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Mister Mike - Chapter 40 – Part 1 of 2

The Domination of Mister Mike
By Karen Singer

Chapter 40 – Part 1 of 2

     What’s that old song?  “On the road again…”  We were on the road again, but not for long.  No Joanna!  Don’t do that.  Don’t, don’t, don’t go there….  Uh-oh.  If I thought I had been screwed before, it was nothing like I knew things would be now.  Why did Joanna decide to stop here?  Why?  There wasn’t any place worse in the world for someone dressed like I was…well okay, Ashley too…than to have to go into the home improvement store.  It was without a doubt, the one single place I hated having to go the most when I was dressed in any kind of silly demeaning way whatsoever.  Which of course was pretty much always.  It was just that things that day were just a tiny bit worse than usual.  Maybe more than just a tiny bit. 
     Um…no, we weren’t given the choice to stay in the car.  Ashley however pretty much set the tone for how we both felt about it by acting like a two-year-old in the way she moved so reluctantly and with her shoulders so drooped like she could fall over at any moment. 
      “Stand up straight and behave children.  You wouldn’t want people to think you don’t know how to behave properly in public.”
     Ha!  Did Joanna really just say that?  I mean, just look at us!  Ashley looked at me and rolled her eyes.  She stood straighter, I didn’t bother.  I simply wanted to go anywhere but there.  And yes, we had just gotten out of the car and we were already gathering way too much attention – again.  Yeah, it had to be the balloons everybody was looking at.  Maybe they thought we were selling them or something. 
     I didn’t want to move at all, but dumb Ashley started following her mother the moment Joanna headed for the entrance.  And of course where Ashley went, I had no choice but to follow.  Maybe I should have turned and headed the other direction and made her follow along with me.  Yeah, that would have been a great idea.  Why didn’t I do it?  So there I was, dressed like the biggest sissy on earth, going into the most manly store on earth.  I could already feel my face blushing…and that darn cock cage shrinking again.  Why did it do that?
     Follow Joanna inside.  Check!  Suck our pacifiers.  Check!  Look like total idiots.  Check!  Gather too much attention.  Check and double check!  Was there a chance any of the other guys in the store liked my shoes with the big pink bows on them and wanted a pair just like them?  I seriously doubt it.  Oh well. 
     So where was Joanna heading this time?  Hardware.  Why?  I already had all the hardware I needed to finish the crib.  I already had everything I needed to finish the entire project.  In fact that entire project was almost done.  Just another day or two and I could carry it all into the house and put it together…not that I was looking forward to sleeping in a crib now.  It was just another woodworking project that I had been working on. 
     Joanna finally found what she was looking for.  Surprisingly, she didn’t lead us up and down every aisle of the store before she found them.  She had pretty much headed straight there.  But then she was now looking at something she had looked at in there once before, and I remembered she had almost bought one before.  So what on earth did she need with another…doorknob?
     I saw her finally select a box and grab it.  I didn’t see the box very closely, but from what little I saw, it looked like every other doorknob set I had in the house.  So did she want me to put a new doorknob on my new crib?  Hey!  With Joanna, anything was possible!
     I fully expected Joanna to take us on a slow leisurely tour of the entire monstrous store, but I was more than a bit relieved when she headed for the checkout counters instead.  I was more than happy to stand aside, while what felt like the entire world scrutinized me and Ashley far too closely, while Joanna waited to pay for her doorknob.  Or was it going to be my doorknob since I figured it would probably go somewhere on my crib.  Not that my crib had a door at all.  Maybe it would be a decoration to hang things from.  Yeah, that could work!  That happy thought was interrupted though when I suddenly felt Ashely peeing into my diaper.  Ugh!  Was she laughing at me? 
     Finally, bagged up doorknob in hand, Joanna led us back to the car.  Hooray.  Ashley and I got fastened into the back seat, and off we went again.  Where to this time, I had no idea.  I just wanted to go home.  So trust me, I was more than elated when Joanna actually headed home.  My relief was perhaps the most heartfelt I had ever been when we actually pulled into my driveway.  Um…it didn’t help seeing my neighbor across the street, Jack Thompson, out in front of his house working on his yard.  No, that didn’t help matters at all.  But at least we were home.  Hooray!  I think.
     Joanna got out of the car…and waved to Jack across the street, who stopped what he was doing and watched us.  Ugh!  Joanna opened the back car door and undid Ashley’s seatbelt, then mine.  “Okay.  We’re home,” she said.  As if I didn’t notice.  I just didn’t want to get out of the car with Jack over there watching me…I mean us.  But once again Ashley seemed to have other ideas, and I got “pulled” out of the car, like it or not.  Which I did, and I didn’t.  Was my face very red as I saw Jack now standing there staring at me…I mean us.  Huh!  That question was like asking if my diaper made my butt look too big.  Of course it did! 
     I thought Joanna was heading for the front door to let us in, but she stopped and opened the trunk instead.  “You two grab some bags.  We’ve got to get all this stuff in.”
     Was she purposely keeping us outside and on display as long as possible?  I wouldn’t doubt it for a moment.  I grabbed a couple of grocery bags.  I immediately felt what I figured was a package of eggs inside.  Hey!  Joanna was treating us like toddlers.  Weren’t we too young to carry in something like eggs?  We might break them.  I was almost tempted to drop them just to make the point.  But I did need to eat during the next week. 
     With Ashley and me still holding hands, and a doll and balloon in the only free hand I had, just that one bag with the eggs in it was all I could manage.  Ashley too only grabbed one bag.  We turned and followed Joanna toward the front door.  Jack across the street was still standing there watching us.  When he saw me looking at him, he nastily flipped us the bird, then went back to his work.  What a nice neighbor.  But really, could I blame him?  I wasn’t sure.
     Ash and I carried our little load into the house.  Joanna had us set them on the kitchen counter.  “Leave your pretty dolls on the table kids,” she told us.  “Please keep holding hands like good children, and bring in everything else.”
     She had to be kidding!  Ashley looked at me and rolled her eyes.  I did not want to go back outside, especially with Jack still out there where he could watch us.  Ashley started to turn to leave, but I stayed rooted in spot.  Ashley was brought up short. 
      “Michelle!  Go bring the groceries in.  And everything else we bought too.  Go!  Or do you really like the flavor of that soap?”
     Um…soap or behave like the total idiot I was in front of Jack…who already knew what an idiot I was.  It only took me a second to decide in favor of displaying myself over and over again to Jack…and anybody else who happened to be driving past the house.  Yeah, I was definitely going to have to move when this was all over.  If it was ever all over.  Was it too soon to put the house up for sale?  I know my neighbors would all like that.
     Back out to the car we went.  Grab a few bags in our free hands, then back into the house.  Over and over again.  Continuously holding hands like children.  Continuously looking like a couple of big overgrown toddlers.  Were our fat wet diapers making us waddle like toddlers too?  As if it mattered. 
     There were more bags of stuff to bring in than I thought there would be.  Joanna had evidently done a lot more grocery shopping than I figured.  Just for fun, I peed again into Ashley’s diaper about halfway though.  She nearly dropped the bag she was carrying.  I was very glad just then that she was carrying that bag.  From the look on her face I knew she was very tempted to hit me with it.  In fact, as soon as we dropped the bags on the counter, she did hit me.  Hey!  What was I supposed to do?  I had to go.  Blame Joanna…and whatever drug she had laced those last bottles with.  It wasn’t like Ashley wasn’t peeing way too much too.
     Finally the groceries were in.  Finally the car was closed and locked up.  Finally we were allowed to stay in the house.  Finally!  I really just wanted to collapse.  Once Joanna realized that we weren’t making any more trips out to the car, she stopped putting groceries away and headed into one of the bedrooms.  She came back a minute later with a big blanket that she spread out on the floor in the living room.  She pointed at it.  “Get yourselves on that blanket and stay there.  Don’t even think of moving off of it.”  She disappeared back into the kitchen again. 
     Ashley and I looked at each other, then resignedly moved over to the blanket, then onto it.  She started sitting down, which meant that I had to sit down.  Now what?  We sat there like that waiting.  Joanna came back a few minutes later with our dolls and the bag from the toy store.  She pulled each of the toys out of the bag, removed all the packaging from them, and set them down on the blanket.  Baby toys.  Just what I always wanted – not!
     Surprisingly, she untied the balloons from our hands and let them bounce on the ceiling.  “Be good kids,” she said before she walked off back to the kitchen again. 
     I wasn’t the least bit interested in playing with the toys.  I was sure that Ashley wasn’t either.  And I was bone weary tired.  I started laying down.  Ashley got the point and joined me.  The two of us laid like that, side by side, like the tether between us demanded we do. We looked at each other.  I could see how tired Ashley was.  I had no doubt she could see how weary I was.  Was it my imagination, or did Ashley actually look cute sucking on that pacifier?  Must have been the makeup job Joanna had done on her.  Did I look cute too?  I had no doubt that I didn’t.  I had no doubt at all that the only thing I looked, was dumb!  And stupid.  And…well, you get the point. 
     I closed my eyes and kept them closed.  Joanna was treating us like babies.  Didn’t babies need naps?  The next thing I remember, was being woken up by someone grabbing me and pulling that diaper cover off of my bottom.  I saw that Ashley was awake.  Had she fallen asleep too?  Little by little, Joanna undressed both of us down to just our diapers.  Even those crazy shoes got unlocked and removed.  I closed my eyes during most of it.  A few minutes later, Joanna started changing Ashley’s big diaper, then it was my turn.  A nice dry diaper.  Heaven.  Yeah, it was a big fat diaper, but it was still dry.  Less than ten seconds after Joanna had finished taping my nice dry diaper in place, I felt it filling with pee again.  Ashley!  I turned angrily to her.  She was laughing.
      “What’s so funny?” Joanna asked, seeing her daughter suddenly happy.  Then she looked down.  “Michelle!  Did you wet that diaper already?  I just now got it fastened on you!”  Ashley burst out in a total fit of laughter at that one.
     Joanna finished us off by slipping our cupcake onesies on us.  Since we were tied together at the waist, she could only pull them down like a shirt and couldn’t fasten them, but at least we were now covered from the waist up.  I had a feeling that Ashley appreciated that more than I did since her breasts were no long on display.
     Once we were dressed, Joanna left us alone again.  Wearing absolutely nothing but that onesie and a big and now wet diaper, I closed my eyes, hoping to continue my nap, but not for long.  Joanna was back with another baby bottle for each of us.  Apple juice this time.  Did she drug these bottles too?  Probably.  But I laid there like an idiot…I mean like a baby, and started drinking.  The apple juice tasted a lot better than anything else I had put in my mouth all day!  The strong taste of it actually helped a bit with the taste of the soap that was still there.  I had a feeling I’d still be tasting that soap a week from now. 
     With the bottle done, I actually grabbed my own pacifier and stuck it back in my mouth.  I closed my eyes with the intention of going back to sleep.  The tether between us pulled and I saw Ashley rolling over toward me onto her side.  She smiled as she stuck her own pacifier back in her mouth.  I peed into her diaper again.  The smile got wiped off her face and she hit me as hard as she could…before snuggling up close to me and putting her arm over top of me.  I put my arm over her, and fell asleep.

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