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Hypnotized and Humiliated - Chapter 30 Part 3 of 4

Hypnotized and Humiliated
By Karen Singer

Chapter 30 Part 3 of 4

Shortly before lunch, Marian went out for another mooing session in the elevators and then stopped in the ladies room for a few moments.  By the time she got back to the office, it was clear that everyone was getting ready to leave for lunch. 
“Coming with us today, Marian?” Ashley asked as Marian walked back into the room.
“Uh…not today,” Marian replied. 
Ashley shook her head and a moment later, headed out the door along with everyone in the room – except Marian and Phillip.
Phillip realized he was going to have a major problem.  He hadn’t bothered to get up from his seat when the others had left for lunch.  He swiveled his chair around to face where Marian was just then sitting down again.  “I need to get us some lunch,” he said, “but I don’t think I can drive in this dress.”
Marian realized he would indeed have a problem with that.  She was pretty sure that the dress wouldn’t give him enough room at the bottom of the skirt to safely go from the gas pedal to the brake.  With a shake of her head, she said, “I guess I’ll just have to drive.”
Together, the two of them left the office, heading for the elevators.  Phillip wasn’t looking forward to being on display again in front of so many people, but hopefully most everyone would be gone by the time he actually got downstairs.  He didn’t have much choice but to move fairly slowly.  “At the rate this dress is letting me move,” he said, “the entire day will be over before we get back with our lunch.”
Marian only laughed.
Once they finally got down to Marian’s car, Marian had to pick her cowbell up off of her seat before she could sit down.
“Do you want to wear that thing again now?” Phillip asked.
“Don’t even think it!” Marian replied.
“Well, I didn’t really know,” Phillip told her.  “After the way you enjoyed prancing around in the entire cow outfit this weekend I just thought you might.”
“Keep making suggestions like that and I’ll find some way to make that dress you’re wearing now even worse!”  She paused as she started the car engine.  “I did kind of enjoy myself this weekend though.  Sometimes, I do miss the show business.”
Phillip had to direct her to where he wanted to get lunch for them – the usual fast food restaurant that he went to every day – and where he was all too well known.  Marian started to pull into the long line for the drive-thru, but at the last second, she turned and pulled into an empty parking space instead.
“What are you doing?” Phillip asked.
The drive-thru line is too long,” Marian replied.  “Well never get back if we have to sit through that.”
“But I can’t go in like this!” Phillip argued.
“Sure you can,” Marian replied as she opened her car door.  “I’ll just walk real slow to keep up with you.”  With a laugh she got out of her car.  But she noticed Phillip still sitting there.  She went all the way around to his side of the car and opened his door.  “Out!” she said.  “We’re going inside.”
With a shake of his head, Phillip swung his legs out of the car.  Marian stood back to give him a bit of room and he stood up.  “I hate this,” he said as Marian closed the car door behind him.
“Face it,” Marian replied.  “You love this stuff.  So you might as well enjoy yourself.” 
“Yeah right!” Phillip argued.  How could anyone possible enjoy being so humiliated?  But he’d still never admit, not even to Marian, that all he could really think about doing was getting his hands inside his now wet diaper.  But just getting past the damn dress he was wearing would be impossible!
With a click of a button on her key fob, Marian locked her car and shepherded the slow moving Phillip towards the building ahead.  It was obvious to Marian, even before they got halfway across the parking lot, that Phillip was already turning heads.  “Smile,” she told him.  “People are already loving you.”
“Yeah right!” Phillip said again as he concentrated on trying to get where he was going without falling down. 
Ahead of them, a very smiling girl who worked for the restaurant held the door wide open for them.  “You came back,” she said excitedly as Phillip and Marian got close. 
“Um…” Phillip searched for something to say, but was speechless.
“You’ve been inside here before?” Marian asked.
“Sure he has,” the girl replied.  “Although most of the time he just goes through the drive-thru.  Hey, you brought your doll again.”
“He never goes anywhere without it,” Marian replied for him…which earned her a nasty look from Phillip.  Marian couldn’t have cared in the least.  She found that she was actually enjoying herself. 
“You must love the princess outfits,” the girl said as he got through the door she was holding open for them.  “You were wearing one the last time you came in.  But this time you’ve got false nails and…is that false eyelashes you’re wearing too?”
“Absolutely!” Marian replied before Phillip could say anything.  “And he really does love his Princess dresses.  I’m sure they’re his absolute favorite thing to wear – anytime, anywhere.”
The girl laughed, but Phillip wanted to run and hide.  Of course though, running was impossible in the dress he was wearing.  He could barely walk in it. 
“Mermaid in the house!” the girl called loudly.
As far as Marian could see though, most eyes were already on Phillip…and his dress.  They joined the back of the long line waiting to order lunch.  Way too many people, Phillip figured.  They would have been much better off waiting through the drive-thru line outside.  Or at least, he would be better off – because everyone in the line was doing nothing but paying attention to him – even the people who were supposed to be ordering just then. 
“What are you all dressed up for?” a man in the middle of the line asked.
“Oh, he simply loves dressing this way,” Marian replied for Phillip.  Which earned her another nasty look from him – not that she cared.  “He does it every chance he gets…which to be honest, is every single day.”
“You dress up every day like that?” someone else asked.
Phillip started to answer, but Marian was already speaking before any words could leave his mouth.  “Of course he does,” Marian replied for him.  “Why not if he likes it so much.”
“Do you wear princess outfits all the time?” another woman asked.
Again Marian jumped in before Phillip could reply.  “No, not at all,” she told her.  “But he has several that he just loves to wear.  He especially likes this one since I sewed up the kick pleat for him.  He just loves that it makes it so hard for him to walk now.”
As some of the people around him laughed, Phillip wanted very badly to run off and hide, but now there were people blocking him in from behind too.  He literally had no place he could move to – if he could move that fast.  He was literally stuck in the long line of people…who were all too interested in him.  The questions slowed down, but they did continue…and Marian continued to field all the questions for him – seeming to make her answers as humiliating as possible for Phillip.  Phillip however, realized he was actually glad he didn’t have to answer any of the questions.  He was way too embarrassed.  But the answers that Marian was handing out all too liberally were all embarrassing in themselves – especially when she mentioned the wet diaper he was wearing under his dress.  That had really turned his face bright red! And did she have to mention that it was wet?  And how would she know?  He hadn’t mentioned it at all to her.
They finally got the chance to order their food.  The girl behind the counter looked to Marian first.  But Marian couldn’t decide at all what she wanted.  No matter what, she simply didn’t even know if she wanted anything at all.  “You’ll have to order for me again,” she told Phillip.
“I’m surprised,” Phillip replied.  “You’ve managed to say everything else for me so far.  Too much in fact.”
“Get used to it,” Marian told him.  “Now order, or we’ll just have to leave.”
Phillip shook his head and ordered lunch for both of them, only ordering one drink that Marian would get because he still had baby bottles of Marian’s milk in his purse that he had to drink first.  But when he told the girl that they wanted the food to go, Marian again stepped in and said no, they would eat it in the restaurant.  Phillip gave her yet another angry look for that one.
Fortunately, after that, it was a short wait before they could get their food.  Marian though had to carry the food tray to one of the tables for him since he was afraid that he might drop it.  His balance in that dress and heels wasn’t exactly the best.  Why can’t we just take it back to the office to eat?” he complained.
“There’s more people here for you to show off your dress to,” Marian explained.
Phillip had no doubt at all about that reasoning.  Marian was purposely being as cruel as possible to him.  And damn did he wish he could get his hand inside his diaper…or even inside his dress for that matter.  How much longer until they could get home?
Phillip wolfed his meal down quickly.  Marian took her sweet time – purposely.  Phillip couldn’t decide if he was going to pull one of his bottles out and drink from it or not, he finally decided he would wait to drink anything until they got back to the office.  It was bad enough there, things were already out of hand here and he didn’t want to make matters even worse. 
“Aren’t you drinking anything?” Marian asked amusedly.
“No!” Phillip replied in no uncertain terms.  He went back to wolfing down his lunch – without the drink.  Since he was hurrying and Marian was still eating so slowly, he was finished eating long before she was.
“Do you want to go outside and play on the playground?” Marian asked him when she saw he had finished his meal. 
“No thanks!” Phillip declined quickly. 
“Are you sure?” Marian asked.
“Definitely!” Phillip replied. 
Marian nodded.  “Yeah, in that dress, it would probably be a bit difficult to climb around that thing anyway.  And we really wouldn’t want it to get messed up.”
That statement, Phillip considered a matter of opinion.
Since Marian was enjoying her lunch – and Phillip’s plight, and since Phillip was already done eating, Marian told him to pick up his trash and take it all to the trash can.
“Why me?” Phillip asked.  “And why now?”
“Because you’re done eating,” Marian told him.
“You just want to show me off again!” Phillip accused.
“Absolutely!” Marian replied with a grin.  “I suggest you go to the trash cans way in the back over there,” Marian told him.  “That way, all those people can get a better view of your pretty mermaid dress.”
“No thanks!” Phillip told her.  “I’ll wait here till you’re done.”
“Phillip,” she said sternly, “get up and take your trash to that back trash can!”
Phillip glared angrily at her.  “And if I don’t?”
“Then when we get back to the building, I’ll drag you into as many offices as I can – besides ours…just to show you off!”
“You wouldn’t!”
“Want to bet?” Marian said with a big grin.  “Actually, I think that sounds delightful.  I should have thought of it before.  I’ll bet that Loretta would just love seeing you in that getup.  And Samantha up in Human Resources too.  We dare not forget her!”
“You wouldn’t!” Phillip said again, totally aghast with the suggestion.
“Actually, to be honest, I really am considering it now.  I do kind of like the idea.  What do you think?  Wouldn’t it be fun?”
“No!” Phillip said quickly. 
“Oh, I don’t know.  I think it would be a lot of fun.  And just think how much they’d like seeing you too!”
“No thanks, no way!”
“Oh stop being so contrary,” Marian told him.  “I know you love this.  You know it too.  So you might as well get with the program and act like you’re enjoying it as much as we both know you are.”
Phillip could only look at her in horror.  “I’m going,” he said as he picked up his trash.
“The back trash can,” Marian reminded him.
Marian still wasn’t done eating by the time he got back.  Of course, Phillip didn’t know that Marian was purposely trying to eat as slowly as possible to drag things out for him.  “Don’t sit down,” she told him as he returned with only Dolly in his arms.
“Are you finally done?” he asked, still seeing a fair amount of food in front of her.
“Of course not,” she replied.  “But someone left their trash on that empty table over there.  I think it would be very nice if you cleaned it off and took it to the trash can back there too.”
“Why should I?” Phillip replied nastily.
“Oh, I don’t know,” Marian said as if amused.  “Maybe because after we finish visiting Loretta and Samantha, then I know of a lot of other managers who I’m sure have heard all about you by now.  Don’t you think they’d like to see you for themselves?”
“No way!” Phillip replied quickly.
“Then get that trash and take it back to that same trash can.  And while you’re at it, go around the entire restaurant here and get the trash from all the tables…one at a time.  Maybe, by the time you finish with that, I’ll be done.  Maybe.”
“I hate you!” Phillip muttered.
“No you don’t,” Marian replied.  “I’m the first person to ever give you what you really crave.”
Phillip leveled a nasty look at her, then moved off toward the empty table full of trash.  Damn he’d love to get his hands inside his dress!


sarah penguin said...

Poor Phillip maybe someday :)


Mother Marian has "hit the nail on the head!"... Now Phillip can relax and be the Phyllis... s(he) should have been born as!