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The Bet - Chapter 5 (Wednesday - week 1 Part 1)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 5 (Wednesday - week 1 Part 1)

Chad woke up when he heard Mel’s alarm clock go off. It was just getting light outside. It had been, without a doubt, the most miserable night of his life. Between being tied in an uncomfortable position and having to pee over and over again, he had gotten very little sleep – again. He was so tired he could scream.
Mel was at his side a few minutes later, still in her nightgown and robe. He was so relieved when he realized that she was finally untying him. “Follow me into the bathroom as soon as you can,” she instructed. And then she was gone.
Chad rolled over and painfully stretched his muscles and rubbed his arms and legs. He could hear water running in her tub. He crawled into the bathroom where she helped him get totally undressed. She helped him into the tub. Whatever she had put into the water smelled sweet and sensual. Nice. She let him just soak for a long time. He nearly fell asleep again – until she brought him another baby bottle to suck on. Reluctantly, he did so.
When he was done, she let him get out of the tub and dry himself off while she laid three diapers out on the floor again. She coated his raw bottom with more baby lotion and had him lay down on the diapers so she could powder him and tape the diapers up. His plastic panties soon followed. But then she made him step into the all-in-one girdle she had bought the night before. The thing was a nightmare to pull on. It was so tight he could barely stand it, especially around his now well-padded backside. She adjusted the shoulder straps so they were a bit too tight and then stood back to inspect her handiwork. She was smiling broadly. He wasn’t. The thing was going to be a nightmare all day.
She handed him a new pair of pantyhose and he put them on. “Go home and shave and get finished dressing for work,” she told him. “Come back as soon as you’re ready and you can lay on the couch. I’ll leave the door unlocked for you.”
Chad wasn’t at all happy about going outside dressed the way he was, but she wasn’t giving him any other choice. He knew better than to tempt fate or even offer any kind of resistance just then. He quickly grabbed his keys and his wallet and went out her door and walked the short distance to his own apartment. It was early, but someone down in the parking lot was staring up at him. He ignored him and got back into his own apartment as quickly as he could.
The darn girdle he was wearing was awfully tight. The shoulder straps dug into him almost painfully. The thickness of the three diapers he was wearing under it felt strange to him, especially as compressed as they were under the girdle. He put his hand down to touch the front of his crotch. He couldn’t even feel his cock under all that padding. Worse, he realized that there was no way he could get to it at all. The only way would be to get totally undressed which would be major difficult, not to mention getting it all back on again. And strangely, despite how tired he was, his situation was also making him very horny again. But she had fixed him so he not only couldn’t get at his diapers, but he also couldn’t get at himself to get any relief. Quite a predicament. And the more he thought about it, the hornier he got. But, he was stuck.

It was earlier than usual for Mel, but not really all that bad. She was out of the shower and was selecting her clothes for the day when she heard the soft knock on her front door and she heard it opening. “Chad?” she called out.
“It’s me,” he replied.
“Go ahead and lay down on the couch and get some rest. You probably need it.” She had no doubt at all that he would do just that.
As soon as she was mostly dressed, she walked out into her living room. Chad was indeed stretched out on her couch and looked like he was sleeping. She went into her kitchen and filled his baby bottle with another dose of the tea, then she woke him up and handed it to him. He didn’t look at all happy about it, but he started drinking it. She went back to getting ready for work. By the time she was finished, Chad had finished his bottle and was dozing peacefully once again. He was definitely getting better at drinking from the bottles now. Of course she was giving him lots of practice. And that practice was going to continue – for a very long time.
She checked the clock. It was time. “Wake up Chad!”
Chad jumped. He had fallen asleep finally. But the few minutes she had allowed him to sleep did nothing to ease how bone-weary tired he felt.
“It’s time for you to go to work,” she said.
He knew that. He checked his watch, it was indeed time. Wearily, he got up off her couch and stood up.
Mel stopped him before he walked out the door and walked around him, examining him critically. She couldn’t really see the all-in-one girdle he was wearing under the heavy shirt he had chosen. She also couldn’t see any indication of all the diapers he was wearing under the slightly baggy pants he had on either. She ran her hand across his chest. Yes, the all-in-one was there. She ran her hand against his crotch. The diapers were there too. She was slightly surprised to find how solid his crotch felt under his pants.
“Can you see any of it?” he asked uncertainly.
“No, not at all,” Mel replied. She realized that she was actually disappointed about that. Chad however was obviously relieved.
“Go to work,” she told him with a pat on his backside and watched as he walked out the door. It had been a long evening, especially for him. But he had to learn that he couldn’t get away with trying to fool her. Oddly though, this entire experience was growing on her. Stimulating her in ways that she hadn’t expected. She had to wonder what else she could make him do. Anything at all she reminded herself with a small grin.

Chad sat at his desk and stifled a yawn. He was so tired he could barely think straight. The damn girdle she had made him wear was incredibly tight – all over. His whole body felt horribly constricted by it. He was grateful the room he worked in was kept so cool, otherwise he’d be even more miserable. “Oh God!” he swore softly. He had to pee… again. He had already wet himself twice since she had diapered him – the first time while he was shaving, then again shortly after he left for work. That damn tea she was shoving down his throat was still doing its job – a little too well. He would have loved to take off the girdle and pee normally, or even just stretch and breathe for a few minutes, but the darn thing was so tight that it had been very difficult to get on. He had no doubt it would be just as difficult to get off again. He couldn’t think of anything else to do except to pee in his diapers. At least he couldn’t think of any way around it while he was so tired. He relaxed his bladder and felt the warm pee going into his diapers again. He stifled another yawn. It was going to be a very long day, and it had only just started.

When Mel walked into her office, Andrea was again right on her tail, waiting to hear the latest about Chad. Mel didn’t hold back anything and Andrea mostly stared at her unbelievingly as Mel told her about tying him up and beating him with her yardstick.
“Poor guy,” Andrea finally said when Mel had finished. “That must have hurt.”
“That poor guy is going to have to learn that whatever I tell him to do, he has to do, no matter what and no matter if he doesn’t like it at all.”
“So what are you planning for today?”
“Not a lot. I think I’ll let him go to bed early. Of course, he may not sleep much again since I’m planning to introduce him to something else tonight.”
Mel leaned forward and smiled slyly. “I’ll tell you tomorrow.”

Chad jolted himself up out of another mini-nap that he had just taken. He was trying as hard as he could to stay awake, but he was just too tired. At least he could go home soon, but would the bitch let him sleep? He wasn’t even sure he could ask her. “Damn,” he swore softly. He had to pee again. He had long ago lost count of the number times he had wet himself today. It had slowed down a lot since lunch hour when he didn’t dare drink anything, but never the less, he was still peeing. Once again he relaxed his bladder. His diapers were now so full that he could barely walk. When he realized at lunchtime that he was waddling too much, he had gone straight back to his desk and stayed there. He didn’t dare get up. But soon the business day would be over and he’d have to get up and leave. He figured he’d have to stay a bit later till everyone else left so nobody would see him. Another major pain!
But then his cell phone rang. He was too tired to look to see who the call was from. “Hello.”
“Chad, it’s Mel. Do you get off work soon?” “Yeah, but I’m going to have to stay a bit later today. At least till everyone else is gone.”
“Why’s that?”
Chad dropped his voice to an angry whisper. “Because my diapers are so full I can barely walk! Don’t you think that might be a bit embarrassing?” Damn the woman!
Mel laughed. “Now that’s just what I wanted to hear. Listen, when you get out of there, don’t go home. Come straight to my office instead.”
“What? Why?”
“Are you questioning me again?”
Chad backed off quickly. “No, I’m sorry. I’m just so tired that I keep falling asleep while I’m working. That darn tea you keep making me drink keeps me up all night because I have to keep peeing too much! I can’t sleep!”
Mel laughed again. “Well then, just think how much easier sleeping will be as soon as you learn to wet yourself in your sleep.”
Damn the woman. Chad wanted to slam his cell phone down and step on it. “I’ll be there,” he finally said reluctantly.
“Good. Andrea will be expecting you.”
Damn the woman!

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