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The Housekeeper - Chapter 66 Part 2 of 2

By Karen Singer

Chapter 66 Part 2 of 2

Candy looked down at his bare chest as he undressed for bed.  Cleavage.  There was no doubt at all about it anymore… just as there was no doubt about the breasts that had grown from his chest.  They were large enough now that even without a bra, hiding them was nearly impossible.  He looked in the mirror and fussed with his hair.  It was starting to look a bit on the awful side.  Did he dare go and get it styled again?  Janice had said she wanted him to grow it long, very long.  But to him, it just looked… awful. 
He looked carefully at his face.  He had been experimenting with makeup lately.  Trying to find some slightly different looks… especially for the job sites.  He needed an easier look.  One that didn’t require much maintenance.  He was now toying mostly with the waterproof makeups because of the heat.  He was discovering that the worst part about wearing makeup was the heat.  Wearing makeup only made him feel that much hotter.  But… he felt like he needed it, so he wore it.  Like it or not.  Fortunately his face was looking far more feminine than ever before, and after two laser treatments to his face now, his beard wasn’t nearly as bad.  The best part though was how wonderfully soft his skin felt.  All of his skin for that matter.  He absolutely loved the feel of it.
As he stared at his reflection in his big mirror, he couldn’t help but notice the shape of his body now.  Even without his corset, his body was rapidly obtaining an hourglass figure.  Well, starting to anyway.  There was certainly no doubt though about the way his stomach was curved in… and his hips were curved out.  His stupid skinny jeans were getting so tight in the hips now that he needed new ones… ones that were no longer – boy cut!  He found that little thought to be positively disturbing.  While at the same time, some small part of him was pleased by it as well. 
Basically, he figured he was nothing but a study in contradictions.
As he pulled his nightgown over his head to get ready for bed, he realized that there was one other thing occupying his mind now.  Something new and different.  Sort of.  Jessica had finally agreed to move away from continually asking him to imagine himself happily having a relationship with a man.  He had failed miserably at that.  He simply couldn’t imagine it at all.  Not yet anyway.  But now she had given him something almost as bad – imagining himself being overly feminine and girly.  He wasn’t!  Even his job was the most unfeminine thing he could imagine.  Yet that was the assignment she had given him. 
The problem was, he wasn’t too sure what overly feminine and overly girly meant.  Was it possible to be too feminine?  Too girly?   He supposed it depended on your point of view.  To him… as a guy, he supposed overly girly was what he was already… since he didn’t really want to be a female in the first place.  Yet… at the same time, if he wasn’t girly enough, he’d never fit in.  So he guessed it depended on if the point of view was a woman… or a man.  Of course, there were an awful lot of women who avoided the girly extremes too.  But how did the ones who did go to those extremes do it?  What made them overly girly?
As he headed to the bathroom to wash the makeup off his face, he supposed that overly girly meant all the trappings that were strictly feminine.  Dresses, high heels, bows, ruffles, makeup.  Most likely, everything in pink.  He tried to imagine himself that way, in dresses and high heels… but he wore dresses and high heels to church every Sunday.  He certainly didn’t consider himself overly girly because of that!  And as for makeup, he wore that every day… yet he didn’t consider himself to be overly girly.  Perhaps it was in all the ruffles and bows.  He didn’t own any bows and he certainly didn’t own anything with ruffles… other than one of his tops and one of his dresses that were both decorated with a few ruffles around the neckline.  Not overly girly! 
So maybe being overly girly meant taking it all to extremes.  He had a fair notion that that was the real key.  Which was no problem at all because he wasn’t planning on ever taking it to extremes… which meant that he was in no danger of ever being considered overly girly.  Problem solved!  Except that wasn’t the problem the doctor had posed for him.  He was supposed to imagine himself that way.  Not exactly easy.
With his face scrubbed clean, and not willing to picture himself in ribbons and bows, he went back to his room and booted up his computer.  For weeks now, the doctor had made him watch… basically porn!  Videos of men and women having sex.  All in the name of trying to force him to imagine himself having sex with a man.  But the doctor had failed with that one.  Or had he failed instead?  He didn’t feel like he was the failure.  Again, he supposed it depended on the point of view. 
Even though it wasn’t his assignment any longer, he pulled up some of the favorite videos he had seen.  The problem was, he was supposed to be looking at the guy in the videos, but instead he could never get his mind off the women.  He didn’t care about the guys. They were ugly.  He cared more for the beautiful women.  Maybe that was why he had failed that assignment from the doctor.  But heck, he simply wasn’t interested in the men!  End of story! 
But even though he felt no sexual interest at all anymore, he still enjoyed looking at the women.  If they were clothed, he took note of all too many things he would never have been interested in before.  What clothes did they wear?  How was their outfit put together?  How did they wear their hair?  How had then done their makeup?  Was their nails polished?  But when the women were naked, he was more concerned with admiring their smooth beautiful skin.  Would he ever have skin like that someday?  He rubbed a hand over his arm.  Smooth and soft.  It felt so nice.  Maybe he was almost there already.
Even though he had no sexual interest at all, he still loved watching those naked women.  He remembered the feel of Jennifer’s body next to his.  How soft she had been.  How smooth.  How… wonderfully loving.  And she had always smelled so good!  He closed his eyes and breathed in… imagining her smell as it had been back then.  Of course, back then he had barely noticed her smell and then moved on to more immediate sexual feelings.  But now his nose seemed to be a lot more sensitive to smells than it used to be.  And his mind now lingered on the remembered scent of Jennifer in his bed.  So nice.
And as that thought lingered in his mind, another thought slowly forced its way in as well.  He was thinking such incredible things about Jennifer.  Remembering so many fantastic things.  Things that had always aroused him so very much.  Yet here he was… still so very interested in her… and not aroused one bit.  And since he wasn’t aroused even a little, there was no feeling at all of the dreadful cold that would invade his genitals if he did get aroused.  He didn’t even feel very worried that the cold might hit him. 
All other thoughts were immediately banished from his brain.  Was it possible?  Was it?  Had the hormones managed to undo the curse that Janice had placed on him?  He remembered vividly the disaster that had occurred in Jessica’s house when she had wanted to make love to him.  He had certainly felt the cold then!  But he had started the much larger dose of hormones right after that and had been on them ever since.  Had the larger dose worked a miracle? 
He immediately realized though that one miracle… also meant that it would take another miracle for something else to happen.  It would take a major miracle for him to get hard and have actual sex again.  And he had no doubt that that little miracle was now all but impossible. 
But… but… but was it now possible to get close to a naked woman now… to hold her and feel her that close… and not be wiped out by the frigid pain?  The more he thought about it, the more he thought it just might be possible!  Could he?  Could he?
His mind turned again to Doctor Parker and the disaster that had occurred with her.  She had tried to make love to him once… would she be willing to try it again?  Hardly daring to breathe, he grabbed his cell phone and dialed her number.  “Doctor,” he said as soon as she had answered.
“Candy,” Jessica replied.  “What’s up?  I’m surprised you’re calling me so late.”
“I know and I’m sorry about that,” Candy replied.  “It’s just that I’ve got something strange on my mind that I wanted to ask you about.  I hope you don’t mind.”
“Of course not, Candy.  What is it?”
“I’d like to try having sex with you again.”
Jessica nearly dropped the phone.  “You what?”
“I want to try it again… with you… if you don’t mind,” Candy replied.
“But you know what happened last time.  And Candy, those hormones have been working hard in your system for a few months now.  Do you still think you’re capable of doing this?”
“That’s just it Doctor.  I’m fairly certain now that I can’t do it anymore.  And because of that, I’m wondering about the strangest thing.”
“What’s that?”
“When I think about sex now… or even women.  Or if I do or see anything at all that would have aroused me before, I get nothing.  Nothing at all!  No reaction at all!”
“So if you can’t get any kind of reaction anymore, what’s the point?  You knew the hormones would do that to you.  What are you so worried about?”
“I want to try something crazy… and maybe something wonderful.”
“Candy, what are you talking about?”
“I want to see if maybe Janice’s freeze curse she put on me has somehow been foiled.  If my penis can’t react anymore, will I still have the problem?”
The doctor thought about that for a moment.  “Candy are you… asking me… to try to have sex with you again?”
“Yes!  Absolutely!”
But the doctor wasn’t exactly enthused.  “Candy, if your penis can’t get hard.  If you can’t get aroused like that anymore, do you fully realize what it is you’re asking me to do?”
Candy couldn’t figure out why the doctor wasn’t so interested… when she sure had been a few weeks ago!  “Just try to have sex with me again,” he said.  “That’s all.”
“Not quite!” the doctor corrected him.  “Candy, if you can’t perform as a man anymore, then what kind of sex are you offering?”
That question put a big damper on Candy’s enthusiasm.  “Um… I guess, sex between two women.”
“That’s what I see too,” Jessica replied.  “And Candy, just so you know, I prefer relationships with men, not women.  I have no interest at all in making out with another woman.  No interest at all!  And Candy, I’m afraid that you’ve reached the point in your transition now where I would find it very hard to view you as a man anymore.  Especially in bed to have sex with.”
Candy was disappointed.  “I’m sorry.  I hadn’t thought about it that way.”  He sighed.  “Forget I even brought it up.”
“Thank you,” the doctor replied.  “I appreciate that.  We’ll discuss this more on Friday when I meet with you.  Since you find this so important, we’ll treat it as such and explore it in more depth.  So continue to think about it and we’ll discuss it then.  Just don’t forget the other assignment I gave you.”
Candy sighed.  “No.  I haven’t forgotten.”
“How are you doing with that?”
“I don’t know.  I guess not very well.  It’s kind of hard to picture myself as being overly girly.  I’m just not the type.”
“But the idea is for you to imagine that you are.  Picture yourself that way.  And if you imagine you’re that kind of woman, then it means that you enjoy being that way.”
“Huh!” Candy grunted.  “I’m afraid I’m not exactly a girly kind of girl.”
“Work on the assignment Candy.  Do it!  Like it or not!”
“Yeah doctor.  I will,” Candy replied disappointedly. 
“Good!  I’ll see you Friday then.”
“Yeah.  Bye Doctor.  Sorry I troubled you.”
Doctor Parker hung up her phone.  But she couldn’t get Candy’s initial request off of her mind.  As bad as that frigid pain had been, Candy was still willing to try having sex again – despite the fact that she no longer was capable of it.  Which only made partial sense to her.  But evidently it made total sense to Candy… which was more important. 
She went to bed that night, still thinking about what Candy had suggested.  And she woke up the next morning with it still on her mind.  No, she had no interest at all in even trying to get naked with Candy again.  She simply wasn’t interested and she simply wasn’t going to even attempt it.  But was there some other way that Candy might at least… experiment and find out? 
A possible solution didn’t hit her until after she had dropped her kids off at her sister’s house for the day and she was halfway to work.  And once the idea did settle in, the more she liked the idea.  Candy had wanted to try having sex with her again.  But she was still unwilling.  But she knew someone who “might” take her place.  Someone who might be able to teach Candy more about sex between women than she herself knew… or wanted to know.  That is, if her friend was willing… which the more she thought about it sounded all too unlikely.  Still, it was worth a shot.

The second meeting between Janice and Maria Alverez happened in Maria’s private suite with only Janice, Maria, and Susan there.  The three sipped coffee while the two older women did most of the talking. 
“I didn’t have a lot of time to think about this,” Janice said, “but I did come up with an idea that should work.  It’s only a demonstration anyway, so only doing one session with your nephew will require something… more basic than simply doing what I usually do with a man.”
“I’m curious about something,” Maria said.  “You say you require at least three or four of these sessions as you called them.  What is the difference with only doing one?”
“There are several big differences,” Janice replied.  “First of all, with more sessions, I can go much deeper and my suggestions take root that much stronger.  After three sessions I believe I’ve already destroyed a tiny bit of their brain and there is little chance after that of the man ever coming out of the conditioning process again.  With only one session, I don’t know how long I can make it last.  You heard about the woman I gave the baby behaviors to.  She is the only one I’ve only done one session with.  Still, I managed to use some devices on her that should keep her in my control for a very long time.  Hopefully, years.  But with only that one session, I have no way to check or gauge what will actually happen.  I did that one session not all that long ago.  I can tell you though that it did work out well and is showing no signs at all of wearing off.  The ones I did multiple sessions on are all without a doubt stuck the way I put them for the rest of their lives.  And all of them now reside in insane asylums… all of them completely non-communicative with the rest of the world that hardly matters to them anymore.”
“So you simply ripped out their brains?  So to speak.”
“No,” Janice said with a sly smile.  “Several of them now truly believe they are bugs.  They barely even remember being human once.  They are bugs that do their best to think like the bugs they are and especially behave like the bugs they are.  I’m particularly fond of turning them into bugs that eat other bugs.  I think that’s only fitting.  Of course, I had one fat slob that I turned into a frog instead.  He now has a huge appetite for catching flies with his mouth.”
Alverez chuckled.  “Wouldn’t it be easier to just kill them?”
Janice shook her head.  “I’ve never killed anyone in my life, and I don’t intend to.  Besides, in every case I used them to steal for me.  If they were dead, it might point the authorities in other directions.  This way, the authorities know who did the robberies, but by the time they go to arrest the person who did it, they are stymied by the fact that the man has gone so completely crazy.  There is no way they can get any answers from them at all.  And I make doubly sure of that with multiple controls.”
Maria sipped her coffee.  “I’m impressed,” she said.  “You’ve got a good thing going there.  You interest me more and more every minute.  Still, I need a demonstration and that’s what we’re here about.  So tell me.  What have you come up with?”
Janice laid out her idea.  It was simple and basic and she was sure she could make it all stick in one session.  Alverez asked questions and there were one or two points that the two discussed to slightly change what Janice had come up with.  Susan assured everyone that she had a perfect place for it all to happen… where they wouldn’t be disturbed.  They discussed getting her nephew into position so that Janice wouldn’t have to drug him or worry about him.  And Susan told them that there were going to be video cameras there to both record it all and so that Maria could see what happened.  But that one point was something that Maria didn’t like.  And Janice had her own problems with the system too.
“I insist on being there!” Maria stated.  “I want to see it all for myself.”
“Mrs. Alverez,” Susan replied.  “For your own safety, we insist that you not be in there.”
“My own safety?  You plan on having my nephew chained by a collar around his neck!  My own bodyguards will be with me at all times?  How will I not be safe?”
“Trust me,” Susan replied.  “You can watch the entire thing on a TV screen that we’ve arranged for.  But you being there during it is dangerous to your own mind.”
“Have you ever witnessed any of these sessions she does?” Alverez asked Susan.
“One,” she said.  “And if her daughter hadn’t been there to continually save me, I would have been just as lost as her victim.  With the TV screen, Janice can be left with no distractions, and we can continually break your concentration so that there will be no danger to you.”
Maria looked skeptical.  “It sounds very unlikely,” she said. 
“Trust me!” Susan implored.
Alverez clearly didn’t like it, but she finally agreed.  But only with the added stipulation that two of her men witness, in person, everything that happened.  Only then could she compare what they had seen with what she herself saw on the TV monitor. 
“We can do that Susan,” replied.  “But there’s a good chance your men may be affected as well.  We’d have to make sure they take every precaution to not be affected.”
“I still insist!” Maria declared.
“And I have a problem with it as well!” Janice stated.
“And what’s that?” Susan asked skeptically.  “I don’t mind the cameras at all, but I don’t want this recorded.  I don’t like that evidence existing for what I do!”

“Hello?” Candy said quickly after nearly ripping his jeans to get the phone out of his pocket.  He really did need new jeans!
“Candy,” the doctor said.  “How are you coming with that assignment on being overly feminine?”
“Not so good,” Candy replied.
“Then here’s what I want you to do.  When you come here Friday night, I expect to see you dressed and acting totally feminine.  Overly feminine, or overly girly!  Put as much effort into it as you can.  Spare no expense.  Use all of your imagination.  And just do it!”
“Why?” Candy asked.
“Because it’s important.  Because I said so.  That’s all the excuse you need, so just do it.  Borrow some money if you have to so you can buy whatever you think you need.  But show me how overly feminine you’re capable of being.  Got that?”
“Um… I think,” Candy replied.  “I’m just not too sure how to go about it.”
“That’s what this assignment is all about!  Figure it out!”  With that, she hung up the phone.  Jessica now figured that one way or another, Friday night should prove to be very interesting.  Very interesting indeed!

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