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The Bet - Chapter 56 (Friday – week 8 Part 8 of 9)

The Bet
By Karen Singer

Chapter 56 (Friday – week 8 Part 8 of 9)

     Robin was in heaven.  And… she was a bit surprised to find herself sexually turned on by what had happened.  Darn, that wasn’t anything she expected to get out of this!  She was totally jubilant as she watched Sissy, just standing there, shyly answering a few questions, or not answering other questions that each seemed to bring a renewed blush to his face. 
     She had done it!  She had actually managed to get Sissy and Derek to kiss – in the break room – right in front of everybody!  Well okay, it hadn’t gone quite like that, Derek was anything but willing.  But the kiss had still happened!  She was still surprised at the sexual thrill she got out of it every time her mind pictured it – which was pretty much constantly.  Kudos to Sissy for actually managing it!  Kudos to him as well for actually going through with it!  And, she guessed, kudos to her too for setting the whole thing up! 
     She wasn’t the least bit worried about Derek.  She could handle Derek… and, just like he wanted, she would squash all the nasty rumors that were now growing by leaps and bounds.  But she wouldn’t do that till next week.  She wanted to enjoy the fruits of her labor first!
     She watched as the questions and discussion continued around her, and fortunately, never touching her.  She watched as Sissy stood there in front of them all and just took all the wild comments they could think to throw at him.  Not that any of those comments really mattered.  None of it was the truth.  But all of it was totally fun… for her!  She also figured it was totally fun for all the other women as well… judging by their reactions.  And as for Sissy… well, there was no doubt he was certainly embarrassed right now.  But then, she also knew how much he craved that kind of thing too, so despite how miserable he was, she was also fairly sure he was loving the attention just as much.
     All too soon the women started to go back to their desks.  Sissy still stood there as if rooted to that spot, even as the last of them stood up to leave.  Robin got up from her seat.  “Time to go back now Sissy,” she told him.  She was still very excited over his kiss and the way he had just handled all the women.  When he didn’t move, she had to prod him a bit to get him in motion. 
     A very embarrassed Chad followed Robin out of the break room. He had gotten through it… somehow!  Most of it was a blur though… although certainly not all of it!      Was he wrong, or was Robin setting a rather fast pace back through the halls?  He only really noticed it because they had passed several people already.
      “Bye Sissy,” someone called.
     He waved as he hurried.  “Bye!” he replied.  A few others waved as well, and he returned their greetings, but now he noticed that Robin was moving even faster.  What was her hurry? 
     It seemed like her pace kept picking up more and more the further they went.  They turned a corner and her pace increased again.  He was falling behind.  What was going on?
      “Hurry up, Sissy!” Robin called as she realized he was lagging behind.  Inside, she was squealing with excitement.
     Chad hurried faster and finally caught up, only to turn another corner where Robin reached back and grabbed his hand… and broke into almost a run as she scooted through the hallways back to their cubicles.  Chad was very grateful for the saddle shoes he was wearing on his feet instead of the super high heels he had been wearing lately.  Compared to those, the saddle shoes were practically track shoes!
     Still holding his arm and dragging him, Robin pulled Sissy all the way back to her cubicle.  The moment she got him there, she grabbed him and hugged him for all he was worth.  “You did it!” she exclaimed triumphantly.  “You did it!  You really did it!  You kissed him!  I can’t believe it!  You really did it!”
     Chad wanted to say, of course he did.  She hadn’t given him any choice in the matter!  But he held his silence.  Besides, curtseying and trying to speak while she was still hugging him and bouncing up and down from joy would have made curtseying pretty much impossible anyway.  He was having a hard time though understanding why Robin was so elated over the matter.  He wasn’t!
     Robin finally stopped hugging him and stood back a bit, but she still held her hands on his arms.  “You were great in there!” she exclaimed, looking straight into his face.
     Chad chanced answering her – without curtseying since she was still holding onto him.  “Yeah, but now I’m worried about what Derek is going to do to me!”
     Robin shook her head.  “Don’t you worry about Derek, I can take care of him.  Besides, come Monday, I’ll be making him a very happy camper.
     Robin giggled.  “Sure.  You don’t think I’d squash all that hard work you did in there just yet, do you?”
     Chad purposely didn’t reply!
      “Just for that, Sissy, no more tying you up this afternoon.  You don’t even have to play with the paper dolls on my floor.  If you want, you can play on your computer till it’s time to leave.  The only thing you have to do for the rest of the day is to keep drinking bottles and keep leaking on time.”  Much more seriously she added, “I’m afraid I can’t do anything about that little requirement.”
     Chad was surprised!  Happy as well!  But did he dare try to remove his itchy sweater or even pull it up for a little while?  No, better not tempt fate that much!

     The day was winding down when Mel got back to her desk after meeting with another client.  She plopped her notepad on the desk and sat heavily in her chair – and sighed.  She was pooped!  But that had been her last client of the day… on a day when she hadn’t really had that many clients to begin with.  It was just that Andrea had scheduled all of them close together from after lunch on. 
     But now, her tired brain was tired of thinking about legal matters and was more interested in other things.  The first of which came to mind was Sissy’s little ballet performance.  For the first time in quite a while, just thinking about it brought a smile to her face.  She was looking forward to it – again!  And tonight, she and Sandy would rehearse Sissy over and over again, until they were satisfied.  Not that it really mattered, because no matter how well Sissy thought he was going to do, when the performance actually happened, he was going to be in for a few little surprises. 
     She remembered that tonight she and Sissy had their nail appointment too.   Last week she had set up with the technician to have Sissy spelled out on all his fingernails.  That had been really great.  But they were now moving into the final week of their bet.  Next Friday – nail night again – he would be in the middle of trying to regain his control.  She still hoped that he would somehow not want to try, that he would want to lose instead, but she had no unrealistic illusions about that!  Self-respect, friends, and a life.  She still didn’t know how she was going to overcome those obstacles. 
     But since it was nail night… and since Sissy did have his little ballet to perform tomorrow…  She picked up her phone and called the nail salon, finally telling the little woman exactly what she wanted for Sissy’s nails when he came in.  And after she had hung up the phone, she decided that maybe what she had just ordered for Sissy was better than she thought – for several reasons!
     And speaking of Sissy… she strongly wondered how he was doing today in that oddball schoolgirl outfit she had sent him to work in.  With a smile, she grabbed her cell phone and dialed.

     Robin was actually working!  And Chad was over in his cubicle doing who knew what.  Robin didn’t really care as long as she saw him coming in to grab baby bottles and settling down on her floor to drink them – and as long as he got his diaper to leak on time.  She was too happy with him for anything else today.  And… after the break room, she simply felt – satisfied – as if she had somehow managed to do something notable. 
     When her cell phone rang, she hurried to grab it and her voice was actually cheerful when she said, “Hello?”
      “Hi Robin.  How’s it going today?” Mel’s voice said through her phone.
      “Hang on,” Robin said quickly as she headed out of her cubicle and down the hallway again.  “Okay, I can talk now as she continued walking.”
      “I was just checking on Sissy to see how he’s doing,” Mel said.
      “Oh, he’s doing great!” Robin replied.  “And you should have seen him earlier – at break!”
     In just a few minutes, Mel had been caught up on everything.  It certainly sounded like Sissy had quite an adventurous day today.  But as she finally said goodbye and hung up the phone, her thoughts were instead on Derek.  What would Derek do now?  That thought was troubling.

     When Robin got back to her cubicle, she saw Sissy going through his diaper bag with a troubled look on his face.  “What’s wrong?” she asked.  But that question was quickly answered when she noticed the odor in the room.  “Oh!” she replied before he could answer.  “Just get changed quickly please!”
     Chad changed his stinky diaper, but he was a bit angry as he did it.  Once again, despite not having a suppository shoved up inside of him for two days now, he had messed himself all too quickly and before he hardly knew it was going to happen.  Just how much of that damn suppository chemical was still inside of him?  Evidently, all too much!

     Chad watched the clock ticking down toward the end of the day.  There was no sense in trying to delay going out with everyone else, they had all seen him already.  Although this time, he wasn’t going to be sucking on his pacifier as he went out through the halls.  At one minute to go, he turned his computer off for the last time till he got back – after the bet was over.
      “Have a great vacation,” Robin said kindly as she walked into his cubicle.  She had already given him not only his diaper bag, but also the “emergency” bag that Mel had dropped off for her the day before.  Chad had both of them on his desk now, ready to go.  The only really funny bag on Chad’s desk was his tiny sissy purse.  She had to laugh at that one. 
     The clock ticked again, and Chad smiled.  “See you next week!” he said to Robin.
      “Saturday!” Robin replied.  “I’ll be judging!”
      “I know,” Chad replied.
      “I’m looking forward to it,” Robin told him.  “Oh, and Sissy…”  Then she paused and her voice got more serious.  “Chad…  Good luck!  And I really do mean that.”
“Thanks,” Chad said with a smile.  “I appreciate that.”  He threw a bag over each shoulder and grabbed his tiny silly purse, “Bye,” he said as he hurried out toward his car. 
     The hallways were crowded, but he kept going, moving as fast as he dared.  The hand that wasn’t holding his silly purse was once again holding his skirt straight down so it would be less likely for anyone to notice the diaper he was wearing under it.  Most of the people he saw looked at him strangely, not believing the way he was dressed.  Several of them exchanged greetings with him.  He was polite, but he never stopped or even slowed down.  A few minutes later, he was in the safety of his car – where he breathed a sigh of relief. 
     His foot was heavier on the gas than usual, mostly because of the insane itching from his miserable wool sweater.  Even still, he wasn’t more than two minutes earlier getting into his apartment.  The sweater was ripped over his head the moment he got his door closed and had dropped all the bags on the floor.  He rubbed at his body everywhere it still itched – which was all over.  He nearly ran to his shower to soak his tortured body clean.

      “Mistress,” Sissy’s silly voice came over the phone.  “I just put my diaper on again.”
     Mel smiled as she looked at the clock.  Right on time!  “Good Sissy.  I’m leaving now so we can get to our nail appointments on time.”
      “Mistress, do I have to wear the same thing, or can I please wear something else?” Chad begged.
      “Why?” Mel asked.  “What’s wrong with what you wore all day?”
      “It itches!” Chad explained.  “Terribly!  Plus,” his voice dropped a bit before he added more quietly, “It’s very embarrassing.”
      “Nonsense!” Mel replied with a hint of amusement.  “No sense messing up other clothes this late in the day… unless of course you’d like to wear that darling little pink baby dress you turned down earlier this morning.”
     Just thinking about that dress sent a shiver of fear through Chad.  He couldn’t help but picture himself out somewhere in it, his wet diaper fully on display below the short hem, his pacifier in his mouth…  “No thank you, Mistress,” he replied quickly – even as a tiny bit of sexual thrill ran through him.”
      “Such a shame,” Mel lamented teasingly.  “Perhaps next time.  Now I’ll be home soon, so you be ready!”
      “Yes, Mistress,” Chad replied.  It was back to the stupid itchy schoolgirl outfit again.  At least he had been able to get a quick shower for a few minutes of relief.

     The little oriental nail technician blinked, then cocked her head to the side as she looked Sissy over.  “Did you get you clothes from my daughter’s closet?” she asked.  “Because I think she has a skirt just like that!”
     Chad blushed and curtseyed.  “We got it at the mall last weekend,” he replied.  Then he curtseyed again.  At least he didn’t have to deal with his stupid pacifier right now.  He had left it in his purse when Mel picked him up and she hadn’t said anything about it as usual.  In fact, he didn’t even have to curtsey after he spoke.  It was just a habit he had picked up since Robin.  He would have to watch himself, no use making things harder than they already were! 
     The nail tech looked at him for a moment more, then turned.  “Let’s go, Sissy.”  As they headed toward the back of the store, she turned to him again.  “Where you get that purse?  The mall too?  I think I seen kids with one like it.”
     Chad said nothing in reply, but he knew he was blushing again. 

     It was getting on toward dinner time when Ray pulled his Cadillac into the parking lot where Mel lived.  He was hoping to catch her and try to get her to go out with him – despite the fact that she claimed she was so busy.  Nobody was that busy! 
     He was disappointed however to note that her car wasn’t in its usual parking space.  Still, he parked and went up the stairs to knock on her door.  No answer.  Maybe she was still working.  Did he dare call her and find out?  No, not tonight.  Especially not if she really was working long hours.  But he would be back.  You don’t give up on the beautiful ones – especially if they’re rich!

     Chad stared at the pretty soft pink color of his nails – fingers and toes matching of course.  He was so glad to have the embarrassing Sissy removed from his fingers.  That had been a nightmare!  Now, his hands looked clean and… simply pretty.  Surprisingly, he wasn’t overly happy that she had trimmed the length of his fingernails back a bit.  Now, they just stuck out a very short way past the end of his fingertips.  He liked the longer length better because he thought it made his hands look more feminine, but he didn’t think they looked too bad now.  Maybe not as good… or as interesting as they had when the length was longer, but they still looked good. 
     When he got back up front, for once Mel was already done and waiting on him.  “Let me see,” she asked quickly.  Chad didn’t know if he had to curtsey or not, this time he decided not to.  He held out his hands for her to look.  As she grabbed them, he noticed the shiny clean lines of the French manicure she had gotten.  “I like the look of your nails,” he told her. 
     Mel was surprised he would say that.  “Thank you,” she replied.
      “I think it looks very professional too,” Chad added.
      “Mel nodded her thanks.  “I agree,” she replied.  “And I think the nice soft pink we had your nails done with will go perfectly with your ballet costume tomorrow.”
     His ballet costume?  Chad knew there had to be an ulterior reason there somewhere.  But still, the new pink was a vast improvement over what his nails had been for the last week.  And… it was a normal nail color!

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