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The Bet - Chapter 4 (Tuesday – week 1 - Part 2)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 4 (Tuesday – week 1 - Part 2)

When they got home, Mel took Chad straight to her apartment where she sat him down on the kitchen floor again and immediately gave him another bottle of the green tea to drink while she busied herself elsewhere. When he finally finished the bottle, he called for her. “I’m finished.”
Mel immediately came back into the kitchen. “Did you wet again?”
“Not yet.” Mel took his bottle from him and refilled it with the tea again. “I’m going to have to make some more of this soon,” she noted. Then she handed him the bottle again. “You can stop drinking as soon as you wet yourself again. So I suggest you get to it.”
Chad reluctantly took the bottle and put it back to his lips. He had already had more than enough of her nasty tasting tea. It was a few minutes though before he fully realized that he could stop drinking it if he just wet himself. So he did. “I wet again,” he called out.
Mel came back almost immediately and took the bottle from him. “It’s about time. Now follow me… and crawl!”
Chad was glad to be done with the baby bottle, at least for a while. He was also glad that she seemed to be continuing the baby bit again, although today there hadn’t been any of the babying lilt to her voice. In fact, she sounded mostly angry.
As soon as they got into the living room, she ordered him to strip. Completely. He was more than a bit surprised by that, but he did as he was told. “Crawl over here,” she said, pointing to the edge of her coffee table. He did that too. “Now bend over it!”
Chad was more than a bit apprehensive about doing that, but he did so, reluctantly. The next thing he knew, she was pulling on his left arm and tying it tightly to a piece of rope that she pulled out from under the couch. “Hold still!” she ordered. This was something new for Chad. He had fantasized about bondage of course, but had never done it. Now, the reality of it left him feeling all too vulnerable and exposed. A minute later, his right arm was also stretched, tied tightly to the other leg of her sofa. She walked around behind him and kicked his knees. “Spread them… wide!” He tried to do as she said, but it was difficult in the position he was in since much of his weight was resting on them. “Wider!” she ordered. He did the best he could. A moment later, she was tying more rope around his knees and stretching them apart, tying them to the opposite legs of the coffee table. Chad couldn’t move.
Mel came over and leaned close to his head and spoke into his ear. “You’ve been bad, haven’t you?” Chad didn’t say anything. “Don’t worry, I know you have.” She paused and walked around to talk in his other ear. “Do you remember what it says in our contract? You have to do anything and everything I tell you to. Period! No questions, no second guessing, everything!” She paused again and walked around behind him. “But you haven’t done everything like I told you to, did you?” She came back to the first ear again. I know perfectly well that you’ve been pulling down your diapers and using the toilet, probably mostly at work. Don’t deny it, I know it. Since we started, there hasn’t been the least little evidence of you making a mess in your diapers at all. None! And nobody can go that long. So I’m more than sure you’re peeing in the toilet too.” She stood back up and walked around to his other ear again. “Now, to be honest, I wouldn’t normally care that much, as long as you keep going, but I read in a few places that you need to stop associating using the toilet with when you have to pee. Otherwise, you hold back too much. So going in your diapers – all the time! – is really the best option. Don’t you agree?”
Chad still didn’t say anything. Actually, he didn’t think she wanted him to say anything.
“So,” she continued, “the question remains, what are we going to do with you? I know you want to win this bet, but so do I. And I don’t like losing! So tonight I’m going to punish you and the next time I catch you doing something you shouldn’t, I promise you, the punishment will be twice as bad. Understand?”
Chad pulled a bit more desperately against his ropes. He was starting to get very nervous now. He finally nodded his head and just said, “Uh huh,” as he pulled and struggled with no hope of release.
Mel walked away from him for a few minutes, then she finally came back. She was behind him so he couldn’t really see her. There was a quick woshing sound and he suddenly felt a sharp pain across his backside. She had hit him with something. “Ouch!” he yelled as his body jerked from the sudden pain. She waited a moment then did it again. “Ouch!” he yelled again. Whatever she was using on him really stung. She did it a third time. “Are you enjoying this? She asked.
“No! It hurts!”
“Good! Then maybe you’ll remember this since we’re just getting started!” Then she quickly began bringing whatever she was hitting him with down on him over and over again. Fast and hard. Chad struggled against his bonds for all he was worth, but the only thing he could move was his legs from the knees down, and that did nothing to stop her.
Eventually she stopped. Chad was breathing hard, almost hyperventilating. He wanted to cry. But Mel wasn’t releasing him yet. Instead, he felt her grab is ankles and tied them both together. A minute later, there was a rope running from his ankles to a heavy chair on the other side of the room. Now he couldn’t even move them.
Again, Mel brought whatever she was hitting him with down on his backside. It felt like it was on fire. “Are you learning your lesson yet?”
“Yes,” Chad got out. It almost sounded like he was sobbing.
“Then let’s just make sure, shall we?” Then she began hitting him all over again and he began going wild again. Fortunately, it didn’t last as long this time. “Are you going to misbehave anymore?” she asked.
There were real tears coming out of his eyes. “No,” he sobbed.
“Good.” She walked away from him again. Chad expected her to untie him, but she didn’t, she had just left him there like that. She was back a few minutes later but still she didn’t untie him. “Don’t go anywhere now,” she teased. And he heard her walk out her door.
Chad pulled weakly on his ropes again in vain. His backside was on fire. He hurt all over. The bondage and spanking might have been the stuff of his fantasies, but this was not fun, not at all. He hoped Mel wouldn’t leave him like that for long. He desperately wanted to move his aching arms and legs, not to mention rub his sore bottom. She had made her point – in spades – but that didn’t really mean much. He would still do everything he could to thwart her. He actually smiled at the thought through his pain. God he hoped she’d come back soon and release him. He’d have to be much more careful. He didn’t ever want to go through that again.
It was a little while before Mel came back. When she did, she didn’t release him right away. Chad could hear her doing something on the floor behind him. “Please release me,” he asked weakly.
“In a minute,” she replied. Chad could only wait. Finally, she came close to him. “Are you going to behave?”
“Yes,” he agreed softly.
“Ok, no trouble now!” Chad wasn’t in any condition to cause her the least bit of trouble. All he wanted was relief. He felt her untying his ankles, then his knees, and finally his arms. He rolled off the coffee table and onto the floor. The ability to move brought not only sweet relief, but also its own pain. He wanted to cry, to move all around, but she put her hand on his stomach. “Roll over,” she said almost kindly. Not wanting to give her any trouble at all, he weakly rolled onto his stomach. A moment later he felt something very cold being squeezed onto his burning backside. When he felt her spreading it out gently with her hand, he sighed aloud with relief. He realized that she was spreading the baby lotion he had bought earlier on him. The lotion cooled the burning, but only slightly. It did nothing to really relieve the pain.
He felt her doing something for a few moments next to his side, but he didn’t dare look. “Roll over now,” she said and put her hand on his side to help him roll the right way. He felt himself roll onto something thick. His diapers he realized quickly. She was going to diaper him. She sprinkled the front of him liberally with baby powder, the scent smelling odd, but pleasing to his senses. Then she began pulling the diapers up and taping them firmly. The whole process was pleasing, almost relaxing, especially after the beating she had just given him. In fact, it was one of the nicer things he had experienced in a while. Eventually he felt her pull his plastic panties up his legs. He automatically lifted his bum so she could slide them all the way up. Yes, it had been a really nice experience. He started to sit up, but she pushed him back down again. “No. Stay.” He didn’t even try to get up again.
She left him for a moment, but she was back quickly. She placed the nipple of his baby bottle between his lips and said, “Hold this.” He automatically started sucking on it. The bitter liquid actually felt good against the back of his throat.
But then she was wrapping more rope around his wrists again. “No,” he started to say.
“Hush!” she commanded. He had no choice. He continued to suck. She wrapped the rope from his wrists loosely around his neck so that he couldn’t pull his hands any further away. Then she was wrapping more rope around his ankles, tying them tightly together. “Pull your knees up,” she commanded. He did so. She pushed harder on his ankles to bring his bent legs together more, then she tied the rope around his bent knees to keep them that way. He wasn’t going anywhere for a while. “Just finish your bottle,” she said as she stood back up and left him again. There was really nothing else he could do. He was horribly uncomfortable, but there was nothing he could do about that either.
He laid there and sucked on his bottle till it was finished. He heard her working and humming to herself in the kitchen. He tried to pull the bottle away from his lips, but he couldn’t get it all the way out. “I’m finished,” he called. His words were slightly distorted by the nipple between his lips.
She came back to him and took the bottle from him. “You can just stay there and be quiet now,” she said before she left him again.
Chad struggled against his ropes trying to get a little bit of comfort. Any movement at all was welcome. Eventually, he managed to roll over on his side which seemed to help a bit. Mel was ignoring him. He heard her moving around her apartment once in a while, but mostly he figured she was working at her desk. He tried to relax as best as he could. About an hour later she was back again. She rolled him onto his back again and placed another baby bottle full of tea against his lips. He had no choice. He grabbed it and started sucking on it again while she went back to whatever it was that she was doing. This bottle was hot again. She had made another batch of the tea.
When he finally finished the bottle, he called her again. She came back and took the bottle to the kitchen. He rolled over on his side again for some relief. But she was right back again, pulling him back onto his back once again. But fortunately, she was untying his wrists. As soon as the rope was gone from his wrists and neck, he started to rub them to get a little relief, but she was roughly pushing him back on his side again and pulling his arm behind his back. She pushed him further and pulled his other arm behind his back too and tied his wrists again. He wanted to cry, especially when she tied the rope once again around his wrists to the rope holding his ankles together. He was more uncomfortable than ever – much.
When she was done, she stood over him. “You can just spend the night like that and think about things. And if I hear a single sound out of you I’ll gag you too.” And then she walked away. The lights in the living room went off a few minutes later. He could just barely hear the TV playing in her bedroom. He was totally miserable.

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