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Hypnotized and Humiliated - Chapter 28 Part 1 of 3

Hypnotized and Humiliated
By Karen Singer

Chapter 28 Part 1 of 3

It was Saturday morning, a day off, but Phillip’s alarm still woke him up at five forty-five – on a day when he’d really like to sleep in…on a day that he truly wished never existed.  He wasn’t looking forward to the daytime hours, but it was the evening hours and what was planned for them that he absolutely dreaded.
Knowing it was inevitable, he pulled himself out of bed.  He hadn’t slept much at all – again.  He was so weary he could hardly stand it.  Not only had he not slept because of being worried about what he would face that night, but after having to drink so many baby bottles of Marian’s milk last night, he had come awake to pee into his diaper all too many times…that is, during the times that he had actually managed to fall asleep.  Now his diaper was horribly bloated.  His hand felt around the edges.  Wet!  He didn’t bother looking back at the sheets or trying to feel them in the dim light.  They would be wet too.  Hopefully he could get them washed when he and Marian went to clean Vivian’s place later that morning.  Ugh!  He wasn’t looking forward to that either.  Of course, lately, he never had anything to look forward to in his life anymore.  His only hope as he saw it now, was in Marian’s DVD somehow helping to get them out from under Mistress Vivian’s harsh rule. 
He automatically grabbed the tube of lipstick on his nightstand and refreshed his lips.  Then, knowing it was inevitable and something he had better handle now rather than worry about later, he stood up and started working on messing his diaper, making it worse than just leaking wet.  He wanted out of the thing!  He wanted…time to do some things with a part of his body inside the diaper that he hadn’t been able to do all night.  Another reason he hadn’t slept much at all.  Had he really spent most of the night out in public wearing a princess costume?  All day at work too?  It was unthinkable!  And damn he needed some relief!

Marian dreamed of her husband’s soft hands caressing her…particularly her aching udders.  She could feel his hard penis up inside of her.  And oh it felt so good!  She wanted release.  She wanted him to grant her that release.  But he was playing with her again…withholding it.  Teasing her, bringing her need higher and higher – when she didn’t want her need to be any higher.  Her soaking wet sex wanted the release.  Her aching udders wanted relief.  Her whole body wanted release.  Why wouldn’t he grant it to her?
“Marian!  Wake up!”
She startled awake and mooed…her head spinning with the effects of shaking off the dream.  Had it been a dream…or a nightmare?  She was still nestled deep in the pile of hay and her hands were buried up inside of her.  Ugh!  She mooed again as she crawled from the hay to kneel over her tub…where her fingers once again wound up right where they would do her no good at all.  But Phillip wasn’t putting the milking machine around her neck. 
“Crawl out of there for a minute,” Phillip commanded.
For once, Marian would almost rather stay right where she was.  She needed the pressure relieved from her aching overly bloated udders more than ever.  “Moo!” she complained as she crawled forward.  Once she was out of her stall, she started to stand.
“Don’t bother standing,” Phillip told her.  “I just need you to get this damn diaper off me.  It’s leaking all over the place.”
Marian almost laughed.  “How did that happen?  I thought I put it on you tight enough last night.”
“You did!  Too tight in fact!  But…well…it’s still leaking.”  He didn’t bother mentioning that she had put it on too tight, only because once again he hadn’t been able to get his hand far enough inside of it to do him any good in the sexual department.  One of the reasons he was more than ready for her to get the darn smelly thing off of him now!
Still on her knees, Marian reached out and opened the tapes on his diaper, letting it fall to the floor.  Yuck!  God it stank!  But then so did the whole damn apartment.  She started crawling back toward her stall.
“Did you get the DVD finished last night?” asked before she got back into her stall.
“You know I did,” she replied.  “It was all but done when you disappeared into your room last night.”
He nodded.  “And you’re sure it will work?”
“Pretty sure,” she replied.  “You know there’s always a chance that these things won’t.  But I’d say that judging by the way things have gone so far, we’ve got a really good chance with it.” 
It was the best he could hope for.  “Okay,” he said.  “Back in your stall.  Let’s get this milking over with.”
“Thanks!” she replied.  “I need it!  You wouldn’t believe how much these udders ache today.”  A moment later, she passed the confines of her stall, and mooed.  Two minutes later, she closed her eyes as the machine started pulling the milk from her udders, relieving the monstrous pressure, while her fingers played uselessly down below.
Phillip cradled Dolly to his chest and hurried off to the shower.  Scared to death of the snakes, he stopped in the doorway and looked all around.  He didn’t see any, but then he had no intention of going anywhere near the toilet.  He set Dolly on the floor as close to the tub as possible and jumped into it where he turned the shower water on as hot as he could stand it, trying to wash the filth and smell from his body as quickly as he could – before he would have to run back out and empty Marian’s milking machine again.  After that, he had plans to come back to the shower to do what he had wanted to do all night – but couldn’t”

Marian had no idea how many baby bottles of milk she had produced that morning, but she was sure the amount of milk her body was producing was continuing to go up.  She mooed, hoping that Phillip would get the picture and release her from her stall.  But he was still in the kitchen…evidently still pouring her milk into the bottles.  At least she thought that’s what he had to be doing.  But a moment later, he showed up with a bowl of water in his hands and one of her pills.  Oh darn!  Not again!  She had hoped that for once he was going to be a bit more civil.  Instead, she had no choice but to let him shove the pill into her mouth and then lower her head to the bowl he had placed on the floor and start drinking from it.  A minute later, Phillip and Dolly were back again with a bowl of cereal.  Her head went back and forth between the cereal and her water…as she noted Phillip heading back to the bathroom – for the third time!  Why?
She was long done eating by the time Phillip and Dolly came back to release her from her stall.  She crawled out as quickly as she could.  “Why do you insist on feeding me like an animal all the time?” she demanded.
“Don’t ask!” Phillip replied harshly. 
“I am asking!” Marian shot back.  “It’s not right!”
“You want to get sent back to your stall until we have to leave?” Phillip threatened.
Marian glared angrily at him…and he simply glared angrily back at her.  “I’m going to take a bath and get cleaned up,” she told him as she turned away and headed for the bathroom.  “I’ll find you something to wear later.”
“Fine with me!” Phillip shot back.  He was afraid of what she would probably find for him to wear that day…although he’d never admit to anyone how much he had enjoyed the princess costume the day before.  What else had she bought for him?
Marian went into the bathroom, intending on taking a nice long relaxing bath…only to discover that her body refused to turn the water on or even climb up into the tub.  Since it wasn’t a work day, she couldn’t wash herself at all!  “Aaaaahh!” she screamed in frustration.  She stared at the tub, but only moments later she heard Phillip rushing to the door.
“What is it?” Phillip asked quickly, his eyes darting all around looking for snakes.  “Did you see one of the snakes?”
Marian shook her head as she headed out of the bathroom where he was blocking the door.  “No.  No snakes.  Just no bath.  Since we’re not going to work, then stupid Vivian’s instructions are keeping me from cleaning myself at all!”
“Oh,” Phillip replied, very relieved.  “I thought something really major had happened.”
Marian rolled her eyes as she pushed her way past Phillip and his doll.  “Trust me,” she said, “me not being able to take a bath is a really major thing!”  She headed into his bedroom.  “We’ve got to clean Vivian’s place today,” she said.  “So let’s get you dressed.”
Phillip wasn’t looking forward to finding out what he would be wearing…and he was looking forward to it.  Especially after the day before.  The diaper she threw at him to put on was inevitable.  But after that, he was surprised when she pulled all more normal stuff out of the closet for him to wear.  A pair of the women’s slacks – the only kind he had anymore.  One of his small bras, and a simple top.  She pulled his red high heels out next, and he remembered that Vivian wanted both of them wearing their red heels whenever they cleaned her house. 
“Nothing…different?” he asked.
“We’ve got work to do this morning,” she said.  “But if you want something different…or for you, I guess more fun, then I’m more than willing to accommodate you.”
Phillip quickly shook his head.  “No, no!” he replied quickly.  “This is great!  Thanks!”  He couldn’t dare let her know that he had really liked the dress-up stuff.”  Ten minutes later, he had a simple bow in his hair and just a tiny bit of makeup on his face to complete his simple look.
But now that he was dressed, it was time for him to come up with something for Marian to wear too.  He knew that she would have to go shopping sometime today, and he was planning on her wearing the new cow costume he had bought her.  But he didn’t want to spring that on her yet.  Especially not since they had to clean Mistress Vivian’s home first.  So he picked out just another short skirt outfit for her again – complete with underwear this time.  Since she was going easy on him today, then he figured he could go easy on her too.  At least until later.  But if she had put him in something more…outrageous, then he would have had no problem springing that new cow costume on her now.  “Okay,” he said a few minutes later, after she had put everything on, just do your hair and makeup and you’ll be good to go.
Marian headed into the bathroom to brush her hair.  She stared at herself in the mirror.  She looked horrible!  A moment later, she let out an all too loud and frustrated, “Damn it!”
Phillip grabbed Dolly and rushed to the bathroom again.  “Now what?” he asked, without actually stepping into the room.
“I can’t even grab the hair brush, and I know I can’t do my own makeup either!” she complained.
Phillip remembered that part of the instructions that Mistress Vivian had given them.  He had really been hoping that he wouldn’t have to handle those matters for Marian too.  He had enough to take care of as it was for the stupid cow.  But after seeing that she couldn’t take a bath that morning, then he should have known better.  With another look around to spot any hidden snakes, he quickly snuck into the bathroom and grabbed her hair brush, then he turned and immediately left.  “Come on,” he said, “I’d rather do this in the kitchen.”  With a roll of her eyes, Marian followed.
With Marian seated in one of the kitchen chairs, Phillip looked over Marian’s hair.  How the heck was he supposed to brush it?  He didn’t have a clue!  What did Marian do with it every day?  He started running the brush tentatively through a few sections, then gave up and just stared at it for a moment.  “Shit!” he exclaimed. “I’ll be right back.” 
He was gone several minutes, but when he came back, Marian’s eyebrows went up.  A moment later, he was fixing bows into her hair – all over!  She didn’t even know how many. 
“That will have to do,” Phillip told her.  “Now, what do we do about makeup?”
For once, Marian’s head was totally blank about the subject of makeup.  She couldn’t have answered him if she wanted to.  It was simply a subject that went totally out of her head…for a while.
Phillip and Dolly went back to the bathroom and came back with a handful of her makeup.  He pulled one of the other kitchen chairs out and sat down in front of her.  Now what should he do.  Foundation?  He grabbed the bottle of liquid foundation, then looked at her face.  Why bother?  He wasn’t sure how much good it would do anyway.  Eye makeup!  He was sure that had to be a must.  He just wasn’t sure exactly what to do with it.  He grabbed a few things and carefully went to work on her face.  When he was done, he sat back and looked at it, and almost broke out laughing.  “I don’t think I did a very good job,” he told her, trying to suppress a smirk.  “But it will have to do for today.”
“Can I get up now?” Marian asked, glad that the ordeal was over with.  Having to sit there while he made up her face hadn’t been fun in the least.  In fact, at times she had been a bit frightened – especially when he was working around her eyes.
“Sure,” he said.  As far as I’m concerned, you’re good to go. 
She didn’t thank him.  She just got up from her seat and wandered into the bathroom to look at herself in the mirror there.  Ugh!  Her face looked more like a child had done her makeup.  It was awful!  And…she had colorful bows all over her hair.  And worse, she knew she wouldn’t be able to touch any of it.  She’d be stuck wearing it all until he decided otherwise.  Double ugh!  But she guessed it could have been a lot worse.  Especially after what she had put him through yesterday.

Vivian left her front door open because she continually kept going back to look out of it to see when those two idiots would finally get there to start cleaning.  The fact that it was still fifteen minutes early didn’t mean anything to her.  She wanted to go shopping and they were keeping her from it!  She finally saw Phillip’s car drive up and park.  “Finally!” she grunted.  Actually, she couldn’t wait to see how her two playthings had dressed each other today.  But when they both got out of the car, she was very disappointed.  Phillip wasn’t wearing anything out of the ordinary at all!  And Marian…well, okay, all the bows and the really childish makeup job did look pretty embarrassing, she had to give Phillip a lot of credit for that.  But why hadn’t Marian dressed him any better?  She had seen some of the things she had bought for him.  Now she wanted to see some of those things on him.
“You’re late!” she complained to both of them?”
Marian was totally surprised by that statement.  As far as the clocks were concerned, they were five full minutes early. 
Vivian looked directly at Marian, “Why didn’t you dress him more…interestingly?” she asked.
“We’ve got work to do,” Marian replied.  “That is, unless you don’t want your place cleaned properly because we’re too worried about messing up our outfits.”
Vivian glared back at her.  Damn the stupid cow!  She did have a point.  “Well get to it!” she said as she led the way back into the townhouse.  “I want all the floors mopped and shining.  I want all the laundry done.  I want the whole house clean and spotless!  And trust me, if I find even one thing not right, you’re both going to regret it. 
Marian forced herself not to make any reaction that Vivian might notice.  “Don’t worry,” she said, “we’ll…”
Marian moos like a cow!” Vivian said quickly overtop of what Marian was saying.
“Moo!” Marian’s voice finished.  Marian’s eyes went wide with surprise.  Then her face simply settled into a look of total frustration.
“Maybe spending the whole weekend mooing will teach you to be on time for once!  Now get busy!  Both of you.”  With that, she grabbed her purse and walked out.  She had some ideas on something she desperately wanted to find.  Something with big bright yellow sunflowers – set on a field of sunny yellow!

Marian mooed again as she watched Vivian driving off.  She was completely irked at being stuck only mooing again – for the whole weekend!  And then another thought hit her.  She had to go shopping later.  How the heck was she supposed to handle that?  But most likely, Vicious Vivian never thought about that when she had given her the mooing command.
With a shake of her head, she turned and headed straight for the DVD player where she swapped the disks.  She hid the old one in the bottom of the trash can.  She held the trash can out toward Phillip and mooed.
“You want me to take this out now?”
Marian nodded her head and mooed again.  The sooner it was out of there the safer they would be. 
Phillip shrugged his shoulders and grabbed the trash can.  A minute later, he was out of the apartment heading for the big trash dumpsters.  By the time he came back, Marian was already pulling their laundry out of the back seat of his car and into the house.  Despite having the trash can and Dolly in his arms, Phillip still managed to grab an armload of their things and carry them in.

Marian felt very relieved about having that final disk in place.  She was rushing things with it by putting more into the recording than she knew was good, but hopefully it would all still work…or at least enough of it.  And if not, then she’d make another one to continue the process.  But her hopes were for this one to be the last.  Now if Vivian would just watch the thing and pick up a few of the hidden suggestions from it.  But judging by the way Vivian had been dressing for the last few weeks, she was fairly sure that the disk would work just fine on Vivian.  At least, she hoped it would. 
Her mind turned again to having to go out shopping…or at least spend time in public around people for a few hours later that day…or that night.  She still didn’t know when she was going to be going, or when she would be able to go.  With Vivian around, there was no telling about anything.  The woman was completely off her rocker…even more so now because of some of the hidden suggestions that Marian had put into the disks that Vivian had already seen.
But if Marian did go shopping, and she could only moo, then how the heck was she going to handle talking to anyone?  One thing she knew wouldn’t come out of her mouth – was to admit to anyone who asked that she was nothing but a stupid cow.  But of course, her mooing would probably say all that – and more.

After cleaning the townhouse several times over the last few weeks, they each were fairly used to the tasks they had to do.  Marian spent most of her time on the laundry, and Phillip did floors and dusted.  Together they tackled things like her bedroom and bathroom upstairs.  The part that Marian couldn’t believe was all the new bags of things that Vivian kept buying – many of which appeared to remain completely unopened.  The clothing racks in the spare bedroom were starting to fill up, much of it with yellow clothing items.  Marian smiled at that.  Hopefully, Vivian’s “yellow” phase would soon be replaced with something else.  Hopefully.  Because when it was, then she would have the proof she needed that the new DVD was working.
At lunchtime, Phillip announced that he was taking off to get them something to eat.  It was something that Marian hadn’t even thought about.  She simply mooed her okay and let him go.  As Phillip left the housing area, he tried to figure out which fast food place he wanted to go to.  He had found out the hard way last night just how well known he was at the place where he usually went.  And after last night, he had no doubt that the word about him had spread even more there.  But if he went somewhere else, would he only be starting a bad reputation there too?  Would it be better to stay with the one place where they already knew about him instead of spreading his problems even wider? 
Since it was his favorite place, and it wasn’t too far out of the way from where Mistress Vivian lived, he decided to go back there again.  Fortunately, he could stay in the car this time.  He pulled into the line of waiting cars and eventually made it around to the window where he could pick up his food. 
“Hey, it’s the princess from last night!” the girl inside exclaimed – all too loudly.  And then she turned around and called out, “He’s back again!  Only no princess costume today!”
Phillip literally felt his face turning red.  Did that girl always work the window?  Didn’t she ever go home?  Maybe he should have gone somewhere else. 
The girl turned back to him.  “You’re not coming inside today?”
“Not today,” he replied.  “Can I just get my food?”
“Sure,” she replied as she checked the order – before she started pouring a drink.  “Hey,” she said, there’s only one drink, but two meals here.  Are you sure you don’t need another one?”
“No,” Phillip replied, not happy about that situation at all.  “One will do just fine.”  He not only had two more bottles of Marian’s milk with him that he had to drink, there were still three more back in the apartment.  After last night and now this morning, he was starting to collect way too many of them.  He supposed the only way out of that mess would be to drink more of them – something he wasn’t too happy about doing.  Lately, he never seemed to get anything else to drink, only because he couldn’t get through all her baby bottles anymore and he had to drink them first.
He finally paid for the food and the girl told him to hurry back…and come inside again.  Not likely!  He wondered again if maybe he shouldn’t have gone somewhere else to get lunch.


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Interesting that Marian has started just saying udders w/out ...breasts after. Will she have to wear her cow costume everywhere but work now? Should be interesting.

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I hope the girl at the fast food drive-thru window asks Phillip out on a date but requires he dress as Phyllis for her privately... she obviously likes him.