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The Bet - Chapter 4 (Tuesday – week 1 - Part 1)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 4 (Tuesday – week 1 - Part 1)

Chad spent a very restless night since the green tea did indeed stimulate his system. Twice he got up and had to struggle to get the mass of three wet diapers down so he could pee into his tub. The first time he did it, he masturbated into the tub too because his need was just too great. But then he had to pull all those diapers back up again and it was proving to be very difficult and time consuming. As his stimulated system continued to tell him all too often that he had to pee, eventually, he gave up trying to use the tub and just allowed himself to wet the thick diapers instead, which only made them thicker. The extra bulk between his legs also made it more uncomfortable for him to sleep since eventually it was getting more and more difficult to put his legs together. He didn’t doze off solidly for a very long time.

Mel set her alarm very early. Way too early for her, but she had something she needed to do before Chad went to work. She hoped he wasn’t up yet, although she figured he should be getting up very soon. She dressed quickly and then grabbed the pitcher of green tea from her refrigerator and went out and slipped into his apartment. Everything was quiet, he was still asleep. She set the pitcher of tea on the kitchen counter and went into his room and turned on the light. “Wake up baby!”
The light and Mel’s voice startled Chad, he had finally fallen sound asleep. He was absolutely shocked to wake up and see Mel standing there. “What?” he said sleepily.
“Time for babies to get up.” Mel explained. She walked over and found one of the baby bottles he had finished last night and examined it. Empty. “Good baby,” she said. “Where’s the other one?”
“In the kitchen.” Chad was still so tired he could barely comprehend what was going on. All he wanted to do was to go back to sleep again.
“Better get up,” Mel told him, or you’re going to be late.
Chad glanced at his watch. “Oh hell.” He rubbed his eyes. “I didn’t sleep hardly at all last night.” Then a bit more angrily he added, “I kept having to pee!”
Mel smiled wickedly. “Gooood baby.” Then she got up and left him. While Chad was shaving his face, she filled both bottles with the green tea again. Since it took him so long to finish the bottles, she handed him one of them to drink before he took his shower. She made him sit on the floor while he drank it, still in his obviously soaked diapers. She had been thrilled when she saw him have to waddle as he moved around because his diapers were so thick. Something to remember.
While Chad was busy drinking the tea, Mel poked around again at the clothes he had. She wasn’t really very interested in his male clothes, although she looked at them carefully too. She was more interested in his female clothes. He really needed more she decided. A lot more. She found his bras and panties and a pair of pantyhose he had and examined them carefully. He needed more of those too – although obviously not the panties.
“I’m done,” Chad said as he finally finished his bottle. The problem now, was that he had to pee again.
“Into the shower and be quick about it,” he heard Mel call from his bedroom.
He gladly pulled off the ton of diapers he was wearing. Wow were they soaked – and they were heavy. Then he got into the shower. But the shower water was making him have to pee all that much more. Smiling slyly, he allowed himself the luxury of peeing in the shower instead of his diapers.
When he got out of the shower, Mel was waiting for him, leaning against the bathroom doorway. She watched as he dried himself off completely. “You look much nicer without all that hair,” she commented.
Chad didn’t even blush, he was still too tired. He reached for the diaper he had set out for himself, and found two there instead. “Two?” he said shocked and angry. Then he saw Mel’s face get angry and before she could say anything else, he quickly added, “Ok, no problem. I’ll wear two today.”
“You’re leaning,” Mel replied. “It was very close to three.”
“I’m sorry,” Chad said. “It just surprised me, that’s all. But the extra bulk… Someone at work might notice.”
“Tough! Live with it.” Her tone of voice left him no room for argument. “In fact,” she continued, “get used to it. Because from now on, I never want you to be wearing less than two diapers. Ever!”
Chad nearly had a fit. There was now so much more chance for people to see what he was wearing under his clothes. What was he going to do? But then what could he do about it. The darn woman was making his life more and more difficult. But then, wasn’t that what he was craving? Suddenly, he was incredibly horny again.
As soon as he got his plastic panties over top of his diapers, Mel handed him the pair of pantyhose she had found. “Wear these too. And while you’re stocking up on supplies tonight, get three more pair.”
Chad wasn’t at all against wearing the pantyhose under his pants to work. He had done it a few times before and it was fun. When he realized that the pantyhose would also probably help disguise his thicker diapers he was even happier about it.
Mel let Chad finish getting dressed. Then, before she let him go to work, she handed him the second baby bottle. She just pointed to the floor and Chad sat down to drink it. This time, he seemed to finish it a bit quicker. “I think you’re getting faster at it,” she said as she took the bottle from him. As she finally followed him out of his apartment, she stopped to offer one more comment. “Have a good day… baby.” Then she turned and went back to her own apartment.
Chad stared after her again. “Baby,” she had said. She seemed to be using that word often now and every time the word sent chills of pleasure down his spine. Damn the woman could be fun.

When Mel got to work, Andrea followed her into her office as she usually did, but this time, instead of reminding her about her appointments and things, Andrea wanted nothing more than to hear how things were going with Chad. A few minutes later, she was squealing with laughter.
“As I see it now,” Mel told her, “my biggest concern is keeping him from removing his diapers. I saw a few ideas on the internet, but I need to look into it a bit more. That’s one of my priorities for this morning.”
The look on Andrea’s face changed suddenly to serious. “No it’s not! You’ve got a full schedule today. Is this something that I can research for you while you’re meeting with clients?”
Mel thought about that for a few seconds. “I don’t see why not. It would be a great help.”
“Good,” Andrea replied. “This research might actually be fun.” They both laughed at that. “Now, Mr. Gromer is in conference room two waiting for you, and then…”

Chad was getting thirsty. After his first cup of coffee that morning he had had to use the bathroom again. Having to pull down the pantyhose plus the two diapers was a lot more difficult than having to deal with just one diaper. But not all that hard. It was just a nuisance enough to make him limit how much he had to drink all day. Besides, he figured that Mel would probably be shoving baby bottles full of that rancid tea down his throat all night again. What a pain. The stuff tasted awful and besides, it had woken him up at least a dozen times during the night because he kept having to pee. But there could be little doubt that overall he was having a lot of fun.

Mel didn’t get time to sit down with Andrea to discuss what to do with Chad till late in the day. Andrea had a folder she had made full of printouts from the internet. “Now here are some of the options I came up with,” she said as she laid the folder in front of Mel.
Mel looked at each of them carefully. One she really loved, but it had to be ordered from the internet. She pulled that one aside to take care of soon. But some of the other ideas that Andrea had come up with were definitely interesting and could be purchased locally. One in particular she decided to act on later that night. Strangely, she realized that the thought of it was actually stimulating her.
As soon as she finished with Andrea, she took the one printout she had set aside and went to the website. But there she saw a few other things that caught her eye too. The order was expensive, but she hoped it would be worth it.
When Chad left work, he went to one drug store to buy his diapers, then another one to get the baby powder and lotion, then still another one to get the pantyhose. There was no way he could ever get all those things at the same time in the same place. People would wonder for sure what he was doing.
When he got back to his apartment, he noticed that Mel’s car wasn’t there yet. That was pretty much what he figured. That would mean that he would have a little while every day after work to fix things so she wouldn’t know what he really was doing. The woman was going to lose, and lose big. He walked around his living room where he wanted his pool table to go. Yeah, it was going to be great!

When Mel got home, she immediately went to see Chad. She knocked on his door this time, even though she had her own key. He opened it fairly quickly. “Hi Chad,” she said as she walked in.
“Hi Mel, he replied. “I was just trying to envision what kind of furniture I want in here when I win. Will you spring for a pool table? You did say anything.”
Mel laughed. “What do you mean when you win? No chance buddy!”
“I’m not going to lose,” he replied.
“Neither am I!”
The two of them just looked at each other and grinned. Finally, Mel said, “Yeah, if you win, a pool table will be up to you.”
“Yes!” Chad exclaimed. “It’s going to be so great!”
“Don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched.” Mel walked around his living room looking at it critically. “I’m thinking maybe some pretty pink ruffled curtains… maybe a doll collection on the wall over here…”
“A doll collection! No way. That’s where the rack for the pool cues is going to go.”
“Don’t bet on it!”
“We already did, and I’m going to win.”
Mel just looked at him slyly. “We’ll just have to see now, won’t we?”
“Yeah, we will!”
“Ok then, first things first. “Have you eaten yet?”
“No, I was waiting to make sure you didn’t need me for anything first.”
“Good,” she replied. “Ok, show me your diapers.” Chad dutifully pulled his pants down to show her what he was wearing, he had changed into two fresh diapers and he still had the pantyhose on. “I take it you changed your diapers when you got home?”
“Yeah, I needed it.”
Mel wasn’t at all sure, but there was nothing she could do about it. She led the way into his bedroom and ordered him to take his shirt off while she started to poke through his things again. As soon as he did, she handed him one of the bras she had found earlier.
Chad’s eyes nearly popped out of his head. “You can’t be serious!”
She turned and headed for his closet. “I guess you want to wear one of your skirts to dinner to.”
“No!” Chad cried in alarm. “I didn’t mean it. I’ll wear the bra.”
Mel turned back toward him. “You know, I’m getting awfully tired of you second guessing me. If I wasn’t so hungry right now I’d blister your backside good. In fact, I still may do it later.”
“Sorry,” Chad said contritely. “I’m trying. But this isn’t exactly easy for me.”
“Like I said before, get used to it. I guarantee, it’s going to get worse!” There wasn’t any hint of sympathy in Mel’s voice at all.
Chad just gulped and awkwardly fastened the bra around his chest. He had no doubt at all that Mel would make things progressively more difficult for him. But wasn’t that what he secretly craved? Right now, he wasn’t so sure anymore.
As Mel drove them out toward one of the local restaurants, Chad tried to get used to the bra he was wearing under his shirt. At least it wasn’t one of his padded bras, that would have been much worse, but he wasn’t at all sure about how noticeable the bra he was wearing would be under the shirt he had on. But what could he do about it if it could be seen? Nothing.
Dinner was actually uneventful, except that Mel insisted that he drink a lot more than he wanted to. Fortunately, she also picked up the check, which Chad considered a bonus. Let her spend all she wanted on him. It only saved him money in the long run.
But after dinner, Mel drove directly to the mall and went into one of the bigger department stores there. Chad followed her around quietly as she made her way slowly through the women’s department. Several times she looked at various clothing items. He was relieved when the ones she took off the racks she held up against herself and not him. She was obviously looking for things for herself. But eventually, she wound up in the lingerie department where she told Chad to stay where he was and wait for her while she tried to find some help. Chad began to get nervous, but so far, things were going just fine.
Mel came back with a saleswoman a few minutes later and followed the woman over to a drawer against the wall where they both looked through whatever was in it carefully. Finally, Mel looked over at Chad. “Chad, get over here.”
Chad’s nervousness grew, but he went. When he got there, Mel was holding some kind of large woman’s girdle in her hands. “Stand right there,” she told him. Then she proceeded to hold the thing up against him to see how it might fit – and she did it right in front of the saleswoman who was obviously very amused. The garment wasn’t exactly a girdle but some kind of thing that looked more like an all in one foundation garment, since it combined a bra and a long line panty girdle all in one. “I’m not sure,” Mel was saying. “Do you think it might be too big?”
“I think it might be alright,” the saleswoman replied. “You can always hold up the smaller one and check that instead.”
Mel grabbed another one and held that up against Chad. Both Mel and the saleswoman looked at it critically. “I’m not sure,” the saleswoman said, sounding a bit skeptic. “I think it might fit, but it also might be a bit too tight. Of course you can always adjust the shoulder straps.
Mel nodded. “Yeah, that should work.” She finally took the thing away from Chad then she said, “I’ll take two.”
Chad wasn’t exactly happy. The thing had looked like it would be a royal pain. But unfortunately, Mel wasn’t done humiliating him yet. “Have you wet your diapers yet?” she asked – right in front of the saleswoman.
Chad clearly saw the woman’s shock. “Not yet,” he admitted.
“But you do have to pee now, don’t you?” Mel continued.
“Yes,” Chad had to admit.
Mel seemed to look more satisfied. “Then do it now!”
Chad looked horrified. He was about to say that he couldn’t, but the stern look on Mel’s face made him stop. “Please,” he said softly, knowing that Mel would understand that he didn’t really want to wet himself in front of this strange woman.
“Do it! We’re waiting!”
Chad realized he wasn’t going to have a choice in the matter. It actually wasn’t easy for him to relax himself enough under the circumstances, but eventually he managed it and wet his diapers. “I did it,” he said softly as soon as he was done.
“What?” Mel asked. “You’ll have to speak louder. We couldn’t hear you.”
“I did it,” Chad replied a bit louder.
“You did what?” Mel asked.
“I wet my diapers.”
The woman totally burst out in laughter. Chad was so humiliated he wanted to crawl into a deep hole and never come out.
Before they left the department store, Mel made one more purchase for Chad. She bought him a baby doll nighty to wear to bed from now on. The nighty he secretly loved and was looking forward to, but that other thing she had bought, he already knew he wasn’t going to like it one bit.

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