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The Bet - Chapter 47 (Wednesday – week 7 Part 6 of 8)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 47 (Wednesday – week 7 Part 6 of 8)

Chad worked through the stuff that Robin had assigned him. But he quickly realized that the job that he thought should take about an hour, was now easily finished in half that time. Oh well, maybe now that Robin could see how quickly and diligently he gotten this done she’d give him something else to do. Quickly, he saved his work and went to see her.
“Wobbin,” he said in his sissy voice to catch her attention. He saw her turn in her chair and he quickly curtseyed to her. “I finished.”
“It wasn’t as much as I thought it would be,” Chad explained. “Do you have anything else for me to do yet?”
“Not yet Sissy. Go back to your desk and leave me be for a while so I can work.”
“But I can help!” Chad protested.
“I don’t want your help!” Robin replied.
“No buts! Now go!” Geez! It was like talking to a child! Again!
Reluctantly, Chad went back to his desk where he had nothing to do. He glanced at the clock. At least break time was coming up soon.
Robin worked for a little while more, then glanced at her clock. Break time… almost. Close enough for her anyway. She was ready for a break before she tackled anything else. She got up from her seat and walked over to Chad’s cubicle. She could see that since he had nothing else to do, he was just browsing the internet… it looked like he was looking at shoes – women’s shoes, naturally. “Break time Sissy,” she called.
Chad turned around quickly and smiled. He was ready for a break. Actually, he was ready to do something useful! He closed his internet browser and got up from his chair and started to walk out, but he didn’t get very far since Robin was still blocking the entrance. He looked at her quizzically. She looked like she was in deep thought over something. “What?” he asked.
“I’m trying to remember exactly what I told you about curtseying,” she said.
“You told me to curtsey every time I came into your cubicle and when I left it.”
Robin nodded. “That’s what I thought. I can see now that I made a mistake. Since I seem to need you to do everything possible to keep reminding me that you’re nothing but a sissy, I’m afraid you’re going to have to curtsey every time you see me – anywhere! And of course every time you leave me too.
Remind her that he was a sissy? Wasn’t the dress he was wearing enough? Wasn’t the sissy voice he was using around her enough either? But since he was a sissy and he really had no choice, he dropped her a curtsey.
Robin smiled. “I’m starting to see why Mel likes that so much.” She turned and started down the hallway. “Come along Sissy.”
Chad had to hurry to catch up to her. “How’s the project coming?” Chad asked as soon as he caught up with her. “Have you made any decisions yet?”
Robin briefly glanced at him as she walked. “I’ve decided that you ask too many questions!” Robin replied a bit testily.
“I’m only trying to help,” Chad replied.
“Well I don’t need your help!”
“But I’ve got nothing to do!”
Robin glanced briefly at him as they walked. “In other words, you’re bored.”
“Yeah,” Chad replied sullenly. “Something like that.”
Robin didn’t bother answering right away. He was just like a child. Why hadn’t she seen it before? Now he needed something to keep him occupied all the time? “Well,” she finally answered, “we’ll just have to find some way to keep you occupied later.”

They were early enough that they were among the first to reach the break room. They didn’t even have to stand in line to get their coffee so they were the first to sit down at the women’s table. None of the other women had even come in yet.
“Why won’t you let me help?” Chad asked as they sipped their coffee.
Robin wanted to scream. He was like a child constantly asking for something that you had already said no to. “Because I don’t want you to!”
“But we’ve worked together on projects before. Very successfully!”
Robin just looked at him. “That was… before! Before I knew what you were.”
It was a moment before Chad could reply. “What difference does that really make? I still have the same job. I’m still good at what I do.”
Robin’s answer was spoken almost angrily. “Because I can’t deal with you anymore like you used to be! Or at least like I thought you used to be. Every time I try to think of you now as anything but a sissy, it just makes me mad and upset all over again. Very upset! So the only way I can relate to you anymore is if I think of you as nothing but a sissy. Unfortunately, I still have to keep reminding myself of that! That you’re a sissy. You’re not a man. You’re not a woman. And you’re not even a man who’s trying to be a woman. You’re something else – a sissy! And from what I’ve learned, you need to be treated like a sissy. Heck, you even want to be treated that way. So for my own sanity, like it or not, that’s how it’s going to be!” Her voice softened, but only a little. “Like it or not.”
They were spared from further conversation by two other women arriving at the table.
Chad sat and brooded over Robin’s words as the conversation swirled around him. His biggest problem was that he understood how she felt. Completely. There was just nothing he could do about it. He was a sissy and that wasn’t about to change. Even if it could change, she would still probably never see him as anything else. Another thought occurred to him. What would happen between them after he won the bet… when he no longer had to dress like a woman when he came to work? How would she see him then?

After break, Chad walked silently next to Robin as they headed back to their desks. As he reached his cubicle he asked her one more time. “Are you sure there’s nothing I can do to help?”
Suddenly perturbed by his constant asking, Robin turned on him. “What do I have to do to get you to stop nagging me like a child? You’re just like a child in so many ways! I can’t believe I never saw it before. You try to hide things! It’s always half truths! You get bored easily! And it’s always nag, nag, nag! Just like a child! Do I have to treat you like one?” She stared at him for a moment, watching the surprise on his face as she contemplated her own words. “I guess I do.”
She stared at him for another moment before her next course of action sprang into her mind. “Since you like acting like a child, and I guess I’m stuck treating you like one, then we’ll deal with things one at a time. Since you can’t seem to stop nagging me, then we’ll have to deal with that the same way we did on Monday when you wouldn’t shut up and leave me alone. So you can stick your thumb back in your mouth again right now! That should keep you quiet!”
But Chad didn’t move since he was still shocked by Robin’s latest tirade and hadn’t had time to fully process what she wanted yet.
Robin saw him just standing there in shock and not moving. “Well?” she said. “What are you waiting for? Stick that thumb in your mouth and suck on it. Now!” She watched as Chad finally raised his thumb up to his mouth. She shook her head. “Just like a child. You’ve got to yell at them for everything. Over and over again! I said suck on it! Don’t let me see those lips not touching it – ever! Or so help me I’ll… I’ll glue that thing to your mouth!”
Wide-eyed, Chad sucked his thumb harder so she could see that he was doing it. The way she was speaking to him, she was actually frightening him.
Robin nodded her head. “Finally!” she muttered to herself. “Now I guess we have to deal with your other problems or I’m not going to get any peace this afternoon.”
Unfortunately, that was the exact point where Chad not only felt himself peeing uncontrollably again, that was also the point where the dumb suppository that he only thought Cassie had stuck up inside of him decided to go to work. Between being off-balance because of Robin’s attitude, and peeing uncontrollably because he was so distracted that he forgot to hold back, and now suddenly uncontrollably filling the back of his diaper too, his eyes got even wider as his whole face suddenly screwed itself up in distress. He moaned uncontrollably around the thumb in his mouth as his knees buckled under the sudden uncomfortable stress as his diapers continued to fill.
Robin was shocked as she watched him suddenly turn white, then seemingly go into mild contortions. “What’s wrong?” she asked quickly.
There were a few tears in the corners of Chad’s eyes now. He knew he wasn’t supposed to take his thumb out of his mouth so he left it there while he tried to talk around it, but the mumbled sounds that came out made no sense at all.
“Take that thumb out when you’re talking to me!” Robin ordered. “Now what’s wrong?”
Chad still wasn’t done filling his diaper as he was forced to answer. “I… I’m…” But how could he say it? He didn’t want to. Very embarrassed, instead of speaking, he put his thumb back in his mouth again and pointed at his backside instead.
Robin stared. Something about his bottom? What? And then it dawned on her. Incredulously she asked, “You mean… you’re… pooping in your diapers – right now?”
Chad could only stare embarrassedly down at the floor and nod his head a little. He felt like such a fool.
Robin shook her head. “God! I don’t believe it!”
Chad briefly removed the thumb from his mouth again. “I can’t help it!” he complained. “Cassie puts a suppository up inside of me every day at lunch, and then Mel does it again every night before I go to bed. She’s making sure that I can’t have any control over it!”
Robin stared at him, finding what he had just said hard to believe. “Every day?” she asked.
Chad stared back at the floor and nodded. “Yeah,” he replied. “Every single day! I hate it!”
“I wonder why!” Robin replied. “I guess we now know what you’re doing at the gym every day then. Is Cassie changing your morning diaper?”
Again, Chad only nodded.
“Well, that figures. So go deal with it then. Change yourself or whatever you usually do.”
Chad shook his head. “I can’t do anything. I have to stay this way till I get home from work.”
“You’re kidding?”
Chad sadly shook his head. “No.”
Once again Robin just shook her head in disbelief. Then the words just seemed to pop out of her mouth before she had fully comprehended the thought. “Serves you right! Idiot!”
Chad made no reply. What could he say? He just stood there staring at the floor with his thumb in his mouth.
“So you have to sit in it all afternoon?”
Chad’s nod was his only replay as he realized that what was happening down in his diapers was finally finished… he hoped. That alone was a relief. But now he had to deal with the mess like he did every day.
“So now what do I do with you?” Robin asked aloud, the shock of what had just happened had taken most of the anger out of her. Did she still need to do anything with him? He was bored, she remembered. And it was because of that that he had kept nagging at her. So she needed to do something! But she didn’t have anything for him to do. Besides, she was determined that he was going to keep that thumb firmly in his mouth for the rest of the afternoon. He behaved like a child! Images of something she had seen when picking her son up from day care flashed across her mind. “When the older kids at my son’s day care misbehave, they stick them in time-out for a while. Since my son is only one, I haven’t had to try that yet. He wouldn’t understand it very well yet. But you…” She stared at him for a moment again. Time-out? It would serve him right! But how could she do it? She suddenly grabbed his arm. “Come along, were going to my desk where I can keep an eye on you.”
Chad allowed himself to be dragged into her cubicle. Time-out? What was she going to make him do? Visions of himself standing on his perch in Mel’s corner flashed into his mind, but that couldn’t happen here.
Robin looked around her cubicle. When the kids at her son’s day care were put in time-out, they were made him sit on the floor facing the corner. But in her cubicle, she had no usable corners. Everything was taken up by her desk space. The only real corner in the room was… Perfect! She quickly pulled her chair away from her desk and moved it out of the way. She pointed at the floor where her chair had been. “Sit!” she commanded.
With his thumb still stuck in his mouth, Chad gingerly knelt down on the floor facing her. He could feel the mess in his diapers squishing into his bottom a bit more as it moved around.
“I said sit!” Robin commanded. “Indian style, with your legs crossed. And face the corner!”
Even more gingerly, Chad turned to face the corner under her desk and worked his bottom all the way down to the floor. The mess in his diapers along with the hard floor stung his still sore backside, but the mess was a problem he was long used to now so it didn’t bother him much. But since he was now sitting in front of her desk, he couldn’t figure out where she was going to work? His desk? That didn’t make sense.
Robin watched him sitting there for a minute, sucking on his thumb like she wanted him to. A thought occurred to her. She couldn’t trust him to not take his thumb out of his mouth when she wasn’t watching. She needed a way to make sure it stayed there. She looked around her cubicle and finally opened her desk drawer – and spotted… her roll of scotch tape! She grabbed it and bent over him and started wrapping it around the wrist of his hand that was up against his mouth. Then she started wrapping it all the way around the back of his neck and wrist, over and over again, pulling his thumb tighter and tighter up against his mouth. Finally she cut the tape and threw it back into her desk drawer. “There!” she said with an air of satisfaction, “that should keep it where it belongs.”
Chad’s thumb was pressed so tightly into his mouth that it felt like his thumb was completely filling the inside. And his teeth were digging into the skin below his thumb and hurting him. It was very uncomfortable.
“Now get yourself into that corner!” Robin ordered. “All the way in!”
Chad stared at the corner in front of him – under her desk! In there? It was dark under there. And his head wouldn’t fit! He tried to turn his head to look up at Robin to see if she was serious, but the stupid tape wrapped around his neck made that difficult. He suddenly felt her hand on his back, pushing him slightly. So she was serious! Reluctantly, he did his best to inch his way forward toward the corner, having to bend his head to the side a little to get it to fit under her desk. The constant sliding on the floor only made the mess in his diapers feel stranger. The skirt of his zebra print dress was gradually hiking up further and further too, fully exposing his girdle underneath.
“Keep going,” Robin told him. “I want to see both your knees touching the corner.”
Ugh! Chad kept going, still feeling her hand on his back as he inched along. The position he was in not only made moving very difficult, but it was horribly uncomfortable. His left knee finally made contact with the wall and he stopped.
Robin saw him stop and peered closely at him. It was a bit hard to see since there wasn’t as much light under her desk. She could see that his left knee was up against the wall, but his other one… “Both legs touching!” she ordered. Then she waited till he adjusted himself to her satisfaction. If he wasn’t all the way under the desk like that then he would be in the way while she tried to work. “Good!” she finally declared. “I think that should work just fine as a time-out corner for you. Now you just stay there like that for the rest of the day and contemplate how childish you are!” She stood up again and grabbed her chair and wheeled it back into place where she sat down in it. She moved herself into position to where she could work. He wasn’t in the way at all! She moved her legs out till they came into contact with his back. As long as she didn’t stretch her legs out much then she’d hardly know he was there. Perfect!
It was now almost totally dark under Robin’s desk since she was blocking most of the available light. He had felt her feet hitting his back briefly, then they had moved away. He moved his head from the side to straight forward but bent down a bit as the top of his head was against the desk top above him. He was stuck in a corner… again! Only this time he was sitting down instead of standing on his perch. But since his thumb was pulled into his mouth so hard and his neck was bent down at an uncomfortable angle, he couldn’t decide which corner was worse, this one, or Mel’s. And she wanted him to stay here for the rest of the afternoon? Ugh!
Robin pulled up their project to finally get back to work on it, but as much as she tried, she couldn’t concentrate on it at all. Her mind was filled instead with thoughts about what she had just done with Sissy… and what she had said to him earlier! Everything she had said back in the break room had been absolutely true. Every time she thought about Chad… the old Chad that she knew, doing the stupid perverted things that he was doing… well… it made her mad. Not just mad, but horribly angry. The idiot! The stupid, perverted, idiot! And now that stupid perverted idiot was sitting right underneath her desk, not a foot away from her feet, staring at a dark blank corner while he sucked his thumb. The stupid idiotic pervert! He deserved just what she was making him do!
A sissy? Yeah, he was certainly that! Even though she had only just come to realize what the term sissy meant. It still fit him perfectly. Well, he wanted it? Now he had it! As long as she continued to see him as only a sissy, then she seemed to have no problem being mean to him... or ordering him around… or just… she didn’t know what. Perhaps just dominating him. And as long as she only saw him as a sissy, then that was the way she would treat him. The only way. She had to. It was like payback for lying to her all these years. If only she had known!
So she would continue to deal with him. But she would only deal with him on her terms, and her terms only. Not Mel’s terms. And certainly not his terms. Her terms! It couldn’t be any other way, because every time she thought of him in any other way, she got angry all over again. So the trick, she supposed, was going to make sure that she only saw him as a sissy… a stupid childish sissy… and nothing else… ever! And she had a feeling that that wasn’t going to be all that easy to do here at work, because if anyone else ever found out what she was doing… well, she didn’t exactly want to get fired!
Her thoughts turned to Mel. She had asked for Mel’s help earlier. But Mel had been too busy to give her much of an answer. In light of how she felt now, maybe that was a good thing. Still, Mel had helped. Her idea to make him curtsey for her had been a really good one. So was her idea yesterday to make him use only his sissy voice around her. Both of those had been perfect to help her see him as nothing but a sissy. So she guessed she would consider any other advice Mel could throw her way. To that end, she guessed she owed Mel… something… even if it was just some consideration. She opened her email program and typed a rather long email to Mel telling her exactly what she was thinking – as well as exactly what she had done with Sissy.
When her email had been sent, she still didn’t feel like working. She moved her chair back to glance under her desk. He was still right where he was supposed to be, but then, he couldn’t go anywhere else. She slipped her shoes off of her feet and rolled her chair forward again. Then she walked her feet up his back and slipped each one over his shoulders to use him as a foot rest. She leaned back in her chair to relax. Finally, he was doing something useful!


Anonymous said...

omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Robin has a patronizing maternal exasperated hands-on approach that makes my head spin. When she placed her feet on either side of Sissy's scotch-taped thumb-sucking head i thought i was going to have an accident myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sarah penguin said...

Ooh this is a really good episode :) I love her treating him like a child, though I wish she was happier and less mean about it.