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The Bet - Chapter 2 (Sunday - Part 2)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 2 (Sunday - Part 2)

Mel stood back and just stared at Chad as he displayed himself wearing only the disposable diaper and plastic incontinence panties he had just pulled over them. She felt like she should be laughing at him, and indeed he did look a bit humorous, but somehow, she just couldn’t laugh. Chad had been more than a bit embarrassed about being naked in front of her, but as she quickly pointed out to him, he no longer had any choice in the matter – or in any other matters either.
Chad was not a big man, in fact, he was really a bit scrawny. One thing she noted, was that the hair on his body would have to go. Could she really make him do that? She quickly realized, of course she could. But not right now. Maybe later today. Right now, she had started something that she didn’t know anything about. She was not some kind of dominatrix, she was a lawyer. Question, is there a difference? She smiled at her own personal joke. But the bottom line was that she had no idea of what she was going to do. She needed information and she needed it fast. In the meantime. She had to do something with Chad here. The obvious thing of course was to get him cleaning her apartment, wasn’t that what she was after in the first place?
“You diapered yourself real fast,” she finally said to him. She had noticed that he had done it completely standing up instead of laying down like she had expected him to.
Chad seemed to blush a bit. “I’ve had some practice.”
“It’s a good thing. And you’re going to get a lot more.” She noticed Chad’s shy grin at her remark. He was enjoying this – so far. What else did he enjoy?
“Do you want me to put my clothes on now?” he asked.
Mel realized that she had been mostly just standing there, thinking. Chad was waiting for her to tell him what to do. Well, let him wait. Should she have him put his clothes back on again? She needed him to go back to her apartment to start cleaning. Finally, she said, “Get dressed,” and turned away from him.
As Chad was pulling his shirt and pants on over his diapers, she walked into his closet to see what other clothes he had. He had some nice shirts and pants hung up neatly – a good sign. At one end of the closet, she saw a couple of dresses and skirts and blouses. She looked at them each more closely. These things were a major part of him too. She had to remember that. She looked down at the shoes he had on the floor and realized that there were more high heels in there than men’s shoes. She somehow found that to be very interesting too. She poked through the shoes more closely and finally picked up a pair of sandals with at least a four inch heel. The only women she knew who still wore heels like that were all a lot younger than she was – or hookers. She turned around with the heels still in her hand. Chad was just about to pull his socks on. “Wait!” she commanded. “Here, put these on instead.”
Chad’s eyes went wide. He set the socks aside and took the shoes she handed him and sat on the floor to buckle them onto his feet. This was getting better and better. His excitement was now raging inside of him. He stood up again and took a couple of steps to make sure he had the feel of the shoes. The single diaper he was wearing was comfortable, but stimulating, the shoes added much more. But the fantasy of the whole situation had him to the point where he wanted to run to the bathroom to get himself off. He didn’t dare. This was too much fun.
Mel watched Chad closely. Now, as he stood there, with the high heels on his feet, and knowing he was wearing a diaper under his pants, she did let out a laugh. She tried to stop it, but she couldn’t. Chad seemed to blush even further as she did. “Come on,” she finally said. “You have work to do.”
Chad followed her out into his living room, wondering what she wanted him to do. But when she started to open his front door, he got distressed. “Wait! I can’t go out like this. I still have these heels on.”
Mel really wanted to laugh again. She knew she had to be tough. “Get use to it,” she said with a big grin and actually held the door open till he cautiously walked out ahead of her – turning his head to see if there was anyone else around as he did so. She stifled another laugh. Was she really enjoying this?
Chad seemed so uncomfortable standing outside in his high heels that Mel purposely pretended to have trouble with her door lock. There was no one else around anyway. Why not have a little fun with him? She could almost hear his sigh of relief as she closed the door behind them. She threw her keys on the table by the door and looked back at him, he was standing in her living room, waiting to be told what to do. Fine. “Go clean!” she ordered. “You can start in the kitchen.” As she had expected, he moved immediately, clunking onto the tile floor with those heels he was wearing. He might like wearing them, but he didn’t exactly walk gracefully in them – yet. She made a mental note to have him learn to walk better in the heels.
Mel headed straight for her computer. She had no idea about what it was she was doing. She needed to do some research and the first place to start was the internet. How do you go about making someone incontinent? Is there even any information about that anywhere? Has it ever been done before? Only time and research would answer that. In the meantime, she was at least happy to see that the clutter of dirty dishes on her counter was being cleaned up.
Chad rinsed dish after dish and stuck them into the dishwasher. The woman wasn’t exactly a slob, but she certainly could’ve cleaned up after herself a bit more. Ok, he knew he was a bit of a clean freak, but still she was a woman. Weren’t all women clean freaks? He finally turned the dishwasher on and wiped down the counters and the sink. He looked around. The kitchen looked pretty good. He walked out into the living room where she was working at her computer – aren’t high heels wonderful? “All done,” he proclaimed. He could tell by the way she looked up that she had been really engrossed in what she was working on. She almost seemed annoyed that he had bothered her, but she got up from her work to take a look.
Mel looked around at her kitchen. She had to admit, it didn’t look bad at all. Probably better than she would have bothered to do. How nice! Don’t let him stop now. “Nice,” she finally admitted. “Thanks. Now do the rest of the place.” As Chad turned to start looking around at the rest of her apartment, the words – or maybe they were commands – just started flowing out of her mouth. “The vacuum cleaner is in the closet. Oh, and there are clothes in the hamper in the bathroom that need to be washed, get those going first.”
Chad headed directly for the bathroom to find the clothes hamper. Ok, this was sort of fun, but it was beginning to get tedious. What else did he expect? Wasn’t this what it was all about? He walked into the bathroom and spotted the hamper, directly across from the toilet. The toilet that he knew he wasn’t supposed to use anymore. Unfortunately, just looking at it made him realize that he was going to have to pee soon. As he picked up the hamper full of her dirty clothes, he clamped down and ignored the feeling. There was no way he was going to lose this bet!
Mel looked up from her notes and watched as Chad lugged her hamper over to where the washer and dryer were. The clunking of his high heels was obviously making it harder for him. She kind of enjoyed that fact. As she watched him loading her clothes into the washer, she had a wicked idea. “Take your clothes off!” she ordered.
“Don’t say what! I said take your clothes off. And put them into the washer. Now!” Chad seemed a bit confused and surprised, but he started to get undressed. It took him a few minutes since he had to remove his shoes to get his pants off then put them back on again. But a few minutes later, he was standing there in nothing but his diapers and heels. And the rest of his clothes were all soaking wet in the washer. He looked very embarrassed about it, but Mel had a feeling he was secretly loving it. “I think I like you better that way,” she said as she watched him continue working. The embarrassed grin that Chad returned was enough to make her laugh to herself.
She got up to see him better. Yeah, he did look ridiculous dressed as he was. Why was she enjoying it so much? She stared at his diapers and realized something. She was supposed to be making him incontinent! “Have you wet yourself yet?” she asked.
“No, not yet.”
“Why not?”
Chad shook his head. “I haven’t had to go yet.”
Oh. That made sense. Mel realized that she had been overlooking something very important. She had to keep fluids going into him – lots of fluids to keep him peeing. That only made sense, didn’t it. She literally ran to the kitchen and found the biggest glass in her cabinets and filled it with water. “Here drink this – now!” she commanded as she handed him the glass.
Chad sighed a bit as he took the glass of water from her. He already had to pee, but not badly, all that water was going to make it worse. But he began drinking, not all that fast, but he drank it.
Mel watched as Chad gradually drank the glass of water. “Good,” she finally said as she watched him finish the last of it. She turned to carry the glass back to the kitchen, then realized what she was doing. She handed the glass to Chad instead. “Here, put this away.” As she watched him clunking in his heels back to the kitchen, she had one more thought. “I want you to tell me when you’re going to wet yourself. I want to know! And it better be soon!” she added as an afterthought.
Mel went back to her research. There was so much to read and so many ideas, but so little about making someone incontinent. Evidently, there was no real good method other than time. A very long time. And that was something she didn’t have enough of. That fact alone left her frustrated and a bit angry. She hated losing anything. And she certainly wasn’t going to lose this bet – that was for sure!
She looked up as Chad was pulling clothes out of her dryer and realized that he had never told her he was going to wet himself. “Did you wet yourself yet?”
“Not yet,” he replied.
She got up to talk to him. “Why not?”
Chad shrugged his shoulders a bit. “I don’t have to yet,” he replied. The truth though was that he was fighting against it as hard as he could without letting it show.
Mel was more than amazed. She headed back to the kitchen and got the same glass she had given him before out again and filled it with water. She realized she should have had him do it himself – she still had a lot to learn. She handed him the glass and told him to start drinking again.
Chad took the glass from Mel, but he wasn’t at all happy about it. He really did have to pee and more water was only going to make it worse, but what could he do? He began drinking.
Mel watched him closely. Chad looked more than a bit distressed. “Let me guess,” she finally said, “you have to pee. Right?”
Chad stopped drinking and sheepishly admitted it. “Yeah, I do now.”
“Then do it!” she commanded.
“It’s not that easy!”
“Why not?”
“Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve done this,” he explained. “It’s hard. Sometimes it takes a long time to relearn to wet myself again.”
That was news to Mel. “Well, you better learn fast then,” she said threateningly. “I suggest you start trying real hard right now. Now keep drinking!”
She stood there and watched as Chad kept drinking the water, all the while, it was obvious that his discomfort was growing. But when the water was gone, he still hadn’t done it. She grabbed the glass and refilled it quickly. “Keep drinking!” she ordered.
“Not more.” Chad complained. “I can’t drink anymore.”
“Keep drinking!” Chad dutifully began sipping at the water again. “Faster,” she ordered.
Halfway through the glass, Chad lowered it. There was distress in his eyes. “Ohhh… I’m peeing,” he said closing his eyes. A few seconds later, he looked up at Mel. “I’m done now.” Chad felt completely humiliated. This woman had just watched him wetting himself – make that flooding himself. Completely humiliating. Wonderfully humiliating.
Mel was about to take the glass from him again but she stopped herself just in time. There was still water in it. “Finish it,” she commanded. As he hesitantly raised the glass to his lips again to continue drinking, Mel reached out to grab the front of his diapers. Even through the plastic panties, they felt warm and obviously very wet. She felt more satisfied. Now she just had to find a way to keep him peeing. She had no doubt that the only way she was going to win this bet, was to make him pee so much he barely realized he was doing it anymore. And that wasn’t going to be easy. She needed a plan. It was time to think a bit harder over the notes she had already made.
Mel had Chad fix a couple of diet TV dinners for each of them that night. She also had him drink another tall glass of water again. But it wasn’t until well after dinner that Chad admitted he had to pee again. Once again she handed him the large glass of water to drink, and once again he didn’t wet himself till he had consumed most of it. When she felt his diapers, they were really soaked. She even had him pull his incontinence panties down so she could see them better.
“They’re going to start leaking if I don’t change them soon,” he told her. “Can I go change now?”
She had to think about that. She didn’t really want him leaking pee all over her apartment. “Yeah,” she finally said. “I guess we’re done here, for today anyway. You can go home now.”
Gratefully, Chad put his shirt on, then grabbed his pants.
“Wait,” Mel ordered. She grabbed his pants from him. Then she went back to the kitchen and got another glass full of water. “One more for the road,” she said as she handed it to him.
“Oh God,” Chad muttered. “I’m going to be up all night peeing.”
Mel giggled. “Good. That’s the idea.”
When Chad had finally finished the water, he reached for his pants, but she just held on to them. “No, I’ll carry them. You can go home just like that.”
Panic hit Chad full force. “I can’t!” he exclaimed.
“Would you like me to carry your shirt too and you can just wear your diapers?”
“Nnnnn No,” Chad stuttered.
Mel picked up Chad’s keys and wallet from where he had left them when he put the pants into the washer and led the way to her door. She opened it and glanced quickly outside. It was just getting dark. Not too many people around. “You first,” she said with a wicked grin as she waited for Chad to walk out ahead of her. Reluctantly, he did so and she followed behind him, taking the time to lock her own door and check it. Then she followed him to his door and took her time switching keys before she finally opened it again. “That’s something else,” she said as another thought hit her. “Tomorrow I want my own key to your apartment. Got it?”
Chad was really nervous standing outside dressed the way he was. And this woman was doing everything she could to make it longer. “Yeah,” he agreed. “Please, can we go in now?” Mel smiled and opened the door. Chad dashed in ahead of her.
Mel watched as Chad cleaned himself up and re-diapered himself. As he did so, she saw him glance a few times at his toilet. She was going to have to find a way to keep him away from that. She just didn’t know how yet. “No toilets!” she commanded.
“Yeah, I know,” Chad agreed sheepishly.
“What time do you go to work in the morning?”
“It’s not that far from here. I’ll probably have to leave here a little before eight.”
“Good. I don’t have to be to work till nine. I’ll be here before you go to work to check your diapers.” She turned to walk back to the door, then stopped with one more thought. “And I want you to drink another large glass full of water before you go to bed.”
“I don’t have any glasses yet,” Chad replied, feeling a bit cocky over the answer.
Mel thought for a moment. She was about to bring him one of hers, but then she remembered something else. “You have baby bottles don’t you?”
“Yeah,” he admitted sheepishly.
“Then two of those before bed! See you in the morning.”
Chad was finally left alone. It had been an interesting day. Were they really doing this? That answer was oddly clear. Yes, they really were. That thought alone fueled his raging desire. He went into the bathroom and pulled his diaper down and masturbated into the toilet. Then, because he could, he peed into it too. He thought about work tomorrow. He could do the same thing there too and Mel wouldn’t even know. She might make things difficult for him when he was home, and he had no doubt that she would, but while he was at work, there was nothing she could do. He was going to win this bet. And it was going to be easier than he thought.


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Liking this so far. Please keep them coming.


Interesting loophole at the end... but I have a feeling it is going to backfire on Chad...like locks.