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The Bet - Chapter 46 (Tuesday – week 7 Part 6 of 9)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 46 (Tuesday – week 7 Part 6 of 9)

Chad studied the requirements for the new project. It was nothing at all on the scale that the last project had been. But still, it had its possibilities. He just wasn’t sure about how things were going to work between him and Robin now. As such, he was afraid to make any noise at all for fear of upsetting her. Things were already “odd” enough today as it was between them.
He finally closed the file on the job requirements. He knew it all backwards and forwards, he was only waiting now on Robin. Robin, who he hadn’t heard a word from since their weird discussion a while ago. He glanced at the time. It was getting close to break time. What should he do if break time came and he still hadn’t heard anything from her? He supposed he would just stay at his desk trying to remain quiet and out of the way. To fill some time, he opened up another project that just needed a few tweaks to finish up.
Robin glanced at the clock. It would be break time soon. But she supposed she really should talk with Sissy first. She realized that she had been avoiding him. Avoiding having to deal with him… because… she tried to figure out exactly why she was avoiding him. She knew there was no real reason, not anymore. It was just that… well… she was still uncomfortable with this role and… what the heck was she supposed to do with him anyway? Was she supposed to give him a never ending series of orders or something? Was she supposed to go out and buy a leather whip and wield it on him? The image of her doing that brought a bit of a chuckle to her lips. No, nothing like that at all. It wasn’t her! Not really. Okay, sometimes she could get a bit… physical when she was pushed, but in the end, that wasn’t really her.
Okay, enough avoiding him. There was work to be done! She got up from her seat and went in to see him. “Okay Sissy, what do you think about this project?”
Chad turned in his chair and actually smiled. She was being nice again – he hoped. He had learned that she could go from nice to angry in an instant. His big question now was, did he dare not use his sissy voice? He decided to go with caution. She had said she wanted him to use it. Maybe she would get tired of it real soon. In his sissy voice he replied, “I think it wooks wike it won’t be too much of a pwobwem. But we couwd do some intewesting things with it.”
Robin almost did a double take when she heard him speaking. It was really the first time she had had to deal with his sissy voice. But the most amazing thing was, that she actually understood him. “Yeah,” she replied. “That’s kind of what I thought too.” She and Chad spent the next fifteen minutes discussing the project in general, but neither of them made any real decisions about it.
Robin was amazed that he was actually managing to speak in his sissy voice, as far as she could tell, with no errors. Like it was a foreign language that he was very fluent in. But every time he opened his mouth and said anything, it was like a jolting reminder to her of just what their relationship was to each other now. She didn’t know if it was putting him in his place, but it was certainly helping to remind her of her place!
Finally she noticed the time. “Okay Sissy. Let’s go to break and clear our head of this for a while.”
Chad didn’t want to go to break if he would have to use his sissy voice there. “Um… Wobbin,” he said as he was getting out of his chair. “Do I have to use my sissy voice at bweak?”
Robin stopped to consider that. It was something she hadn’t thought of. The games were all well and good here where they were alone, but what kind of questions would the other women start to ask about her? She didn’t care about him anymore, the problem was that she didn’t want her friends to think anything worse about herself. “No,” she finally decided, use your other voice, your girly voice when were with anyone else.”
Chad was very relieved!

Mel finished up with her last client of the afternoon and walked back into her office. She still had a ton of work to do before she could go home, but thankfully, there were no more people coming in to see her. When she got back to her desk, she found a note to call Sandy. She immediately got worried that for some reason Sandy wouldn’t be able to watch Sissy while she was out on her date with Ray tonight. She picked up her phone and returned Sandy’s call right away. “Hi Sandy. It’s Mel.”
“Oh hey Mel. Thanks for calling me back. I just wanted to make sure we were still watching Sissy for you tonight.”
“If you can. I’m really counting on your help tonight.”
“No problem. We’re all looking forward to it.”
Mel felt very relieved. “Hey Sandy, Sissy had a few questions that I probably should have checked with you earlier about. He wants to know if he should bring any of the food or supplies he needs to cook with. He’s very worried about that.”
“I don’t think so, but let me call and find out for sure. I’ll call you right back?”
“That will be fine. I’ll be here.” Ten minutes later, Mel’s phone rang again and she saw it was Sandy. “Hi Sandy.”
“Hey Mel. You can tell Sissy not to worry about anything. Nothing fancy tonight at all. They just want some hamburgers and they already have everything needed.”
“I suspect that Sissy is going to be very disappointed.”
“Well, our friends aren’t exactly the fancy dining type. But hey, Mel, while I’ve got you on the phone, do you have time to kind of fill me in on what I need to know about Sissy for tonight? What do I have to do with him? What things should I watch for? You know?”
Mel smiled and leaned back in her chair. “Yeah, I know exactly what you want to know. And I’ve got plenty of time right now. So the first thing you need to do for me is…”

As soon as work was over, Chad hurried out of the building. He was already trying to put the odd day at work out of his mind. He wasn’t altogether comfortable using his sissy voice with Robin, but it was looking like he wasn’t going to have much of a choice in the matter. What if someone came around and heard him? Robin didn’t seem to care about that though at all.
They had met to discuss the project one more time that afternoon and every time he tried to say, “I’ll do this,” or “why don’t I do that,” Robin killed it immediately and reminded him that he wasn’t to do anything that she didn’t tell him to do. So he had stopped making suggestions altogether. So far, his tasks on the project were nothing but busy work that took no brain power at all. Hopefully she would assign him something a bit more interesting to do tomorrow.
But now he was looking forward to tonight. He was supposed to cook dinner for Sandy and her friends, but he still didn’t have a clue as to what he should cook. He was disappointed that Mel hadn’t let him know anything about his questions during the day. Maybe she hadn’t been able to reach Sandy. Maybe Mel just forgot!
As soon as he got home, he changed out of his messy diaper and took another shower to get thoroughly cleaned up. But then the question came. Since he was going to be with Sandy tonight, did he need to wear only one diaper again, or could he go with more? Undecided, he put just one single diaper on because he could always add more on top of it. Then called Mel. “Hewwo Mistwess.”
“Sissy! I’m on my way home right now. I should be there in a few minutes.”
Chad was a bit surprised to hear that she was early. “Mistress,” he began in his sissy voice, “should I wear only one diaper again, or should I just get ready to go with Sandy instead?”
“One diaper! And tell me as soon as you get it on.”
“I just put it on now,” Chad replied.
“Good. Just wear that, your bra, and your pink heels and nothing else. Then go over to my place. I’ll be right there.”
Chad was suddenly holding a dead phone. Just the one diaper! Ugh! And of course his bra and pink heels. Was she going to make him keep to his usual hour and forty-five minute deadline? He hoped not. And what time was he supposed to go with Sandy anyway? If he was going to cook dinner, then it had to be very soon.
As he finished up in his bathroom, his mind was already back on what he should cook for Sandy and her friends. Two minutes later, clad in only his one diaper with his bra holding up his glued on breasts and his feet adorned in his pink high heel shoes, he grabbed his purse and diaper bag and cautiously opened his door. Down below, he saw Mel just pulling into her parking space. Leaving his door open, he waited further back in his apartment so he wouldn’t be so noticeable to anyone else till she could get up the steps.
Mel hurried up toward her apartment. When she got to Chad’s apartment, she noticed that his door was open. She looked inside and saw him waiting there. “Let’s go,” she said. “I’ve got a lot to do tonight.” Then she hurried on toward her own door.
Chad hurried out and followed Mel to her apartment, following her directly inside. Mel carelessly dropped her purse on the little table by the door as she hurried past it heading for the bathroom. Chad closed the door and set his purse and diaper bag under the table. Then he had to wait till Mel came out of the bathroom. That was one good thing about wearing diapers all the time, he never had to worry about getting to the bathroom. He smiled, plus, it was a lot of fun – even after all this time.
As soon as Mel came out again, he dropped a curtsey for her. “Mistress,” he asked in his sissy voice, “what about dinner? What am I going to need?”
Mel smiled. “Don’t worry about it. Evidently they just want you to cook some hamburgers and they already have everything.”
“Hamburgers? That’s it?” Chad was shocked. Why even bother?
Mel paused before she answered. Something struck her as wrong. And then it hit her, he didn’t curtsey before he spoke again. Instead of answering, she rushed away from him searching for her stick, which she quickly found.
Chad saw her grab her stick and realized he had messed up – again! It was just too difficult to remember to curtsey before every little sound came out of his mouth. A second later, he was getting assaulted by Mel’s stick.
“What’s it going to take to teach you?” she asked as she flailed away at him – mostly at the bare skin just below his diaper.
Amid the few quick blows he had already gotten, Chad dropped a curtsey for her and apologized. Mel backed off. She wasn’t going to hit him much anyway. “Now,” she said, “to answer your question, that’s all Sandy said they wanted. Now go grab yourself another baby bottle quickly and get up on your perch. I’ve got a ton of things to do tonight and very little time to get ready. Sandy’s going to be here in half an hour.”
But if he had only half an hour… This time he didn’t forget to curtsey. “But Mistress, do I still have to worry about my leaking deadline?”
Mel looked shocked. “Of course! I’ve already talked to Sandy about it.” She glanced at the clock, “and you’ve got an hour and a half to go. Sandy promised to make sure you leak on time all night.”
Chad stared in disbelief. All night? And in front of her friends? His mind was whirling as he pulled a bottle out of the refrigerator and carried it over to his corner. Putting the bottle to his mouth, he carefully climbed up onto his perch which pushed him firmly into the corner. Stuck! Stuck in his corner again! With nothing to see but the corner of the ceiling – and his bottle as he drank it. With no other stimulation, he tried to imagine what was ahead of him tonight, and couldn’t. Just hamburgers? Why bother?

Robin walked almost wearily through the gym door. The place held no attraction for her tonight. But then, before she knew so much about Chad, she had an ulterior motive for coming. Of course she did need the exercise, she really did! But now, there was no fun, no interest in it to her at all. She would quit, but she had spent so much money on it that her husband would never forgive her if she did. So like it or not, quitting wasn’t an option.
And she really did need to lose a few pounds. She wondered how Sissy had really managed to lose so much weight so quickly. She made a mental note to wring it out of him tomorrow. The idiot!
She went into the locker room and changed clothes, exchanging greetings with a few of the other members she was beginning to recognize now. Just that little bit of extra friendship went a long way though and brought a smile to her face for the first time that day. Maybe, in the future, she might even look forward to coming. Maybe. But she doubted it.
She turned and found Darla heading her way. “Hi Darla,” she said, remembering that it was Darla who was going to tell her all about Sissy. But she knew all about Sissy now. She knew way too much!
“I’m so sorry I had to rush off last time,” Darla said in her British accent.
Somehow, Robin was fascinated just listening to it and smiled. “That’s okay, I understand. “I’ve got a husband and baby at home and I never know what can happen.”
“Exactly!” Darla replied happily. “Anyway, you were asking about the chap who shows up here in dresses at lunchtime.”
“Sissy,” Robin replied.
“Yes, I think that’s what they called him then.” She suddenly laughed. “Oh you should have seen him that day. It was a scream!”
“That day? I thought he comes here every day.”
“Oh, I guess he does, but there was one special day that was very much different. And he came earlier than usual. Before lunch.”
“Before lunch?”
Darla nodded. “Oh, it was an absolute scream, I tell you. He had on the silliest little girl style party dress. It was all blue and white with ribbons and lace and huge petticoats underneath. And underneath that…” She clapped and laughed in delight… “he was wearing… nappies! Oh! Can you imagine? And he came in and sang and danced like a delightful little girl. And when I mean little, I mean he sounded and acted like a very little girl! And we all had so much fun watching him.”
“I can imagine,” Robin replied, interested despite herself.
“Oh! It was an absolute scream!” she repeated. “And obviously, he was having a very good time performing for us. I doubt we would have enjoyed it half as much if he wasn’t so delighted doing it. Oh, it was so funny! And over and over again he kept lifting up his petticoats to show us his nappies!” She paused as if to keep control of herself. “And then, at the end, at the very end…”
“Yes?” Robin asked, wondering what more there could possibly be.
Darla shook her head at remembering it. “At the very end, his nappy, which looked for all the world like he had actually wet it – could you imagine if he really had? – It looked like it had started leaking, and they took him off somewhere to change it! What an odd finish! But then, I don’t know of a better way to accent what he was trying to portray. It was an absolute scream I tell you. So funny!”
Robin nodded. “I can imagine.” And she could also imagine that his “nappy” might really have started leaking. Wasn’t that what the idiot’s bet was about after all?
Robin went through all the motions in exercise class. She worked up a good sweat, as usual. But she barely noticed the class or how hard she was working. Her mind was too preoccupied with trying to imagine everything that Darla had just told her. And what’s more, she knew without a doubt that every word Darla had said was the truth… the absolute gospel truth. The idiot!


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Hugs :) Enjoying your post as usual. I hope you don't get into trouble posting from workies, Karen.

I still hope Robin finds her happy. I feel sorry for her, is true.

Anonymous said...

Maybe robin should have him dressed like a little girl at work too?