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Hypnotized and Humiliated - Chapter 27 Part 1 of 4

Hypnotized and Humiliated
By Karen Singer

Chapter 27 Part 1 of 4

Phillip’s hand shook and he could almost taste the bile from his stomach as he stared into the tiny mirror in his hand and forced himself to press the lipstick to his lips.  He moved the lipstick slower than usual from the center of his upper lip out toward the corner, but the color on his lips wasn’t what his mind was primarily seeing.  What his mind saw was far worse.  The shape of the simple little tube of lipstick was all too similar to the huge phallus he had been forced to shove in and out of his mouth for hours on end last night, and just the act of pressing the lipstick against his lips seemed to bring the horror of the act right back to him again…not that it had left him.  He hadn’t slept much at all the entire night. 
He sat on his bed in his soaking wet diaper and finished with the lipstick.  The clock said five fifty.  He would have to start milking Marian in another ten minutes.  But before he did that, he was going to have to mess his stupid diaper first – just so the damn cow could get it off of him.  Ugh!  He stood up and started doing what he could to force that miserable issue to happen.  But as he did, his hand rubbed over the nipples on his chest.  After being connected to Marian’s milking machine for so long last night, they still tingled.  And he was sure that his chest seemed to look a bit bigger around both his nipples this morning.
As he tried and tried to force the mess from his backside, his mind still couldn’t forget shoving that damn dildo into his mouth for so long the night before – always trying to take it deeper and deeper.  How many times had he actually hit the back of his throat?  How many times had he retched – yet while retching, he had still been unable to remove the monstrous toy from his mouth.  Over and over and over again…and more.  All while Marian’s milking machine pulled endlessly at his nipples.  Over and over and over again…and more.
He could still feel that horrible hard toy in his mouth.  The back of his throat was still sore from where it kept hitting.  No matter how much he had hated doing it, he could find no way to stop himself.  Mistress Vivian had made doubly sure that he couldn’t by hypnotizing him first, and then waking him up to a horror he couldn’t escape.  Why?  Why, why, why – did he have to be so susceptible to hypnotism?  Why?  And why did that stupid cow Marian have to hypnotize him in the first place – placing him in the position where Mistress Vivian could get her claws into him – permanently!  Making him her complete puppet.  Fixing it so that he had no choice but to dance to whatever demented tune she thought up to play. 
He hated Mistress Vivian.  He hated her, but he was scared of her in a way that he had never imagined being scared before.  But running away was impossible when she owned his mind…and controlled his very actions.  He hated Marian too, because she was the one who was ultimately responsible for all of his miseries.  The damn cow!  Served her right to have to be milked like a cow now…and to have to live in a stall as well.  It ought to be a real stall.  That’s where she really belonged!  That too would serve her right for what she had done to him.  Her…and Mistress Vivian.

Marian was still half-asleep…and cold.  With no blankets over her naked body, she had burrowed a little nest into the soft pile of hay she was sleeping on, but it did nothing to help keep her warm.  Still, the hay was better than the cold hard floor she had slept on before.  Her udders…breasts were full and aching to be milked again.  How much longer before Phillip would come out and relieve the pressure from them?  With no clock available, the pressure in her udders was the only gauge she had to go by…in her breasts – not udders!  The problem there, was that her body was still continuing to produce more and more milk each time, so the pressure was constantly changing – giving her no way to truly gauge the time by them.  But to her, it certainly felt like it should be time. 
She remembered going shopping with crazy Vivian the night before.  That had been an absolutely horrible experience – and that didn’t even include Vivian’s driving.  There was no way that Marian could see how she was still alive.  But amazingly, Vivian had managed to actually miss everything that Marian was sure she had been aiming her car at.  Damn!  How could that woman still have a driver’s license?
Having to walk around the mall with that silly little cow purse and her bell clanging all too loudly had been bad enough.  Although at times, whenever Vicious Vivian had been shopping for herself, which had fortunately been often, Marian had been able to keep the all too visible and ugly bell somewhat silent.  It was all the other times that it rang unmercifully and caused her nothing but distress.  But it wasn’t the silly purse or the bell that had been her biggest humiliation – it was having to tell every cashier or store clerk that she was nothing but a stupid cow.  It has started slow since Vivian had done most of the shopping for herself early on, but after that, things had gone downhill awfully fast.  How many times had she uttered the dreadful words?  It hadn’t been bad at first.  Almost a joke.  But the joke had worn off quickly with each succeeding question about her bell.  And she had no doubt that the ugly collar and the stupid silly purse shaped like a cow did nothing to help matters for her at all.  And she had to go out in public and do that at least every other day?  Her life was already intolerable.  That was only going to make it that much worse.
She and Vivian had come back to the apartment the night before, to the sight of Phillip looking not just horribly miserable, but horribly sick as well.  The punishment Vivian had set him up with had come close to killing him.  How could the demented woman be so incredibly cruel?  She actually felt sorry for Phillip when she saw what a state he was in…and yet Vivian’s hypnotic conditioning had kept him still trying to swallow that huge penis shaped toy, over and over again.  Ugh!  It has been positively awful just to watch. 
She had to get Vivian behind bars and soon!  But she couldn’t do that until she got herself out of the mess she was in first…and she couldn’t do that until she finished that damn DVD!  And time was quickly running out.  She still needed a few more hours to finish it, and she had no doubt that Vicious Vivian would be at the apartment again later that night – just to hypnotize them again to make sure everything was thoroughly stuck in their brains.  Was she ever going to get to finish that disk? 
The worry ate away at her until she suddenly let out a loud moo, bringing her fully awake.  Ugh!  How long before she could get milked…and get the damn pressure off her chest?
“Moo!”  She looked up to see Phillip there with Dolly – and her milking machine.  She crawled over top of her tub.  As she moved from all fours to her kneeling position, her hands automatically went where they would be out of the way and do her no good at all.  A few minutes later, the worst of the pressure was finally being pulled away from her overly swollen udders…breasts!  She was still so tired from not sleeping well, that when Phillip turned the machine off and removed it from her neck for the first emptying, she didn’t bother to move, in fact, she stayed right where she was and closed her eyes again.  No sense in moving at all.
“Marian!” Phillip’s voice cut through and brought her out of the half-sleeping state she had lapsed into.
“Get out of there and get this diaper off of me.”
Marian dropped to all fours and crawled out of her stall, to the tune of her bell clanging constantly.  Instead of getting to her feet, she knelt back on her legs and looked up at him.  “Are you okay today?” she asked, somewhat concerned about him – despite herself.
Phillip glared down at her.  “Don’t ask,” he replied nastily.
She nodded and reached out with her hand.  A moment later his smelly diaper dropped to the floor.  She didn’t wait to be told, she crawled right back into her stall and got into position again for her milking to continue.  As much as she hated it, she needed it now.  The machine brought her nothing but relief.  Phillip disappeared from her sight.  The little stall…room that had been created for her blocked out almost everything else in the room from her sight…and much of the sound too.  As the machine continued to pull over and over again at her nipples, she tried to relax and fall asleep – at least somewhat.

Phillip’s morning showers didn’t often last very long, and since he was still too upset over what had happened to him the night before, he wasn’t up to playing with himself – despite the danger of the snakes.  The moment he was out of the bathroom with his lipstick fixed, he and Dolly went into the bedroom and looked around, but he still couldn’t figure out what he should wear…or if he should wear anything.  He checked the clock, still just a few more minutes left for Marian on her milking machine.  He carried Dolly out to check on her.  Was she snoring?
“Moo!”  Marian startled awake.  She couldn’t believe she had actually fallen asleep where she was.  She looked up at Phillip to see what he wanted, but all she saw was him shaking his head in disgust.
“Damn cow,” Phillip muttered.  While the milking machine was finishing, he went to the kitchen and poured her a fresh bowl of water.  Despite all the commands in his head from Vivian, he hadn’t given her nearly enough to drink last night.  He hadn’t fed her either.  Or himself.  But after what he had gone through, he still wasn’t exactly hungry.  But no doubt the damn cow would be.  He set the bowl of water in front of her and poured her a bowl of cereal and left it out on the counter.  He checked the clock.  Close enough.  He went in and removed the machine from her neck.  She immediately bent down to her water bowl and started drinking while he carried the machine into the kitchen.  He returned immediately though with the bowl of cereal and one of her pills that he stuck into her mouth.  He left her then to start pouring the milk into the baby bottles.  Four full bottles that morning.  Soon he would have to take the machine off of her twice during the milking process.  Why didn’t they make the damn thing with bigger bottles?
While Marian was eating, he tried to decide if he was hungry.  He wasn’t, but he stuck a handful of cereal into his mouth anyway.  They were almost out of cereal.  He made a mental note to stop at the grocery store later that night and get more.  A lot more!  Cereal was mostly what he fed Marian – except at lunch.  But then, didn’t cows usually eat things like grains…the stuff cereal was made from?  Or did they just eat grass?  Maybe he should find her some of that to eat too.
He heard her mooing out in the other room and went to check on her.  She must have been hungry because her breakfast was gone already.  “Okay,” he said, “get out of there now.”
Marian scurried out of her stall as fast as she could and quickly climbed to her feet.  “Why do you insist on making me eat like an animal all the time?” she complained.  “It’s not right!”
“It is to me,” he muttered as he carried Dolly towards the bedroom.  “Are you going to set some clothes out for me, or take your shower first?”
She stood there fuming at him.  She had hoped that what he had gone through the previous evening might have mellowed his attitude some.  Obviously it hadn’t.  “I’ll set something out for you now,” she told him.  She headed for his bedroom and pulled one of his diapers out and threw it at him.  “Put that on,” she told him.
“Just remember,” Phillip said as he picked the diaper up from the bed where it had landed, “for every extra one of these that you make me wear, I’ll make sure you’re wearing at least one more.”
“Damn it, Phillip, she said, “I was only going to have you wear that one.  But maybe I should make you go without any instead!”
“Who cares?” Phillip replied as he started trying to get the diaper on.
“Obviously, not you,” Marian told him.  “I’m going to take a shower.  I’ll finish dressing you later – if I decide to let you wear anything more than that diaper,” she finished.
“Like I said,” Phillip replied, “who cares?”
Marian shook her head.  Phillip seemed to almost be in a worse mood than usual.  She headed into the shower where she turned the water on as hot as she could stand it.

While Marian was in the shower, Phillip pulled out a normal array of clothes for her…mostly.  The task didn’t take very long, so while she was still in the bathroom, he sat on his bed with one of the baby bottles he had to drink and stared at the wall, not seeing anything except the problems in his mind.  The damn cow!  He didn’t really have anything humiliating that he could make her wear to work every day, but he had seen the big bags she had come home with last night – they were still unopened out in the living room where she had left them.  He wasn’t going to look in them now.  He would find out what horrors awaited him soon enough – of that he had no doubt. 
Marian couldn’t really shop for herself, so the only thing she could do was to shop for humiliating things for him to wear.  And he had no doubt that the damn cow loved humiliating him.  He ought to go out and buy her a cow costume and have her wear that to work.  And he was sure that it wouldn’t get her arrested, so he probably could.  The only thing was though, that Mistress Vivian still wanted her to look somewhat normal at work, and the cow costume certainly wouldn’t look normal.  And after last night, he was going to go out of his way to make sure he didn’t screw up any of Mistress Vivian’s wishes.  But maybe he could get her one and have her wear it somewhere else – like maybe to a farm somewhere and “accidentally” leave her behind in one of the stalls.  The thought actually brought a brief smile to his face. 
The damn cow deserved it!  After all, he blamed her for all of his problems – including his one biggest problem that he would have to face tomorrow night.  Just thinking about that prospect sent him into new waves of despair.

Marian finally left the bathroom with her hair and makeup done.  Once again, Phillip hadn’t shown up to have his hair and makeup done while she was in there.  She found him sitting on his bed staring into space.  “Phillip?” she said.  “Ready for me to do your hair?”
He didn’t even bother turning his head.  “Who cares?”
Marian blinked, surprised at his attitude.  “Who cares?” she repeated.  “You mean, you don’t?”
“Why should I?” he asked sullenly, still not bothering to turn his head.
But now Marian was sensing a deeper problem with him.  “Phillip,” she said as she moved over and sat on the edge of his bed.  “What’s going on?  You seem even worse than usual.”
His eyes moved towards her, but his head didn’t bother turning.  “As if you care!”
“Yeah,” she replied, “I probably shouldn’t after the way you’ve been treating me, but I still can’t help but worry that there’s something else wrong.”
“You can’t help me,” he said to the naked woman sitting on his bed. 
“I can’t?”
“No.  You already told me you couldn’t.”
What was worrying him quickly dawned on her.  “You’re thinking about tomorrow night, aren’t you?”
“Wouldn’t you?” he asked nastily.
She nodded.  “I guess I would.”  She stared at him for a moment.  “I wish there was some way I could get you out of it,” she told him, “but until I can get that new DVD into Vivian’s player, I can’t even do anything to help myself.  After that though, give it a few days and hopefully I should be able to get myself free.  Once I can do that, then I promise you, Vivian will be finished.  Permanently!”
“Fat chance!”
“I promise you!” Marian repeated.  “Those DVDs are already working on her.  I just need to finish it all with this last one.  Of course,” she added, “I still have to finish making the thing.  I’m going to need some time tonight to do that.  Several hours I think.”
He looked at her fully.  “Several hours?”  He shrugged.  “Who cares?” he added sullenly again as he turned his head away to stare at nothing again.
“I care!” Marian replied.  “I want out of this mess!  Do you think I like being treated like an animal?”
He turned his head to her with an “I don’t care” expression, and then turned away from her again.  “You still can’t help me tomorrow night,” he said to the empty wall in front of him.
“No,” she admitted.  “I can’t.  But if I don’t get that DVD finished and into her player tomorrow morning, then how many Saturday nights do you think you’ll be doing the very same thing?  And with a little time, how many other places will she have you doing it too?”
His head turned fast and his eyes held nothing but terror. 
“You know it’s true!” Marian told him.  She sighed.  “I just need a little more time…and some consideration!” she added.
He shook his head.  “We’ll see.”
She stared at him for a moment.  “Come on,” she said, “Let me fix your hair and makeup.”
He rolled his eyes, but he scooted himself off the bed.  “Bathroom again?  Or can we do it in the kitchen instead?”
“Bathroom,” she said.  “And I’ll personally deal with any snakes you might see.”
This time, she didn’t need to do much at all with his hair.  She would add the bow later.  She didn’t need to do much in the way of makeup on him either.  Just some very light basics where she tried to give him more of a “youthful” look.  “Okay,” she said.  “Let’s get you dressed.”
“Ugh!” he exclaimed.
He was surprised when she pulled one of his own small bras out of the dresser.  “No big boobs today?” he asked.
“Not unless you want them,” she replied.  “She paused.  “Do you?”
He tried to think about that, and couldn’t.  “I have no idea,” he finally admitted with a shake of his head. 
“I know the feeling,” she agreed.  After the bra she pulled out the pair of black flat shoes for him to wear. 
“Gee,” he said, “No big boobs, only one diaper, and now comfortable shoes.  Are you going easy on me today?”
Marian looked at him with a somewhat sorrowful look on her face.  “Sorry, I’m afraid not.”
His face fell.  “How bad is it going to be today?”
“Pretty bad,” she admitted.  “Really bad!” she corrected herself.
Phillip rolled his eyes and sighed.  “How bad can it be compared to what you’ve already made me wear?”
Marian didn’t reply.  “I’ll be right back,” she told him.  She headed out to the living room and searched though a few of the big bags she had brought in from the mall the night before.  She carried one of them back to the bedroom. 
Phillip couldn’t believe she could find him anything to wear that would be worse than what he had endured the day before.  But he had no choice but to watch as she opened the big bag, and from it, she started pulling out an awful lot of flimsy light-blue material. 
“Ta-daaa!” Marian sang as she held up the dress so he could see it.
Phillip’s eyes nearly bulged out of his head.  “What’s that?”
“It’s a little girl’s princess costume,” she replied.  “Or in this case, maybe not so little a girl.  I had a hard time finding anything in a girl’s size thirteen, but…here it is!  Isn’t it beautiful?”
Phillip decided not to answer. 
“Stand up,” she told him, “and put your arms up over your head.”  A moment later, she pulled the light blue dress over his arms and settled it down his body. 
Phillip couldn’t help himself.  He turned to look in the mirror as she fussed with the dress.  The dress itself was a blue satiny material, but over top of it all was a white translucent layer that almost looked like some kind of light lace material.  The long skirt of the dress was widened out at his hips by a small stiff nylon petticoat underneath.  The puffy short sleeves were all the same white material as was the standup ruffle around the oval scooped neckline.  The bodice of the dress contained three rows of loose pearl decorations as well as a line of sewn in pearls running down each side of the chest from the neckline to the top of the skirt.  And there were two big silver bows – one on each shoulder. 
“Hold out your arm,” she told him.
“What’s that?” he asked, seeing more of the white mesh material in her hand. 
“Think if it as sleeves for the dress…or gloves,” she told him as she pulled the mesh material up his arm and settled the white elastic band above his elbow.  “Only without most of the glove part.”
Phillip now saw that the end of the sleeve came to a triangle point out past his knuckles, but that’s all of his hand that the sleeves seemed to cover.  A minute later, both his arms were decorated alike.  A little girl’s princess costume!  It was absolutely completely humiliating.  And inside his diaper, he was wishing he could do things he no longer had time for! 
Marian found a small white bow and clipped it into the back of his hair to satisfy that requirement, but then she went back to the bag and pulled out another item.  And Phillip almost fainted.  But he stood very still as she placed the large silvery tiara in his hair, then she found several bobby pins and pinned it in place to make sure it wouldn’t fall out. 
Phillip couldn’t take his eyes off the mirror.  He simply couldn’t believe what she had found for him.  And then she said, “Almost done.  There’s just one more little thing.”
Phillip didn’t want to know what that “thing” was, and he wasn’t sure he wanted to find out.  He stood there still watching the mirror as she picked up the bag and walked out.  “I’ll be back in a few minutes,” she told him. 
While he waited, he stared at himself in a mirror.  He was wearing a dress!  Not pants this time, a dress!  He would be going out in public in a dress.  An overly fancy and silly one to be sure, but it was still a dress.  He has worn one several times before in the privacy of his apartment when he had gotten curious once.  But that was a long time ago and he had soon thrown the thing away for fear someone might see it.  But now he was going to be wearing a dress – out in public.  And not just any dress, a little girls princess dress!  How totally humiliating!
He was still staring at himself in the mirror and playing with the long bulky skirts of his dress when Marian finally returned a few minutes later, and his knees went weak again when he saw the little girl’s magic wand in her hand.  The thing had a big silvery star attached to a long wooden handle.  But then he realized something.  “I’m not carrying that!” he said.  If you could refuse to carry the purse I found you last week, then since I don’t have to wear that thing, then I don’t have to carry it!”
Marian smiled.  “Don’t worry,” she told him as she held up the end of the handle so he could see it better.  “I fixed it so you can wear it – all day!”  With that, she slipped the loop of the string she had tied through the end of the handle over his left wrist, and then tightened the loop so it couldn’t fall off.  The wand was literally left dangling from his wrist.  “If you don’t want that thing bumping into everything and snagging on things, then you’re probably going to have to hold it properly.  But if you don’t want to, then I’m sure everyone will still get the point.”
He collapsed into himself a little as he allowed his hand to bend down and grab the wand.  She had gone to great lengths to dress him up this way.  And he knew he was going to be a real object of conversation all day – everywhere he went!
“Fix your lips and you’ll be ready to go,” she told him happily.  “I’ll get my purse.”
Phillip almost felt dizzy as he redid his lips.  Just moving in the dress felt strange.  It was very lightweight, but with the stiff bulky petticoat sewn into the dress to hold the skirt out, it seemed like he had a lot of volume that he had to maneuver around with each step he took.  When he was done with his lips, he found Marian in the living room zipping up her little cow purse. 
“You look gorgeous!” Marian exclaimed as she looked at him happily.  “Ready to go?”
Phillip almost did a double take.  “Marian, are you sure?”
“Yes,” she replied.  “I love the way you look today.  A little girl outfit…for someone who wants to be a little girl.”
Phillip was immediately frightened.  Was she only kidding about that?  Or did she somehow know that was one of his secret fantasies?  Instead he said, “No, that’s not what I’m talking about.”
“What?” she asked.
“I mean you.”
“Do I look okay?” she asked.
“I guess,” he replied.  “That is…if you want to go to work totally naked except for your shoes and your bell!”


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