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Hypnotized and Humiliated - Chapter 27 Part 2 of 4

Hypnotized and Humiliated
By Karen Singer

Chapter 27 Part 2 of 4

From her desk, Marian looked up to see the first of her workers, other than Phillip, entering the room.  As Brittany, Lisa, and Beverly headed for their desks, she pulled the sides of her jacket tighter across her body.  The jacket wouldn’t stay that way…unfortunately.  “Good morning, ladies,” she said to them.  But she could already see that her words went completely unheard.  They were all staring transfixed at Phillip, whose big silver tiara was impossible to miss, no matter which way he was turned…which was mostly toward the wall.
“What’s he wearing?” Lisa asked as she continued to stand in the middle of the aisle.
“I’ll let you all have a good look at him in a little while,” Marian told her.  She saw them head for their desks, but they were soon replaced by others who had exactly the same reaction.  Phillip however, was still trying to hide himself between his computer and the wall.  And he wasn’t having much success. 
She saw Courtney, Ashley, and Heather come in.  Courtney immediately headed closer to Phillip’s desk where she could see him better.  Heather was right behind her, but then Heather had to pass Phillip’s desk to get to her desk.  “Oh my God!” Courtney exclaimed.  “Is that some kind of princess outfit?”
Marian didn’t bother to answer.  She saw a distinct scowl leveled at her from Heather though before Heather continued on to her desk…where she sat down and stared for a few minutes at Phillip, with a rather surprised and fascinated look on her face.  Since he was turned towards the wall, from her position behind him, she had the best view of him of anyone in the room. 
“Holy cow!”
Marian immediately turned her head toward the voice that had said it, thinking someone was making a comment about her.  But instead she saw Felicia and Vivian standing in the aisle looking at Phillip.  It had been Felicia, fortunately, who had uttered the exclamation, and she obviously had been referring to Phillip…who looked to be trying to hide even more in the gap between his computer and the wall.  The silver tiara and the huge bulk of his skirts couldn’t be missed however.  Marian saw Vivian flash her a smile that showed her complete delight.  Marian was amazed.  Vivian had somehow managed to look even more yellow today than she had yesterday…as if that was possible.
Now that all her workers were there, she waited a few moments while they all started to get busy at their desks.  She grabbed the bottom of her skirt and pulled it down as much as she could before she got to her feet.  She pulled the sides of her jacket together again and tried to casually hold them that way with her left hand as she headed over to Phillip’s desk.  “Phillip,” she said as she held her right hand out toward him.  She saw him turn around nervously to look at her.  “Come on,” she said with her hand still held toward him.  “Let’s get this over with.”
The look he gave her was one that wordless said, “Must I?”  But her hand continuing to stay held out toward him gave him the only answer he needed.  Like a little girl doing what her mother wanted, Phillip nervously got to his feet with Dolly cradled in one arm, as he took Marian’s hand.  His wand dangled from the hand that Marian now held.  Marian didn’t miss the breathless, “Wow,” that escaped from Brittany’s lips the moment he stood up and became more visible.  “Grab your wand properly, Phyllis,” Marian said to him as if she was talking to a child.  The fact that he was acting like a little child wasn’t lost on her at all.  Once he was holding his wand properly, she said, “Come along,” as she pulled him toward the front of the room.  With her left hand still holding her jacket closed, she turned him around so that everyone could see him fully.
“So pretty!” Lisa exclaimed.  She and Ashley both started laughing.
“Ladies,” Marian said as she dropped his hand and stood back from him a step, “I just wanted you all to see little Phyllis’s pretty new princess outfit.  I know she’s just delighted to get the chance to wear it somewhere.”  She didn’t bother looking at Phillip.  She knew he had to be blushing horribly.  And today, she wanted all the attention piled on Phillip – so that nobody would even think to notice that she wasn’t wearing a bra or panties today.  Under her very short skirt, and under her thin blouse that revealed all too much cleavage as it was, she was completely naked.
Phillip stood there, totally red faced for only a moment before scurrying straight back to his desk.  In that outfit, and with the doll in one arm and the wand in the other, he looked like nothing but an overgrown child.  And the laughter in the room reflected just that.  Marian “casually” headed back to her desk, but she stopped in the middle of the aisle near Phillip’s desk.  “Phillip,” she said to get his attention again.  Once he was looking at her, she continued.  “Now that they’ve all seen you, there’s no reason why you need to delay printing anything or mailing anything out.  You can feel perfectly free to get up and wander about whenever you need.”
“That’s for sure!” Vivian exclaimed behind her.  “The more the better!”  The room erupted in laughter right along with her. 
Since it was Mistress Vivian who had made the comment, Phillip wasn’t sure if wandering about more was an order from her or not.  And that had him worried.
Marian sat down at her desk again and stared back at Phillip.  Once again he was turned so that seeing him would be more difficult.  Not that it did him any real good.
“How much longer is this going to continue?” Heather hissed at her angrily from her desk.
Marian just shook her head and turned away from her, ignoring her question.  She didn’t have an answer to that.  But hopefully, sometime next week, she herself would be free.  Then all it would take was to get Vicious Vivian wrapped up – permanently somewhere!
Marian tried to work, but work was still the furthest thing from her mind.  She wasn’t comfortable without a bra holding her breasts secure.  She wasn’t comfortable without her panties either.  But the bra was the worst for her because of the size of her breasts.  How bad would they be by the end of the day when they would be full of milk?  Those thoughts however, were quickly replaced by thoughts about Phillip.  She had called him Phyllis in front of everyone – only because he had actually been acting like a child – to her at least.  But she had no doubt that he had been totally meek as she led him to stand at the front of the room.  He had even grabbed his wand properly when she told him to.  She found it all…very curious.

Phillip tried to hide like he usually did now…except he knew it wasn’t working at all.  After a over half an hour of trying to keep himself closer to the wall and his computer screen, he gradually gave up and sat normally in front of his computer…normal except for the stupid wand that was dangling from his wrist.  The darn thing was a nuisance whenever he tried to type anything.  He did his best to bury himself in his work, because work seemed to help keep his mind off of himself…and his problems.
He looked at the project he was working on and sighed.  He needed to print it out and then put it into the office distribution system.  Marian had said he should feel free to do things like that.  Actually, she had told him to get up and wander about whenever he wanted.  He didn’t want to wander about though.  He didn’t want to get up from his desk at all.  But then there was Mistress Vivian’s words that still rang in his head.  She had said she wanted to see him wandering around.  Or so he thought.  Actually, after his punishment last night, he was more inclined to err on the safe side as far as she went. 
Taking a chance, he pushed the “Print” button on his computer and heard the printer at the back of the room come to life.  He grabbed Dolly under the arm that had his wand attached and got up from his seat.  All the women from Vivian on back saw him getting up.  He tried to ignore them as he headed for the printer.  By the time he started returning to his desk, he saw all the women in the room looking at him.  Just great!  Still standing, he stuffed the papers in an envelope and addressed it, then he carried it to the front of the room where he dropped it into the distribution box. 
“So pretty,” he heard Brittany laughingly whisper as he turned around and started back toward his desk. 
His wand easily came up into his hand and he stopped briefly next to her desk and he playfully tapped the top of it with the wand before going back to his desk.  He heard her breaking out into full laughter behind him.  He couldn’t help himself.  He smiled too.  He looked back over at her and smiled, then purposely turned away from her as he tried to busy himself with work again.
Marian had seen everything that had happened.  His final actions had been very strange.  She couldn’t help but wonder what had really gone on just then.

Before going into the break room to make the coffee, Marian again went out to the elevators for a major mooing session.  Much relieved, she also relieved herself in the ladies room as well.  Her mind couldn’t help but remember the horrible day she had spent the day before when she couldn’t get her diapers off to use the bathroom.  That had been…irksome – to say the least!  As usual, as soon as she sat on the toilet, her fingers tried to find the one place she didn’t…and did…want them to go.  It was only by an act of great willpower that she got them out of herself before too much time had elapsed.  She hated that she couldn’t wash her hands.  She could only hope that nobody would smell what she had been doing. 
She went back to the office and headed straight into the break room to make the coffee.  She wasn’t washing her hands, but she did press her fingers tightly against a paper towel she used when she washed out the coffee pot.  And the fact that the water got her hands all wet while she washed the pot instead of her hands, didn’t bother her at all.

Phillip didn’t bother getting up from his desk to get some coffee at break time.  His purse was overly stuffed with baby bottles to the point where he couldn’t actually close the thing.  He had three of them that he would have to drink in the office today.  At the rate Marian was starting to produce milk, he was afraid that very soon the only thing he’d ever get to drink anymore was baby bottles full of her milk.  With having to milk her twice a day now, things were already nearly to that point. 
He hadn’t been hiding between his computer screen and the wall anymore.  He waited until Heather behind him went to break before he pulled one of his baby bottles out, turned to the wall, and then did everything he could to drink it as fast as he could.  Unfortunately, trying to suck all the liquid out through the tiny nipples took way too long.  Fortunately, he was getting pretty good at it.  He managed to finish the bottle and put it away before Heather got back from break.  Did anyone see him?  He didn’t know, and there was nothing he could do about it if they did.
Phillip had gotten up a couple of times during the morning to print things and to put them into the distribution system.  He had been overly nervous each time, but he had also somewhat enjoyed it.  After playfully tapping Brittany’s desk with his wand, it was as if something had changed in him.  Almost like that little act had been something of a game.  But why shouldn’t he act like he was having a bit of fun with it?  How much worse could any of them possibly think about him if he did?  He didn’t tap any of their desks with his wand again, but he did wave it about a bit – to the obvious delight of all of them.  The odd part was, as totally humiliating as it all was for him, he was having a bit of fun with it.  He was out in public – at work no less – in…not just a dress, but a princess costume.  Why shouldn’t he try to have some fun with it? 
But in the office was one thing.  Having to leave the office to go out and get lunch for Marian and himself was something else.  And when Mistress Vivian sent him and email telling him to make sure he was ready to leave for lunch at the same time as all the women, he nearly had a fit.  But what could he do about it?  Especially since he knew the order had come from Mistress Vivian…and especially after the torture she had put him through last night.
So when the final second ticked off the clock at lunchtime, Phillip already had his lipstick done and he stood up with everyone else…except Marian. 
“Coming Marian?” Lisa asked seeing that she was the only one left in the room.
Marian, who had her head buried in her computer, looked up.  “Not right now,” she replied.  “I’m in the middle of something.”
“See you later,” Lisa replied as she followed the others out of the room.
Marian shook her head.  She was in the middle of something, but it wasn’t anything that she couldn’t have put off to finish later.  Her thoughts turned again to Phillip.  Had he looked like he was enjoying himself today?  That’s the impression she had from watching him.  She was almost tempted to go out with the women to see how he was acting now, but since she had dressed him that way, she was afraid of what questions she might have to answer.  Besides, riding in the elevators was no fun if she couldn’t let out a few good moos.
Phillip found himself surrounded by women, all of them either talking about him, asking questions, or fondling his dress.  Yes, his dress!  He was wearing a dress in the middle of all the women he worked with!  He still couldn’t get over that.  Mostly, the women didn’t call him by name, but he didn’t miss when Courtney called him Phyllis when she asked if he liked his princess outfit.  He told her he did.  How else was he going to explain his odd behavior that day?  And then Brittany had called him Phyllis too when she asked if he wanted to join the rest of the women at lunch.  He declined saying he had other things he had to do…which he did.  He just didn’t explain that he was responsible for feeding his cow…Marian, who was still up in the office.
He was ever so grateful to get into his car and away from all the others.  But how noticeable was the damn tiara that he was wearing to every other car on the road?  Too noticeable he was sure.  With no choice in the matter, he drove out to his usual fast-food drive thru and ordered another hamburger for himself, and this time a chicken sandwich for Marian.  He figured she probably needed something different in her system by now.  But he only got one drink this time with the food.  Marian was the only one of them who would be able to have something decent to drink.  He still had two more baby bottles of Marian’s milk that he had to finish.
When he returned to the building, the lobby was far more empty than when he had come down, but that didn’t mean he was the only one there.  Every eye that he could see was turned toward him as he walked across the lobby and straight into a waiting elevator.  As the elevator doors closed, he made a gesture with his wand out toward everyone looking at him…and then the doors closed fully and he breathed a sigh of relief.  Whew!

It was shortly after lunch when Vivian opened one of the usual websites she checked every day…several times every day…and let out an excited, “Oh wow!” 
“What is it?” Felicia asked, turning around quickly.
But Vivian couldn’t tell her that it had nothing to do with work.  “Um…just all the mistakes in this thing.  You know how some of these guys don’t seem to know what they’re doing.”
“Tell me about it,” Felicia replied, rolling her eyes and going back to her own work.
That had been a close one.  Vivian hadn’t done any work at all in a long time now.  No, that wasn’t true at all.  Saving money like she did was hard work.  You had to be on top of all the ads and take advantage of all of them to save like she did.  And she was proud of how much money she had saved over the years.  Especially lately!  She doubted anyone could save money like she did.  Her eyes quickly went back to the ad.  The store was having a special weekend madness sale and it was starting tonight!  Vivian knew from experience that she had to get there tonight in order to get the best deals and to make sure she had the best selection to choose from. 
But she also had to re-hypnotize those two knuckleheads.  That was going to get in the way.  But there was no way she was going to miss her schedule for those two.  But there was also no way she was going to miss that sale.  She would just have to do both.  Fortunately, she had no doubt that she could do both. 
She turned again to look at Phillip.  She had been shopping with Marian when Marian had found all the items for the costume…and many other things that she couldn’t wait to see him in.  She had to say, he seemed to be a real hit with the ladies in his pretty princess costume today.  And he was even acting better.  She had to admit, Marian had done a great job with him today.  And she had no doubt that some of the other things Marian had bought for him would be just as well appreciated by everyone. 
But that also brought up the question of Marian.  Yesterday, Phillip had stuck Marian with the problem of diapers.  Did he do that again today?  Since Marian had to look normal so as not to arouse too much suspicion, she couldn’t be sure of anything.  Since she was wondering about it, she sent Phillip an email asking if he had put the diapers on Marian again.  The email she got back raised her eyebrows.  Oh my.  No underwear at all.  No panties under Marian’s delightfully short skirt, and no bra under her blouse. 
She wondered if Marian’s udders would be more noticeable later as she got closer to her milking time.  No doubt they would be full of milk by the end of the day.  Would Marian’s jacket hide them then?  The situation actually brought a smile to her face.  It was going to be interesting to find out.

It wasn’t Marian’s udders…breasts…that was bothering her.  It was something completely different.  She wasn’t wearing panties…and her skirt was terribly short.  And as the day wore on, she seemed to become more and more aware of that.  Maybe it was that her breasts were becoming more bloated and heavier, and seemed to sway a bit more inside her blouse with every little movement she made.  Maybe it wasn’t really that at all.  But with the combination of no panties and the very short skirt, Marian was having a difficult time keeping her fingers out from under her skirt, where it seemed one hand kept trying to go…and where her fingers seemed to have an all too easy time reaching the place they absolutely shouldn’t be while she was at work. 
She was so horny!  As much as she hated masturbating herself endlessly with no hope of release, the hypnotic suggestions that Vivian had instilled into her brain kept her doing it.  And just as she did every time she lowered her panties to sit on the toilet, now, with no panties, her fingers wanted to go to that one blessed and hated place again. 
Stop it Marian!  Do some work!  Keep your fingers on the keyboard!  But the temptation was too strong and the fact that she sat at the very back of the room where nobody could see her was working against her.  Over and over again she found herself yielding to temptation.  Just a tiny bit of stimulation that felt so good…and so bad.  And was making her smell more!  That was the part she was most worried about.  But the closest person to her was Vicious Vivian, and there was an empty desk between them.  She hoped that nobody would notice as her fingers seemed to leave the keyboard more and more often.
The email came in from Phillip reminding her to drink a few more bottles of water at break.  She pulled her fingers back out from under her skirt again, pulled her short skirt down as far as she could, and got up – automatically grabbing the sides of her jacket to hold them together.  She could feel her bloated breasts swaying inside her thin blouse.  She tried to walk smoothly, to keep their movement to a minimum as she headed for the elevators for another mooing session.  A mooing session that was followed by too long a session in the bathroom – where her hands came out smelling worse than before.  How bad was the odor coming from under her skirt?  At least she was able to wipe herself thoroughly with the toilet paper before going back to the office – where she went directly into the break room to wash the coffee pot again. 
Vivian watched carefully as Marian came back from the break room.  It was only because she was looking for it that she realized that Marian had been holding her jacket closed with her hands each time she got up.  Feeling mischievous, she sent Marian a simple and very short email – “Stop holding your jacket closed!”
Marian read the email and looked up at Vivian who had just turned back toward her.  Vivian looked all too smug and happy.  Marian simply felt like dying a bit more.  After break, the coffee pot needed washing again.  Getting to the break room was no problem – her back was to all the women the entire time.  It was coming back again that had her worried.  Again she tried to walk as smoothly as the very high heels she was wearing would allow, but she could still feel her breasts moving around inside her blouse…that was starting to feel a bit tighter.  It was the only time in her life that she had been grateful for the fact that she was older and her breasts now sagged more than they stood out.
Fortunately, the only person who really was looking at her with more than a passing glace was Vivian – who seemed to look all too delighted.  Worried about that, the moment she sat down, she opened her jacket and glanced down at her breasts.  Everything looked okay…so far.  Now if she could just keep her fingers on top of the desk where they belonged.  Twenty minutes later, she decided – why bother?

Vivian sent both Marian and Phillip emails near the end of the day, telling them to make sure they left the office with everyone else.  She also reminded the stupid cow to not hold her jacket closed.  She was actually tempted to tell Marian to take her jacket off before going out, but she decided not to. 
As soon as the clock ticked away the final second, everyone in the room got up to leave.  Vivian delayed only slightly, trying to keep a watchful eye on Phillip and Marian.  It took her only a moment of careful watching to see that it was far more obvious now that Marian wasn’t wearing a bra today, and that her udders really were huge. 
As she walked out, she was amused when Ashley asked Phillip if he had enjoyed being a princess all day.  She was even more amused when Phillip admitted that he had.  She wondered if it was actually true.  The little shit had actually seemed like he was enjoying himself.  Maybe he really had. 

Marian could feel her heavy breasts swaying with every step she took.  Did her jacket hide the fact that she wasn’t wearing a bra?  And for that matter, how badly did she smell now?
“New purse, Marian?” Courtney asked, noticing the cow in Marian’s hands.
Marian had no choice but to hold the dreaded thing up.  “Isn’t it adorable?” she replied.
“Sure is,” Courtney told her.  What she didn’t add, was that it would be totally adorable – for a little girl.  Not for a grown woman.  Was Marian getting senile?  Was whatever disease that was affecting Vivian, now starting to infect Marian?  She hoped not.  It was a disease that she herself wouldn’t ever want to have!


sarah penguin said...

Thanks for updating :)


Vivian is always so proud of all the money she is saving with her sales, BUT are you really saving money IF you are buying stuff you don't truly need? MAYBE... Marian can help Vivian with her spending addiction as a "parting gift", By making Vivian HATE shopping!

MAYBE, sissy farmer phyllis should have her cow, "Mooing Marian", NEVER wear underwear, since real cows don't wear any clothes?

As for the Cow Purse, why shouldn't Marian be proud of it? It is a gift from a "daughter" to "HER" Mother!