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Hypnotized and Humiliated - Chapter 29 Part 1 of 2

Hypnotized and Humiliated
By Karen Singer

Chapter 29 Part 1 of 2

Vivian’s head felt like it was spinning.  She sat up and stared at the wonderful fireplace video still playing on her TV screen.  She stared at it, but her eyes weren’t focusing yet.  She needed to go shopping.  She had to go shopping!  She had the most wonderful idea for another theme for her outfits that she just had to buy things for – and she couldn’t wait!  But the sun was just now coming up.  What stores would be open that early?  There had to be some. 
She had come home late last night and fallen asleep on the couch again.  But the couch was as good as her bed – even better when she left that wonderful fireplace video running – as she usually did.  It was so calming and relaxing to watch, and last night she had needed that video to calm her down.  She had been so angry with that stupid Sissy Phyllis.  He had actually defied her!  He had not done what he was supposed to do at all!  She vaguely remembered hypnotizing both those idiots last night, so she must have punished him good for what he had done.  The fact that the details about hypnotizing them were vague meant nothing to her and she didn’t bother thinking of it any further.  Besides, her mind would much rather think about shopping for her new clothing theme.  She was very excited about that…and it was far more important than anything else!
With thoughts of shopping becoming stronger in her mind, she had to get up and get ready to go out.  She knew there had to be some stores open somewhere.  And more than likely they would have some kind of sales going on.  And she knew that she was the best person ever at finding sales!

Phillip’s alarm went off and he groaned loudly.  He had hardly slept – again!  He was so worried about what Mistress Vivian would do to him for not doing as he should last night that it had been impossible for him to sleep.  And he knew he hadn’t slept much the night before either.  But…he was absolutely amazed that he had somehow managed to not spend the night sucking disgusting cocks in that porn place. 
Mistress Vivian had been furious – to say the least.  She had actually hit him a number of times last night.  Several times in that tiny room and several times again between the porn shop and the car.  And then she had dropped him off at home telling him that she would be back early in the morning and to be prepared to spend the rest of the day and maybe the rest of the night too in misery!  And now he was simply scared.
But the alarm had signaled that it was milking time.  He had no choice but to roll to a sitting position, grab the lipstick from the nightstand and refresh his lips, grab Dolly, and head out to the living room to wake Marian for her morning milking.  The three soaked diapers he was wearing were so thick he could hardly walk – the result of too many of Marian’s baby bottles last night to suck on since he couldn’t sleep.  But the three diapers were holding it all in. 
Marian had undressed him last night after he came home, but had left all the diapers on him.  He hadn’t been too happy about that, but getting an explanation out of a cow that could only moo was fruitless.  The fact that she had been out most of the night in that cow costume didn’t concern him in the least, especially not in light of his worries over what he had done in not sucking those filthy cocks – and what he was about to have to face because of it. 
He spotted the naked woman still sleeping on the pile of hay at the back of her stall.  “Marian!  Wake up!  It’s time for your milking.”
Marian automatically let out a moo as she shook her head a bit, trying to wake up enough.  She crawled over to her stupid tub and kneeled over top of it.  It stank worse than usual because Phillip hadn’t emptied it after her milking the night before.  She yawned as her fingers went to work in the one place she really wished they weren’t.
Phillip grabbed her milking machine from the kitchen and carried it out to Marian.  As he put it on her, the only thing he could think about was that all too soon Mistress Vivian would be forcing that machine on him instead, and he would have no choice but to spend the rest of the day with it pulling at his nipples.  But it was the other part of the punishment that worried him the most.  He would have to suck on that huge dildo all day again.  Shoving it deeply in and out of his mouth – and never being able to get it completely out.  It had been total torture last time, but as far as he was concerned, it would still be preferable to what he had managed to not do last night.  The pain he had felt for defying Mistress Vivian had been bad, but also brief.  And for that much, he was very grateful. 
With the milking machine switched on, he turned away and headed for the couch.  He was so tired, but he knew he’d have to come back and empty the darn thing all too soon.  Most likely he’d have to empty it twice now before Marian’s milking was done.  The dumb cow kept giving more and more milk each time!  Ugh!  With the worry about Mistress Vivian, and being hypnotized and punished again looming on his horizon, he sat and stared at the TV set, that wasn’t even on.

At the end of the half hour, Phillip stood watching the milking machine.  There had been tiny drops of milk being pulled out of her udders for a little while, but it looked like it had finally stopped.  Marian was just kneeling there with her eyes closed – and playing with herself in a way that he often wished he could.  But his diapers were so thick he didn’t even think about it.  Besides, he was far too worried about Mistress Vivian showing up and what he’d have to go through then.
He turned the machine off and pulled it from around her neck.  But instead of carrying it into the kitchen, he stared down at her for a moment.  “You might as well get out of there if you want,” he told her.  “Something tells me that pretty soon I’ll be taking your place.”  Sadly, he carried the machine into the kitchen where he needed to not only empty the last of the milk into the baby bottles, but he had also decided to clean everything on it as thoroughly as he could.  If he was going to be stuck with it around his neck again, then he might as well make sure it was extra clean.
Marian didn’t need any more encouragement.  She scrambled out of her stall and stood up.  Now if she could just talk instead of mooing all the time things would be perfect.  Or close enough.  She followed him into the kitchen.  She wanted to know what he had meant by him soon taking her place.  She stood watching him first pouring the milk into all too many baby bottles, then she watched as he started cleaning the machine.  She finally touched him on the arm to get his attention and mooed…trying to make it sound questioning, but what came out was just another stupid cow moo. 
“What?” Phillip asked, slightly irritated at the interruption. 
Marian mooed again. 
“I’m guessing you want something, but I can’t understand anything you’re trying to say, so just leave me alone!”
Marian backed off and left the kitchen.  Obviously there was something pretty big bothering him.  What had happened last night?  She knew he had been dreading his whole situation.  Had it been worse than he imagined?  No doubt.  Not thinking about eating or drinking or even getting dressed, she briefly mourned that she couldn’t even take a bath, and sat down in front of the TV instead and turned it on.  Other than mooing once in a while.  She felt almost human again.

With the milking machine cleaned and ready for him, Phillip went about his morning chores.  He poured a bowl of cereal for Marian.  Set out a glass of water for her to drink, and stuck one of the pills she had to take on the table with it.  Then he and Dolly went into the living room where she was watching TV.  “Any chance you can get these stupid diapers off me?” he asked.  “I know it may not look like it on the outside, but inside they’re God awful!”
Marian mooed and looked at his diapers.  She had put them on him before dressing him up last night and then when he came home she had left them on him since three of them should easily last him the night.  But she knew that by now they had to be pretty bad.  She mooed again and reached out her arm…and had no trouble opening the tapes so the diapers could fall to the floor.
“Thanks,” Phillip told her.  “There’s cereal and water for you in the kitchen.  And don’t forget to take the pill I set out for you.”
Marian mooed in surprise.  Once again he was being civil to her.  Almost nice.  What was going on?  But she wasn’t about to argue – even a mooing argument.  She headed directly for the kitchen to start eating.  What was going on with Phillip today?  And why had he said he would be taking her place?

After her breakfast, with nothing better to do, Marian pulled her laptop computer out again and set it up.  Phillip was still in the bathroom taking his shower.  She wished she could take a shower.  Getting clean and smelling decent would be wonderful.  Taking a nice long relaxing bath would be total heaven.  She pulled up her “Truth Hurts” program, just to see if there was anything she could plan on doing next week in case the current DVD she had created didn’t work on Vivian – not that she didn’t expect it to.  She had high hopes for it.  But she had barely gotten the program open when she heard Phillip come out of the bathroom.  A moment later, the naked man and Dolly were standing looking over her shoulder.
“I thought you were done with that,” he said.
Marian nodded and mooed. 
“So what are you doing now?”
Marian shrugged her shoulders, since she wasn’t sure herself, and of course, she mooed again. 
“Don’t bother explaining,” Phillip said, “I really don’t care anyway.  But you might want to put that away since Mistress Vivian said she would be here early today.”  He turned to walk away, but he was quickly stopped by Marian grabbing his arm. 
Marian let out a rather horrified moo, then she quickly opened up the text program on her computer and typed:  Why is Vivian coming today?
Phillip shook his head.  “Because she’s going to kill me.  She’s going to torture me to death!”  He turned away to leave, but he was again stopped by Marian grabbing his arm and mooing emphatically. 
Marian typed a quick question, asking him what had happened last night.
Disgustedly, Phillip replied.  “I didn’t do what she wanted.  The only cock I actually had in my mouth last night was the very first one while Mistress Vivian was there in the room with me.  After that, after she left, the thought of it simply made me too sick.  I spent the night sitting in the dark trying to ignore whoever happened to walk in looking for me to be there.”
Marian was amazed.  The moo she let out was a long one.  She began typing again, asking him why the pain didn’t drive him to do it.
Phillip shook his head.  “The pain was pretty bad,” he told her, “but it didn’t last very long.  And then it was simply went away.”
Wide-eyed, Marian simply stared at him for a few moments before she began typing her next question, asking what Vivian had done.
“Huh!” Phillip grunted.  “You wouldn’t believe how mad she was.”
Marian mooed and nodded her head, signifying that she would believe it.
“She kept hitting me till she dropped me off here,” he told her.  “And she told me that she was going to be here early today to make sure I spent the rest of the day and night in total misery.”
Marian’s moo was another long one.  Knowing what she did about how vicious Vivian could be, she had no doubt that Phillip would be in for a very bad time.  She quickly closed her computer before Vivian could see it open and put it away.  By the time she was done, she saw Phillip finally emptying the tub of pee she had to kneel over twice a day.  She was glad to see that!  But no doubt, if Vivian did to him what she had done last time, she was sure he didn’t want to kneel over top of that stinking mess either. While he was doing that, she went into the bedroom and grabbed him another diaper to put on so he wouldn’t be naked…and so that he would be wearing it in case he needed it. 
Now all she had to do was worry about Vivian coming again.  But along with that, she had to wonder something else – had things been so bad for Phillip last night that he actually managed to break free of Vivian’s control?  It was possible.  Or more likely, what she had been trying to make him do was something he absolutely hated so much those commands would have no influence over him at all.  In the end, for the most part, hypnotism couldn’t make someone do anything that was that much against their beliefs.  For the most part.  The constant re-hypnotizing Vivian did with them constituted total brainwashing, and that was another matter entirely.  Brainwashing was usually done for the sole purpose of overriding a person’s moral restraints.

Vivian strutted around the mall feeling simply grand.  She would feel even better once she found more things to go with her new clothing theme.  She had been fortunate to find so many things that went along perfectly with it already in her wardrobe.  She loved the way people had been staring at her lately whenever she went shopping.  She could easily see how jealous they all were of her.  This new theme she had wasn’t getting quite the effect of her “Yellow” theme – yet.  But with a little more shopping, she had no doubt it would be even better. 
Her hand pulled briefly to adjust the giraffe print scarf she had tied around her neck.  The scarf went perfectly with her zebra print dress, which in turn went perfectly with the leopard print shoes she was wearing.  And her snakeskin handbag had been the perfect accessory to go with it all.  It was her way of paying homage to all the animals of the world, and with a little imagination, she was sure she could do even better!
A colorful display in the window of one of the stores caught her eye.  The manikin had been placed next to a big vase on the floor that was filled with tall fake branches and…  Oh my!  Just what she needed!  But even better…  Vivian hurried off.  Where could she find a hat with a big Peacock feather in it?  There had to be some somewhere!

As the morning wore on, Phillip became more nervous.  He watched the clock more often, waiting and worrying over Mistress Vivian showing up.
Marian watched Phillip worrying.  She finally shook her head and went to his computer where she typed a note.  She unplugged the computer and took it over to the couch where he was watching TV…even though she had a feeling he wasn’t concentrating on it at all.  She showed him the note she had written.
Phillip was too concerned about things to do much more than turn his head to look at the computer.  Dully, he read what she had written out loud.  “Maybe she won’t come.”  He shook his head.  “She said she would be here.”
Marian mooed and pulled the computer back and sat down next to him where she started typing again. 
Phillip watched the screen as she typed.  “It’s possible she won’t come at all?  Ha!  You know how often she comes here to re-hypnotize us.  And she was really mad last night.  I have no doubt she’ll be here.”
Marian mooed again and started typing again while Phillip read over her shoulder.
“Some of the suggestions you put in that new DVD might keep her from coming?” he asked.  “I can only hope!  But I have no doubt that she’ll be here eventually.”  He read as she typed some more.  “Maybe not?  She’ll be here!” he insisted with certainty. 
Marian knew there would be no changing his mind.  But she had another thought for him.  She typed again and let him read it.
“When am I going shopping?  How should I know?  She hasn’t shown up yet.”
Marian typed again. 
“Did she tell me to wait for her?” Phillip said after reading her note.  “Not exactly.  She only said she’d be here.
Once again Marian started typing and then showed him the note.
Phillip started at it for a few moments before replying.  “I hadn’t thought of that,” he admitted.  “But if I go out now and she shows up while I’m gone, how much worse trouble will I be in?”
Marian typed again and showed him the note.
“How much worse can it be?”  But that question stopped Phillip.  Again it was a few moments before he could reply.  “Maybe you’ve got a point,” he said.  “If I go out now and she comes, she certainly can’t make my punishment much worse.  And maybe I won’t have to go through it as long.”
This time, instead of typing, Marian only mooed and nodded her head.
“So what idiotic thing did you come up with for me to wear that you’re going to humiliate me with this time?” he asked.
Marian smiled and mooed before getting up from the couch.  She put his computer away and cocked her finger as she led him and Dolly toward the bedroom.

Phillip wasn’t sure if he should be surprised or not at what he was wearing.  Mostly, it was exactly the same outfit that he had worn last night – with the exception that she had only put two diapers on him instead of three.  Not much of a difference, but he figured that maybe he would waddle a little bit less.  The rainbow striped tights, the Rainbow Brite child’s top, the big colorful tutu, and the part he actually hated the most – the headband with the big colorful flowers sticking up.  He hated that the most only because the stupid thing was too small and hurt his head.  But once it was on, he knew he wouldn’t be able to take it off. 
“Where am I supposed to go dressed like this?” he asked, not really expecting an answer since Marian could only moo.  But he was surprised to see her run from the bedroom and come back a few moments later with his computer again.  He read her note as she was typing it.  “Go to the mall and pass out candy?  You’ve got to be kidding!”
Marian mooed, then typed again.
“That’s what you did last night?  Really?”  He waited through more typing.  “You actually had fun?”
Marian nodded and mooed.  Then she began typing again. 
Phillip nodded as he read her latest note.  “The longer I stay away, the less time Vivian will have to torture me.”  He thought about that.  “Yeah, I suppose that’s true.  Not really much of a contest in what I’d hate the most, humiliating myself in front of a bunch of people, or killing myself with that stupid cock in my mouth all night.  As bad as it is, I’d rather go out and be the laughing stock of everyone.”
Marian shook her head and mooed again.  Then she typed.
Phillip again read her note.  “Pass out candy for the kids?  It’s fun?”  He shook his head.  “That’s a matter of opinion.”
Marian mooed again…and typed again. 
Phillip was shocked.  “You’d go with me?”
Marian nodded, then typed:  IF…IF…IF…IF
“If what?” Phillip asked.  He watched as she typed again, then read it.  “If I promise to do everything you tell me to do?  Like what?” he asked suspiciously.
Marian could only moo and shrug her shoulders.  Then she typed so he could read her reply.
“You don’t know yet?”
He shook his head.  But still.  “You’d really be willing to go out with me – dressed the way I want you?”
She looked at him now with a very worried expression on her face.  Then she typed.
“You want to wear the cow suit?”  Phillip couldn’t believe it.  “You actually want to go out wearing that thing in public again?  And with me dressed like this?”
Marian nodded and mooed emphatically. 
Phillip shook his head.  “This I gotta see!”


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:) With any luck they could run into their tormentor in the middle of her shopping trip for animal-theme clothes :)


That would be cool... and have Vivian not remembering she needed to re-hypnoize them.