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Hypnotized and Humiliated - Chapter 28 Part 2 of 3

Hypnotized and Humiliated
By Karen Singer

Chapter 28 Part 2 of 3

With Vivian’s place finally clean, Marian looked all around, searching for something else to do that would delay her going back to Phillip’s apartment for a while – only because she really didn’t want to go out shopping…and mooing.  She already knew she wasn’t going to have much of a choice about going out in public.  It was the mooing part that was going to make things that much worse.  But with nothing left to do, she had no choice but to climb into Phillip’s car and let him drive them back.
Shortly after they got home, Phillip handed her another glass of water to drink…along with one of her pills she had to take.  Ugh!  She wasn’t at all happy with how well those stupid pills seemed to be working on her.  She could already feel her udders getting bloated again.  Would it be better to go out now, mooing all over the place for the amusement of everyone else, or would she be better off waiting until after her milking session?  She finally decided to delay, if only because after being milked, Phillip would have to let her out of her stall so she could go shopping.  Otherwise, she could all too easily picture him forcing her to stay in her stall for the rest of the night.  Especially in light of the bad mood she was anticipating that he would be in as the time for his own departure drew nearer. 
With nothing better to do, she turned the TV on, and did her best to think of herself as being human…despite mooing every few minutes. 

Phillip chewed on the nipple of the baby bottle in his mouth.  He was laying on his bed with Dolly cradled to his chest, and staring at the ceiling, but all his mind could think about was what would happen later that night.  Mistress Vivian would be taking him out again – to that…place.  And he would be forced to suck whatever cock got stuck through the hole in the wall.  Ugh!  He had to remove the baby bottle from his mouth at just the thought of it, because even that touching his lips was too similar to what he knew he would soon have to endure.
He wanted his mind to rant and rave at Marian again, but for once he really couldn’t place the blame on her.  Well, not all of it.  She was certainly the one who was ultimately responsible, but in reality, it was Mistress Vivian who was the real problem.  But Mistress Vivian was the problem only because of what Marian had done to him in the first place.  So he had no problem blaming Marian at all – still.  He just wanted to feel angrier at Marian than he did just then.  He wanted to feel the anger toward her that he usually felt…if for no other reason than to get the satisfaction out of doing something or saying something to her so he could lash out his frustrations on someone.  And he had plenty of frustrations to go around!
But despite wanting to rant and rave at Marian, he simply didn’t feel that way about her just then.  Not since yesterday really…yesterday when she had basically turned him into a child by making him wear that princess costume everywhere.  Had he really done that?  It was the stuff of his fantasies – times ten!  And ever since then, though he tried to think of her like he always did, today he was simply finding it a bit more difficult. 
His head turned and he checked the clock again.  What time was Mistress Vivian coming?  He really had no idea.  He’d just rather that she didn’t come at all.  But as the minutes continued to drag by, he knew that whatever time she was coming for him, that time was coming closer and closer. 
And thinking about time, he wondered when Marian was planning on going out.  He had that delightful cow costume to spring on her for when she did go, but so far, all she seemed to be interested in doing was sitting and watching TV.  At least that’s what he thought she was doing.  He could faintly hear the TV playing out in the living room.  Curious, he got up to find out.  He opened his bedroom door and looked.  She was just sitting there watching a movie.  He saw her turn her head toward him…and moo.
“Are you going shopping today?” he asked. 
She nodded her head…and mooed again. 
“When?” he asked.
Marian rolled her eyes.  How the heck could she tell him later, after she got milked.  She waved her hands and mooed.  It was the best she could do.
Phillip shook his head, not sure he was understanding what she was trying to say.  “Whatever it is, I take it you’re not interested in going out right now,” he said to her, and saw her nod her head…and of course, moo.  He stared at her for a minute before carrying Dolly into the kitchen.  He grabbed her a tall glass of Coke and brought it out to her.  “Here,” he said as he handed her the glass.  “Drink this.”  Then he went back and grabbed himself yet another of her stupid baby bottles of milk and carried it back to the bedroom – to continue fretting over his situation. 
Marian drank the glass of Coke slowly.  Her mind wasn’t on the TV anymore, it was on Phillip instead.  He had actually seemed somewhat civil again.  What was going on with him today?  And on a day when she figured that his problems would have him treating her worse than ever!  She only knew she was grateful for small favors. 

It was a while later when Phillip rolled over on the bed and glanced at the clock again.  It was nearly six o’clock.  Nearly time to start milking Marian again.  And whatever time that Mistress Vivian was coming for him, it was growing closer to that inevitable time too.  His mind had lapsed nearly into a fog on the subject of later that night.  He was doing his best to not think about it – as impossible as that was.  He felt himself peeing again…not that it mattered.  Except that it did matter.  His diaper was horribly wet.  Would Marian remove it for him now?  He could only hope. 
Rolling off of the bed with Dolly still cradled in his arm, he filled his hands with empty baby bottles and left his bedroom.  Marian was still watching TV.  He envied her just then…only for not having the horrible weight of what he would have to endure hanging over her head.  But then she was going to have to go out, sometime that night, and spend two hours in public – dressed as a cow!  And being only able to moo too!  He smiled a bit at that thought.  After enduring parading around last night as a Princess, he figured it would serve her right to have to endure showing off what a cow she was. 
He deposited the empty baby bottles in the kitchen, then went as far as the doorway and called, “Marian.  Milking time.”
Marian sighed.  She knew the time had been getting closer.  Her bloated udders were aching horribly now.  Still, it had been awfully nice to spend the day wearing clothes and just relaxing and watching TV – like a human.  She stood up from the couch and mooed, and pointed at Phillip’s computer.  But he had turned away and didn’t see her.  Instead of getting undressed she went to his computer and woke it up.  As soon as she could, she started typing.
Phillip and Dolly finally came out of the kitchen with Marian’s milking machine.   “What are you doing?” he asked as he automatically headed for her to see.
“Moo!” Marian said, trying to emphasize how important she thought what she was doing was.
Phillip walked up next to her and read the note she had typed. 
“You want me to ask Mistress Vivian if she’ll let you stop mooing while you’re out tonight?”
“Moo,” Marian replied, nodding her head.
Phillip stared at her for a moment, then replied, “We’ll see.  Now get undressed and get into your stall.  Let’s get your milking started.”
Marian rolled her eyes.  She had tried.  She closed the note so that Vivian would never see it if she came in, and started getting undressed.
“Can you unfasten this diaper for me?” Phillip asked as soon as she was naked.  “It’s awfully wet.”
Marian looked at his diaper.  It was indeed more than wet enough.  She reached out and ripped open the tapes and the soggy thing fell to the floor. 
“Thanks,” Phillip said.  “Now it’s milking time.”
Marian was again struck by how civil he seemed to be behaving.  She mooed a quick response, and two minutes later, the aching pressure was being removed from her udders.

Phillip glanced at the clock, then back to the milk flowing from Marian’s udders into the machine.  It was just a trickle now.  Not much more than a few drops.  But he had emptied the machine twice this time and it was now on her for a third time – and the bottles were each nearly a third full.  The amount of milk she was producing was still increasing.  She was now producing enough that he figured he’d never drink anything but her dumb milk again!  Never!  Ugh!  But having her milk in his mouth would be a whole lot better than that something else that would be in his mouth later that night.  He still hoped that Mistress Vivian might forget all about it and he wouldn’t have to go.
His dreams were shattered though by the urgent knocking on his door, punctuated by an angry moo from Marian.  When he opened the door, a completely yellow clad Mistress Vivian pushed past him. 
“Is she still on the machine?” Vivian asked as she hurried in.  “I tried to get here earlier but the last checkout line was horrible!”
“She’s still on it,” Phillip replied to her back, but by then she was already in the living room.
Vivian smiled in delight.  Especially seeing the tiny bit of milk still dripping from Marian’s udders.  “How much did she produce this time?”
Phillip pointed toward the kitchen.  “I’ve got five bottles on the counter already.  And I had to empty it twice this time.”
Vivian let out a ridiculous crowing laugh.  “Maybe we really do need to buy her an industrial one.”  She bent down and looked straight into Marian’s eyes.  “I think I will look for one for you.  I just know a stupid cow like you will love it!”
Marian couldn’t help the moo that escaped her lips. 
“How much longer till she’s done?” Vivian asked.
Phillip again glanced at the clock.  “Five minutes,” he told her.  He looked at Marian’s udders inside the plastic of the machine for a few moments.  It didn’t look like any more milk was coming out now. 
“What are you going to be wearing tonight?” Vivian asked as they waited.
“I don’t know,” Phillip replied.  He glanced down at the clothes he had been wearing all day.  “This, I guess.  I really have no idea at all.”
“Vivian turned toward Marian.  “Is that what you want him wearing tonight?”
Marian shook her head and mooed. 
Vivian smiled.  She didn’t like that the outfit Phillip was currently wearing wasn’t as flamboyant as she hoped it would be.  Not after seeing some of the things Marian had bought for him when they had gone shopping together.  But that brought up another question.  “Has she been out today to moo and delight the public?”
“Not yet,” Phillip replied.  But that led to the note that Marian had typed a short while ago.  “She wanted me to ask you though if you could let her stop mooing when she goes out so she can shop better.”
Vivian put a mock look of surprise on her face.  But in reality she was all too delighted.  “Why would she ever want something like that?  She’s a cow.  Let everyone see how much of a cow she really is!”  The smile on her face as she glanced down at Marian was about as wicked as it could get.  “You don’t stop mooing until Monday morning after you get milked, you damn cow!”
Marian could do nothing but moo and fume in frustration.  A minute later, she was glad to have the milking machine removed from her breasts.  She wanted to get out of her stall, but before she could, at Vivian’s direction, Phillip brought her a bowl of water and another bowl of cereal to eat.  He also shoved another of those pills she hated so much into her mouth.  Marian was forced to eat her entire dinner in her stall – for the amusement of Vicious Vivian.  Ugh!
As soon as Marian was done eating, Vivian turned to Phillip and ordered, “Get her out of there now!  We’ve got places to go…and I’ve still got shopping to do.”  She turned to Marian.  “And so do you,” she added with delight, knowing that Marian could only moo while she was out.  As soon as Marian was out of the stall, she asked.  “Now what do you want him to wear?  And it better be good!”
Despite herself.  Marian smiled and mooed.  She looked at Phillip and mooed again as she moved her hands in a way that she hoped he’d get the message to start undressing.  Fortunately, he did.
Phillip was suddenly dreading even more having to go out.  What demented thing had Marian found for him to wear now?  His mind however raced back to the day before and he found himself actually hoping it was another princess costume…if only so he could concentrate on that instead of the horror of what he’d be soon faced with.  He didn’t get his wish.  Not…exactly.

Phillip felt his face flushing as Mistress Vivian laughed delightedly at the sight of him.  He was wearing three diapers again.  This time with the inner ones slit like he had done with Marian a few days before.  He was still wearing one of his normal small bras – and he supposed he was grateful for that.  His legs were covered in bright multi-colored tights with a rainbow of colored stripes going up his legs.  He’d had a difficult time pulling them up over top of his very, very thick diapers.  The shoes she had picked out for him were the simple black flats that he owned.  The comfortable ones. 
The top he was wearing was without a doubt created for a child.  It was just in a large enough size that he could wear it.  It had a big rainbow across the front and the words “Rainbow Brite” printed under it.  The makeup she had put on him, according to Mistress Vivian, had been done to make him look younger again.  He had the biggest bow in his hair that Marian could find – that had been on the top of her head.  She’d had to point to it to get the idea across that she wanted to put it on him instead of the small one that had been in his hair before.  And then she had added a rainbow colored plastic headband to his head with two larger overly colorful flowers sticking up on long stalks from the top of it.  The crazy headband had been made for a child and was tight enough to hurt his head.  He could actually feel those big bright flowers moving a bit as he moved his head.  And then she had pulled out the final piece.  Over top of his rainbow patterned tights covering his diapers, he was wearing a big rainbow colored net tutu for a skirt.
She had dressed him as a child again.  Like a little girl – again.  A very colorful little girl.  And Mistress Vivian was laughing at him almost uncontrollably.  He felt himself wetting his diaper in embarrassment…adding to his humiliation.  Not that anyone would ever know.  And not that it would ever matter.  He had enough diapers on him to last a very long time. 
Vivian was beside herself at the way Phillip looked.  “Absolutely scrumptious!” she exclaimed, still laughing.  “Absolutely scrumptious,” she emphasized again.  She finally got herself a bit more under control.  And looked at the naked cow who was now standing back and just watching.  “And what do you want your cow to wear while she’s out tonight?”  She was surprised to see what looked like a smile of delight on Phillip’s face.
Leaving the women in the living room, Phillip and Dolly waddled into the bedroom and went into his closet where he grabbed the bag from the costume store and a different pair of heels for her. 
Marian was more than a bit nervous as she waited for Phillip to come back.  She tried to imagine what horrible things he had found for her to wear, but her mind came up with nothing.  She was quite surprised though to see the name of the store on the bag when he brought it out.  The place he had bought whatever it was that he had found, didn’t bode well for her.  She was somewhat familiar with the store.  She watched as he opened the bag and extracted the box.  And she watched as he opened the box.  And she felt herself growing nauseous – as Vivian started laughing uncontrollably again.
As Phillip extracted the cow costume from the box, Vivian wanted to say how perfect it was for Marian, but she was laughing so hard she was starting to feel sick.  She was still laughing that way when she collapsed onto the couch – very much afraid she’d wet herself over the matter. 
Marian mooed her disgust at the situation…and at Phillips all too delighted smile.  She reached out to take the costume to put it on, but Phillip withheld it. 
“Not yet,” Phillip told her.  “Into the bedroom first and lay down on the bed.”
Not liking what he had said, Marian had no choice but to comply.  A minute later, she was horrified as he started diapering her.  “I told you that when you put more than one diaper on me, for every diaper I have to wear, you’re going to wear one more.  Horrified, Marian had to lay there as he put four of his super thick diapers onto her before he let her get up.  Her legs were splayed very wide apart.  She could hardly walk.  She mooed in protest, but all it earned her was a look of delight on Phillips face – and more laughing from Vicious Vivian – who suddenly went running for the bathroom, still laughing uncontrollably. 
Back in the living room, Phillip handed her the cow costume to put on.  She had to remove her red heels one at a time as she stuck her legs into the tight black and white legs of the costume.  But instead of putting her red heels back on, Phillip handed her a pair of black heels instead.  A pair that she actually liked better because they were more comfortable. 
Before pulling the costume over her body, Phillip stopped her again and grabbed her bra and helped her put it on…actually fastening it behind her for her.  She mooed her appreciation at the small favor.  But then she had to put her arms into the arms of the costume and a moment later, Phillip was zipping it up the back.  Ugh!  She was dressed like a black and white cow.  The darn thing even had some plastic udders sticking out of the front of it in an all too suggestive place – and they were pushed out a bit by the overly thick diapers she was wearing under the costume.  And then she saw Phillip pull something else out of the box that she hadn’t seen before.  And she died a bit more.  She waited while Phillip pulled all the bows out of her hair, and then pulled the cow cap on – with the cow ears and the little horns on top. 
Vivian finally came out of the bathroom.  Her laughter was almost under control, but she was still chuckling and there were still tears from her laughter running down her face.  But the moment she saw Marian with the cap to the cow costume on her head, she broke out laughing all over again. The ears and the horns on top were simply too much.  If she hadn’t just emptied her bladder, she would have run right back into the bathroom again.  The total look was just too – precious!  “I do believe we’ve found the real you,” she managed to finally get out amid her laughter.  And then she started laughing all over again.  “Sissy Phyllis,” she said, “is she ready to go shopping now?”
Phillip looked Marian over.  He hadn’t redone her makeup, and what remained from the morning was very little, but he wasn’t interested in trying to go through all that again.  Besides, he could see from the look on Marian’s face that she was angry enough.  “Yeah, she’s fine,” he decided.  “Just don’t forget your matching purse.”
Vivian started laughing again.  “Matching purse,” she managed to get out.  “It’s so perfect!”  It was a moment before she could get herself under control enough to ask, “Marian, is Sissy Phyllis here good enough to go out now?”
Still fuming at the indignation of the costume she was stuck wearing, Marian nodded her head, motioned with her finger around her lips to signify that he just needed to redo his lipstick, and of course, she mooed. 
“Get to it then,” Vivian ordered.  “I’ve still got shopping to do and little Phyllis here has a date…or maybe I should say many dates!  Hopefully.”
Phillip suddenly felt totally sick to his stomach again.  He was about to go out to do – the unthinkable.  And it was all he could think about as he refreshed his lipstick.  How many times would he be forced to refresh his lipstick later tonight?  How many men would he have to face…or rather face their tools?  Gratefully, he’d never see more than that one part of any of them…he hoped.  And he hoped just as much that none of them would ever see him.
While Phillip was redoing his lips, Marian quickly hurried over to the desk where she found a small notepad and a pen.  Both quickly wound up in her purse as another moo escaped her lips. 
“Okay, you stupid cow,” Vivian said in an all too delighted voice.  “We hear you.  You can leave whenever you want.  And I really do hope you have a lot of fun tonight.  I can’t wait to hear all about it.”  She paused as if considering something then added.  “Oh, I guess I’ll have to wait till Monday at work.  You won’t be saying much about anything to anyone until then…except – moo!”  Once again she broke out laughing uncontrollably. 


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