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The Bet - Chapter 56 (Friday – week 8 Part 9 of 9)

The Bet
By Karen Singer

Chapter 56 (Friday – week 8 Part 9 of 9)

     The restaurant they went to was their usual Friday night one.  And as usual, it was crowded.  It was bad enough walking into the place wearing the ridiculous outfit he had on.  Worse because the stupid outfit itched so bad.  But Mel added insult to injury by making him carry his own baby bottle into the place. 
     When they got inside, Chad didn’t even wait.  While Mel hung back, he walked right up to the hostess’s desk and curtseyed.  “Two foa dinna pweath,” he said in his stupid sissy voice.  Then he curtseyed again. 
      “Hi Sissy,” the hostess greeted him.  “Glad to see you back again.”
     Chad had mixed feelings about that, but at least she was being nice.
      “The wait right now is about fifteen to twenty minutes,” she told him.
     Chad curtseyed and thanked her – then curtseyed again before walking back to Mel – where he curtseyed yet again.  “Fifteen to twenty minutes,” he told her before curtseying one more time.  He knew without a doubt that everyone in the waiting area was watching him, but then, in the outfit he was wearing, they had probably never stopped watching him since he had walked in.
     He and Mel found a place to stand where they would be at least somewhat out of the way.  Chad still noticed everyone watching him.  He felt a bit like he was the floor show during their dinner.  And all the eyes on him made him unconsciously rub at the itchy spots on his body more than he realized.
     Shortly after he had talked with the hostess, she disappeared for a few minutes, only to return with the waitress who usually served them.  The two talked together for a moment. Chad saw the waitress look at them and nod towards them.  Then she talked a moment more with the hostess and disappeared again.  And the wait continued.
     People got called to their tables and other people came in.  Very gradually, the people in the room shifted around and changed.  But all the new ones quickly seemed to notice Chad and they all kept looking at him as they waited.  Chad saw some trying not to stare, and he appreciated that, but even they had a hard time not watching him constantly.  Chad wondered if he should step into the middle of the floor and launch into a song and dance.  No, he was entertainment enough already!
     Finally they spotted their usual waitress again, and she motioned them to follow her back to their table.  Chad couldn’t believe his luck.  For once they hadn’t announced his name over the loudspeaker system!
     They sat down and Mel ordered coffee, and the waitress held out her hand to take Sissy’s baby bottle.  As humiliating as it was to have to give it to her, something about it all seemed a tiny bit less humiliating tonight.  Maybe he was just getting used to it.
      “Do you want an appetizer?” Mel asked as she stared at the menu in front of her.  Chad was very surprised that she would ask.  An appetizer?  While he was staring at a child’s menu in front of him and three dumb crayons to color it with?  But could he even finish an appetizer?  “Um… no thanks, Mistress,” he replied – glad that he didn’t have to worry about curtseying while they were sitting down.  “I don’t think I could eat that much.”
     Mel smiled.  Maybe he couldn’t eat that much anymore, but she had definite plans for him to be very full before they left tonight!
     The waitress returned with Mel’s coffee a few minutes later… along with Chad’s baby bottle now filled with iced tea – which she set down in front of him.  “Are you ready to order?” she asked Mel.
      “Yes,” Mel replied.  “I think I’ll have the seven ounce sirloin along with a baked potato and a salad with house dressing.  And for her…  She’ll have the 18 ounce ribeye, a baked potato, your mixed vegetables, and a salad with house dressing.”  After she ordered, she wasn’t sure who was more surprised, the waitress, or Sissy. 
     The waitress wrote it all down and said, “I’ll have it out for you as soon as possible.”
      “Thank you,” Mel replied before she left.  She saw Sissy staring at her.  “What?” she asked.
      “I don’t think I can eat that much anymore,” he replied, still totally surprised.
     Mel smiled.  She only hoped her smiled didn’t look as wicked as she felt.  “You haven’t been eating enough lately,” she told him, which she knew was all too true.  “I want to make sure you get plenty in your system tonight.”  Which was also very true. 
      “But I can’t eat that much,” Chad argued.  “We shouldn’t waste it.  I’m grateful – very grateful.  But why order so much for me?
     Mel couldn’t help but let her wicked smile come out.  “Because after tonight, all you’re going to be allowed to eat will be baby food and nothing but baby food!  No matter where, no matter what!  Even out in the restaurants – which I can guarantee is going to happen.”
      “You mean… for the next week?  Every single meal?  Everywhere?  Even in public?”
     Mel nodded.  “Every single meal.  Everywhere!”
      “But why?”
      “Let me ask you this…  Do you find it to be very humiliating when you get to eat nothing but baby food while everyone else gets something better?”
     Chad was shocked at the question, but shyly he replied.  “Yes…”
      “Then that’s reason enough,” she told him.  “And tonight is your last chance to eat something more filling and nutritious.”  Actually, she had two reasons for him eating a big meal tonight, what Chad knew about now was only one of them.
     Mel picked up her coffee cup and sipped at the hot liquid.  So good!  But her coffee reminded her of something else she had been thinking about.  She set her cup down, and more seriously said, “Sissy.”  When she saw she had his attention she asked.  “Do you always need an alarm to wake up on time every morning?”
     Chad was surprised by her question.  “If I have to get up early I do.”  More sheepishly he admitted.  “I’m kind of a sound sleeper.”
      “Yeah, I’ve noticed that.  But if you don’t set an alarm, would you be able to wake up early?”
     Chad thought about that.  “I don’t know.  Probably not.  When I don’t have an alarm I tend to sleep pretty late.”
     Mel had thought that would probably be the case.  Unfortunately! 
      “Why do you ask?”
     It was a moment before Mel answered.  “Since you’re out of work for the next week now, I was thinking of moving you into my apartment… have you sleep there every night.”
      “I guess I could,” Chad replied.  “Where would I sleep?”
      “Wherever I decide to stick you!” Mel answered authoritatively, letting him know that she was going to be in charge of that and there would be no choice on his part at all.
     Chad backed off.  “I guess it would all depend on how early you need me to be up.”
      “That’s just it,” Mel replied.  “I don’t have an exact time for you to be up every day… except that it would have to be well before I wake up.”
      “How early do you think that would be?”
      “I have no idea, and the question really doesn’t matter.  It varies from day to day, but when I wake up, I’m going to want you there right away!”
      “To do what?”
     Mel wasn’t sure if she should smile at his question, or be put off because he hadn’t figured it out yet.  “To serve me, of course!  I want my morning coffee brought to me the moment I wake up, and breakfast in bed too!”
     Now Chad understood.  And staying in her apartment would help, but… how was he supposed to know when to wake up every day?  “I guess it could work,” he admitted.  “I’d just have to wake up early every day and have everything ready and waiting until you call.”
     Now Mel did smile.  “Now you’ve got it exactly!”
      “I just need to sleep someplace where I can set my alarm to get up fairly early every day.”
     And that was the part that Mel knew wasn’t going to work.  “That’s exactly the problem.  I don’t want your alarm waking me up every morning.”
      “Then I don’t see any choice except to continue to stay at my place every night.”
     Mel nodded.  Unfortunately he was right.  “Drink your bottle Sissy,” she said.  “You still have a leaking deadline.”

     Chad colored some pictures, the waitress refilled his bottle – twice, and they talked through it all.  Mel told him what Robin had relayed about his day.  She teased him terribly about kissing Derek again, then admitted she was worried about what Derek might do now as well.  She also noticed him continually scratching and rubbing at his sweater where it itched him all over, but she did nothing about that.  She liked the fact that his sweater was making him uncomfortable – had been making him uncomfortable – all day!  And… they spent a long time talking about her… and her job… and the contract… and the fact that she still felt a little uncomfortable about it. 
     When the waitress finally collected their dinner plates, Chad had only been able to stuff less than half of his meal into his mouth – and he was amazed he had managed that much.  But before the waitress could carry the plate off, Mel suggested.  “How about desert?”
     Chad’s eyes bulged.  “I couldn’t!”
      “That wasn’t a question!” Mel snapped back.  She then had the waitress go through the desert list and ordered a simple cup of chocolate ice-cream for herself… and something called “Death-By-Chocolate” for Sissy.  “You’ll eat it, and like it!” she ordered.
     Chad would have liked it a lot more if he had the room in his stomach to enjoy it.  And when it was delivered to their table, along with another baby bottle of tea, the darn desert was huge.  Way more than he could have ever eaten – at any time in his life. 
      “Dig in,” Mel said with a smile. 
     It was difficult, but what choice did he have?  They continued to talk, mostly about Mel, while he tried vainly to eat the chocolate desert.  He had managed to get about half-way through, with the help of yet another fresh baby bottle, when Mel set her now empty desert cup to the side and leaned across the table a bit.  “We need to talk a bit more about what I expect from you from now on,” she told him.
     Chad looked up, glad for the excuse to stop eating.  “What’s that?” he asked as he rubbed unconsciously at his itchy sweater yet again.
      “Since you need an alarm to get up every day, then for now, I see no other option than for you to continue staying at your apartment. But, here’s what I expect.
      “From now on, there will be no note for you in the mornings.  You know what you have to do so you keep doing it.  And every day I’ll still be checking to make sure you’ve had all the baby bottles you were supposed to drink every night and every morning – no exceptions.  So you’ll have to set you own alarm and figure out what time to get up and how much time you need to get ready.  That’s all your responsibility from now on, not mine!
      “I expect you to already be in my apartment when I wake up every day now, but whatever you do, don’t wake me!  I don’t want to even know you’re there!  And I expect you to bring me my coffee the minute I call for you.  Breakfast will follow as soon as possible after that. 
      “Come into my apartment and get everything ready.  And you had better be in uniform and look absolutely perfect – your uniform clean and starched and pressed to perfection, your shoes gleaming, everything about you has to be perfect.  I’m going to start being a lot more critical of how you look in your uniform from now on. 
      “I’m expecting you to be the perfect servant for me now.  And I can assure you, I’m going to be pretty much unmerciful about making you into what I expect!  So be ready for that!
      “The only other thing you’re going to have to worry about is to keep your diaper leaking on time.  I guess, by the time I wake up every day, I’ll probably want to see it either leaking already, or pretty close to it.  So be prepared for that.  You’ll have to do whatever it takes to keep it leaking within your time limit.  Whatever it takes!” she repeated.
      “Now, do you have any questions?”
     Actually, Chad didn’t have any questions about what she had just said, but he did have one about something else.  “Can I stop trying to eat this now?” he asked.  “I’m so full I’m starting to get sick!  And… I think my diaper may have started leaking a little while ago.  I just noticed that the seat all under me is all wet.”

     For once, Chad was rather jubilant about dance practice.  He was jubilant because Mel not only let him take his itchy sweater and socks off, she insisted on it.  “You can’t practice ballet while wearing anything like that!” Mel told him.  So now he was attired in only his totally exposed diaper, his bra, and that was it. 
     Mel had called Sandy as soon as they got home and now they were just waiting on her to arrive.  When the knock came at Mel’s door, Chad went nervously to answer it, hoping and praying that it was indeed Sandy on the other side of the door.  Fortunately, it was.
      “Hey there, baby,” Sandy greeted him with a grin as soon as he opened the door.  Chad curtseyed, “Hi Sandy,” he replied in his silly sissy voice before curtseying again. 
      “Hey Mel,” Sandy called as she came in and Sissy closed the door behind her.  “Ready to go?”
      “I just cued up the music and Sissy is all set as well.”
      “Great!  Then let’s do this.”
     Once again, Sissy found himself going through his little ballet.  And once again they had started without him having to warm up ahead of time – which he was grateful for.  He was having enough problems trying to dance while his stomach was so bloated.  But unlike the last time he had tried to rehearse, this time, both Mel and Sandy were hounding him about any little mistakes he made.  This time, he found himself having to work very hard to do everything right.  Unlike the last time he had practiced, this time Mel was being very picky about how perfect he did every tiny movement. 
     Every time he stopped, they let him drink from his bottle for a while.  Actually, they insisted he drink from his bottle before starting again.  And when his diaper started leaking later, they changed him quickly and he was soon back to practicing again.  It was by far the most strenuous rehearsal and exercise workout he had ever had.  By the time Mel and Sandy were finally satisfied, he was exhausted – and his diaper was leaking again. 
     As Sandy left for the evening, Mel sent Chad into her bedroom to put several layers of protection down on her mattress.  Ten minutes later, Chad was stretched out on her bed, tied firmly to the head and footboard. 
     Mel got out her bottle of solvent and started removing his breast forms like she did every Friday night.  When she was finished, she started removing his overly soaked diaper.  After checking to see if he was peeing before she yanked it away from him, she had him lift his bottom and quickly replaced his soaked diaper with a dry one.  But he did start peeing slightly before she had a chance to bring the thing up between his legs.  That was a good sign, but also one that she dared not read too much into anymore.  She didn’t tape the diaper in place yet.
      “As long as we’re here,” she said, “we might as well take care of something else now instead of later.”  With that, she brought out her jar of suppositories.  She saw the look of total dismay on his face – and she loved seeing it.  With an air of determination, she went about “faking” putting one deep up inside of him – which caused him to release more pee in the process.  She loved seeing the look of disappointment on his face once he thought the nasty little pill was where it belonged.  She quickly finished taping the diaper onto him and released him from his bonds.
     Chad was very surprised she had only put one diaper on him.  He was expecting her to diaper him heavily for the night instead.  “Aren’t you going to put more diapers on me?” he asked.
      “Not yet, Sissy.  I’m not ready for bed so you can just stay here. And since you’re staying here, you can keep working on making your diapers leak.”
     Chad wasn’t happy to hear that at all. 
      “Now I expect you can find things to keep you busy?” she asked.
     Chad nodded.  “I’ve got plenty.  It would really help if I could get started on the laundry.”
     Mel nodded.  “Good idea, and don’t forget to check your uniform for tomorrow too.  Make sure that’s ready.  Then, just find something to do till I tell you to go home.  Otherwise, you can spend some more time up on your perch.”
     That was the last thing Chad wanted.  “I have plenty to keep busy with he assured her.”
     Mel had thought that would be the case.
     It wasn’t until well after Chad had changed another leaky diaper and was well on his way toward making the next one leak that Mel finally decided she was tired enough to go to sleep.  “Don’t forget,” she told him.  “I’m expecting perfection from you from now on!”
     Chad curtseyed, “Yes Mistress.”
      “Then have a good night, Sissy.  I’ll see you in the morning.”
     Curtsey.  “Good night, Mistress,” Chad replied.  Then he curtseyed, got his things and walked out. 
     Mel stared at the closed door after he had left.  Tomorrow would be the start of something totally new… for both of them.  She was very much looking forward to having the perfect servant bring her coffee as soon as she woke up in the mornings.  “Good night, Sissy,” she said fondly one more time to her closed door where he had walked out.  “Good night, and sleep tight.”

     In Chad’s apartment, he found it strange having to diaper himself for the night.  He grabbed his required three baby bottle to drink before he could go to sleep.  Then he played with his pink clock radio for a while – finding a better station to listen to and a better volume to wake up to while he drank his bottles.  Deciding on what time to set the alarm for was difficult, but he decided to err on the side of cautious and set it for fairly early. 
     Only then did he turn out his lights, lay down on his blow-up mattress, and finish drinking his bottles.  As he stared up at his ceiling, his mind turned to Mel and the strange things she had said to him about what she expected from him from now on. 
      “Good night, Mistress,” he said to his ceiling.  Then he laid his now empty bottle on the floor next to him and fell asleep.


sarah penguin said...

oooh that was a neat episode. So much change on da horizon! :)

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Very exiting turn of events. This long story just gets better all the time,