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The Bet - Chapter 56 (Friday – week 8 Part 5 of 9)

The Bet
By Karen Singer

Chapter 56 (Friday – week 8 Part 5 of 9)

     I – N – S – A – N – E!  Insane!  That’s how Chad felt he was going.  Totally mind bonking insane!  All because of the never ending itching all over his body – and he couldn’t forget his legs where his stupid wool knee socks covered him as well.  I – T – C – H – Y!  He wanted to bounce up and down in his chair because of it, but he already knew it wouldn’t help – he had already done that.  He dared not bounce any longer though because his diaper was getting too wet.  The only thing that would really help the itching would be to remove his sweater… and socks.  Could he?  Even for just a few minutes?  Perhaps at lunchtime? 
     His brain was suddenly determined that he would do just that!  Just as soon as he could get some lunch and get back with it again.  But going out to get lunch held its own horrors.  He didn’t really want to be seen in this outfit any more than was necessary.  He had already been seen by way too many people – Tom included.  He knew he was going to have to face the break room later, but that was still hours off.  Maybe he could find a way out of it again… hopefully. 
     But as for lunch, maybe he could just stay here and skip it altogether.  Once again, he didn’t need Cassie to change him, so why not skip it?  And he wasn’t wearing his even sillier baby dress like he had yesterday so Robin probably wouldn’t be feeding him like a baby again – he hoped.  So could he stay here during lunch?  Yes, he would get hungry.  But hey, tonight was nail salon night – where he would finally get the embarrassing “Sissy” removed from his fingernails.  Then afterwards, he and Mel always stopped for dinner at a good restaurant where he got one of the best meals he ate all week long.  Tonight!  He was very much looking forward to it.
     But in the meantime…  I – T – C - H!  INSANE!
     With a drastic force of will, he managed to go back to work on the last of the items from Tom’s list.  Five minutes later, he was finished.  He quickly emailed Tom to let him know.
     But with nothing to work on now, he was stuck thinking about how crazy the never ending itching was driving him.  He needed something else to occupy his mind.  Something else to distract him.  He finally pulled up the spreadsheet where he tracked the progress on the bet.  Except, he knew before he pulled it up that there was no progress.  Not anymore.  There hadn’t been since last week sometime. 
     He scanned down the column for number of days left – seven.  Seven days left.  One week exactly.  That was it!  It didn’t sound like very long at all anymore.  It was Friday today.  Next Friday would be his first day of testing… no, not really testing anymore, that had all changed.  It would be his first day to try to control himself.  Actually, he was fairly sure it would be his first day of regained control because he still was fairly sure he could get it all back quickly – if he just got the chance!  Then the actual testing on Saturday would be no more than a quick formality.  And, he would be the winner!  He mentally celebrated that thought for a few moments – before the insane itching brought him back to reality.
     He briefly glanced over at his reasons for winning the bet.  He glanced over the first three, self-respect, friends, and a life.  But he had already seen those almost every day now and the stupid itching wouldn’t let him concentrate on them to the extent he usually did.  He moved on to the other items instead.  A pool table.  How cool would it be to have a pool table in his living room!  He briefly thought about the design for his apartment that Sandy had done for him.  Now that would be something great to have!  But thinking about that also reminded him of the other plan she had done for his apartment, the one that Mel had asked for, the one that would essentially turn his entire apartment into one big sissy nursery.  That thought sobered him a bit… while at the same time, it excited him to no end.  Something he hated to admit, even to himself.

I – T – C – H! 
I – T – C – H! 
I – T – C – H! 

O – N – E    M – O – R – E    W – E – E – K!

I – T – C – H! 
I – T – C – H! 
I – T – C – H!

     He closed his spreadsheet because he wasn’t capable of thinking about it anymore.  Not with the infernal itching he had to put up with.  He quickly glanced at the clock.  It was getting closer to lunchtime.  His diaper was very wet.  His time limit for leaking was a little bit after lunch would start.  But if he could get his diaper leaking before lunch, then that would be a big help.  He could remove his itchy sweater and socks and with a fresh diaper on, he would feel much more comfortable.  Much more relaxed.  It would almost be… heaven!  Of course, just getting out of the wool sweater and socks would be heaven!
     He got up, and holding his skirt straight down, walked over to Robin’s cubicle to get another bottle to drink – another bottle of infant formula.  Once again she was making sure that he had plenty of those available.  Why couldn’t she do something easier and just get him some Coke or something? 
     He curtseyed to her the moment he got into her cubicle. At least she turned around to look at him.  Then he grabbed another bottle full of white liquid from his diaper bag and sank down to the floor with it.  A second later, he was drinking furiously, both because he wanted to be leaking very soon and because the itching was forcing him to… as if drinking as hard as he could would help somehow!  It did… and it didn’t.
     Robin watched as Chad sank down to the floor with his latest bottle.  At least he was trying to leak on time.  So far, like yesterday, there hadn’t been the slightest problem with it.  She glanced at the clock.  Lunch was coming up soon.  “What are you planning for lunch?” she asked.
     Chad had to remove the bottle from his mouth, stand, curtsey, then speak like a sissy idiot.  “I think I’m just going to stay right here and skip lunch today.  That way, less people will see me.  Besides, the itching from this sweater is driving me mad!  I don’t think I could eat if I tried!”  Curtsey, back down to the floor, bottle back to the mouth.
     Robin smiled.  Actually, she knew exactly what he would be doing for lunch – pretty much the same as yesterday.  “Don’t worry about lunch,” she told him, “I’ll be feeding you again as soon as I can get something and get back with it again.”
     That was not exactly what Chad wanted to hear.  He well remembered yesterday when she had eaten a bacon cheeseburger right in front of him… while spooning baby food into his mouth.  He would be getting something to eat, but suddenly he wasn’t looking forward to it.  And… what about removing his sweater so he could get some relief?
     A few minutes later, Chad’s bottle emptied.  But he still wasn’t leaking.  His diaper was certainly soaked enough, but as far as he could tell, no leaks.  He curtseyed to Robin and went back to his cubicle for a few minutes.  He walked around, he curtseyed, he did everything he could to try to get his diaper to leak.  He pulled up his skirt and felt around the outside of his diaper thoroughly, but no leaks.  He wasn’t overly worried because he still had about fifteen minutes left before his deadline would run out.  But still…
     He went back to Robin’s cubicle again where he curtseyed to Robin’s back and grabbed another baby bottle.  As he was sinking down to the floor with it, he saw Robin turn around.
      “Another one?  Already?” she asked.
     Bottle out, stand, curtsey.  “I’m trying to leak as soon as possible,” he replied.  Curtsey, back to the floor, bottle.
      “That’s good,” Robin told him.  She glanced at the clock, you’ve got less than fifteen minutes to go… and I was planning on leaving for lunch in about five minutes, but I don’t want to go till I make sure you leak on time.”
     Bottle out, stand, curtsey.  “I’m trying.”  Curtsey, back to the floor, bottle back.
      “Good!  Let me know as soon as you’re leaking.”  With that, she turned her back on him again and went back to work.
     Chad kept trying to leak, just as he kept drinking furiously from his bottle.  But some diapers are more stubborn than others.  He heard some sound from the distant hallways.  Break time must have started.  And he still wasn’t leaking.
     Robin turned back to him.  “It’s lunchtime.  Are you leaking yet?”
     Talking with Robin was always a major exercise.  “Bottle out, stand up, curtsey.  “Not yet.  But I’m trying.”  Curtsey, back down, bottle.
      “Keep trying,” Robin replied with a bit of annoyance.  “I want to go to lunch and your time limit is getting close!”
     Chad made no reply, he simply kept drinking.  He didn’t know what else he could do to make his diaper leak.  He did keep feeling under his skirt constantly for it though.  But so far, no luck!
     Robin looked at the time and grunted!  She turned back to him again.  “Are you leaking?  You’ve only got another minute!”
     Chad’s bottle was almost empty, but he still hadn’t detected any leaks.  He stood up and curtseyed.  “Not yet,” he said worriedly.  Some diapers were like that.  Some were harder to make leak than others.  He hated it when that happened.  He curtseyed again and sank back down to the floor.  His bottle emptied a few seconds later, and his time limit expired a few seconds after that.
      “Time!” Robin declared angrily.  “I don’t know why you aren’t leaking yet.  You always manage it in well under your deadline!”
     Chad stood with his now empty bottle and curtseyed.  “I don’t know why either,” he admitted, his voice full of frustration.  “Some diapers just don’t leak as easily as others.  I certainly think this one is wet enough… more than wet enough!”  Curtsey, but instead of sinking back down to the floor, he set his now empty bottle on the desk next to his last bottle.  Then he reluctantly stuck his thumb in his mouth and stood there while his free hand groped all over his diaper under his skirt to try to detect any sign of a leak.
     Robin almost broke out laughing as she watched what he was doing.  He looked so ridiculous with what he was doing… well, he always looked ridiculous.  His thumb stuck in his mouth where he was sucking on it, his legs splayed wide and bent at the knees, while his other hand was groping and feeling all around under his skirt.  In that outfit, with the white bow in his hair, and especially with his thumb stuck in his mouth, he looked so much like a little girl!  An awfully big little girl, but a child none-the-less… which was exactly what she seemed to be reminded of over and over again lately.  In more ways than one, he was nothing but a child!
     Not knowing what else to do, Chad finally grabbed another baby bottle and sank down to the floor with it.  As he drank, his one free hand continually checked under his skirt for any sign at all of a leak.
     Robin was getting a little frustrated since she was missing part of her lunch.  Should she just leave him here and see if he is leaking when she came back?  He was already late.  And that was another problem.  What was she going to do about him being late?  Before she had time to think of anything else, she saw the look on Chad’s face suddenly change.  He seemed to freeze in place a moment, then he quickly stood up and curtseyed.
      “I’m leaking!” he finally declared.
      “It’s about time!” Robin complained.  She stood up.  “You get changed and I’ll be back later to feed you.  I’m going to lunch!”  With that, she grabbed her bag and hurried out.

      “So, Andrea told me that you’re all meeting at my office on Sunday,” Mel said to Gloria as she sat down to lunch.
      “You don’t mind do you?”
      “Not a bit.  Would you mind if I listened in?  Me and Sissy that is since where I go for the next week, he goes too.”
     Gloria shook her head.  “I’d rather you weren’t there at all.  In fact, I’m insisting that you don’t come.”
      “But what if you have any questions that I can answer?  What if…”
      “We won’t!” Gloria interrupted.  “What we decide there is for us to decide.  We’ll let you know the final outcome – if any.”
     Mel wasn’t exactly happy about that.  “Can I at least call you about it afterwards?”
     Gloria smiled.  “Tell you what, I’ll call you!”
     Mel felt at least somewhat better, but she still wished she could be there. 
      “That brings up another thing you probably won’t be happy about,” Gloria mentioned.
     Mel was instantly a bit worried.  “What?”
      “I’m cancelling your scheduled appointment with me for next Thursday night.  For you and Sissy both!  You can start again the next week.  Either you by yourself or you and Chad, it doesn’t matter, but for next week, it’s out!”
     Mel was shocked.  “But…”
      “You’re not getting anything out of it anyway!  And besides, after last night, we both know that there’s nothing left for you to learn from Chad.”
      “No buts!  I’m not hypnotizing him again… period!”
      “But suppose he has a change of heart?” Mel asked desperately.  “Suppose he decides he wants to lose the bet?”
     Now it was Gloria’s turn to be shocked.  “It doesn’t matter!  You’ll have to find out when we do – Saturday!  And are you going to try to get him to lose… purposely?”
     Mel actually blushed a bit.  “I was thinking about it,” she replied somewhat contritely.
     Gloria was a bit infuriated by that.  “I’ll discuss that with the ladies,” she said.  “To me, it sounds like cheating.  It doesn’t fit the parameters of your bet!”
      “No buts!” Gloria said again.  “I’m just saying that I’ll discuss it.  Nothing more.”
     But Mel knew that if she could get Chad to want to lose the bet, there would be no way for anyone to tell if he threw the thing purposely or not.  So she wasn’t really the least bit worried about what Gloria thought of the idea.


sarah penguin said...

Ohhh more plot and Sissy is in trouble for another not-leaky diaper, poor thing! Thanks for posting another chapter bit for us! :)

the ohio said...

The question really is "What does Chad REALLY want?" Can he overcome the hypotisim or does he want what Mel is fantasizing? His job is another issue. Does he want to be with Mel or work computers, a skill he really enjoys. Remember Mel wants a sissy Maid for ever!