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The Bet - Chapter 3 (Monday – week 1 - Part 2)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 3 (Monday – week 1 - Part 2)

Chad was getting bored in his apartment with no TV and only one chair to sit in. So he was really glad when his cell phone finally rang.
“Diapers, shirt, heels, and nothing else! Oh, and bring a baby bottle!” the voice on the other end said. No hello or anything else. But Chad jumped at the command. He just wasn’t all that sure about going out through his door with no pants and wearing the heels. But he didn’t have a whole lot of choice. Besides, he was bored.
Fortunately, he was only going to the next apartment. Unfortunately, his heels were making an awful lot of noise as he walked. Also unfortunately, someone else was coming out of her apartment on the opposite side of his. He knocked quickly on Mel’s door, but the darn woman was taking her sweet time answering it. The woman who had come out of her apartment was staring directly at him. He knocked again. Finally, Mel opened the door and he nearly pushed her out of the way trying to get inside. “Somebody saw me,” he gasped.
Mel smiled slyly. “Awww. Get used to it. Maybe we should invite them in to see what else you’re wearing.” She opened the door to look out.
“No! Please,” Chad pleaded. Fortunately, Mel closed the door again.
“Shirt off!” she commanded quickly.
As soon as Chad was dressed in only what she wanted him wearing, she took his baby bottle from him and led the way into the kitchen. There was a pot of something sitting on the stove. Chad couldn’t tell by the smell what was in it. Mel filled the bottle from her sink and handed it to him. “Sit on the floor over there and don’t get up!”
Chad sat down on the tile floor and put the bottle to his mouth to start drinking. Mel went back to the pot she had on the stove and stirred whatever was inside before putting the lid back on again. “I think that should sit a bit more,” she said before she walked away, leaving him alone on the floor. As Chad sat there drinking from the baby bottle, he couldn’t help but think about how much like a baby he felt doing it, and that feeling was thrilling to him.
Mel didn’t come back again till he was almost finished. She glanced at him, then checked her pot again. As Chad continued to finish his bottle, he watched her grab a large spoon and begin taking what looked like tea bags out of the pot and throw them away.
“I’m finished,” Chad finally said as she was working. She barely glanced at him. “You’ll have to sit there and wait. I’m a bit busy right now,” she said as if she were talking to a child. She finally poured whatever was in the pot into a large pitcher and put that into her refrigerator. “There,” she finally said, closing the door. That’s all ready.” She took the baby bottle from his hand and put it up on the counter. “Did you get a key for me?” she asked.
“Yes,” he replied, still sitting where he was.
He felt like such a child. He got up immediately and got the key for her from the rest of his keys.
“Thank you,” she said as he handed it to her – again like she was speaking to a child. And he was loving it completely.
She opened her pantry closet and brought out a bucket and a scrub brush. She filled the bucket with hot water from her sink and added some cleaner to it. Then she put it on the floor in front of him. “Start scrubbing,” she commanded. “On your knees,” she added. Then she left him again.
Chad sighed. Some of this was fun, and some of it wasn’t.
A few minutes later she poked her head around the corner and said, “I’ll be back in a few minutes. I expect to see some progress when I get back.” And then she was gone. She had said she would only be a few minutes so he dared not stop working.
She was gone longer than he thought, but when she came back she immediately went to the kitchen to check on him. He was almost done, fortunately.
“Ohhh. You’re doing pretty good I see,” she said as she headed straight for the refrigerator. “Have you wet yet?”
“Not yet he replied as he threw the scrub brush into the bucket and started to stand up again.
“Ah, ah, ah,” she warned him. “Babies stay on the floor today.” He sat back down in a state of shock. She could be so good sometimes.
Mel pulled the pitcher she had put into the refrigerator earlier out again and set it on the counter. Then she grabbed his baby bottle and filled it from the pitcher before putting the pitcher away again. “Here,” she said as she handed him the bottle. “Time for your bottle.”
It hadn’t been all that long since he finished the last one, but he took it reluctantly and started sucking on it again. The liquid was still warm, almost hot, and it tasted very strong and strange. “What is this?” he asked making a face. He really didn’t like it.
“Green tea. It’s good for you, so drink it up.”
He forced himself to bring the bottle back to his lips and continue sucking. By the time he finished it, he really did have to pee. Since he wasn’t supposed to stand up, and not knowing what else to do, he called out, “I’m finished.”
Mel came back into the kitchen only seconds later. “Did you pee yet?”
“Not yet, but I’m getting to where I’m going to have to soon,” he admitted.
“You better do it fast, or you’ll be more than sorry. Now follow me.” Chad started to get to his feet. “And crawl like the baby you are!” Chad instantly dropped back down again and crawled behind her. “Are you peeing yet she said as she walked without turning around.”
“Not yet,” he replied.
“You might want to…” she said, leaving him to wonder what she had in store for him next.
Deciding to err on the cautious side, he wet himself as well as he could while he crawled. An interesting experience he decided. “I wet myself he told her.”
“It’s about time,” she replied as she headed into her bathroom. Chad crawled in behind her. “Ok, now strip. Completely!”
While Chad worked on removing one high heel, she started the water running in the tub, then, because he was slow, she went to work on his other shoe. After that it was just a matter of removing his wet diaper and plastic panties. “Into the tub,” she ordered.
Fortunately, the water was nice and warm. Chad felt nice and relaxed in it – till she brought out her razor. “You’re not…”
“Yes I am,” she replied, leaving no doubt that she was going to shave him completely.
She took a very long time about it and was very thorough, even shaving his private parts completely. By the time he was finished, the only hair he had left was his eyebrows and the hair on top of his head. “Much better,” she remarked as she finally allowed him to get out of the tub and handed him a towel.
“What am I supposed to wear?” He asked. The diaper he had worn earlier was wet and he couldn’t put it back on again.
Mel smiled slyly and handed him his plastic panties and his high heels. Then she led him back out into the living room where she handed him his shirt to put back on again. Before she took him back to his apartment, she went back to the kitchen and got the pitcher of green tea and handed it to him. “Carry this,” she commanded. Then she grabbed his keys and wallet along with her purse and led the way out of her apartment. Once again, Chad wanted to die for being dressed as he was outside. Fortunately, all was fairly quiet outside, but Mel did take her sweet time opening his door for him again. As usual, Chad got back inside as fast as he could.
Mel grabbed the pitcher from him and sent him to his room to get re-diapered for the night. “Oh, and Chad, from now on, two diapers every night when you go to bed.”
“Two? Why?”
“Make that three!” she said almost angrily.
“Do you want to try for four?”
Chad got the point and shut up. “I’m going to have to get more diapers tomorrow,” he said quietly.
“You’re going to have to get more than that. Tomorrow night, I want you to have baby powder, baby lotion, and at least four bags of diapers on hand. Got all that?”
Chad’s eyes went wide, but he nodded his head. “I’ll get them.”
“Oh, and Chad, I read that if you slit the crotch of all the inside diapers then the excess pee can drain through to the next one. Make sure you do that from now on too.”
Chad just nodded his head and headed into the bathroom where his diapers were. But when he got there, the first thing he noticed was his toilet. It was still his toilet, but she had managed to make it totally useless to him. It was wrapped in layer after layer of plastic cling wrap. As he looked closer, under one of the top layers was a piece of masking tape that went over the lid and under the rest of the toilet. She had put the date and then signed her name on the tape before wrapping more cling wrap over that too. There was no way at all that he could remove any of it without her knowing it. The bitch had managed to find a way to completely block him from using it. He would be stuck using his diapers completely whenever he wasn’t at work.
Mel said nothing at all to Chad about her handiwork to his toilet. She didn’t have to. But the look on his face had been absolutely priceless. Something she would never forget for a very long time. While he was diapering himself, she found the other two baby bottles that were still in his apartment and brought them into the kitchen where she rinsed them out and filled them with the green tea. Then she took more masking tape and wrapped them around the lid so that he couldn’t unscrew them without her knowing about it. She took one further precaution of writing her name on the tape of each one. Chad would be forced to drink both bottles.
When she left that night, she left a slightly bewildered and also very horny Chad, sucking on one of his baby bottles as he sat on his blow-up mattress. The thickness of three diapers between his legs felt strange. He also had to pee again. He realized he had no choice so he let himself wet his diapers. He wanted to get off badly so he began rubbing himself through the diapers, but the thickness of the diapers was preventing him from getting very hard, especially now that they were wet.
Reluctantly, he finally laid back down on his mattress and sucked on his bottle while he tried to figure out the best way to get around what she had done to his toilet. It was going to make things a bit more difficult. Of course, he finally realized, he could always pee into the tub and she would never know it. But what if he had to do something else? He had been very careful about relieving himself in the toilet at work today so that he wouldn’t have to mess his diapers while he was at home. That would certainly continue to work during the week, but what if he had to do it some other time? That might not be so much fun.
As Mel left Chad’s apartment, she finally broke out in total laughter. She had gotten him good tonight and she knew it. Now, if only that green tea would do what it was supposed to…


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EXCELLENT so enjoyable thank you , i cann't wait until next chapter , once again thank you

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