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Hypnotized and Humiliated - Chapter 26 Part 3 of 3

Hypnotized and Humiliated
By Karen Singer

Chapter 26 Part 3 of 3

“Mooooo!”  Marian’s moo signified just as much relief as it did her distress.  As the milking machine finally started pulling the pressure away from her bloated udders…breasts, she allowed herself to finally relax.  The pressure was being drained away, the damn diapers were finally off her, and her laptop computer was hidden away before Vivian had arrived.  Safe! 
The moment she had walked through the door, she had headed for her laptop to hide it away, but Phillip had immediately been after her to remove his diapers so he could change himself.  She had argued to let her put the laptop away first before Vivian could show up, but he had threatened to immediately send her back to her stall.  Just the threat of it was enough to make her immediately struggle to pull his pants down and then rip open the tapes on all three of his bulky diapers.
Instead of pulling a new diaper from the supply in his room, she grabbed one of the ones that had been taped over top of his inner diaper since it was still clean.  “Here,” she had said, “just put this one on.”  And then she had gone back to packing up her computer.  But the tapes on the diapers didn’t work anymore and Phillip had complained that he needed a new one.  Since she was in a hurry, instead of going to his bedroom for a fresh one, she opened his desk drawer and found a roll of tape and handed that to him.  “Fix it with this,” she had told him.  And then she went back to packing things up.  A minute later, she watched out of the corner of her eye as he pulled his stretchy pants up – all the way like they were supposed to be.  He seemed almost proud of himself now that his pants were on right and he didn’t have such an enormous bulk of padding between his legs.  She didn’t tell him that the bulk of material in just the bra he had on was totally ridiculous by itself. 
She had breathed a sigh of relief at finally getting her computer put away before Vivian got there.  She fully expected Phillip to send her back to her stall at any second, but he hadn’t.  Instead, he walked out of the kitchen with a glass of water and one of her pills that he had made her swallow – along with the entire glass of water.  By that time though, she was trying to decide if it would be better to get out of the diapers and pee in her tub like an animal, or stay in the diapers and wet them again.  In the end, she opted to remain human as long as possible.
But the clock had ticked down to six o’clock and shortly before that, she found herself mostly naked except for her noisy bell and her high heeled shoes, straddling the stupid tub she had to pee in, and finally having the milking machine attached to her while her hands were busy doing worthless things further down below.  But after a day confined to the diapers, she was wondering which punishment was worse!  At least the machine was pulling the pressure away again.  She was to the point now where she desperately needed that relief – twice a day!  Now, if she could just get rid of her darn headache.
The knock on the door sent an alarm through her and she mooed despite herself.  She had no doubt who was at the door.  She watched as Phillip and Dolly hurried to answer it, and then a moment later, she was visited by something that was starting to look all too much like a human banana – Vicious Vivian. 
“Oh,” Vivian exclaimed in delight as she saw the milk flowing heavily from Marian’s udders, “I’m so glad I managed to get here early.  I can’t tell you how much I love seeing you getting milked just like any other cow.”
Marian tried to suppress the moo that came out of her, but it slipped past her mouth too soon.  Darn!
Vivian turned to Phillip with some concern on her face.  “Those bottles are getting awfully full already,” she said.
“Yeah,” Phillip agreed.  “I was just about to take it off her and empty them before I put it back on her again.  I have to do that now every time I milk her.”
“Wonderful!” Vivian exclaimed with total delight as Phillip switched the machine off.  “I wonder how much milk she’ll eventually produce.  I can’t wait to find out!”
“I think the manufactures of this damn machine should have included bigger bottles,” Phillip replied as he started removing the machine from Marian’s neck.  “It’s a nuisance to stop it and then start it again.”
“I think that was the only size bottles available,” Vivian told him thoughtfully.  “Maybe I should have looked for a real milking machine instead.  The kind they use on real cows!”
“With the amount of milk she’s producing already,” Phillip replied, “she may need it soon!”  He carted the machine off, while Marian remained perfectly silent – fuming over the way they were talking about her.  A few minutes later, the machine was back on her, and she closed her eyes, trying to blot out the sight of Vivian, the human banana, standing in front of her and watching her get milked like a damn cow.  Ugh!  But the relief did feel so good!

When the milk finally seemed to stop coming from Marian’s udders, Vivian got bored and turned to Phillip.  “Okay,” she said, “what’s with this purse you said you found.”
“She refused to carry it,” Phillip told her.
“Show it to me,” Vivian replied.  She waited while Phillip hurried to the bedroom.  He came back again a few moments later – and Vivian started laughing before he was halfway across the room.  “Oh my God!” she exclaimed.  “It’s absolutely precious!  And you’re totally right, it is just the perfect accessory for that cow!”  She took the purse from him and examined it carefully.  It really was adorable – for a little girl.  And it was shaped completely like a black and white cow – four legs and all.  The two small handles framed the zipper closure on top across the cows back.  She ran her hands over the tufted material covering the purse.  “Perfect!” she exclaimed happily. 
It was a long few minutes for Vivian after that while she waited for Marian’s milking to finish.  But she spent her time standing back and just watching the process.  If it wasn’t for the occasional moo coming out of Marian, Vivian might have thought that she had fallen asleep right where she was.  But finally Phillip switch the machine off and removed it from her neck.  She followed him into the kitchen where she watched as he emptied the bottles.  Three and a half bottles when added to the first batch he had started shortly after she had gotten there. 
When all the bottles had been placed in the refrigerator, Vivian saw Phillip grab a bowl and fill it with water.  “What are you doing?” she asked.
“Getting her some water,” he replied.  “I’ll pour her some cereal to eat too.”
“Not this time!” Vivian replied quickly.  “I need her out of that stall immediately.  Marian and I have some shopping to do.  Now go free your cow, farmer Phyllis!”
“Shopping?” Phillip asked, not wanting to hear her say that.  Shopping was the last thing he wanted Marian doing.
“Of course, you idiot!  That’s the main reason I’m here.  Now get her out of there right now!”
Phillip barely took two steps toward the other room before calling out, “Marian, you can get out of there now.”
“Good,” Vivian said as she headed for the living room where Marian was just crawling out of her stall.  “Get dressed,” she ordered Marian.  “And quickly.  We’ve got things to do tonight.  Important things!”
Marian wasn’t sure about what important things she would soon be doing, and she was fairly certain she’d rather not find out.  Not with Vivian anyway.  She looked around uncertainly.  “What should I wear?” she asked, unable to figure that out for herself.
“Damn it!” Vivian exclaimed at the interruption.  “Farmer Phyllis, get your cow dressed as fast as you can.  We’ve got to get out of here soon.”
“She can just wear everything she had on before then,” Phillip said, having to decide quickly.
Hearing that, Marian reached for the smelly pee filled diaper she had worn earlier and picked it up. 
“Not that one, stupid, it’s too used.  Just grab the other one.”  Then he quickly changed his mind.  “Oh hell!” he said.  “Since you’re in a hurry, just go without.  Just put the rest of your clothes on.”
Surprised, Marian started getting dressed.  She had worn two very bulky diapers all day – and now nothing under her skirt at all.  And her skirt was very short!  She almost wished he had told her to wear one of the diapers instead.  A few minutes later, she stood in front of Phillip and asked, “Do I look okay to go out now?”
But it was Vivian who answered first.  “No!  I want you to transfer everything you can from your old purse to that delightful new one that Phillip was so considerate to buy for you.  From now on, you don’t leave this apartment without that purse in your hands!  Hear me?  You carry that silly little cow purse everywhere you go from now on!” 
Marian died a little at hearing that.  A few minutes later, cow purse in her hand, her shiny noisy cowbell all too visible around her neck, she again asked.  “Now do I look okay to go out?”
“Good enough for tonight,” Phillip muttered.
“Good,” Marian replied.  “Can we go now?” she asked Vivian.  “I really need this headache to go away.”
“Still got it?” Vivian asked.
“It’s been killing me all day!”
“Music to my ears,” Vivian replied.  “But no, we can’t go just quite yet.  And that headache you have is the reason.  She turned to Phillip.  “Sissy Phyllis, no doubt you need something to do while we’re gone.  Go get the largest of those dildos we bought you and bring it in here right now.  And hurry!”
Phillip’s stomach lurched with worry as he hurried to the bedroom.  He hated just thinking about those all too realistic phalluses.  He hated seeing them even more.  And having to touch them was far worse.  But the absolute worst part was what she forced him to do with them every night.  Ugh!  Having little choice, he grabbed the largest one, not really wanting to touch it at all, and carried it out to the living room where Vivian and Marian were.
“Ah, there it is,” Vivian exclaimed as she saw the large toy in his hands.  “Let me have it.”  She took it from him and held it up for Marian to see the full size of it.  “Don’t you wish you could have something like that inside you about now?” she asked.
Marian’s head hung low, but she still couldn’t take her eyes off the object in Vivian’s hands.  “More than you know,” she admitted. 
Vivian laughed.  “I have no doubt, you worthless cow.  But it’s not going to happen!”  And then she laughed wickedly again.  She quickly turned back to Phillip.  “Get undressed.  Now!   Just leave your adorable diapers on.”
Phillip was in motion quickly, removing all his clothes except the one diaper he had on. 
Vivian watched him undressing, but as soon as he was to the point where she wanted him, she changed her mind about one thing.  “Put those heels back on,” she told him.  “I like them on you.”  She waited only a moment while he stepped into the red heels.  “Much nicer,” she told him.  And then before anything else could happen, she quickly said, “Phyllis sucks her thumb!  She thrilled to see him close his eyes, raise his thumb up to his mouth and start sucking on it. 
She didn’t bother deepening his trance at all.  She was fairly sure it was unnecessary.  She would do that tomorrow night when she came.  Instead, she got right to her business.  “Sissy Phyllis,” she said.  “You know perfectly well that I wanted both you and Marian to go out shopping in public at least every other day.  And yet you purposely kept Marian from going out last night.  And for that you need to be punished.  Open your eyes,” she ordered.  With his eyes now open, she continued her instructions.  “Carry Dolly into Marian’s stall and kneel down over top of her tub like she does.”  She noticed the slight hesitation before he moved, but it was very slight.  With his thumb in his mouth and still totally in his hypnotic trance, she watched as he carefully lowered his diaper covered bottom over top of the tub, kneeling over it like Marian did.  She saw him try to shift his feet somewhat.  She had no doubt that in that position the shoes were probably killing his toes. 
“Very good, Phillip,” she told him.  “Now set Dolly down on the floor right in front of you so she can watch your punishment.” 
In his trance, Phillip set his ever-present doll on the floor just in front of the tub he was now kneeling over.
Vivian turned to Marian.  “Okay, Marian, now it’s your turn.  Get that damn milking machine and hook it up to him and turn it on.”
“Mooo!”  The surprising command had simply brought out the moo that she had been trying to suppress.
“No, don’t complain,” Vivian told her.  “And don’t worry.  It’s still you’re milking machine.  He’s just borrowing it for a little while.  Now get busy because I really do want to get out of here and go shopping as soon as possible.”
Marian had never touched the milking machine before – with her hands.  But putting it together was easy enough.  She carried it back out from the kitchen, and with almost sadistic glee, hung it from Phillip’s neck.  She did her best to line the machine up against his chest, but without breasts it wasn’t that easy.  She had to switch the machine on to start the suction, and then press each of the units over top of his nipples before it fully grabbed him.  But once it was in place and working, the sight of the pump now pulling against his nipples over and over again filled her with nothing but glee.  “See how you like it now!” Marian said almost viciously.
“Move, you stupid cow,” Vivian muttered to Marian to get her out of the way.  She stood in front of Phillip and looked down at him.  She stared at him for a moment as he knelt there sucking his thumb.  With the machine constantly pulling at his chest, she could see an odd look on his face despite the trance he was still in. 
“Since you went out of your way to fix it so Marian couldn’t go shopping when I commanded that she had to go shopping, now you can get a small taste of what she goes through when she’s where you are now,” she told him.  “But when Marian is being milked, she has something interesting to do with her hands to keep them occupied and out of the way.  And obviously you can’t do anything like it since you’re confined to that diaper.  So I have another little idea for you instead.”  She held out the large dildo in front of him.  “Take this,” she commanded.  She watched as Phillip’s free hand came up and grabbed the thing.  “Now hold it by the balls – with both hands!”  Phillip’s thumb came out of his mouth and his hands moved to grasp the toy by the very realistic looking balls at the lower end of it.
Vivian smiled and lowered her head down toward his.  “I’m sure you probably hate sucking on those things,” she told him.  “And I have no doubt you’re not practicing enough before you finally get a chance at a real one Saturday night, so tonight you’re going to get a little more practice.  Now keep holding that thing by the balls and stick the other end in your mouth.”  Despite his trance, Vivian could see how troubled he looked.  His face seemed to be stuck in a mask of horror.  And the sight of that all too realistic fake penis going into his mouth almost brought her to an orgasm right there.  “Close your lips over it,” she told him, “and then pull it out until you can feel the head of that thing just inside your lips.”  His hands moved back out only a fraction of an inch, but she was sure that it was situated right where she wanted it.
Vivian leaned in even closer to his head.  “I’m going to wake you up in a minute,” she said, “and when I do, you’re going to start pumping that thing in and out of your mouth, over and over again.  But you will never be able to get it out any further than it is right now.  Once it gets to that point, you shove it right back in again, and then pull it out again.  Over and over.  And each time you push it in, I want you to work on getting more and more of that monstrous thing into your mouth.”
She stood up straight again.  “Until I tell you to stop, you will stay right where you are, that milking machine will stay attached to your chest, your hands will stay locked right where they are on that thing, and it will not come out of your mouth as you continue to work on getting more and more of it into you.  You won’t stop until I tell you to stop – after we get back from shopping.”
The horror of his situation had Phillip on the verge of breaking out of his trance, when Vivian suddenly said, “Wake up!”  And with that, his eyes went wide as he started pushing the dildo further into his mouth, only to pull it back out to its starting position again, only to push it in again trying to take a little bit more of it.  And while he was stuck doing that, he couldn’t ignore the feeling of Marian’s milking machine attached to his chest, pulling at his nipples over and over again.  His thighs hurt from the uncomfortable spread over top of the tub, and his toes ached inside the red heels he was wearing.  And he couldn’t move from where he was or stop what he was doing. 
He let out a horrified moan past the hated object he was shoving further into his mouth as he saw both Marian and Vivian laughing at him…as they walked out of the room – and out of the apartment.

Marian grabbed the car door with one hand and braced herself against the dashboard with her other arm as Vivian drove them out to the mall.  Vivian had asked if one of the other department stores would be okay, but Marian had asked if she could shop in the mall instead since it had some stores she needed with things that the other department store wouldn’t have.  Now Marian wasn’t sure if Vivian was trying to get back at her for suggesting the mall by driving so erratically.  By the time Vivian pulled into the parking lot and parked at an angle across two parking spaces, Marian’s arms were locked so tightly into bracing herself in case of a crash that she couldn’t let go for a few moments.
“I’m so glad you suggested the mall tonight,” Vivian told her as she opened her door.  “There will be so many more people around to see…and hear…that lovely bright bell around your neck.”  She started laughing as she got out of the car.  Marian finally collected herself enough to get out as well.  She never wanted to ride with Vivian again.  She not only didn’t understand how Vivian had managed to get there without hitting anything, she couldn’t understand why the police hadn’t stopped her.  But then the police were never around when you needed them – only when you didn’t want them.
Marian tried to walk smoothly so as not to ring her bell too much, but keeping up with Vivian pretty much threw that idea out the window.  To an almost constant clanging, she accompanied Vivian into one of the mall’s department stores.  And the minute she crossed through the door, Marian’s headache seemed to magically disappear.  Ah!  Now if her darn bell would just disappear too!
“Where shall we start?” Vivian asked as she headed straight for the women’s dresses, not far from the entrance where they had come in. 
“Um…I was thinking about starting in another store, not this one,” Marian replied.
“Oh, okay,” Vivian said, not really paying attention to her as her eyes automatically searched for every sign she could find that said “Sale.”  Marian had little choice but to follow the yellow clad woman around from rack to rack as Vivian looked through almost everything.  The bad part for Marian was that she kept mooing every once in a while which brought all too much attention to them.  The good part for her though, was that by moving so slowly, Marian’s bell hardly rang at all.  In fact from what she could see, most of the looks they were getting were directed at Vivian and not her.  Marian had to stifle a laugh at that.  Vivian didn’t even realize it, but this little trip to the mall might actually backfire on her.  Of course, Vivian would never realize that.
It was almost half an hour before Vivian finished in that one store alone.  By that time, Marian was wondering if she was ever going to be able to do any shopping for herself…or actually, for Phillip.  She couldn’t shop for herself.  Despite having to walk faster which made her bell clang constantly, which brought all too much attention to her, Marian really wanted to find some of the things she had in mind for Phillip. 
She wasn’t sure if it was her bell or Vivian’s crazy yellow outfit that brought all the attention from everyone else in the mall.  Probably both, but there was little she could do about any of it.  The store she wanted to start in was about halfway down the mall, but they didn’t even get close before Vivian got sidetracked and suddenly made a beeline into another store.  Five minutes later, Marian stared in disbelief as Vivian stood there with a totally yellow purse in her hands, holding it against her outfit.
“What do you think?” Vivian asked.  “Doesn’t it make the perfect accent for my outfit?”
Marian was so tempted to tell her that it didn’t make any accent at all…since the yellow purse pretty much disappeared against her totally yellow outfit.  But instead she replied.  “Oh Vivian, it’s you!  It’s definitely you!”
“And just think,” Vivian replied, “I’m saving fifteen percent!  Fifteen percent!  Do you know how much money I’m saving by buying it because it’s on sale?”
Marian didn’t answer…except to let out another moo.  As far as she was concerned, the purse was a total waste of money.  She followed Vivian to the checkout counter where the woman there was eyeing both of them dubiously – particularly Vivian.  Inside the store, Marian was able to walk a bit slower and smoother so her bell didn’t ring as much, but that didn’t mean it was unnoticeable.
“I see you’ve found something to go with your outfit,” the woman at the cash register said to Vivian.
“Isn’t it perfect?” Vivian replied happily.  “And it’s on sale too!”
“Yes,” the woman replied.  “All our handbags are on sale right now.”
“I noticed,” Vivian told her.  “I’ll have to come back tomorrow night and see what else I can find.”
As the saleswoman rang up the purchase, she casually looked up towards Marian.  “What’s with the bell?” she asked.  “Did you lose some kind of a bet or something?”
The hypnotically planted words slipped out of Marian’s mouth before she even thought about it.  “I’m nothing but a stupid cow and therefore I’m only doing what every other cow would do.”  She blinked in surprise that she had said it so quickly.  But she followed them up by saying, “And that’s my bell.”  By the way the woman started chuckling, Marian figured that the woman thought it was all simply a joke.  Marian smiled at it, and then noticed Vivian smiling wickedly at her as well.  Marian realized that Vivian probably didn’t realize that the woman had taken it all as a joke.  Instead, Marian wondered if the woman thought that Vivian’s outfit was a joke as well.  More than likely she decided.
“Oh, that was precious indeed!” Vivian exclaimed the moment they got out of the store.  I had so wanted to hear you admit to someone that your nothing but a stupid cow, and it’s already starting.  And I’m sure that in the future, you’ll get lots of opportunities to tell everyone just what you are.”  With a wicked laugh, she picked up her pace, causing Marian’s bell to clang more often and louder.
A few minutes later, Marian spotted the first store she wanted to go into.  “There!” she said to Vivian.  “That’s where I need to start my shopping for Phillip.”
“In there?” Vivian asked.  “But they don’t even sell clothes in there.”
Marian’s smile broadened.  “No, but I’m hoping to find something that will work just as well for Phillip.”  She purposely let out another moo to clear her system before entering the store…her bell though still brought all too much attention to her.  Or was it Vivian’s yellow outfit?
Marian led them around the tall racks, searching for something.  “What can you possibly want for Phillip in here?” Vivian asked. 
But Marian had just spotted the first thing she was looking for.  “There!” she exclaimed as she headed for what she needed.  “This will be the start.”
Vivian looked at it in wide-eyed surprise.  “Oh my!”


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Deliciously wicked!... I absolutely loved it!
And just what does the cow have in store for the sissy? CAN'T wait to find out... lucky for me I don't have to... you already finished the entire story.