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The Bet - Chapter 2 (Sunday - Part 1)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 2 (Sunday - Part 1)

Mel woke up the next morning with the rancid taste of stale beer in her mouth. She immediately brushed her teeth and started the coffee maker. What an evening it had been last night. She had certainly had a few too many beers. Fortunately, today was Sunday and she wouldn’t have to think about going into work or meeting with any clients – hopefully. But that thought led her back to the strange conversation she had had with Chad the night before – and the bet they had made… it was just in fun wasn’t it? And that led her to the statement she had made about drawing up a contract for it. She nearly laughed again. Even in fun, it was kind of an odd bet. What kind of contract would be needed? She was a lawyer, she liked figuring things like this out.
She thought about that while she drank her coffee and got dressed. Eventually, she actually put some ideas down on paper. Then she decided she needed more information on the subject so she got onto the internet. It was all in fun, wasn’t it? But even so, working on this contract was something different for her. It was fun.
One other thing that she recognized hit her out of the blue. She lived in that apartment because she was lazy. She didn’t want the responsibility of taking care of a larger home. She also didn’t want some strange maid coming in to help her. But having her own personal servant, all the time? On her own terms? One who would be bound to do anything she wanted? She laid her head back and dreamed. How nice, how nice, how nice.
Unfortunately, it was all only in fun. Wasn’t it?

Chad slept late. When he woke up, his head was still fuzzy from the beer the night before. But what an interesting night. Had he really told his new neighbor, and one he had just met, all about is odd habits and desires? That was one of the reasons he didn’t drink! He swore he’d never do it again. But even through all the beer he had last night, the conversation had fueled his fantasies enormously. If he hadn’t been so drunk, he would have been up all night masturbating – probably over and over again. Even now, just thinking about it again, he was getting excited. It was all just in fun, he hoped, but the very thought of somebody taking control of him, forcing him to become incontinent, lived at the heart of most of his fantasies.
The more he thought about it, the more excited he became. Then he thought about the stuff that he had hidden in his closet that she had seen, all his diapers and girly things. He went to his closet just to look at them. What a joy. He was on his own now. He didn’t have to hide them away anymore. He could look at them and fondle them whenever he wanted. He reached down and picked up a pair of high heels. He became more excited just looking at them. He put them on his feet. He spotted his diapers. The conversation about the bet last night had been about wearing diapers. Should he put one on? Yeah, that would be great, but he had to do some shopping today. But he could still wear one and nobody would ever know – if he was careful. He decided to leave the diaper till after he had showered and shaved. Then he could wear it all day. That would be fun – especially on top of the conversation from last night that was still living over and over again in his brain. The very thought of it was so exciting. He gave up and minced in his heels to the bathroom and masturbated. Wow what a thrill.
But as usual, as soon as he was done, the feelings diminished in him to the point where he had little interest. He jumped into the shower to finish waking up. And when he got dressed, he didn’t have any desire to wear the diaper either. He had other things on his mind. It was Sunday, he needed furniture. Where could he get some that wouldn’t cost a fortune?

It was early afternoon when Mel finally left her apartment to do a little shopping. She had spent an interesting morning playing with new ideas and drawing up a fun contract. But now it was time to get back to the real world again. As she descended the steps to the parking lot, she saw Chad drive up. He got out of his car with a cup of coffee from McDonalds. “Hi Chad. How are you today?” she asked politely.
“Doing ok, I guess,” he answered holding up his coffee so she could see it. “I want to thank you again for a great evening last night. I shouldn’t have drank so much. That’s why I don’t drink. But I have to admit, I really had a good time. Thanks.”
“I enjoyed it too. A lot,” she admitted. Then she thought some more about the interesting morning of research she had just had. “Maybe more than I thought.”
Chad nodded his agreement as he sipped at his coffee.
“Did you find any furniture yet?” she asked.
“That’s my problem. It’s Sunday. I don’t even know where to start. Any ideas?”
Mel shook her head. “I don’t know. And you certainly can’t put anything you buy into that little car. Whatever you get is going to have to be delivered.”
“Another problem,” he admitted. “And I have to work tomorrow. I can’t be here to wait around for deliveries.”
Mel thought for a moment again. She kind of liked being with Chad. “Tell you what, I’m just going out to do a little shopping myself. Do you want to come along? Maybe we can think of something together.”
Chad jumped at the idea. He kind of liked being with Mel. She was different than his wife – make that ex-wife. Mel was a lot more open. “Sure,” he agreed quickly.

As Mel drove them out towards the mall, the odd conversation they had had last night was again on her mind. She couldn’t know it, but the same thing was on Chad’s mind too. Finally, she had to ask, “Chad, um… you know that bet we made last night? That was all just in fun, wasn’t it?”
“Of course,” he answered. Then added uncertainly, “Wasn’t it?”
Mel sighed a bit. “Yeah. But it could have worked out really nice for me.”
“Why is that? You would’ve had no chance of winning it.”
“No chance? I couldn’t have lost! But it would have been nice to have you as my own little personal servant. It’s one of the reasons why I have an apartment and not my own house. I don’t want to take care of that much. I’m too busy.”
“You would have lost.” Chad stated. “I know myself way too well. It would be nearly impossible. Especially in only two months.”
“I bet I could do it!” Mel replied. Then she laughed a bit. “You should see the contract I was drawing up for us this morning – just in fun of course. It was just such an interesting idea that I’m afraid I got more than a bit excited about it.”
“Ha! You got excited. You should have seen what it did to me – although I’m sure I was excited in a different way – if you know what I mean?”
Mel had to laugh at that one. “Yeah, I probably do!”
The whole time they were out shopping together, they talked and laughed about the contract that Mel was working on – just in fun. Mel told him all her ideas, which mostly removed all blame for anything from Mel and made Chad totally subservient to Mel’s every little whim. Anything that Mel wanted Chad to do, he would be bound to do. Anytime she wanted to punish him, even for doing nothing wrong, she could – and in any way she chose. Chad would have no say in the matter at all. At the end of the two months, Chad would have forty eight hours to prove that he could once again control himself completely. If he couldn’t then Mel would win. If he could, then he would win.
As they were driving home, Chad finally laughed at it all. “It’s all the stuff of my dreams,” he admitted. “It would be a great fantasy, but that’s all it can ever be, a fantasy.”
“Why not?” Mel wondered.
“Because in real life it just can’t be done.”
“Oh, I don’t know,” Mel said as she considered it more carefully. “I think it could be done.”
“Ha. It would be nice to have you buy me all new furniture for my apartment,” he chuckled.
“You mean it would be nice for you to be my own personal servant,” she replied. “And like I said last night, one who doesn’t even need any bathroom breaks.” They both laughed again.
Chad shook his head. “It couldn’t be done though.”
“Making me incontinent in that amount of time. Like I said, I know myself too well. I’m one of those guys who’s just too much in control.”
“I could do it,” she replied, sounding more certain than she really was.
“No, it couldn’t.”
“Bet I could!”
“Bet you can’t!” Chad replied playfully.
They both laughed for a second.
“Oh, it would be nice though,” Mel sighed.
“It certainly would be exciting,” Chad replied thoughtfully.
They both looked briefly and shyly at each other. The feeling of excitement was driving full force in Chad’s stomach. A similar feeling was washing all through Mel. They both wondered what they were thinking.
When they got back, Chad pulled the only bit of furniture he had bought out of the trunk of her car and carried it up to his apartment – a blow-up mattress. It was the only thing he could find. But at least he wouldn’t have to sleep on the floor anymore.
Mel invited Chad over to her apartment again, just to show him the contract she had been working on – since they had talked about it so much. She pointed out and explained each of the items in it and they both laughed again over how much control it would give to Mel and how much it would take away from Chad.
Finally, Chad shook his head. “God! It would be so much fun. It’s such a fantasy. I could just sign it.”
Mel sighed. “Me too. It really would be nice.”
They looked at each other for a long time. “Are we really considering this?” Chad finally asked.
Mel nodded her head slowly. “I think so.”
Chad gulped. “Do you have a pen?”
Mel nodded and pulled one from the pen holder on her desk. She handed it to Chad. Then she stopped him. “No, wait! You can’t sign it yet!”
“Why not?”
“Look at the form. It has to be notarized!”
Chad looked at the bottom of the contract. There was a line there for a public notary. “Saved by the bell,” he said.
Mel though for a moment. “You know. If you really want. I have a friend from the office who I’m sure would do it for us.”
Now it was Chad’s turn to think. “Do you really want to?” he asked.
Mel thought for a few seconds, then nodded her head. She picked up her phone and dialed a number. “Andrea? This is Mel. I have something rather… odd… that I’d really like you to notarize for me. Can you come right over?…. No, I think I’d rather explain it when you get here… Thanks, see you in a few.”
“Someone else will know,” Chad realized.
“Yeah. But some part of it is bound to get out anyway, and I trust Andrea.”
While they waited, they mostly just looked at each other. Were they really doing this? Each one had butterflies in their stomach. They were going to do it, but it just didn’t seem real, to either of them.
Andrea turned out to be a middle-aged but still pretty blonde. She sat down at Mel’s table and took her stuff out of her bag. “You know,” she began, “I don’t have to see any of what’s in this document that I’m witnessing. You can just cover everything but the signatures up. I just have to witness you both signing it.”
Mel looked over at Chad. “It’s ok, Andrea. I’m not going to show you all of it, but what it is, is a contract between Chad and myself about a bet. And it’s not going to be an easy one – probably for either of us.”
“Ok,” Andrea replied. “Let’s just get on with it so I can get home again.”
Mel set the copies of the contract on the table. She signed all of them, then she pushed them over to Chad. He spent a few seconds looking at Mel, reconsidering. Then he too picked up the pen and signed them. As soon as he did, it felt like a lead weight had just dropped on his stomach. Mel pushed the papers over to Andrea. She signed them too. Then she applied her stamp of certification.
“It’s done,” Mel said simply.
“That it is,” Andrea agreed as she gathered up her things and finally left.
Once they were alone again, the two just looked at each other for a moment. “We’re actually doing it,” Chad said, still coming to grips with the reality of it.
“Yeah, we really are,” Mel agreed, also a bit surprised.
“Where do we start?”
“I’m not sure,” Mel replied, but then she seemed to come to her senses a bit more. “But one thing I know for sure, I want you in a diaper right away! And that’s where you’re going to stay! There’s no way I’m ever going to lose this bet!”

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