Wednesday, September 10, 2014

My Twin Switch Story

Hi All!

A little over a year ago, I wrote a story that I called:  “Twin Switch: Kelly and Mark.”  Some of you read it when I offered to send it out.  After that, I never did anything with it. I had this idea of removing some sections of it and replacing them with different material, but I never did.  I also had this idea of possibly publishing the thing as an eBook – which I also never did. 

Anyway, after coming to the conclusion that I was never going to bother doing anything else with the story, I re-edited the thing, fixing countless grammatical mistakes, and I am now in the process of uploading the story to Fictionmania ( where all the rest of my stories reside.  I’m uploading it in four parts, the first of which is now available today. 

For the most part, I’m fairly satisfied with publishing my works on Fictionmania, the one drawback is that they tend to publish everything in a pure text format and don’t even bother to remove the word wrapping before making the file available for the browser to read.  I’m going to “ask” if they can do anything better with all the segments of this story so as to preserve the text formatting I’ve done.  With this first segment, it looks like they’ve actually made a stab at it.  There are no italics text – which I was mostly wanting, but I noticed that the little poem at the start is centered so they did try to do something better with it – which I appreciate.  It’s so disappointing when I take the time to purposely format something, only to have it ruined by standard procedures or someone who isn’t quite sure how to go about doing it any differently.  I’m going to “ask” with each of the four segments, but no guarantees.  At least the story will be out there for more people to read… if they’re interested.

Most of my stories get a fairly good hit count each month on Fictionmaia.  In fact, this blog here is still surprising me with the hit counts it gets each month.  This blog tends to flirt between 9,500 per month and 10,000 hits per month.  Sometimes more, sometimes less.  I can tell you that Tuesday’s are by far my biggest hit days.  After that, Friday and Saturday.  I wonder why that is???

Since January, I’ve been keeping track of the hits each of my stories on Fictionmania gets each month.  Unfortunately, the one story that I would like to see get read the most is the one story that gets the least attention – “Second Life, Second Chance.”  It is by far my favorite story.

In case you’re wondering, which I know you aren’t but I’m going to tell you anyway, here are the hit counts for the month of August for the stories I’ve tracked:

Baby Bobby  -  149 hits
Sound Sissy  -  42 hits
Peace in the House  -  115 hits
Girlish  -  222 hits
The Bet chapter 1  -  146 hits
The Bet final chapter  -  77 hits
Second Life, Second Chance  -  28 hits
Dear Santa  -  14 hits

It all totals up to 793 hits for the month of August alone… down 47 hits from the month of July when it totaled up to 840 hits.  Basically, the hits have been going down a little like that each month, but that’s only to be expected.  I’m only surprised that they’re still that high.  Some of these stories are getting pretty old now, yet they’re still getting read.  It’s amazing, but I like that!

While I’m talking about people reading my stories, here’s a strange one.  Before I published on Fictionmania, I started by publishing two or three of my stories on Crystal’s Storysite –  That site has been all but defunct now for years, yet several times a year, I still get emails from readers who read my stories there.  I wish I could tell them to move over to Fictionmania where the stories have been edited one more time and the rest of my stories reside.  But I guess I’m just glad that people are still interested.

Moving on to other news, I hope you’re still enjoying “The Housekeeper.”  I’m still slowly making progress on the next story – H and H, but it’s now slower progress.  My job has become an absolute nightmare and the stress there is driving me to total insanity.  I’m no longer able to sleep through the night because of worry about work.  Writing is my one biggest outlet for that stress, but I no longer have the time I used to have to indulge myself.  I can only hope it all slows down in the next month or two, otherwise, I really am going to go insane.  I guess the good news about H and H though is that I am getting to where I can sense the end.  The question now is, can I write that ending before you finish reading “The Housekeeper?”

So anyway, if you’re interested, you can now check out my Twin Switch story on Fictionmania.  The entire thing should be posted in the next two weeks.

Stay happy everyone (and sane),


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tinacortina said...

Hi Karen, Just found this site after reading episode 1 of the twin switch saga on Fictionmania. Have to say I loved the way it is going. My only surprise was that you didn't have the parents find Marks porn cache on the pc and use that as an excuse to 'punish him' to dress up. I'm looking forward to the rest and to finding what more you have on the blog. Hugs TinaCortina xx

Sara J. said...

just finished reading Chapters 1 - 4
on fictionmania. I cant wait to read the next part

this is the first time i have visited your blog

chris said...

my first visit here .wondering where can i find the twin switch story on here ?

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BigJohn said...

Just read Second Life, Second Chance on FM and that is a great story. I found it because I check New Stories 7 Day where Twin.. showed up and drilled down your file list for other stories by you without diapers. I started Girlish, but too Femdom, but liked the writing. When I redrilled I found Second...., which is nearly the perfect story. Thanks!