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Hypnotized and Humiliated - Chapter 28 Part 3 of 3

Hypnotized and Humiliated

By Karen Singer

Chapter 28 Part 3 of 3

Marian sat in her car and watched as Vivian drove off with Phillip ad Dolly in her car.  For a moment her heart nearly stopped as she saw Vivian come all too close to hitting one of the parked cars further down in the parking lot.  How did that woman ever get a driver’s license?  But Vivian’s car was soon out of sight, and Marian knew there would be no going back to hiding in the apartment until she had spent at least two hours somewhere public.  But where could she go where she could only moo.  Where could she go and spend some time – amusing everyone else – without it being too bad for herself.  She wasn’t coming up with a lot of ideas. 

But there was one idea that had stuck to her brain a little while ago back in the apartment as someplace she wanted to go.  Cow costume and mooing be damned, she started her car and headed directly there. 

She was fairly familiar with the party store where Phillip had bought her cow costume.  She had gotten things from there for little get-togethers in her home many times in the past.  She had just never been interested in their costume department, which she remembered having the impression of being fairly large. 

How she was going to handle the situation once she got there had been easy to figure out.  It was why she had grabbed the pen and the notepad before she left the apartment.  Once she parked her car outside of the store, she pulled the pen and pad out of her little cow purse and wrote a quick note.  She kept the pad and pen in her hands as she grabbed her purse and waddled into the store.

“Oh my God!” the excited salesgirl screamed as Marian walked in. 

Marian did her best to put a smile on her face and also let out a very loud forceful moo, which brought forth laughter from both the salesgirls in the store. 

“I recognize that costume,” one of the salesgirls said.  “That’s one that I sold to the guy in the princess costume last night.  How was the party?” she asked Marian.

Marian blinked trying to figure things out.  Obviously Phillip had made up some story about a costume party.  “Moo!” she said with a hint of a smile, and then she pulled out her notepad and handed it to the girl. 

The girl laughed as she read the note.  “You made a bet that you could go all night shopping and only moo like a cow?”

Marian nodded her head enthusiastically.  While both salesgirls started laughing.  She purposely mooed again, just for the effect, which brought more laughter from them. 

“What happens if you lose?” one of the girls asked.

Marian had to think fast again, but she motioned for the pad and pen.  She quickly wrote a made-up response and handed it back to the girl.

“You have to spend another night mooing in public?”

Marian nodded and mooed again. 

“And what happens if you win?” the other girl asked.

This time Marian had a very sly satisfied smile on her face as she took the pen and pad back again.  She wrote her answer handed the pad back to the other girl.  And mooed.

The girl read the note.  “That’s why she’s here,” she said for the benefit of the other girl.  “She’s getting him another costume to wear tomorrow!”

“Oh boy!” the other girl exclaimed.  “He was fun to have here last night.”  She looked straight at Marian.  “Did you really go to a party last night?”

Marian shook her head and mooed. 

“I didn’t think so.  He said he had ruined a Prince Charming outfit you were supposed to wear so he was buying you another one – that one.”

Marian put a rather perturbed look on her face and pointed toward the costume section of the store. 

“You want to look around?” one of them asked.

Marian nodded…and mooed.

The girl giggled.  “Go right ahead.”

“Hey,” the other girl added quickly.  “We’ve got a bunch of really nice princess costumes still in the back.  Let me know if you’re interested.”

Marian thought about that, then nodded her head emphatically.  Then she stuck her head up high in the air and let out a long moo.  Both girls giggled.  “Follow me,” one of them said.

Two minutes later, Marian was pawing her way through a huge array of princess dresses.  One or two looked like something she might be interested in – for a very formal party somewhere.  But most were nothing but junk.  The ones she was most interested in however were the ones obviously designed around the princess themes that a young girl would look for.  And one in particular caught her eye.  She looked at it carefully, then put it back.  It had been interesting, but not really anywhere near as good as the princess costume Phillip had worn the day before.

When she finally got to the end of the rack, she mooed at the salesgirl who had been following her.  She pointed to her eyes, then at the shelves of costumes all around them. 

“You want to look around more?” the girl asked. 

Marian nodded and mooed again.  Then she began perusing the shelves of costumes. 

“Can I ask a personal question?” the salesgirl asked.

Marian turned to her, warily.  “Moo,” she replied.

The salesgirl giggled.  “Um…do you have something wrong with you?  Because I noticed you’re walking…funny.”

Marian was immediately perturbed at the question.  She angrily mooed, but she pulled out the pen and paper again and wrote her answer. 

The salesgirl read it and her eyes went wide.  “He put diapers on you?”

Marian took the pad back again and wrote some more.  Then handed it to her.

The girl read it and shook her head.  “Yeah, I’d be pretty angry at him too.”

Marian went back to perusing the shelves.  Twenty minutes and several moos later, she had seen everything she could, but didn’t find anything interesting.  But that one princess dress did still remain in her mind, almost as if she couldn’t get rid of it.  She went back to find it for a second look.  Still in the rack, she did her best to push the other dresses back enough so she could see it, but the salesgirl was right there and pulled it out for her.  The salesgirl held the dress up to her neck so Marian could see it better.  Marian mooed her thanks and the salesgirl giggled again.  Marian spun her finger in the air to signal that she wanted to see the back of the dress and the salesgirl turned it around.  Marian looked at the back of it and finally decided the thing wasn’t very good at all.  She shook her head and signaled that the salesgirl should put the dress back, she wasn’t going to take it.

As she watched the salesgirl pushing aside the other costumes to get the dress back on the rack, an idea suddenly struck Marian.  She mooed quickly and the girl turned her head.  Marian motioned that she wanted to see the dress again.  The salesgirl gladly complied.  Marian looked at the dress again, much more closely, especially the back.  With a smile, she pointed at the dress and nodded her head to signify that she would take it, then she let out a very long loud moo to show how happy she was. 

Ten minutes later, she got back into her car with the bag from the store.  Now she needed to find something else to…fix the dress properly.  And unfortunately, the closest place she could think to find what she needed was one of the stores attached to the one of the local malls.  Knowing it couldn’t be helped, she headed that direction.

Knowing the store she wanted and about where it was located, she slowly drove around the outside of the mall looking for a back entrance to the store.  She didn’t find one.  She had no choice but to go in through the mall itself.  She parked, grabbed her little cow purse, took the time to get another moo out of her system, and left the car. 

The walk to the door was longer than she liked, but it was Saturday night and the mall was fairly crowded.  She saw a family come out of the mall with several young children.  One of the kids immediately spotted her and pointed.  Marian immediately felt scared, embarrassed, and humiliated all at the same time.  But with the kids suddenly running up to her, she had little choice but to stand there as one of the smallest of them immediately grabbed her and hugged her leg.  What could she do?  Putting the best smile she could on her face, she looked at all the kids and let out another moo…which brought joyful laughter from all the kids.  Marian mooed again, and the kids giggled again.  The parents came up and watched for a moment as she patted the one hugging her leg on the head.  Finally, the parents pulled the child from her leg, thanked her, and continued on toward their car.  Marian waved at them and they waved back, and just that easy, Marian knew how she was going to spend most of her time in the mall.

Going in through the entrance with a smile on her face, she waved and mooed at whoever she could.  She headed directly to the store she wanted first and quickly found what she needed.  Buying it cost her a few more moos and some delighted laughter from the woman behind the cash register, but she obviously thought it was part of Marian’s act.  Marian stuffed the small items she had found in her cow purse to get them out of the way before continuing down the mall.  On a whim, she stopped at another store and added a few more small items to her cow purse, now seriously straining its capacity.  She made one final stop in yet another store where she bought a large bag of candy before continuing through the mall, walking slowly and mooing for the delight of the people – particularly the children.  She handed out pieces of candy to all the kids she could before continuing happily on. 

And surprisingly, she had a ton of fun.  It was like being back in show business again.  Enough fun that she would almost consider doing it again someday.  Well, maybe not.  In fact, definitely not!

Phillip couldn’t decide what made him sicker, Vivian’s reckless driving or the sight of the porn shop she drove him to.  He figured that he had somehow cheated death so many times on the way there that it had to be a close call.  How did they possibly miss all those cars?  Especially when Vivian ran through two red lights! 

But unfortunately, they made it in one piece.  If only barely.  He had no choice but to follow her out of the car and into the store.  It was Saturday night.  There were quite few cars parked out front, and the store was somewhat crowded.  Far more crowded than the last time he had been in there when only a few customers had been around.  That didn’t bode well for him. 

The minute he walked through the door, it was like everyone in sight stopped to look at him.  Why had Marian insisted on dressing him so…colorfully?  The fact that under different circumstances he might actually enjoy the outfit didn’t even register in his brain.  But the hungry looks from some of the customers did register…all too plainly.  And they scared him nearly to death.  Hugging Dolly tightly for comfort, he followed Mistress Vivian closely, as if he was looking for her to somehow protect him from the perverted looking men all around him – even though he knew perfectly well that Mistress Vivian wouldn’t protect him at all.  In fact she was there to make him all too accessible to those men.

He tried not to look at any of them as he stood next to Mistress Vivian while she made arrangements for him to occupy the one last empty glory hole room.  He felt nothing but sick as he watched the man take a piece of chalk and write in Sissy Phyllis on the board, proclaiming who exactly would be working that room. 

He followed Mistress Vivian once she was done making the arrangements toward the back where he needed to go, but in doing so, he couldn’t help but catch the eyes of more of those men that he just knew were totally perverted.  The one who looked at him and licked his lips all too plainly let him know that that man was without a doubt perverted.  But then he had to stop to think.  Which of them was more perverted, that man, or himself?  He was the one dressed in an all too colorful and childish outfit, intent on doing something he could barely really register in his brain. 

The sick feeling in his stomach grew with each eye that he met.  It grew more as they turned into the narrow hallway leading to the room, and it was all he could do to not throw up as he forced himself to follow Mistress Vivian through the door.  He was nearly shaking inside.  He didn’t want to do this at all.  Not…at…all!

“Here you go, Sissy Phyllis,” Vivian said cheerfully to him.  “I just know you’re going to be a big hit tonight and make me lots of pretty money.”  Her manner changed quickly as her voice became totally threatening.  “You better damn well prove how good you’re capable of being here, or you’ll be hooked up to Marian’s milking machine with that fake penis in your mouth every single night for the rest of the week!”

Phillip nearly died at the threat.  He still hadn’t recovered after the last time.  It had been the most horrible experience of his life.  Even worse than that one time with Goddess Gloria and her play-toy, Thing. 

The sound of a door closing not far away caught their attention, as well as some small sounds on the other side of the wall.  And all too soon, the tiny hole in the wall was replaced by someone’s cock limply sticking right through it.  Phillip stared at it and swallowed in horror.

“There you go Sissy Phyllis.  They’re lining up for you already.  Now get to it and make me proud.”

Phillip had no choice but to head over toward the man’s penis sticking through the wall, he set his purse down against the wall and hugged Dolly tighter to him.

“Hey!  Is anyone in there?” the rough voice called from the other side of the wall.

Phillip looked back for a moment at Mistress Vivian.

“I said get busy you damn sissy!” Vivian commanded.

Phillip had no choice.  His hand that wasn’t holding Dolly went down and lightly touched the phallus that had sprung from the hole.  As he felt the man move in surprise, his mind again remembered all too clearly what he had endured from Mistress Vivian’s latest torture session.  He didn’t want to go through that again.  Not ever!  Having no choice, he put his mouth close to the man’s cock and licked it.  He heard the man make a sound of pleasure on the other side of the wall.  He licked it again, and the limp cock started to grow.  He took it all into his mouth, and suddenly it did more than just grow a little, it quickly grew hard and straight and thick and all too long.  He gagged with it in his mouth. 

“Go to it, you stupid sissy,” Vivian ordered, her eyes full of delight as she watched.

Having no choice Phillip went to work with his tongue and his mouth, doing whatever he could.  His situation was made more difficult by the wall he kept bumping his head against.  But all too soon things because worse when the man started pulling and thrusting – faster and faster.  Phillip had trouble keeping his lips around the man.  He had even more trouble keeping from throwing up.  It was one of the most horrible experiences of his life!  He hated this more than anything!  He hated himself more than anything.  And just as he was about to pull his mouth away he felt the man’s sperm spraying the back of his throat.  He started gagging as he pulled his mouth away.

“Hey!” the man yelled in anger from the other side of the wall, even as he kept pushing and pulling against the hole in the wall…and his spray hit Phillip’s face, and his colorful Rainbow Brite top. 

Phillip pulled himself away from the wall.  There were tears in his eyes as he knelt there and tried to keep from throwing up. 

“That’s one!” Vivian crowed behind him.  “Now you just keep at and I’ll be back later tonight to get you right here!”

He didn’t bother turning toward her.  He heard her laughing as she walked out the door, closing it behind him.  He leaned back against the wall as he sat on the floor.  There was a chair in the room but he ignored it.  He hated this.  He hated it!  It wasn’t right and…he wasn’t going to do it again!  Not…again!  Never…again!  He noticed the light switch on the far wall and he scrambled up to his feet and switched it off.  He didn’t want to see whatever came through the wall again.  He went back to sitting on the floor and leaning against the wall…and hoping that nobody entered the room on the other side again.

It was a long sorrowful wait, but eventually the sounds from the other room came again.  He could see the light from the other room coming through the hole in the wall.  And then the light was completely blocked.  He knew what he had to do.  He knew what he was supposed to do.  He knew what Mistress Vivian had commanded that he do, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it again.  A monstrous sharp pain invaded his back as he sat there in total silence, hoping that whoever was there would go away.  The pain was intense, but he somehow managed to push it away – unbelievably.  He was resolved to never do that again, and somehow, the pain complied. 

In total silence, he sat there as the man in the other room shouted and pounded on the wall, and eventually left.  A while later, another man did the same.  And then no more came.  He fell asleep in that horrible place, as he waited for Mistress Vivian to come take him home.  Home where she would torture him horribly.  But…he couldn’t do that again.  Not…ever!


sarah penguin said...

Oh no she's not going to be happy.


Actually, Vivian just blew it... Phillip was so against cocksucking after the first one that her hypnotic conditioning is weakening in Phillip. She FORGOT one small but important thing... Hypnosis will not force you to do something you won't do under any circumstance... her threat go him to do the first one but after being so against Ever repeating it... the pain didn't work anymore... Her


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