  She took the doll from his hands and handed it to Vivian… who was still videoing everything intently.  “Put that out of sight,” she told Vivian.  She watched as Vivian simply tossed the doll toward her desk, where it landed underneath it on the floor.  Vivian was too intent on making her video. 
Marian turned her attention back to Phillip.  “Phillip,” she said.  “When you wake up from this trance, you will have absolutely no memory at all of having to suck your thumb yesterday or today.  It will be like it never happened.  If anyone asks you about it, you will have no knowledge of it at all.  The same with the doll.  You won’t remember ever even seeing the doll let alone having to hold it or carry it anywhere.  All the bad memories from yesterday and today are totally gone and you will never remember them.  And just as every other time you’ve been hypnotized, you will never remember this time either.”
It was all she could do with him… and for him.  The women might not like that he wouldn’t remember anything that had gone on, but as far as she was concerned, it was for the best.  She had him turn toward his computer, then she counted down from three to one, and walked away again… with Vivian following her with her damn video recording. 

Phillip blinked, then shook his head.  His mind had gone blank and for the life of him he couldn’t remember what had gone on.  He stared for a moment at his computer screen, and mostly remembered what he had been working on.  He turned his head a little, and noticed all the women he could see were looking at him.  Why?  “What?” he asked into the room.  He saw several of them shake their heads as if they were disappointed in something, then turn back to their work.  He turned toward Vivian who was heading back to her desk, most likely from the printer.  She was looking at him too.  “What?” he asked again.
Vivian shook her head disappointedly.  “Nothing,” she said with more than a hint of frustration. 
Phillip noticed now that his jaw ached and that his mouth felt incredibly… tired.  It was the best way he could describe it.  He had no idea why it should feel that way.  To clear his head a bit more and to help the feeling in his mouth, he got up and went to the break room where he grabbed a cup of coffee and carried it back to his desk.  He really felt like he needed it.
Marian watched everyone’s reactions carefully – especially Phillips.  She finally felt better about things.  Phillip obviously didn’t remember what had gone on, and everyone was finally completely back to work.  But now she had to wonder once again, did Phillip live with someone?  What would happen if he got home and he did live with someone?  After going home sucking his thumb last night, would that other person want to know what happened?  Well, he’d have to sort that out for himself now.  And fortunately, he would have absolutely no memory of what had happened at all.

The minute Vivian got home, she pulled her cell phone out and watched the videos she had created.  What power!  And that jerk Phillip had really deserved it… and a whole lot more!  She wasn’t at all happy that he no longer even remembered what went on.  That was a major cop-out on Marian’s part.  Damn her!  She should have left him like he was.  The jerk absolutely deserved it. 
In her cheap tiny apartment, that was overly filled with bargain basement stuff and used furniture because she couldn’t afford anything better, she fixed herself a light dinner.  The rag doll that Phillip had carried around all afternoon was propped up where she could see it, as if it was a guest in her apartment.  The thing really was adorable.  And so soft and cuddly to hold.  But seeing that jerk Phillip forced to carry it around all afternoon had been totally priceless!  Why couldn’t Marian leave him like he was?  Ugh!
Unable to get Phillip or anything to do with him off her mind, she again played the videos as soon as dinner was finished.  The video of Marian giving him the doll to carry she played over and over again.  It was like she couldn’t get enough of it.  Even on the small screen of her cell phone that little hypnotizing session seemed to be larger than life.  So amazing!  Such power! 
And about her fifth time through that video alone, the germ of an idea was planted in her mind.  And it took root.  And it grew all night long.


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