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The Bet - Chapter 1

Hi All,
As I said previously, I’ve decided to start posting the story I’m writing now – even though I never finished the last story I started. The first few chapters will be posted complete, but after that, the individual chapters are so long that I’ll have to post them in sections.

PLEASE remember… this is just a story. It’s not real! It can’t really happen (I don’t think so anyway)! None of the characters are real or are even based on anyone that I know of. It all comes from my warped imagination.

As always, I welcome any comments you may have. In fact I love your comments – good or bad. But please keep in mind that I’m a few hundred pages of writing ahead of you already so I probably won’t be able to add any of your individual requests or ideas to the story – unless they can happen way down the line.

Before we begin, I also need to offer my special thanks to my friend and sometimes Mistress – Gina. She has offered so much inspiration and encouragement and just plain good ideas. Thanks so much Gina.

So without further ado, we find ourselves at the very beginning of another tale. Enjoy!

Chapter 1 (Saturday)

Chad pulled his car into one of the parking places as close to the stairs leading up to his new apartment as he could get. It had been a long day of moving. A sad day in many ways, but in other ways it represented a new freedom for him. His divorce from his wife would be final in another month. That alone saddened him greatly. But his wife - make that ex-wife - couldn’t live with his ever growing desires. Desires that weren’t in any way normal. It was his problem and he knew it, but he also knew that it was a problem he had no intention of ever getting rid of. The problem had finally cost him his marriage. Well, so be it.
As he pulled one of the large heavy plastic bags out of the back of his car filled with the last of his stuff, he heard a woman’s voice behind him. “Can I help you with that?” He turned and saw the woman who lived in the apartment next to his. The one he had pegged as being the “nosy neighbor.”
“Oh, that’s ok. I can get it,” he replied. “Thanks anyway.”
“Don’t be ridiculous. Here, let me help.” Before he could stop her, she had pulled two smaller bags out of his car and was leading the way up the stairs. He quickly pulled out a second heavy bag himself and began lugging them behind her, more often than not, struggling to keep them from scraping against the cement stairs too much.
She was waiting for him at his apartment door. He unlocked it and she carried her two bags inside ahead of him. She was obviously looking around carefully at everything. The apartment was a total mess, but what could she expect, he was still moving in. “Um… As you can see, the place isn’t quite presentable yet.” She just turned and gave him kind of a sly smile.
Unfortunately, that was when one of the heavy bags he was carrying ripped under the strain and the contents tumbled out all over the floor. An embarrassing assortment of items spilled out where she could see them: dresses, skirts, high heels, bras… diapers, plastic panties, and baby bottles. The small quick intake of her surprised breath let him know that she hadn’t missed a thing.
“Um… excuse me,” he said quickly as he knelt down, throwing what was left of the bag over the items, desperately but unsuccessfully trying to cover them all up. He couldn’t look up at her. He was too embarrassed.”
“Yours?” he heard her ask as he tried to cover it all.
He said nothing back. As efficiently as he could, he scooped things together and covered them with whatever he could find before he stood back up again. He had no doubt his face was very red as he took the two bags she had been holding and said, “Thank you.” Then to finally get her out of the way, he added, “Now, if you’ll please excuse me, I have a lot of work to do.”
“Oh, of course,” she said, still somewhat surprised. “Oh, by the way, my name’s Melissa… Mel.” She stuck her hand out to shake his, but his hands were both full from the bags she had just handed him.
“Chad,” he replied, still looking a bit uncomfortable about her being there.
Fortunately, she took the hint and left. Unfortunately, he could tell that she was still shocked by what she had seen. She was a nosy-neighbor, and now she had seen a little too much. Chad wished very hard just then that he could afford to move to someplace else right away.

Mel walked back to her apartment, still somewhat shocked. She had pegged him from the beginning as either a new divorcee or someone who was about to be divorced. Now, she wasn’t quite sure. In fact, after what she had seen fall out of that bag, she wasn’t sure about anything to do with him at all. She was a woman. It was her duty to herself to know about her neighbors. Did she need to be afraid of this guy? Was he a pervert? Now she wasn’t quite sure. If he was one of those strange guys who liked to wear dresses, then she didn’t really feel like she should be afraid of him. But you never really know. What she did know however, was that she was curious – very curious. And she was going to have to find out more. But after seeing all his “private” stuff, she was fairly convinced that he wasn’t going to be all that interested in seeing her again. She’d have to find someway though. Perhaps some kind of peace offering she thought. Yeah, that would be a good idea. Now what was it that guys seemed to like the most?

Chad spent the rest of the day sorting through boxes and deciding what to do with everything. The answer to most of it though was to leave it where it was. He had almost no furniture. Just one chair he had managed to rescue from storage that he wife didn’t want anymore. Not even a kitchen table or a bed to sleep in. Getting some furniture was something that was going to have to be a priority. He’d sleep on the floor tonight and start looking for some tomorrow.
Late in the afternoon, there was a knock on his door. When he answered it, there was his nosy neighbor – Mel, holding up a couple of six packs of beer. “Just great!” he thought to himself.
“Hi neighbor,” Mel said cheerily. “I brought you a house warming gift,” she added, holding up the beer. “I kind of thought you could probably use some about now.”
Chad recognized her peace offering and that she was trying to be polite… but… “Um, I don’t really drink,” he explained apologetically.
“Not at all?” she asked shocked.
“Well, not usually,” Chad replied.
“How about just to be nice?” Mel asked.
Chad nodded. He was a bit thirsty… and hungry now that he thought about it. Not that he had any food in the house either.
“Where’s your furniture?” Mel asked as she set one of the six packs down on his kitchen counter.
“I don’t have any yet.”
“Nope. Uh… my wife and I are separated,” he explained. “We’re getting a divorce. This is all I have.”
“Oh, ok. I understand,” she replied as she pulled a bottle out of the container and handed it to him. She had been right the first time. Getting divorced.
“It’s cold,” he said somewhat surprised.
“It’s been chilling in my fridge all afternoon.”
She opened a bottle for herself and raised it towards him. “To being neighbors,” she toasted.
Chad wasn’t a drinker at all, so it only took half the first bottle before he was starting to feel the effects. Fortunately, Mel hadn’t mentioned the things she had seen fall out of the bag earlier. That was an event he really wanted to just forget.
But Mel hadn’t forgotten, she just hadn’t gotten around to asking him about it yet. She didn’t get around to it till they were both out getting a quick hamburger for dinner since he had no food or a table where they could sit together to eat it. “So,” she finally started, “all that stuff was yours?”
Chad blushed. He knew instantly what stuff she was talking about. “Yeah,” he answered shyly.
“Is that why you’re getting divorced?”
Once again, Chad was uncomfortable about the question, but all he could say was, “Yeah.”
“So you’re into all that kind of thing then - I mean the women’s clothes and things?”
“Yeah.” Chad wasn’t at all comfortable talking about it. He really wished she would just drop it.
“How about the diapers and bottles I saw? Those too?”
This time, Chad just nodded his head sheepishly. Then to change the subject he said, “Come on, let’s get out of here. Ok?”

When they got back home, Mel invited Chad over to her place where they could at least sit down together. But she had Chad bring over the rest of the first six-pack with him. Chad went, mostly because he had no furniture of his own.
Two beers later, Mel once again got back to the subject that seemed to haunt her. In truth, she couldn’t quite grasp it all and was consequently overly curious about it. “So tell me about it?” she finally asked.
“About what?”
“You know, the stuff I saw.”
“Ugh. I’d rather not.”
“Come on. I’m the pushy type – if you haven’t figured that out by now. I’m going to keep pestering you till I find out anyway.”
Why did she have to make it sound like he didn’t have any choice in the matter? He took another big swig of his beer to think. He was definitely buzzed. “Geez! What do you want to know? I like it. Ok? It’s complicated, damn it!”
“Ok, ok. You don’t have to swear. I’m just asking that’s all.”
“Yeah, sorry. Look it’s not something I’m used to talking about you know.”
“Yeah, I’m sorry too.” She waited a few minutes while they both sipped at their beers. “And the baby stuff?”
At least he was calm about it this time. “Yeah, I like that too.”
“So… do you wear the diapers and wet them too?”
“Yeah, sometimes.”
“Tell me about it.”
Maybe it was the beer, or maybe she was just wearing him down. He took another big swig and laughed a bit to himself. “What can I say? It’s another little quirk of mine.” Then he seemed to reflect on his beer bottle for a moment before he continued. “I have this… friend… on-line, who whenever my wife was away for a while, would give me some… let’s say “assignments” involving the diapers and dressing and stuff. They were fun. Exciting.” He paused for a minute. “I have this crazy fantasy where I’m forced to wear the diapers so much that I actually become incontinent from it – like a baby. In fact,” he blushed again, “the whole baby thing gets me off too. The last time it went on for almost a month. It was great.”
Mel waited for him to continue. When he didn’t she asked, “So, did you actually become incontinent?”
“No, not even close. I did almost wet the bed one night afterward, but that’s as close as it got. It couldn’t really happen though. It’s just a dream.”
“Well, it was only a month.”
“I don’t think it matters how much time. It’s like I have this switch in me that turns it on and off.”
It was probably the beer that made her say it. “I could make you do it. If I wanted to, I could make you incontinent – just like a baby.”
He looked over at her like she was crazy and laughed a bit. “No, it’s impossible. I know myself too well. Besides, it would probably take someone who was here with me all the time to ride me unmercifully – and do it for months and months on end. Even then, I seriously doubt it could happen.”
Now it was her turn to laugh. It was definitely the beer talking… or was it? “You don’t know me very well. I could do it! If I wanted to, I could make you do anything I want, and there’s nothing you’d be able to do about it. I could turn you into such a baby that you’d never be able to go without your diapers again. You’d be sucking your thumb and crying for you bottle all the time.”
They both laughed at the thought. After all, she was only joking, wasn’t she?
“Couldn’t happen!” Chad reiterated. “I know myself too well.”
“Yes it could!” she declared in no uncertain terms. They were both still laughing.
“No it can’t!” he replied, just as certain.
“Is that a challenge?” she asked.
“Maybe it is,” he replied.
“I could do it!” she stated
“Never happen! Not in a million years!”
“Oh, I don’t know. I don’t think it would take all that long.”
“You don’t? How long then?”
“You said you almost wet the bed after one month?”
“Almost, but that’s all! I didn’t actually wet it.”
“Then I could probably do it in… oh, I don’t know… say… two months.”
He laughed again. “Never. It’s impossible. Like I said, I know myself too well.”
“Bet I could!”
“Impossible! No you can’t”
“Bet I could!”
“It can’t be done!”
“Bet… I… could!”
“No… way!”
“What do you bet?”
“Bet? I don’t know. It can’t be done.”
It was like she was locked in the heat of battle and things had just become serious. She looked around. What would she bet over it? “Tell you what, if I can’t do it, I’ll furnish your entire apartment with everything and anything you like!”
“Anything? All the furniture?”
Chad was stunned by the offer. It was a lot. “That would be awfully expensive.”
“It’s ok. I’m a lawyer. I can afford it.”
That stopped Chad for a moment. “I can’t match that. I’m getting divorced. I don’t have that much.”
Mel thought for a minute. “Ok then, how about this, if I do manage to do it… and I have no doubt that I will…”
“Then you’ll furnish and decorate your own apartment however I want you to. And… you’ll continue in service to me for an entire year – doing anything I tell you to. Agreed?”
“That’s crazy! You know of course that you’re just offering to buy me all new furniture. And I have expensive tastes.”
“No I’m not. I’m getting myself a personal servant for the next year, and one who won’t even need bathroom breaks!” She laughed again at the thought.
“That’s crazy. It can’t happen!”
“Bet it can!”
“No it can’t!”
They both leaned back on her couch and laughed while they each finished their beer. They were both joking, weren’t they? At least they were both just wondering that. But it could have been interesting.
After things had calmed down a bit, Mel said, “Tomorrow I’ll draft a contract for you to sign.”
Chad laughed again. “Sure!” Then he had another thought, since they were still playing. “What am I supposed to do for furniture in the meantime?”
They both laughed at that. “I’ll think of something,” Mel replied. “Trust me!”


Joan said...

It's been a while since I've seen any new fiction from you. This is great to see. Keep 'em coming.


Just started "The Bet"... looks interesting... I was worried it was a story I had read long ago... similar bet but between 2 married couples. Forgot the title of it.