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The Bet - Chapter 47 (Wednesday – week 7 Part 7 of 8)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 47 (Wednesday – week 7 Part 7 of 8)

It was over an hour later before Mel had a chance to read Robin’s email. She read it through twice – carefully. Then she sat back to consider what she had just read. Basically, Robin was working with Sissy now on her own terms, but she would still appreciate any help that Mel could give her. On her own terms? Actually, Mel had expected nothing less. She chuckled a bit over Chad’s time-out predicament. Again, she wished she could be there to see it. It was getting late in the day now. She would send Robin a more detailed reply tonight or tomorrow – as soon as she figured out what she wanted to say. It still sounded to her like Robin was doing well enough on her own!
Her thoughts turned to Sissy and tonight. She had things she had to do with him tonight. Things that had been put on hold way too long. She smiled at that thought.

Robin turned off her computer and pushed her chair back. She glanced under her desk at Sissy, then she slipped her shoes back on again. He had only tried to move a few times in all the while she had made him stay under there, but it only took a little warning from her each time to make him be still again and settle down. Actually, she was impressed. She could never manage to stay in one place as long as he had. And an uncomfortable place at that! But then, she would never be stupid enough to put herself into that kind of position in the first place. The idiot!
She pulled her purse out of her desk drawer and checked her hair and makeup. She picked up the arm load of things she had carried in with her today but had never even looked at. “Good night Sissy,” she called just before she turned and walked out. “Don’t forget to turn off your computer.”
But as she left, the foremost thing on her mind was how she was going to manage to deal with him tomorrow. She couldn’t keep him under her desk all day again – not unless he really deserved it. So how did she want to deal with him? That thought plagued her all the way home.

Chad carefully eased his head backward from under her desk and fell flat on the floor. He breathed heavily for a moment at the relief it brought to his neck and back. His thumb was still taped to his mouth so it was more difficult for him to wiggle himself far enough out that he could stretch his legs again. Moving them was almost painful – but wonderful just the same. He rolled over and worked his way to his feet. First things first, he had to get rid of the tape securing his thumb in his mouth. He opened up Robin’s desk drawer and found a pair of scissors. One careful clip later, he felt a wave of relief as he was finally able to pull his thumb back out of his mouth. He pulled the tape from around his neck and wrist and threw it in the trash. As he walked back to his own cubicle, he stretched his jaw in relief and worked the kinks out of his thumb.
Somehow, he had managed to make Robin mad today. He promised himself that he would be more careful tomorrow! The only good thing about the situation he had been in, was that it was the perfect opportunity for him to work on his ability to hold back. Unfortunately, it had been too dark under there for him to see his watch so he had no idea at all how long he had managed. As he moved around now, he once again felt the urge building in him to pee. This time he had no trouble checking the time.

Mel opened her apartment door to the smell of dinner cooking, and it really did smell good! She saw him hurry out of the kitchen wearing his maid’s dress and drop his little curtsey for her. As soon as their greetings were over, he hurried back again. That was fine. He was cooking dinner for her and she wanted it to be just as good as it smelled.
She wandered into the kitchen after him. She watched as he stirred one of the pots on the stove one more time, then he turned the burner off and picked up the pot to carry it to the sink. “How long till dinner?” she asked.
“About ten minutes,” Chad replied as he held the pot over the stove, preparing to pour the excess water out of it.
“Put the pot down!” Mel ordered sternly as she hurried out to find her stick.
Chad quickly realized that he hadn’t curtseyed before speaking again, but he was clearly busy with something else! He was aghast that she would punish him that! But having no choice, he quickly returned the pot to the stove and nervously waited till Mel returned – which wasn’t long.
Mel swung her stick at his hip, knowing that she wouldn’t be hurting him at all – especially with a diaper on under his dress, but she also knew that it would get her point across. “When are you going to learn?” she asked as she swung her stick one more time.
Chad was very tempted to argue about it, but he knew it was useless. He curtseyed. “I’m sorry, Mistress,” he said in his sissy voice. “I’ll try to do better.”
“You’d better!” Mel replied as she turned to put her stick away. She was smiling to herself though as she walked away. Sometimes just picking on him could be fun! She headed over to her desk and pulled her laptop computer out. She needed to write Robin an email, she just didn’t know what she was going to say yet. She still had no idea what she was going to write by the time Sissy called her in for dinner.
As usual, everything was perfect and tasted fantastic. She banished Sissy to his perch in the corner again and said nothing at all as she watched him take a baby bottle with him this time. She watched as he climbed up onto his perch and precariously raised his bottle up so he could drink from it. He head looked to be at an uncomfortable angle. But that wasn’t her problem. At least he was still trying to keep wetting!
As she watched him, she wondered if it was more uncomfortable standing on the corner where he was or more uncomfortable under Robin’s desk. She was betting that standing on the perch was much worse for him… but Robin was certainly doing well! So what was she going to say to Robin?
She wasn’t quite done with her meal yet when she heard her phone ringing. Hating the bother, she got up and answered it. “Hello?”
“Hi Mel,” Sandy’s voice came back. “Have you heard it yet?”
Mel was confused. “Heard what?”
“His new voice!”
Now Mel was really confused. “What new voice?”
Sandy realized that Sissy hadn’t told Mel anything about what they had done last night. “His new sissy voice. We worked on it a bit last night.”
“You did?” Mel asked, totally surprised.
“Well, maybe we worked on it more than a bit, but I should have figured he wouldn’t tell you. Sorry.”
“So what did you come up with?”
Sandy paused. “Maybe I better tell you in person. Are you doing anything now?”
“No. I’m just finishing my dinner.”
“Then I’ll be there in a few minutes. Okay?”
“Great! I’ll be expecting you.” She hung up her phone. Sissy was finished with his bottle and his arm was back down at his side again. He hadn’t told her everything about last night… but then she knew that she had also made some assumptions. Evidently wrong assumptions!
She went back to the table and took another forkful of food without sitting down. So good! But with Sandy coming right over, she was finished now. She did grab her wine from the table though. “Sissy! Get in here and get up into your highchair!”
Chad carefully extricated himself from the corner. He had heard her on the phone but he didn’t know who she had talked to. Possibly business? Not that it mattered. He got up into his highchair and waited while Mel put a bib around his neck and put the tray back in place, locking him into the chair. He hadn’t picked out his own baby food meal this time because she hadn’t mentioned that he had to. But he watched as she went to the cabinet and started pulling out jar after jar. The knock at the door startled him and the usual fear ran through him.
“Don’t worry, it’s just Sandy,” Mel said as she went out to answer it.
Chad was relieved… somewhat. A minute later, he saw the two women come into the kitchen together.
“Oh hey,” Sandy said brightly. “It’s his dinnertime!” She turned toward Mel. “Can I feed him?”
“Be my guest!” Mel replied as she leaned back against one of the counters out of Sandy’s way. But she turned quickly towards Sissy. “And I don’t want to hear about it from you!” She saw Chad’s eyes go wide with surprise… or possibly fright, and he heard Sandy giggle.
As Sandy dumped jar after jar of baby food out onto his plastic dish, she started explaining. “Well, I guess I should tell you first about the beating he got last night for not leaking on time.” She looked briefly up at Mel. “Cassie told me that he was still red and sore when she changed him this afternoon.”
Mel looked over at Sissy sitting in his highchair. “That bad, huh?” She looked back to Sandy, “He told me about that this morning when he had trouble sitting in his highchair. He said they had some kind of paddle with holes in it and a whip.”
Sandy nodded as she put the last jar of baby food down and picked up his plate along with the tiny baby spoon she would use to fee him. “Yeah, they did. Actually, they have a bunch of stuff like that since they’re really into it… and last night, Jillian really seemed to be into it when she punished him for not leaking.”
Mel just shook her head. She felt for Sissy but… “But deadlines are deadlines. And in this case, he’s not allowed to miss one, no matter what the reason.”
Sandy nodded as she shoved the first spoonful of colored mush into Sissy’s mouth. “Yeah, and I did promise you last night that I would make sure that he either kept to his deadline, or we would punish him.”
“So he got punished.”
She nodded. “Royally!”
“Good!” Mel looked straight at Sissy. “Maybe it will help give him more incentive for the future! So what were you trying to tell me about a new voice?”
Sandy giggled as she continued feeding him. “Jillian didn’t think we had done enough with his sissy voice. Not by a long shot! So… she kind of made some suggestions and we tried them out. Actually, we were at it for most of the time we were there.”
“So what changes did you make?”
Sandy looked back and forth between Sissy and Mel for a moment. “Maybe it would be better for you to hear it. I don’t think I can really explain it all.” She looked at Sissy. “What’s my name?”
Chad was very embarrassed. He didn’t want to do this! But with Sandy and Mel right there, what choice did he have? In his sissy voice – his new sissy voice – he said Sandy. But what actually came out of his mouth was more like “Thanthy.”
Mel looked startled as Sandy looked around. She grabbed his baby bottle. “And what’s this?” she asked him.
Again, Chad felt very foolish. “Ba-ba.”
Mel just grinned as she watch Sandy handing him the bottle so he could take a drink. “I’m not sure I’m going to be able to understand him though.”
“I don’t know,” Sandy replied. “I think that once you got used to it, you’d have no problem at all. We managed last night pretty well.”
Mel shook her head. “I think I’ll have to hear more after you finished feeding him.”
As soon as his dinner was over, Mel and Sandy went into the living room where they sat on the couch together. Sissy had to come in and curtsey for them both as he stood in front of them. He wasn’t happy at all about trying to speak the way they had made him speak last night.
“Okay,” Sandy said. “I want you to tell us all about what happened last night.”
Last night? Ugh! And all in his ‘new’ sissy voice? He figured out where to start, then curtseyed before opening his mouth. He first explained how he went there to cook dinner for them last night. At first, Mel couldn’t tell much of a difference, other than the way he said anything with an ‘s’ in it – that kind of threw her a bit. But gradually, the more he talked… or tired to… the more subtle differences she found. He actually sounded more childish! Or maybe it was more like a much younger child than ever before. And at times, she almost laughed at the way he said things.
Finally, Mel got the whole story about exactly what happened all last night out of him, with Sandy occasionally adding to what he had said. And in the end, Mel could only laugh at the way he sounded when he spoke. “Okay,” she said as he finished. “I’m convinced! I love it!” She looked straight at Sissy. “This is how I want you talking all the time now… all the time! Everywhere!”
Chad only gulped. Wasn’t what he was already doing bad enough?
“Go clean up the kitchen now, Sissy,” Mel ordered. “Leave us alone for a while. And get yourself another bottle. Your deadline is almost here!”
Chad dropped a quick curtsey and hurried away. He was glad to get away from them. He didn’t like using the new… and improved… sissy voice at all! He quickly grabbed a bottle and started drinking as he tried to assess just how wet his diaper was. Very wet! Soaked! Fortunately. But time was still running out. Leak! Leak!
“It sounds like you had a lot of fun last night,” Mel said to Sandy.
“We did… kind of,” Sandy replied. “But to tell the truth, both Cassie and I were more worried about how badly Jillian was punishing him to really enjoy it all that much. We were both close to putting a stop to it several times. And the fact that he’s still so sore today… maybe we should have.”
“Don’t worry about it,” Mel replied. “I saw him having trouble sitting down this morning, but he didn’t seem to be hurting when he sat in his highchair a little while ago, so I think he’s probably okay.”
“Good!” Sandy replied. “Because I was a bit worried about it.” She paused for a second before continuing. “You know, I really do love his baby side. Completely! Well, let’s face it, I get off on it! Okay?”
Mel only chuckled. “I know.”
“Well, it’s just that… I really like it, but… I don’t think anyone else gets the same kick out of it that I do! I mean, you really like him better as your maid. And Cassie… well, I’m not really sure what Cassie thinks. Sometimes I know she feels sorry for him, but other times… well, I’m just not sure.”
“I think we all get a kick out of his baby behavior,” Mel replied.
“Yeah, I know. But not the way I do. I mean, I really do get off on it!”
“So? What’s wrong with that?”
“Nothing, I guess. It’s just that… I’d really like to figure out something I can do with him sometime to really show that side of him off. Something… that’s not really just inside of our apartment. You know what I mean?”
Mel nodded. “Something out in public.”
“Yeah. I guess.”
“So what did you have in mind?”
“That’s just it. I have no idea. No idea at all!”
Mel shook her head. “I don’t really know either, but if you think of anything, please let me know! I wouldn’t mind seeing it myself!”
“I’m leaking!” Sissy’s excited voice interrupted them from the kitchen.
Mel glanced up at the clock. He had made it, but only by one minute! “Did you curtsy?” she called back.
Chad’s reply was much less excited. “No.”

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