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Hypnotized and Humiliated - Chapter 26 Part 1 of 3

Hypnotized and Humiliated
By Karen Singer

Chapter 26 Part 1 of 3

The pile of hay she was sleeping on really was better than the hard cold floor, although the constant pain in her head barely let her realize that…or appreciate it.  Her sleep had come in a few blessed spurts here and there, brief surceases from the constant headache…and even more so from the constant worries and thoughts.  The DVD she so desperately needed to get herself out of this mess still wasn’t finished yet, and the way things were going, she wasn’t sure if Phillip was ever going to give her the chance to finish it. 
“Get up, you damn cow!” Phillip’s voice cut through the fog in her brain.
She mooed, both in distress and in coming fully awake.  Still tired and foggy, she crawled over her stinking tub of pee and got herself into position to have the pressure removed from her udders…breasts!  “Moo!”  The relief of the pressure being drained away was a physical one.  One less thing that had her feeling so bad.  Her eyes closed again as the machine pulled the milk from her, and her fingers played uselessly further down below. 
She hadn’t been allowed to go shopping last night – the reason for the headache she still had.  She hadn’t been able to buy any of the things she had in mind to further humiliate Sissy Phillip.  She had nothing new to do with him today at all.  But then, everything she was already doing to him was more than bad enough.  In some ways, he did have it worse than she did.  But the truth was, that when everything was added together, their problems were fairly equal.  She supposed it all depended on the point of view.  She saw her problems as worse, and obviously, he didn’t think she had any problems at all.  The stupid jerk!
Before she knew it, he was back again, removing the machine from her neck. 
“You might as well stay there,” he told her.  “I’m just going to empty it, then I’ll be right back.”
She moved anyway to relieve the stress on her thighs from straddling the tub.  The individual strands of the new hay that he had spread all over her stall hurt her knees to crawl on.  She moved back over to the deeper pile at the back where it was softer.  As soon as she saw him coming back again, she got herself once again over her tub of pee and her hands once again went where they shouldn’t.  “Moo!”  The sentiment was totally how she felt.  But he didn’t come into her stall again with the machine.
“Get out of there for a minute and get this diaper off me,” he ordered.
“Moo,” she said again as she dropped to all fours and worked her way off of the tub and out of the stall. 
“Don’t bother getting up,” he told her.  “Just get this stupid thing off me and get back into position.  You’re not nearly done being milked yet.”
She stayed down on the floor, but she looked up at him with hatred in her eyes.  “I hate you more than you can ever imagine!” she told him.  “You’ve got to be the cruelest person I’ve…”
“Shut up and get this diaper off me!” he ordered.
She reached up and ripped one of the tapes open.  “There you stupid jerk!  You deserve every bit of what Vivian is making you do.  Every bit!”
“And you deserve to be nothing but the stupid cow that you are!” he returned angrily.  “Now get back in your stall!”
She crawled back in where she could do nothing but be the cow that Vivian, and now Phillip, were trying to make her.  And a minute later, her eyes were again closed as the milk continued to be drained out of her still bloated udders…breasts!  Oh the things she’d like to do to the jerk.  And shooting him with a gun was moving up higher and higher on her list.  Right after she shot and killed Vicious Vivian!
As she expected, Phillip brought her another bowl of cereal and a bowl of water after her milking.  And he shoved another of the blasted pills into her mouth…the pills that were causing all the bloating to her udders.  The only time she got to eat like a human anymore was for lunch, and she had no doubt that if Sissy Phillip had his way, she’d be eating like an animal then too.  And Vicious Vivian would probably love that even more! 
It wasn’t until she was done eating that he allowed her out of her stall.  She crawled out quickly and got to her feet.  Breathing a somewhat sigh of relief at being able to stand up.  “I’m going to kill you one of these days,” she said threateningly to him.  “I would have never believed what a cruel bastard you could be.  But I see it now.  And one of these days, I’m going to kill you.”
“Do it soon,” Phillip told her in an unexpected uncaring voice as he turned his back on her and headed for the bedroom.  “Preferably before Saturday night!”  He turned in the doorway of his bedroom.  “Now what the heck am I supposed to wear in the meantime?”
She shook her head, which aggravated the pain still in the back of it.  She had half a mind to let him stay naked, but they did still need to get to work, although for the life of her she couldn’t see why she should bother going anymore.  She was only going to get fired eventually anyway.  But she followed him into his bedroom and went to his dresser.  She pulled out another of her bras, not his.  From his closet she found a pair of stretchy flowered Capri pants and a frilly top.  Both items got thrown on the foot of the bed.
Phillip picked up the Capri pants and started to put them on. 
“Not yet!” she told him.  “Damn!  You don’t even have your diapers on yet.  You know Vivian won’t let you go without them.”
“How am I supposed to know anymore?” he replied.  “I’m just putting on what you’ve got out for me.”
She shook her head.  She knew the feeling all too well.  It was a feeling of total stupidity and helplessness, not being able to pick out anything you were supposed to wear…and then not being able to remove it again without permission.  Total helplessness.  And Phillip had no idea how much worse it was not being able to decide what she could eat or drink as well.  Or even when she could eat or drink.  She was totally at his mercy as far as that went. 
She walked over to his packages of disposable diapers and pulled one out.  She stared at it in her hand for a moment.  The pain in the back of her head almost kept her from thinking clearly, but the thoughts reached through anyway.  She turned back to him with a wicked smile on her face.  “Maybe I should let you go without these things today.  Since you can’t go anywhere but in your pants now, I have a feeling that maybe that would be really humiliating for you.  Don’t you think?  I wonder what all the ladies in the office will say every time you wet yourself and your pants get wetter and wetter.”
The look of horror on Phillip’s face was everything Marian could hope to see.  “You wouldn’t!” he exclaimed.
“I damn well should,” she replied as she stood up with the diaper in her hand.  “But I have no doubt that nobody would appreciate the smell all day and the company would probably charge at least one of us for ruining your office chair.  Now lay down on the bed.  I’ll put this thing on you myself today.”
“Why?” he asked.  “I just need to know what I can wear.  I can dress myself.”
“I said lay down, or you will be going without…and the office furniture be damned!”
Angrily, he laid on the bed with Dolly clasped to his chest. 
She had diapered him many times now.  So it was a task that took only a minute.  “Stay there just like that!” she ordered.  For once, feeling a slight bit of power over him.  She went back to his stash of diapers and grabbed a second one. 
“What are you doing?” he asked as he saw her coming back with yet another diaper.
“Diapering you,” she replied.  “Now raise those hips.”
“But you already did that!”
“And now I’m doing it again.  Raise those hips…unless you can somehow manage to not wear what I want you to wear.”
But the moment Marian asked the question, Phillip’s mind seemed to go totally blank on the subject and he raised his hips.  A few seconds later, a second of the thick diapers was pinned over top of the first. 
“Hmmm!” Marian mused to herself.  “Stay there,” she said again as she again went back and grabbed another diaper.  Two minutes later, Phillip’s loins were huge as he had three layers of the thick diapers taped onto him.  “Stand up,” she told him, “and let’s finish getting you dressed.” 
Phillip got up uncertainly from the bed.  His legs were forced wide apart.  He couldn’t even bring his legs anywhere near each other.  He was still trying to contemplate the horror of the overly bulky diapers when she grabbed his arm and slipped the bra strap over it.  A moment later, the large size bra was fastened behind him…and she was starting to stuff the cups of the bra again as she had done the day before, using every bit of the pile of junk she had put into it yesterday.  Before he knew it, both his bottom and his top were overly stuffed. 
“Put those pants on now,” she ordered.
Phillip set Dolly on the bed and grabbed the flowered Capri pants and pulled them up his legs.  But when he got to the bulk of his diapers, he had a lot of trouble.  “They don’t fit now,” he complained.
“Keep trying!” Marian ordered.  “Those pants are stretchy, they’ll go over those diapers…eventually.  Just keep pulling.”  In the end, before he managed to get them all the way up, she walked over behind him and grabbed the pants from behind and tugged them up hard, lifting them as high as they would go – which wasn’t very high up.  The bulk of diapers between his legs didn’t let them go nearly as high as they should and consequently a large part of his diapers were on display.  As far as she was concerned, that was just fine.  In fact, maybe it was even preferable.  She pulled the frilly top over his head next, pulling it down over the huge breasts she had created for him.  It was a slightly long top so it almost went down far enough to cover the white expanse of diapers at his waist, but the huge breasts kept it from going down that far.  All the better as far as Marian was concerned.
She handed him his red heels again.  “Put them on,” she told him.  “I’m going to relax in the tub for a while.”  She left him then to his own miseries.  She had enough miseries of her own – that she intended on trying to soak away in a good hot bath. And if they were late for work today?  She didn’t care in the least.

The long soak in the hot tub did her little good.  But at least she felt cleaner – if not more refreshed.  Her head still ached and she was still overly tired from not sleeping much.  While she was in the bathroom she quickly did her hair and makeup, not bothering to spend much time on either task.  Unlike the previous few days, Phillip didn’t show up at all.  She would have to take care of his hair and makeup after she got dressed – providing he was going to let her get dressed and not send her back to her stall again. 
She left the bathroom and headed for the bedroom.  Phillip wasn’t there, but she saw some of her clothes laid out for her at the foot of the bed. 
“Are you ready to get dressed?” Phillip asked as he and Dolly waddled out of the kitchen.  He was having a difficult time just walking in the bulk of diapers she had put on him.  And he already knew that anyone who looked at him would have no trouble realizing what he was wearing under the stretchy flowered pants he had on.  They would have even less trouble realizing it since all too much of the diapers could clearly be seen between his pants and his top.
Marian almost started laughing as she saw him trying to walk with the bulk between his legs and around that entire area of his body.  Not even counting being able to see the band of white between the top of his pants and the bottom of the top he was wearing, she could tell he was heavily diapered.  “Yeah,” she replied to his question.  “You want me to wear what’s on the bed?”
“Of course!” he replied.  “But not yet.”
“Not yet?” she suddenly braced herself to be sent naked back to her stall again.  But the way she was feeling just then, if she didn’t show up for work, maybe she could at least get a little more sleep.
“Not yet,” Phillip replied as he and Dolly finally finished crossing the living room.  “Lay down on the bed instead.”
“Lay on the bed?”
“Didn’t you just hear me, you stupid cow?”  He shook his head.  “Mistress Vivian is right about how dumb you really are.  “Lay…on…the bed!  Now!”  
Fearfully, Marian laid down.  And then she saw why he wanted her to lay down as seemingly out of nowhere, one of his diapers suddenly appeared in his hands.
“You want me to wear…”
“Shut up!” Phillip commanded.  “You want to play games with my diapers?  Well I can play those same games with you.  Now lay still!”  He wasn’t quite as fast at diapering her as she had managed to diaper him, but the results were the same.  Within minutes, he had the thick diaper firmly taped around her.
“As of now, I’m revoking your bathroom privileges for the day.  Since these diapers are meant to be used instead of the bathroom, you no longer need to worry about removing them for any reason!”
She was horrified.  “But Phillip…with the amount I have to drink all day, I’ll flood them.  And you know how Vivian wants me to stay looking normal.”
“Somewhat normal!” he corrected her.  “Somewhat!  And I guess I get to decide what somewhat means for you.”
Marian saw all her efforts to get herself out from Vivian’s clutches, and still maintain at least some chance of keeping her job, going out the window.  “I’ll be fired before I even have a chance to stop Vivian,” she exclaimed.  “If I leak then everyone will know and ask questions.  Too many questions!”
Phillip looked at her for a moment.  “You’re right,” he agreed.  “Stay there,” he said as he grabbed Dolly and headed for the kitchen.
Marian could only hope that he would remove the diaper.  It wasn’t that she didn’t want to wear it, she didn’t really even have a thought about that.  But all she could see was her job and all her efforts to stop Vivian being washed away.  But when Phillip came back, she was shocked to see that he had a sharp knife in his hands again – like he had the night before.  She suddenly grew afraid again.  “Don’t hurt me,” she pleaded as her hands came up to protect herself. 
“Shut up, you stupid cow!  I’m not going to hurt you,” Phillip told her.  “Now lay still…or I will hurt you!”
It was all Marian could do to lay still while she tried to watch the knife in his hands carefully – especially when he brought it closer and closer to her.  And then with an angry sneer, he quickly brought it down at her and in a big slicing motion…and Marian screamed.
“I said shut up!” Phillip yelled.  “Now lay still or I’m going to hurt you whether I want to or not!”
It was all Marian could do to realize she wasn’t hurt or bleeding.  She realized he had brought the knife down across the front of her diaper, cutting a long slice in the plastic covering.  And then he did it again, and again, and again.  And then he added two more slices in the crotch. 
“Roll over!” he commanded.  He pushed against her to get her moving. 
Marian soon felt him cutting the covering on her diaper behind her too.  Three long quick slices.  “What are you doing?” she asked.
“Shut up!” Phillip ordered.  “You’re worried about leaking?  Now you don’t have to worry about it.”
“So you’re making sure I do leak now?  All over?”
“Something like that,” Phillip replied with a nasty grin.  “Now roll over on your back again.”
Fearfully, Marian rolled over again.  She immediately tried to see the knife he had been holding, but she quickly saw that he didn’t have the knife in his hands anymore.  Only Dolly.  She watched as he went to the bags of diapers again and he pulled another one out.  Horrified, she watched as he diapered her with the second one over top of the one he had just slit all over.”
“There,” Phillip said.  That ought to hold you for the rest of the day – easily.  Now you don’t have to worry about it anymore.  Whatever leaks out of the first one will get absorbed by the second one.  Now get up and finish getting dressed.  The rest of your clothes are already laid out for you.”
Hesitantly, Marian stood.  The thickness of the two diapers was awful…and she had put three on him!  She wouldn’t be able to use the bathroom all day!  She would have no choice but to use the diapers he had put on her.  And she had no doubt that by the way he had arranged them that she really wouldn’t have to worry about leaking all day.  But her big question now was how badly would they show under the skirt he had laid out for her?
She grabbed the bra he had set out for her first.  Not one of her bigger bra’s – unfortunately.  She had a feeling he didn’t really have a clue as to which ones were which in her drawer.  But at least her udders were a bit smaller now after being milked.  Breasts!  Not udders!
The top, like everything else, was one she had worn many times.  While it showed far more cleavage than she was happy about, it was still fairly nice.  And then the skirt.  The mini skirt.  The only kind of skirt she was allowed to wear anymore.  She missed being able to wear slacks more than ever now.  But it went over the diapers he had put her in a lot easier than the stretch pants she had pulled out of the closet for him.  Although as she ran her hands around her backside and hips, there was no doubt that it was a lot tighter there than it should be.  How bad did it look?  She dared not even contemplate that – and it wasn’t anything she could do about anyway. 
The red strappy heels were soon added and then another of the jackets she always wore over top of her blouse.  The jacket was the one thing that really pulled her outfits together and made her look presentable – despite the bold nature of all her other clothes.  She was ready.  But she still had to finish with him.
She did a quick but overly noticeable makeup job on him and purposely chose the biggest bow for his hair that he had.  He looked – totally ridiculous.  Far worse than ever.  He was huge on top with that over-stuffed bra, and huge on the bottom from the crazy bulk of all the diapers, and now the makeup that couldn’t be missed along with the big bow in his hair.  The picture of ridiculous!  Totally ridiculous.  “Okay,” she said to him.  “You look fine to go to work now.  I guess I’m fine too?” she asked.
“Nope!” he replied. 
She was shocked.  “No?  Why not?”
“Just one thing,” he said as he carried Dolly off to the bedroom closet.  She followed him.  When he turned around, he had the bag she had seen him carry in from the stores last night.  And from it he pulled…a purse…sort of.  But what actually shocked her more than anything else, was that it looked more like a stuffed animal than anything else – a stuffed – cow! 
The black and white cow purse she realized, was actually a child’s purse, although it would most likely be big enough for her to use.  It had two handles on top to hold it and a zipper between the handles so she could get into it.  The outside of the entire thing was covered in black and white tufts of material matching the cow pattern that was the basic material.  “You want me to use that?” she asked.
“Stupid cow!” he muttered.  “Of course I do.  Now get your things of your old purse and stick them in there.  And hurry up about it!”
She shook her head.  “But that’s not something I have to wear,” she said happily.  “So I don’t need to use it.”
Phillip glared at her angrily.  “I always thought that women considered a purse as part of their outfits.”
“I guess sometimes that can be true, but not mostly,” Marian replied.
“Damn you!” Phillip muttered.
“Curse all you want,” Marian told him, “but I feel no need at all to carry that purse since it’s not something I need to wear.  Now am I good enough to go to work or not?  Because let me tell you, the way I feel today with this headache and no sleep, I’d just as soon stay right here!”
“Stupid cow!” he replied angrily.  “Yeah, let’s go to work.”


erica said...

It keeps getting better and better, Karen. I can't wait until he's going to work in a frilly baby dress and bonnet.

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Enjoyed your update :)


Loved it! ESPECIALLY the diaper war. But, the cow purse allowed for "sissy phyllis" to learn not all women accessorize their purse as part of their outfit.