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Chapter 3 (Monday – week 1 - Part 1)

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Just a quick note to say we’re supposed to go to Louisiana to pick up the in-laws on Saturday. My father in-law got a wheel chair yesterday for the first time. We’re hoping it’s going to help. I know it’s also going to make things more difficult too. Wish us luck.


The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 3 (Monday – week 1 - Part 1)

Chad didn’t drink any of the bottles of water the previous night. He did wet his diapers, once, but not till after he got up in the morning. And then it was only in case Mel might check. He did have to get up several times during the night to pull his diapers down and pee normally into the toilet. But there was no way that Mel could ever know that.
His new apartment was a lot closer to work than where he used to live. That was one of the reasons he had picked it. He was now dressed and ready for work but it was still too early. He grabbed one of his baby bottles that he had stashed out of sight and washed it, then left it out on his kitchen counter so that Mel would think he had done as she told him to. He just hoped he hadn’t forgotten anything.
At seven thirty, there was a knock on his door. “Finally,” he said quietly to himself. He was ready to get to work, and perhaps stop for some coffee along the way. He opened his door and Mel walked in, eyeing him critically.
“Are you wearing your diaper?”
It was a really dumb question, but Chad realized she probably had to ask. “Yes, I am.”
“Let me see,” she ordered.
Chad rolled his eyes a bit and undid his pants and pulled them down. She seemed satisfied.
“Ok,” she said as she headed toward his kitchen. Chad pulled his pants back up again as he followed her. Mel grabbed the baby bottle he had left by the sink and held it up. “Did you drink from this last night?”
“Two, like you said,” Chad lied.
Mel wasn’t at all sure. She had no way of knowing what he did and that was frustrating. In the back of her mind, she had this feeling that he was lying, probably about a few things, but she had no way of proving anything. She filled the baby bottle from the sink and handed it to him. “Drink!”
Chad rolled his eyes again and put the thing to his mouth and began sucking on it while she leaned against his counter and watched him. As usual, his mouth began to get tired after a few minutes and he stopped more and more often to rest.
Mel glanced at her watch. “You’re going to have to hurry if you want to make it to work on time.”
“This isn’t easy!” Chad complained. “I get tired real fast. I don’t know how babies do it so easily.”
Mel smiled. “Maybe you just need more practice.” Her comment actually sent thrills down his spine. He kept drinking.
Finally, he finished and handed the bottle to Mel. “Ok,” she said. “You’d better get to work. Remember, no toilets!”
“I know,” Chad replied.
Mel reached into her purse and pulled out a card. “Here’s my private cell number. Call me if you have any questions or problems. If I’m busy, you may have to leave a message. She reached into her purse again and pulled out a pen. “What’s your number?” Chad told her. “Ok, remember what I said.”
“I will,” Chad replied as they both headed for his door.

A little while later, Chad was once again at work in his cubicle. His job designing and maintaining web sites was in reality a very lonely one. Often, he hardly talked with anyone in person all day long. Most of his communicating was done either by email or by phone. But the solidarity of the work made doing things like wearing diapers to work once in a while all that much easier.
Normally, whenever he wore diapers to work, he would barely drink or eat anything all day so he wouldn’t have to wet them too much. Of course during those play times, he really did want to use his diapers – like a baby. But this time he was out to win a bet. He had purposely not fastened the diaper as tightly to make it easier to pull it down whenever he had to use the bathroom. He reached for the extra large coffee cup he had allowed himself and took a sip. Much better than all the water he had drank last night. He leaned back in his chair and dreamed. This little bet might be difficult at times, but overall he expected he was going to have a lot of fun. And there was no way he could lose. As he thought about how easy it was going to be for him to win, he had another thought. “I wonder if she’ll spring for a new pool table for my apartment when this is all over? She did say anything.”

“Hi Mel,” Andrea said as Mel walked into the office. As usual, Mel’s arms were laden with her laptop, her briefcases, and her purse. She walked into her office and dumped them as she usually did on the couch there. Andrea followed her in, her own hands full of papers. “Mr. Cravin called again. He’s coming in later this morning to update his will… again.”
Mel rolled her eyes. “Again? This is the third time in the last few months.”
“Fourth. You have two clients first, property closure and then that accident lawsuit. And don’t forget court right after lunch.”
Mel nodded. It was the usual stuff. “Ok,” she sighed. “I’m on it.” But what she really wanted was to get back to planning for winning the bet she had made. But Andrea didn’t leave as she normally did. Mel looked up at her.
“Look,” Andrea began, “I know I’m not supposed to be asking about this, but… well, I did see some of the end of what was written in that contract I witnessed yesterday. And… well… I was just wondering if you would tell me about it, that’s all.”
Mel really didn’t know if she should tell her or not, but Andrea was a good friend… and she could be trusted. “Close the door first,” she said. Mel spent a few minutes outlining most of what was going on. Andrea went from unbelieving to outright laughing to unbelieving again.
“Oh God, please keep me informed on everything!” Andrea finally said as Mel got to the end. “This is going to be better than a soap opera.”
“I will,” Mel agreed. Then she glanced at her watch. “But now it looks like I have to hurry. I’ll bet the first clients are already here.”
“They have been for the last half hour,” Andrea replied. “Oh… don’t forget your therapy this afternoon too. Do you need me to cancel it?”
“No. I’m probably going to really need it this time.” Andrea laughed. Mel thought about her therapy sessions that she went to every week. Not normal therapy, relaxation therapy. It was one of the few highlights of her life.
It wasn’t until the middle of the afternoon that Mel had time to get back to planning for what she was going to do with Chad… or maybe it was more like what she was going to do to Chad. One thing she knew for sure, she was going to have to get a lot tougher. She was capable of being very tough, but this was a whole new direction for her. Her plan so far seemed like a mental spiral to her. Starting out in one place and forever spiraling downward to the eventual end, which in this case was the end of Chad’s ability to control himself and the beginning of his real servitude to her. Chad was interested in the baby stuff and the crossdressing. She would use all of that in ever increasing amounts – especially the baby stuff. She wanted him to associate having no control like a baby to being ever more of a baby himself. She laughed at the mental image she had of him for the future. Absolutely ridiculous, and absolutely under her thumb.

When Chad got off from work, he started to head straight home, but he remembered half-way there that Mel had wanted a key to his apartment. He wasn’t exactly thrilled about that, but he also wasn’t exactly sure about how much choice he really had either. That contract was really something. And she was a lawyer. He had no doubt that somehow it could all turn out to be perfectly legal. He turned around and headed for the hardware store instead to get another key made.
When he was done, he hurried home. He wasn’t sure what time she would get home, but he felt safer if he could check first. Her car wasn’t in the parking lot. That was a good sign. Once inside his apartment, he allowed himself to wet his diaper for the first time that day – just in case. Then he took it off and replaced it with a fresh one. But now he was hungry and she wasn’t home yet. He had no food in the house. Should he get some, or wait for her. He decided to try calling her to find out.

Mel’s cell phone rang as she was walking from her car to her therapy session. She was only a little surprised to see that the call was from Chad. “Hello.”
“Uh, this is Chad.”
“Yes, I know. What do you want? I’m busy.”
“I just wanted to know if I could go get something to eat or if you wanted me to wait for you?”
That was a nice thought, Mel decided. “I’m going to be a while yet. You’d better get something for yourself. Oh, and make sure you get a large drink with it!”
“Ok,” Chad replied. “No problem.”
“Are you wet?”
“Not right now. I just changed myself after work.”
That made sense to Mel. She really needed a better way to keep tabs on him. “Ok, I’ve got to go. See you later.” She walked into her therapist’s office with only thoughts of how she was going to handle Chad on her mind.
Mel’s relaxation therapy was just that. A professional relaxation session. It took all the cares and stress of her life and for a little while, threw them all away. It relaxed her mind and body both. From the moment she had tried it, she had been hooked. As she laid back on the comfortable chaise and relaxed, she let the aroma of the incense fill her lungs. She breathed it in deeply. How luxurious.
“You seemed a bit pre-occupied today when you came in,” Gloria, her therapist noted.
“Yeah, maybe,” Mel replied as she closed her eyes.
“So what’s eating you?”
Mel didn’t know why, but a long time ago she had started sharing everything with Gloria. It really seemed to help. And this time was no different. She talked for most of her allotted half-hour about Chad and what she was doing. Fortunately, Gloria didn’t seem at all shocked. In fact, she had seemed more than a bit interested.
Near the end of Mel’s session, Gloria asked, “Have you thought about using hypnosis on him?”
“Yeah, but from everything I’ve read, all those recordings you can buy don’t really work.”
“How about a live hypnotist?”
“Why? Do you know one who would do it?”
“I might.” That got Mel’s full attention. “Tell you what, as you know I keep some evenings open for group sessions. I have Thursday evening free right now. Why don’t you bring him by for some nice group relaxation? Just the two of you together. I’m sure he’ll love it. And maybe we can even sneak a little something else into the session. I’ve been known to dabble a bit with hypnosis and I’ll see what I can do with him. Of course, I’d have to charge you double.”
Mel didn’t care one bit about the cost. “Could you really?”
“I can try. I can’t guarantee it will help at all, but like I said, I can try.”
“That would be great!” Then Mel had another idea, “Oh, is there any way you can do it so he doesn’t know he’s been hypnotized?”
Gloria smiled at the idea. “Like I said, I can try. We’ll have to start slow though and it’s probably going to take more than one session.”
“If it helps, I don’t care!”

After her therapy session, Mel went grocery shopping. Her research had given her some ideas for drinks that would hopefully make Chad pee a lot. As she searched the shelves she came across another item that suddenly struck her as possibly being useful. She picked up several boxes before she headed home.

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