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Hypnotized and Humiliated - Chapter 29 Part 2 of 2

Hypnotized and Humiliated
By Karen Singer

Chapter 29 Part 2 of 2

The mall was the same one she had gone to the night before, but it wasn’t nearly as crowded this time.  Phillip however only looked around at all the cars and figured it was all too crowded.  A cow and an oversized, overly colorful little girl got out of Marian’s car.  Phillip wasn’t happy to see heads turning so quickly.  They were way too noticeable! 
Marian kept her notepad and pen in her hand as she led the way, making sure Phillip stayed with her and didn’t run off somewhere.  She had given him some last minute instructions before they left the apartment.  Whether or not he could pull it off was yet to be seen.  But if he could, he just might have some fun with all this.  If not, then most likely neither of them would enjoy it much. 
Two seconds after walking through the doors into the mall, Marian mooed loudly and waved to all the people around.  It was show-business time again. 
Phillip was horrified the moment Marian mooed all too loudly and then began waving to catch the attention of the people.  Every head he could see turned to look at them.  Phillip had no doubt she was doing it just to humiliate him further than he already was.  A few seconds later, Marian stopped and put her arm around his shoulders, and mooed some more.  He was totally horrified as she waved again to some people, and they waved back. 
And then he felt Marian removing her arm, and he realized she was writing on her pad again.  When he read her note, he wasn’t totally surprised.  She had written earlier that she needed him[BS1]  to smile and act happy, but how could he?  He was too frightened.  “I can’t!” he exclaimed.  Her return note only told him to do it anyway and to act like he was having fun.  “I can’t!” he insisted.  “This is crazy!” 
Her next note told him that he needed to either act like he was having fun, or she would make his situation even worse.
He shook his head.  “You can’t possibly make this any worse for me at all!”
Marian let out a long moo, then moved forward, continuing to smile and wave at all the people.  Phillip was totally aghast to see a group of young kids run up and hug her legs.  And she patted each of them on the head and mooed.  But when the kids looked at him, they had mixed emotions on their faces.  He figured that the fact that he was so frightened was probably frightening them.  But all Marian did was to moo and continue to try to take most of their attention, which wasn’t working, mostly because his outfit was so colorful and outrageous.
“Are you supposed to be Rainbow Brite?” one little girl asked Phillip. 
Phillip started down at her in horror.  And then he heard Marian mooing again.  When he looked up at her, she was pulling at the corners of her mouth with her fingers, trying to get him to smile.  He knew he should, but he couldn’t! 
Marian knew she had to do something with Phillip, and do it fast!  He was frightening the kids.  She ran around behind him and started rubbing her eyes, as if she was crying, mooing as sadly as she was capable of.  At least the kids started smiling.  Phillip had turned around to watch her, but she grabbed his shoulders and turned him back around again, then making a big show of it, she raised one arm way up in the air and brought it swiftly down on his puffy tutu covered backside.  Even though she knew she couldn’t hurt Phillip if she tried just then, she was still rewarded to see his shocked reaction – and fortunately, the kids seemed to appreciate it as well.  Grabbing Phillip’s shoulder with one hand to keep him in place she swung another big swipe at his more than amply covered backside, this time actually bringing some laughter from the kids.  One more time she mock-spanked him.  Then she turned him around to face her and shook a finger at him…and mooed, which brought more laughs from the kids.  Phillip just looked shocked.  Too shocked.  She had to get him out of there.  Mooing and waving to the kids, she put her arm around Phillip’s shoulder and led him away, further into the mall.  Fortunately, none of the kids followed them. 
She finally pulled him over to the side in an out of the way spot and pulled her notepad out.  She wrote:  Stop it!  Smile and act like you’re having fun!
Phillip read her note, but he shook his head.  “This is not fun!”
Angrily, she wrote again:  Tough!  Act like you love it.  Besides, you’re the one who likes to dress up like a little girl!
Phillip was totally aghast.  “Who told you that?” he demanded.
Marian wrote as quickly as she could:  It’s all over those drawing pads of yours!
He looked at her face, disbelief written all over him.  “You looked at my drawings?”
She nodded and mooed, but she didn’t back down in her determination. 
“You shouldn’t have done that!” Phillip replied after a moment to take that in.  “They were my personal drawings.”
Marian nodded and mooed, then started writing again:  And they’re all your fantasies, so you might as well enjoy it while you can!
“Damn you!” Phillip replied, turning away from her.
Marian mooed, then quickly grabbed his hand and started pulling him through the mall.  He dragged his feet some, but he went.
“Where are we going?” he asked, trying to keep up with her.
“Mooo!” Marian bellowed, then waved at more kids in the distance.  Her destination though wasn’t that far from where they had started.  She dragged him into the store, never letting go of his hand.  It wasn’t a large store, mostly selling small specialty items and gifts, but it took Marian no time to drag Phillip over to where she wanted.
Phillip’s eyes went wide.  “Oh no!”
Marian only looked at him and mooed once, continuing to keep her hand holding onto his.  With her other hand, she reached out and selected a big bright balloon with a rainbow painted on the slivery background.  A moment later, she finally let go of Phillip’s hand, only because she had tied the balloon around his wrist.  Only then did she pull out her little cow purse and go to pay for the balloon. 
Phillip was close to shaking.  She had grabbed him, dragged him into the store, and tied the balloon around his wrist so fast he could barely react.  And now as he stared at the string that was tugging upwards on his wrist, he still didn’t know how to react.  He looked up at the balloon now hovering over his head.  A balloon for heaven’s sake!  And he couldn’t remove the tied on string from his wrist if he tried!  She had not only dressed him like a child, she was now treating him like one too!  She had been ever since they entered the mall.  He turned his head as he heard Marian moo in the background.  She saw the store clerk laugh and hand Marian some change.  She headed back to him as she was still putting the change back into her purse.
“What am I supposed to do with this?” he asked.
Marian was perturbed.  She quickly pulled her notepad and pen out again and started writing:  Smile and enjoy it like any other little girl.
Phillip shook his head.  “I don’t think I can.”
Marian mooed angrily at him as she wrote again:  You’re the one who wanted to be a little girl!  Now you are one.  So like it or not, start smiling and enjoy yourself!
“I can’t…” Phillip started to say, but a quick moo from Marian stopped him in mid-sentence. 
Marian quickly started writing again.  When she was finished, she angrily held the note in front of him and pointed to it:  If you don’t start acting like a happy little girl, then I’ll make sure Vivian realizes she never punished you for last night!
Phillip was shocked.  “You wouldn’t!”
Marian nodded and mooed. 
Phillip felt total screwed.  “Act like a little girl?”
Marian nodded and mooed again, then underlined where she had written that he’s the one who wanted to be a little girl and showed him that part of her notes again.
“I don’t…” Phillip started to say with a shake of her head, but again he was cut off by Marian’s moo.
Marian wrote again.  “Do it and act happy for the kids, or I drag you out of here now and text Vivian all about how much you need punishing!”
Phillip read her note and shook his head.  “I don’t know that I can.”
Marian angrily pointed at the note she had just written.  When he still seemed too reluctant, she got angrier and pulled her cell phone from her purse – and started texting!
“You wouldn’t!” Phillip exclaimed in horror. 
Marian turned around and showed him what she was typing into her phone – as she was typing it.
“Don’t!” Phillip cried in alarm.
But Marian only shook her head and kept texting.
“I’ll do it!” Phillip told her in desperation.
Marian looked at him with a skeptical look on her face. 
“I’ll do it,” Phillip said a little more calmly. 
Marian lowered her cell phone and finally stuck it in her purse.  She pulled her pen and notepad out again and started writing:  Start by smiling.  And act like you’re having fun!
He nodded.  “I’ll try,” he agreed.
Marian nodded and started writing again.  She showed him her note:  If you do a good enough job, I’ll buy you some ice-cream later.
It was so absurd that Phillip couldn’t help but smile and laugh a bit. 
Marian mooed, trying to tell him that it was already an improvement.  Then putting her hand on his shoulder, she shoved him back out into the mall…where she mooed and started waving at the people again.  
Phillip was still scared – and he realized again that she was still treating him like a child.  But the one thing he didn’t want was for her to remind Mistress Vivian that he needed punishing – even though he still believed that Mistress Vivian hadn’t forgotten about it and that she would still show up later to punish him – if she wasn’t at his apartment waiting for him right now. 
When Marian mooed and waved to some more people, he took a chance and waved too.  And they smiled and waved back.  He couldn’t believe it, he was purposely trying to show himself off – more than ever.  He wasn’t exactly having fun, but at least he realized he wasn’t hating things as much as he had been.  It also didn’t seem to hurt keeping the idea in place that Marian was continuing to treat him like a child – even if he wasn’t sure just then if she was or wasn’t. 
A short while later, Marian made another stop in another store and bought them each a large bag of candy to pass out to the kids.  Phillip actually liked that better, because it seemed to give them more of a reason for what they were doing.  And when the kids came close to them, he found himself smiling more and more often. 
Marian stopped him again a few minutes later and wrote him a quick note and showed it to him.
Phillip’s jaw dropped.  “You want me to…”
Marian mooed and just pointed. 
Steeling himself, Phillip did his best to put a smile on his face, and then “skip” from where they were over to a group of young kids who had been watching them.  The kids were instantly excited and one of the little girls hugged his leg.  He patted her head before opening his candy bag and pulling out a handful of candy.  By the time he got two pieces passed out, Marian was there to help.  And then he felt Marian patting his head just as he had done with the little girl, before she mooed and pulled him away to find the next group of people. 
An hour later, they had made it most of the way around the mall.  Despite the fact that Phillip knew they still had to be out as they were for another hour, Phillip was looking forward to getting out of there.  It hadn’t been nearly as bad as he had imagined.  Most of the people had laughed and thought it was all something special the mall had sponsored.  But he was still ready to get out of sight.  Unfortunately, that was when Marian dragged him aside again – and bought him and ice-cream cone!  Once again, he felt like such a little kid.  It was starting to get to him…in some interesting ways where he couldn’t wait to get out of his diapers again. 
He didn’t offer to buy Marian any ice-cream.  He was concentrating on his own situation so much that the thought never even entered his mind.  And of course, once he had finished his ice-cream, Marian started leading him all around the mall once again.  Passing out candy here.  Skipping over to another group of kids there.  And generally being scared out of his wits while he tried his best to act as if he was enjoying himself. 
He knew he wasn’t enjoying himself – well, part of him secretly was, but he had no doubt that Marian was having the time of her life – pushing him around like she was!  No wonder she wanted to go so badly.  And she wasn’t having the least bit of problem wearing that cow costume all over the place.  Not one little bit!  It wasn’t fair! 
It was over an hour later when they finally left the mall and Marian drove them straight home.  Phillip half expected to see Mistress Vivian waiting for them in the parking lot.  He was relieved that she wasn’t there.  He was more relieved that she hadn’t been there and left a note.  Had she really forgotten?  It didn’t seem too likely, but the day wasn’t over yet.

Vivian had a bit of a quandary to figure out.  Was it still considered an authentic tiger print design, if the dress was all red with black stripes?  Did she want that as part of her animal theme wardrobe if it didn’t remotely look real?  She took a good look at the dress and shook her head.  It wasn’t right, not at all.  She took another look at the forty percent off sale sign on top of the rack.  How could she possibly pass it up?  Grabbing the dress she ran off to try and find more animal design clothes on sale.  She was having a great day so far.  Her car was already positively loaded with things she had bought.  And there was still so much time left to shop!

Phillip was very grateful to get back home again – where he never wanted to leave again!  And yet, he’d never admit to anyone that a part of him had enjoyed the experience so much.  Once in the apartment, he expected Marian to undress him…or at least give him permission to undress, but she didn’t do that at all.  She didn’t even remove the balloon tied to his wrist, and that was annoying enough that he really wanted it gone – along with the headband with the flowers on top that was too small for his head.  The rest of it though, he was actually enjoying – somewhat.  Even though he’d never admit it to anyone.  And since Marian wasn’t giving him a chance to remove what he was wearing, he didn’t give her a chance to remove her cow costume either.  He did go to the kitchen though and pour her a drink and also to grab another of her stupid baby bottles of milk for himself. 
By the time he came out of the kitchen, she had turned on the TV and was waiting for him.  He handed her the glass of Coke he had poured for her, and was surprised when she led him to the couch and pointed at it, wanting him to sit.  He sat and looked up at her questioningly.  But then she just pointed at the TV and then at him, and then at the TV again.  “You want me to watch TV?”
She nodded and mooed, and then walked off with her glass of Coke. 
Phillip looked at the TV.  Cartoons were playing.  He looked for the remote control and couldn’t find it.  “Where’s the remote?” he yelled as he saw her picking up a bag she had set down by the desk the night before.
Marian mooed and held up the remote that was still in her hand.
“Can I have it?” Phillip asked
Marian mooed and shook her head, and pointed at the cartoon playing on TV. 
“You want me to watch this?” he asked.
She nodded and mooed.
“Not likely!”
He started to get up, but suddenly she was there, pushing him down by his shoulders – and mooing angrily at him.
“What the…”
“Moo!”  And again Marian pointed at the cartoon playing on TV.
Phillip rolled his eyes.  And then he felt her grabbing his hand that was holding the baby bottle and bringing it up toward his mouth.  A moment later, the nipple slipped in past his lips and he started sucking on it. 
Marian mooed again as if satisfied and left him.  She grabbed her bag again and carried it into the kitchen.  Phillip seemed to be doing as told and was sitting there watching the cartoons on TV.  She opened the bag and got busy.  She had actually planned on doing this while Phillip was out shopping, but things hadn’t worked out that way.  But at least he seemed to be doing as he was told – for now.  She got busy on the costume she had purchased for him the night before.  Twenty minutes later, she was done modifying it and stuffing it all back into the bag again.
Phillip didn’t know it yet, but he was going to have a very interesting time at work tomorrow. 



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