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Hypnotized and Humiliated - Chapter 30 Part 2 of 4

Hypnotized and Humiliated
By Karen Singer

Chapter 30 Part 2 of 4

As late as they were, they were still the first ones to arrive at work.  From the elevator, Marian left Phyllis and Dolly to make their way slowly down the hallway while she went on ahead.  On the way up in the elevator, she had told Phillip exactly what she wanted him to do today.  And he hadn’t argued about it at all.  Of course, he hadn’t really argued much with her since she had assumed more of a commanding attitude with him.  Or was that more of a motherly attitude toward him?  Either way, he seemed to be doing exactly what she wanted him to.  She was at her desk and her computer was already turned on and booting up by the time he came slowly into the room.  She watched with amusement as he made his way to his chair, and carefully sat down in it.  Yes, little Sissy Phyllis was in for an interesting day today – for sure.

Once again Heather approached the office with some trepidation.  She silently pleaded that Phillip would be back to being normal again – back to being a guy.  But one quick look as she walked through the door dashed those hopes completely.  How much longer was this going to continue!  Why was the FBI waiting so long to put a stop to it?  It didn’t make sense.  At least not to her. 
As she continued on toward her desk, she couldn’t take her eyes off of Phillip at all.  Oh my!  She couldn’t help herself as she paused near his desk to look him over more carefully.  That had to be false eyelashes he was wearing – and those nails!  How the heck was he going to type with them?  Very slowly no doubt.  She noted the long dress he was wearing, and got the immediate impression that it was another princess costume.  The Little Mermaid came to her mind.  No doubt, that’s what it was.  She forced herself to continue on toward her desk.  “Morning Marian,” she said, still trying to come to grips with Phillip’s latest appearance.
“Good morning Heather,” Marian replied brightly. 
Heather stopped before getting to her desk.  “How much longer is this going to continue?” she asked Marian.  Actually, it was more like she was complaining about it.
Marian shook her head.  “Just go with it, Heather.  Like it or not!”
It wasn’t the answer Heather wanted.  This was all wrong.  Simply all wrong!

Courtney was beside herself as she rode up in the crowded elevator.  Several of her friends from work were there with her and she had big new for them all.  But she didn’t want to spill the beans to any of them until she could tell everyone at the same time.  She had news!  Big exciting news!
The elevator doors opened and she piled out with everyone else.  It was a relief not to get jostled by so many closely packed bodies.  The crowd finally thinned as she made her way to the office with Lisa, Brittany, and Ashley walking along with her.  They made small talk, but she barely said a word.  Her news was too big for her to concentrate on anything else!
In the middle of all of them, she walked into the room…and stopped as she ran right into Brittany’s back.  She automatically turned her head in Phillip’s direction.  Obviously the source of the holdup.  All she could really see of him though was the more elaborate makeup job on his face. 
“Good morning Ladies,” Marian called from the back.  She was pleasantly greeted by each of the women before they continued on toward their desks.  All of them spending more time trying to see how Phillip was dressed than doing much of anything else.  Well, they would find out all of it soon enough.  For his part, Phillip had turned toward the wall again after the women had walked in.  Obviously, he was embarrassed by the way he looked.  And she figured he had good reason to be embarrassed.  Marian also had no doubt that he was secretly loving it – even if he wouldn’t admit it.
Five minutes later, all the women were in the room – except one.  Marian looked at Vivian’s empty desk and scowled.  But to be honest, she wasn’t sure if she was glad Vivian wasn’t there or not.  She actually hoped that Vivian wouldn’t show up at all.  But she had no doubt that Vivian would be there – eventually.  Some of the suggestions she had put in that DVD would keep Vivian coming to work instead of going shopping – just so Vivian could proudly show off everything she was wearing.  Marian almost laughed.  Based on what had happened in the past, she wondered how “wild” Vivian’s outfit would be today.

Courtney had an announcement to make, but she didn’t want to make it until everyone got there. But Vivian hadn’t arrived yet…and the clock was already showing that it was two minutes late!  She couldn’t wait any longer.  She excitedly got up from her seat to stand at the front of the room, but she didn’t take two steps before she halted and stared at…Vivian walking through the door...or was that strutting through the door.  And her outfit!  Talk about awful!  Everything went straight out of Courtney’s head as she stared in mixed wonder – horror at Vivian coming into work.
Vivian had actually sauntered around the lobby downstairs for a few minutes to make sure everyone would already be in the room before she got there.  After the success of her outfit in the restaurant that morning, she had no doubt how much the ladies would love her new look.  In fact, she had never had such fast service in a restaurant before! 
With her head held high, she proudly entered the office.  She saw Courtney getting up from her desk, and stopping to stare in wonder at her.  Almost as one, every head in the room turned to stare at her.  She paused a moment in the center aisle between the desks, just to give everyone more of an opportunity to ogle her.  She saw envy in the eyes of every woman in the room…and Sissy Phyllis too. 
She slowly continued on toward her desk…and had to pause a moment to stare at the open mouthed Phillip who was still staring in wonder at her.  Oh my.  Definitely false eyelashes.  And those nails!  And…was that some kind of long princess outfit he was wearing.  That mermaid thing?  She could see the fake fins on the bottom of his skirt, and it looked fairly tight, but it was hard to tell the way he was sitting. 
“Good morning, Vivian,” Marian said, trying to keep her voice under control.
“Good morning,” Vivian replied politely as she slowly pulled her chair out and sat down.  Yes, the stupid cow was definitely awed by her outfit.  But then, what else would she expect from a stupid cow?

Courtney was still standing watching Vivian.  She had forgotten for a moment what she was going to do.  But now she remembered again, and better still, everyone was there.  She continued on to stand at the front of the room.  “May I have your attention ladies,” she said brightly and loudly as she looked around the room.  Her eyes had a hard time not lingering on Vivian.  She was finally able to continue as all heads now turned to her.  “I have a big announcement!” she said happily.
“Courtney, you’re engaged?” Ashley blurted out.
“No!” Courtney replied.  “Not quite that good.”  There was a bit of laughter from some of the women.  “No,” Courtney continued, “I heard from Terry and Leanne last night.  Terry called me and we got to talk for a long time!”
“Where is she?” Lisa asked.
“You said you talked to Leanne too?” Ashley asked next.
Courtney nodded.  “I talked to both of them.”
“Where are they?” Brittany asked.
“How about Maria?” Felicia asked at nearly the same time.
Courtney held up her hands to quiet the women.  “Get this ladies, they didn’t get fired.  Not at all!”
“They didn’t?” several of the women gasped.
“No!  In fact, they were surprised when I asked about that.”
“So what happened to them?” Lisa asked.
“Where are they?” Ashley asked.
“That day, when they got out of here,” Courtney continued.  “They got offered two last minute slots in the company’s management trainee program.  But to take the jobs, they had to go right then.  Terry and Leanne have been sharing adjoining hotel rooms with their kids out in San Francisco ever since while they’re going through the program.  And with the kids to take care of, they haven’t had a chance to call to talk to us.”
“The management program!  Wow!” Brittany gasped.
“How about Maria,” Felicia asked again, referring to her former best friend.
Courtney sadly shook her head.  “They don’t know anything about Maria.  They haven’t seen her.”
“So why is Leanne’s house up for sale?” Ashley asked.
“Their school will be over next week,” Courtney told them, “and Leanne will be transferred to the Denver office.  But Terry will be coming right back here…but she’ll be working in another part of the building, not this office.”
“So they didn’t get fired,” Ashley said aloud and sounding very relieved.
“And management training!” Brittany added.  “That’s fantastic!”
“They deserved it!” Lisa added.
“They sure did!” Beverly replied.  “They were the best in here.”
“But what happened to Maria?” Felicia asked.  But the only reply she got was some sad shaking of several of their heads.

Vivian was nothing but annoyed.  Courtney’s little announcement had stolen all her thunder.  All the interest was now on people who weren’t even there anymore…and wouldn’t ever be there.  The fact that Terry would be coming back to the company didn’t even count since she wouldn’t be coming back to their department. 
Her grand entrance had been fantastic…up until Courtney opened her mouth.  Now Vivian felt like all her efforts had been wasted.  Well, wait till everyone saw what she came up to wear tomorrow!  She would top even the outfit she had on today.  With more reason to shop than ever, she quickly booted up her computer and started searching the web for more clothes in her latest fashion scheme.

Heather had listened to all the good news as well.  But the part that bothered her, was Phillip.  Everything with Phillip had started because everyone had “assumed” that he was the cause for Terry and Leanne…and Maria being fired.  Only they hadn’t been fired.  Not only that, Terry and Leanne had gone on to management training!  Which was fantastic news for them.  Especially since they both had young kids to take care of. 
So they had all made a big mistake in blaming Phillip.  And now….  She stared at Phillip’s back, the part of the results she could see.  It had to stop!  It had to!  Why weren’t the FBI stopping things? 
She looked over at Marian.  She blamed Marian for most of Phillip’s problems.  But then her eyes went forward a bit to Vivian.  Crazy Vivian.  Crazier than ever today, based on the way she was dressed again.  Ugh!  What an outfit!  But she had seen and heard first hand that Vivian was the one who was really behind all of Phillip’s problems, and evidently Marian’s too.  And yet, things still looked to her like it was Marian who she needed to blame.  It was all very confusing.  Was that part of the reason why the FBI hadn’t done anything yet?  They didn’t know who to stop?  It didn’t really make much sense to her, but then none of it did.  She only knew that it all needed to stop – and now!  It should never have really started in the first place.  Especially in light of the news that Courtney had just told them.

Phillip stared at his computer screen.  He had to print something again and then put it into the office distribution system.  He didn’t want to get out of his seat, but he had to.  More so because Marian had said she wanted to see him walking around the office as much as possible today to show off his…dress.  It seemed like lately, Marian was making him do lots of things he didn’t want to do…although they were all secretly things that were part of his fantasies.  He still couldn’t believe he had spent so much time at the mall yesterday wearing that bright colorful little girl outfit – with a balloon tied to his wrist.  He’d never admit how crazy that made him.  Never!
And now today Marian had put him in this mermaid outfit…like a little girl playing dress up.  He hated it!  He loved it.  Why were all his secret fantasies so darn embarrassing?  Why?
Knowing that he would have to get up eventually anyway…or as Marian had said, she would find reasons for him to get up and move around, he used his mouse to click the print button to start the documents printing.  Using the mouse was the only thing he could do easily with his computer.  Any typing he had to do all morning he had wound up doing with the tips of his long red nails.  It was slow arduous work.  And he’d never ever admit to anyone that he was secretly loving it. 
With the printer coming to life, he grabbed Dolly and slowly rose to his feet.  Just turning in the direction he needed to go was difficult.  With Dolly in his left arm, his right hand pulled up his skirt a bit to help him walk a little easier.  It helped, but not much.  He went out of his way to try to not look at anyone, but his eyes still briefly caught Marian’s face – and the all too broad smile there.
He made it to the printer and grabbed his papers.  He turned around, and his eyes saw Heather staring at him with a rather astonished look on her face.  He kept going back to his desk.  He couldn’t hold his skirt up since he was holding both Dolly and the papers, so the walking was made that much more difficult.  And worse, he could never show the slightest sign that he was actually enjoying his plight.  Not the slightest sign!  Ever!
Setting Dolly down on his desk for a moment, he bent over and stuffed the papers into an envelope and addressed it to where it needed to go.  Then picking up Dolly again, he slowly started making his way to the distribution box up front. 
“Oh my God!” Beverly exclaimed as Phillip passed her desk.  Her exclamation though made everyone in the room look to see what the problem was.  But it took no time at all for all eyes to land on Phillip – and stay there. 
Phillip was quickly aware that everyone was staring at him.  He could literally feel his face turning red as he continued on to the distribution box.  He reached the box and set the large envelope in it.  When he turned around, there was no missing that everyone was looking at him.  With a very red face, he shuffled his way back to his desk and sat down.  Round one was over, but Marian had said she wanted to see him walking around a lot today.  He wasn’t looking forward to it…and he was looking forward to it.  He turned his head away from everyone again in total embarrassment…and to hide the smile that threatened to come to his lips.  Oh to get his hand inside his diaper right then!

Vivian was angry again because something else was now stealing the attention away from her amazing outfit…but she still couldn’t help but stifle a laugh at Phillip.  She hadn’t seen that dress that the stupid cow had bought for him, so it came as a complete surprise to her.  Still, as much as he too was taking all the attention away from her outfit, Vivian did still have to admit how much she had enjoyed seeing Sissy Phyllis walking to and from the distribution box.  Such a fitting dress for such a big sissy!

Thirty minutes later, Phillip was working hard when he saw an email come in from Marian.  He opened it and read it, and nearly died.  He understood perfectly what Marian was doing.  She had warned him in advance.  Since he hadn’t been up to move around the room in a while, she had given him a task to force him to move.  He opened the document she had sent and shook his head.  It was nothing more than a document that said, “Print this and mail it now!”  He hit the print button and heard the printer come to life. 
He grabbed Dolly and began the slow arduous shuffle back to the printer.  Once again, Heather was watching him all the way.  He grabbed the printed paper and slowly brought it back to his desk where he put it into an envelope and addressed it to Marian.  Then he shuffled his way to the front where he deposited it into the office distribution system. 
Every time he passed another desk, more heads turned to watch him.  The entire exercise was pure nonsense – only designed to get him out of his seat so that everyone could see and laugh at him.  And he had seen every last woman in the room smiling all too delightedly at him.  Ugh!  How often was Marian going to make him do things like that?

Between the outfit Vivian was wearing and the silly princess mermaid dress that Phillip was wearing, Marian felt like she was dressed absolutely normally.  Well, maybe not as normal as she’d like to be.  She’d really like to be wearing flats – and pants, but still next to them she felt totally at ease.  Of course, she was certain that Vivian felt completely at ease with what she was wearing too.  And that fireplace DVD was only going to make matters worse for Vivian.  But the one thing that Marian was the most hopeful for now, was that Vivian would stay away from them and not hypnotize them anymore.  Based on the way that Vivian was dressed today, and the way she was acting, Marian had high hopes for that!
She got up and headed out to the elevators for another mooing session.  That was something else she couldn’t wait to get rid of – her mooing compulsion.  Was it too soon to start working on it tonight?  Why not?  What could it hurt?  Well, it could hurt a lot and most likely would, but she still decided she was going to start trying to beat it tonight.  The sooner, the better! 
As soon as she got back to the office, she headed for their private break room to make the coffee, but she paused before going in.  “Sissy Phyllis,” she called.  “Come give me a hand.”  Then she turned and went in to make the coffee.
Phillip couldn’t believe it.  Now she wanted him to help her in the break room.  What would be next, standing him in front of the room and leaving him there?  He certainly wouldn’t put it past her.  Grabbing Dolly again, he stood up from his seat and slowly started making his way toward the break room.  And once again all eyes were on him. 
Marian was halfway done preparing the coffee maker by the time Phillip got into the room.  “Close the door so we won’t disturb the others,” she told him without bothering to turn around from what she was doing.  She finished pouring the water into the coffee maker and turned it on.  Then she turned around.  He was just standing there holding Dolly to his chest as he usually did. 
“What do you need me for?” Phillip asked sullenly.
Marian smiled.  “I don’t.  I just want you to enjoy showing off your dress again.”
“Why?” Phillip complained. 
“Don’t worry about it.  I have my reasons,” Marian replied.  “Besides, aren’t you enjoying that dress today?”
Marian shook her head.  “I don’t believe it,” she told him.  “I know you better than that.  I’m sure you’re getting quite a kick out of enduring that tight dress in front of everyone here.  Am I wrong?”
Phillip said nothing at all to that.
“I thought so,” Marian said to him.  “Now grab the sponge there and start cleaning the table – and scrub it thoroughly!”
Phillip rolled his eyes and shuffled his way to the sink where he grabbed the sponge and wet it.  With Dolly carefully tucked under his left arm, he set about cleaning the already clean table.  In that tight dress, with his legs stuck so close together, and leaning over the table as he was, he could literally feel his backside shaking back and forth with the motion of wiping the table. 
Marian watched Phillip and smiled.  “Move around to the other side of the table,” she suggested.
“Why?” Phillip asked.  “I can reach all of it from here.”
“Just do it!” Marian told him.
Rolling his eyes again, Phillip went around to the other side of the table where his backside was turned toward the big window.  Once again he set about wiping down the table, and once again his backside shook back and forth in his tight dress.
Marian smiled again as her eyes caught the slightly raised eyebrows on a few of the women in the main room. 
It wasn’t until Phillip was done and he happened to catch a glimpse of everyone else through the big window that he realized what a show he had been putting on for them.  And there was dear old Marian, just lazing back against the counter and smiling at him.  He could just scream!
“Am I done now?” he asked bitterly.
“Yes thank you,” Marian replied with a grin.  “I appreciate your help today.”
Phillip bit back any comments he might have made and headed slowly back to his desk.
“Thank you Phillip,” Felicia said with a grin as she got up from her desk on her way to the break room.
“I thought it was Phyllis today,” Vivian added as she too headed for the break room.
Phillip’s face was very red, but he still wanted nothing more than to get his hands down inside his diaper to relieve some of the built up sexual tension.  How much longer before the day would be over?  Oh yeah, the day had just started!  Ugh!


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