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The Bet - Chapter 56 (Friday – week 8 Part 7 of 9)

The Bet
By Karen Singer

Chapter 56 (Friday – week 8 Part 7 of 9)

     Robin glanced at the time on her computer.  It was getting close to break time again – and this time, there was no doubt that Sissy would be going.  He had to go!  For a lot of reasons.  She turned around to look at him.  He was just now finishing up his latest baby bottle.  Since he was just sitting there – actually, that was about all he could do – with that baby bottle in his mouth, she had kept it filled more often than normal.  Since his diaper was fully on display, she could see how soaked it was.  She would have changed her son’s diaper long, long before it ever got that bad.  But this was Sissy, and getting his diaper to leak was the biggest requirement in his life just now. 
      “Are you leaking yet?” she asked.
     Chad wondered how he was supposed to answer with the bottle stuck in his mouth.  Was he supposed to get to his feet and curtsey before trying to answer?  And the truth was, he didn’t know if he was leaking or not.  The way he was sitting just then, with his diaper down on the floor, if he was leaking, then he probably wouldn’t feel it.  Instead of getting up and curtseying, he simply shrugged his shoulders, which sent and electric itch through more parts of his body than he was happy about.
     Robin looked more carefully at his diaper.  “Spread your legs a bit more so I can see better,” she told him.  A moment later, his diaper was even more exposed.  “No, I don’t see any sign of a leak yet.  But you are really soaked.  It will be break time before long, but your next time limit is still a good half-hour away.  And you ‘are’ going to break this afternoon!”
     Chad wasn’t happy to hear that at all, especially since his diaper was so soaked and his time limit was going to be either in the middle of break or after it.  He couldn’t see what time it was so he didn’t have much of an idea about that.
      “Your skirt is so short,” Robin continued as if thinking about something, “and that diaper is so bloated…”  She giggled a bit.  “I think it’s going to be showing below your skirt whether you like it or not!”
     That part, Chad liked hearing even less.
     Robin stared at him while she thought a bit more.  She had things she needed to explain to him.  Things that she knew he wouldn’t like – probably more than just the fact that he had to go to break.  An idea hit her, yes, it might work!  And then she remembered another little thing that might help as well and she was a little more satisfied.  Even still, it was going to be difficult… and risky!  She knew what she was planning was a bit cruel, but… this was her last chance!  She would just have to deal with whatever happened when the time came.
     She had to force herself not to smile!  “When break time comes,” she told him, “you ‘have’ to go!”  She saw the look of fright in his eyes and his body seemed to tense up and go rigid.  She shook her head.  “There can’t be any getting out of it this time or everybody from the break room will be down here before it’s over.  Remember this morning – when two of them came back with me?  Either you go, or they’ll all be here, and I don’t think you want them seeing all your baby bottles, not to mention the fact that if you don’t go, I’ll probably tie you in place with your soaked diaper fully on display so they all can see it.  Besides, Tom himself heard that you missed break this morning and had to come down here to check on you personally!  So no, there’s no way you can even think about not going to break now.”
     Chad knew without a doubt that she was right.  Especially since Tom had surprised them by showing up here earlier.  That had been a close one!  And Tom had only come because he had heard that he wasn’t at break.  So he was going to have to go to break.  But his diaper… and his too short skirt…
     Robin continued.  “Now, I also seem to remember that you were late getting one of your diapers to leak earlier.”
     Chad almost forgot about his problem of having to go to break as his brain let out a big – “Uh-oh!”
     Robin fought against it, but the wicked smile crossed her lips for a brief moment before she could get it under control again.  “So I have a deal for you.  And like it or not, this is what you’re going to do.  Or so help me, I’ll lift that up skirt of yours right in front of all the women at that table and shove your thumb straight into your mouth right there!  Then you can curtsey for all of them and tell them exactly what kind of a big sissy you really are!”
     Chad was suddenly frightened… and he hadn’t even heard what Robin wanted him to do yet.  But his mind wouldn’t stop picturing himself standing in front of the table full of women – with his wet diaper fully on display, sucking his thumb, curtseying, and having to tell them in his really stupid sissy voice all about what he really was.  His only line of hope was in what Robin wanted, and he knew without a doubt that it was going to be bad!
     Robin saw the look of horror in Sissy’s eyes.  She didn’t have to take the bottle away from his face to tell what he was thinking.  He knew that he would have to do anything she proposed.  Her wicked smile returned as she watched his face.  This time, she didn’t try to hide her smile. 
      “Today is your last day at work before your bet ends.  And… this will be your last time at break as well.  So therefore, here’s what’s going to happen!”
     Chad listened carefully.  The first part, he really liked.  That part was good.  Very good!  But the more she continued talking, the worse things quickly got.  The first part might have been good, but the rest of it was bad – very bad.  Beyond very bad!  By the time Robin was finished, he was positively frightened!  And worse, he knew he would have no choice… it was his only chance!

     Ray looked through the paperwork on his desk.  He had a big question – a few big questions!  He picked up his phone and dialed Derek’s number… and got no answer.  He picked up all the paperwork and carried it with him all the way to Derek’s office – but he wasn’t there.  He finally turned to one of the women at a nearby desk, “Where’s Derek?”
      “He and his guys have been working at one of the tables in the break room every afternoon where they have more room to spread out.”
     Ray nodded.  It happened frequently.  He headed for the break room, only slightly aware that break would be happening fairly soon – not that he cared in the least.  All the way downstairs, through the halls, and finally through the break room door.  There they were – Derek and three of the guys on his crew.  He could see as he crossed the floor that they were pointing at diagrams and discussing the project.  The guys saw him coming and Derek turned to look up at him before he arrived at the table. 
      “Hi Ray,” Derek greeted him pleasantly.  “Did you get that stuff I sent?”
     Ray nodded and set the papers down on the table.  Then he pulled up another chair from one of the other tables so he could sit as well.  “I’m not sure I understand,” he said to Derek.  “What part of this might be against government regulations?”
     Derek nodded.  “The client is insisting…”  He laid everything out just the way he had put it in the papers he had sent to Ray earlier, but this time, Ray asked questions as he went, clarifying the situation further.  It was a very gray area.  One they were going to have to discuss further before a decision could be made.

     Chad couldn’t believe he wasn’t shaking with fear – even though he was more anxious than he had been in a while.  As he followed Robin through the hallways, he again held his skirt straight down with both hands.  The only good part was – that Robin had allowed him to change his wet diaper just before they left – before he was leaking and before his time limit was up.  So now he had a bit more space between the bottom of his diaper and the bottom of his too-short skirt.  But that space was still all too little. 
     As the break room doors came in sight, he and Robin were joined by another woman.  “Ooo,” she crooned as she caught sight of Sissy’s outfit.  She looked him over as best she could even as she walked next to him.  “I take it you’re going for some kind of schoolgirl – fantasy thing?”
      “Um…  Something like that,” Chad mumbled.  It was starting already!  And they hadn’t even reached the break room yet!  He was glad his hands were holding down his skirt, otherwise his nervousness would have had him itching at his sweater even worse than before.
     They reached the doors and Robin stepped ahead to open them.  As she did, her eyes quickly scanned the room.  Many of the women were already at the table – perfect.  She had delayed getting here by just a few minutes.  As she let the woman who had joined them through the door first, she noticed the other thing she was hoping to see – Derek!  She stepped in front of Sissy before he could enter, although in truth, he had already stopped, probably trying to find the courage to go in.  She couldn’t really blame him… but that was too bad – today! 
“You know what you have to do,” she said quietly, but firmly.  “Or so help me, you know what I’ll do!”  Robin wasn’t sure she really would do what she had threatened.  In fact, she knew she probably wouldn’t.  But it was worth the threat anyway.
     The infernal itching was nothing anymore compared to what he was about to step into.  He couldn’t speak, he couldn’t even nod.  He just stared straight ahead – at the table full of women who were about to see all too closely the ridiculous outfit he was wearing.  But that wasn’t his biggest concern. 
     As Robin held the door for him, his feet somehow stepped through the doorway – and kept going.  Not fast, not slow.  Just continuously moving.  The table of women in front of him was all too clear to him, as was the looks of surprise on the faces of everyone there.  Looks that he totally ignored as he kept walking.  Some of the women were giggling, some were saying other things, he didn’t really hear.  And even though he was looking in their direction, he hardly saw them anymore.  His eyes were focused instead on his main problem, the part in all this that scared him the most.
     As he reached the women’s table, he continued to ignore all the questions that were already being thrown at him.  His brain instead was remembering all the threats that Robin had claimed she would do to him… threats that would be worse than what he had to do now.  But would they be worse?  He wasn’t totally sure anymore.  He heard several women ask where he was going as he walked right past their table without stopping.  Heading straight for Derek where he sat with several guys in the back of the room.  He noticed Ray sitting with the guys today, but that didn’t matter in the least.
     As he got closer to Derek’s table, he saw some of the guys looking up at him, including Ray.  He heard one of them exclaim, “Holy cow!”  At that, he saw Derek turn around to stare at him – with an unbelieving look on his face.
     As he continued heading straight for Derek, he saw the look on Derek’s face turn to something else, still unbelieving, but now it looked like he was getting upset as well.  But there could be no turning back now.  He didn’t have a choice.  And now he was too close to stop.
      “Don’t!” Derek cautioned in a low growl.
     Chad heard, but it didn’t matter.  He had no choice.  He kept heading straight for him, his eyes locked on the angry look now on Derek’s face. 
     As Derek’s hands came up to hold Sissy off, Chad’s own hands finally left his skirt.  Derek was stuck in his chair so he didn’t have the leverage that Chad had, but Chad didn’t even slow down let alone stop.
      “Don’t!” Derek warned again, slightly louder.
     But again, Chad ignored it as he pushed and twisted straight past Derek’s arms.  His body twisted in the process and he suddenly found himself in Derek’s lap!  Stretching his arms, he quickly locked them around Derek’s neck and he planted a big kiss right on Derek’s mouth before Derek could stop him.  He felt Derek trying to push him away, but his arms still locked around Derek’s neck held him in place for several heartbeats.  Finally, he pulled his lips away from Derek’s.  It had all happened fast.  Very fast.  Yet to Chad it had almost seemed like slow motion.  But it had to happen fast, otherwise Derek would have found a way to stop him… and otherwise, Robin would have made his situation even worse. 
     The deed had been done.  This was the big thing that Robin had wanted him to do.  He was still sitting on Derek’s lap, but before he could get up, Derek pushed him off.  He was lucky to not wind up on the floor.
      “Get away from me!” Derek hissed.
     Chad was more than glad be off his lap.  He took a stop back, but he was too frightened to go far.  Now he was worried about what Derek might do to him.  But surprisingly, Derek was still sitting there, glaring at him, but not doing anything else.
     Derek was angry.  He knew that Chad had done what he had done, not because he wanted to do it, but because of Robin!  As much as he wanted to punch Chad in the face, he knew that it was really Robin’s fault.  Not caring what the other guys with him thought, he got up, and saw Chad step further back, the look of fear on Chad’s face was very noticeable now.  Good!  But he turned away from Chad and walked toward the door instead, taking a route that led him very near the women’s table – right where Robin would see how angry he was. 
Has he passed the women, he glared straight at Robin for a moment, but he didn’t say anything.  He was sure she knew how he felt!  He went straight back up to his desk where he fumed over what a conniving bitch she was.  Robin!  As much as he was angry at Chad… for several reasons, it was Robin who had put Chad up to that little stunt.  It was Robin who had spread all those rumors about him and Sissy.  And it was Robin who was really to blame. 
     Well, Robin had told him that if he kissed Sissy, then she would kill all the rumors – fast!  She had better!  Because he wasn’t going to put up with much more!  Disgusted with the whole situation – as well as himself – he got up from his desk and went straight down to the company SUV that he drove.  And he left for the day.  His weekend was staring a little early.  And if anyone didn’t like it... then tough!

     Chad was surprised to realize that nobody was looking at him, which was somewhat unbelievable.  Everyone was watching Derek walk out of the room instead.  When Derek had gone, unconsciously, the itch seemed to return to his body and his hands returned to holding his skirt straight down at the same time.  And at the same time, almost slowly, all eyes in the room seemed to turn in his direction.  He ignored the questions from the guys now behind him, Ray included, and slowly let his feet carry him straight toward the women’s table where many of them were on their feet, still looking at him with shocked looks on their faces.
     When he got to the table, it was all he could do to keep himself from curtseying – especially with his hands holding his skirt like he was.  Nobody had yet said a word to him… other than the guys now far behind him which he was purposely ignoring.  Instead, he was now facing his biggest jury – all the women in front of him.  And they were still shocked.  More and more, he started noticing the shocked looks on their faces turning to smiling glee.  And then the ice was broken by one big exclamation.
      “You kissed him!”
     And the onslaught of questions and comments absolutely raged!

     Ray watched dumfounded as Chad… Sissy… walked slowly over toward the women.  Two of the guys at the table were still asking what was going on, but they were being ignored.  He was still so shocked himself that he didn’t know what to think!  Chad… Sissy… had kissed Derek – right on the mouth – right in front of everyone.  He had even sat in his lap and put his arms around his neck!  And yet, it was quite obvious that Derek hated it – was totally put off by it. 
     So why did Sissy… or Chad… do it?
     Was it possible… that all the rumors were founded… on partial information?  Because from what he was seeing right now, perhaps Sissy was so smitten with Derek that he was willing to do almost anything to gain Derek’s attention.  And there was no doubt in his mind at all that Derek was not interested in Sissy at all!  He was only surprised that Derek hadn’t clobbered the little jerk!  It had certainly looked for a few moments there like he was going to!
     So what was really going on?  He watched as Chad… Sissy stood in front of the table full of unbelieving women.  He watched as the women all suddenly erupted in glee!  Yeah, trust a woman to jump all over something like a kiss!  Even if it wasn’t the kind of kiss they thought it was. 
     So what was going on?  Mystified, he got up from his seat and left, watching the women throw questions at Sissy as he walked past.  Maybe he should go straight up to Derek now and just ask him.  Maybe… and that was a big maybe… Derek would actually give him a straight answer!

      “You kissed him!”
     As embarrassed as Chad already was, he couldn’t help blushing and looking nervously down at the floor.  There was no empty seat available for him but he didn’t even think about that as he stood in front of all of them, his legs and feet pressed close together, his hands still grabbing his skirt on each side and holding it down straight, and his sweater starting to itch him all over again.  He knew how ridiculous he looked, and he knew how ridiculous what he had just done was.  So how was he going to explain any of it?  Slowly, he brought his eyes back up to face the crowd of women.
      “I can’t believe you wore that outfit to work!” one of the women accused. “Especially after what happened to you a few days ago.  You don’t even want to know what I think you look like!”  Her comment was totally out of character with the things the rest of the women had been saying and it earned her a few odd looks.
     But Chad had no answer to that one, so he just shrugged his shoulders and ignored it.
      “Did you wear that,” another woman asked giggling, “because of Derek?  Because you think Derek likes that kind of thing?”
     Chad considered that question seriously.  It had been Derek who was initially responsible for him getting put into the outfit in the first place last weekend at the mall.  He nodded.  “Yeah,” he admitted.  “Because of Derek.”  His reply brought a round of intensified giggling from the ladies. 
      “Geez! Talk about desperate!” Another of the women tossed in.  “He dresses like that and then forces himself right on Derek and kisses him like that – here at work.  He must really be in love with the guy!” 
     Chad wanted to deny that, but he let it ride.  Once again, he figured it was better for the women to think what they did instead of them knowing the real truth.
      “Huh!” One of them added, “I thought Derek went in for a more mature style than that… teenybopper look!”  She smiled slyly.  “I’ll have to remember that the next time I go out with him.”  Her comment brought more giggling. 
     Chad simply stood there.  Some questions he answered briefly, others he simply ignored and let the women themselves answer and discuss them.  He didn’t think about getting coffee, he didn’t even think about sitting down.  He was on display and he knew it.  Besides, he was way too nervous to do anything else.  He was only glad that Robin had let him change his diaper just before they came.  He had no doubt that otherwise the darn thing would have shown and the questions would be that much worse.
     He realized one more thing too just before break time was over with, him kissing Derek like that had given the women more to think about and discuss than they originally had.  They were now so preoccupied over him kissing Derek that nobody had mentioned the mistake he had made coming into work – when he had forgotten to take his stupid pacifier out of his mouth.

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