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Hypnotized and Humiliated - Chapter 27 Part 4 of 4

Hypnotized and Humiliated
By Karen Singer

Chapter 27 Part 4 of 4

With the cow costume bought, Phillip had no place else that he could think of to go for a while to kill more time in public.  But he did still have to go grocery shopping.  Unfortunately, the store he had just come out of had only taken up about half an hour of the two hours he needed to fill.  He didn’t think he could waste an hour and a half in the grocery store.  So where could he go? 
With nothing else in mind, he drove toward the grocery store, hoping to spot someplace where he could go to wander around for a while…and feel totally humiliated.  Ugh!  He hated the prospect of what he had to do…but at the same time, he really wished he had time to try to get his hand inside his diaper where he might stand a chance of doing things that the diaper usually got in the way of.
He spotted a gas station that didn’t have any other cars there just then.  He quickly pulled in and up to one of the gas pumps.  Taking as much time as he could, he and Dolly filled his car with gas, all the while glancing around to see who might be watching him too closely…other than every car on the busy road in front of him.  With no worries about gas for a while, he got back into his car and continued on in the direction of the grocery store – searching for some kind of time wasting thing that he could do – and that wouldn’t be too embarrassing.  As if such a thing were possible. 
All too soon though, he found himself parking the car in the grocery store’s parking lot.  Holding tightly onto Dolly for the moral support, he got out of the car and headed inside.  How could Marian have even suggested that he have fun while he was dressed so ridiculously?  How could she ever think that he could enjoy being out in public being totally humiliated?  It was totally cruel of her.  Of course, as much as he blamed Marian, he knew that the real problem was Mistress Vivian, yet his brain still tried to put most of the blame on the stupid cow back in his apartment. 
That new DVD of hers had better work!  He didn’t think he could go through this kind of humiliation again.  As he put Dolly and his purse in the child’s seat of the shopping cart, he was more than aware of everyone within sight staring at him.  Why did grocery stores have to be so well lit?  Did any of those people looking at him know how humiliated he felt?  Did any of those people have any idea how much he wanted to turn around and run…but couldn’t.  And did any of them have any idea at all how horny he was?  Ugh!  What a predicament to be in!
With nothing but time to kill, he started at one end of the store and slowly pushed the cart where he could look at everything possible.  He put very little into the cart.  He had no intention of doing much in the way of cooking at all.  In fact, he had no intention of cooking anything.  He himself hadn’t eaten anything yet that night.  His plans were to enjoy a sandwich in the privacy of his apartment after he got home.  Of course, sometime after he got home, he was going to have to spend an hour basically eating something else – that he was not going to enjoy at all.  Ugh!  He didn’t want to dwell too long on that horrible prospect.
He looked long and hard at all the fresh produce, particularly any of it that resembled grass of any kind.  He was sorely tempted to buy some to feed Marian, but one look at most of it that even remotely resembled grass and he realized he’d be wasting his time and money.  The packages were made to be added to salads and there wasn’t enough in any of them for more than a mouthful for Marian to eat.  So he wound up passing it all by.
It was in the cereal aisle that he put most of the things into the cart.  Five large boxes of different kinds of cereal – that he liked.  He had no idea what kind of cereal Marian liked, but then right now, he knew that Marian had no idea as to that either, so he went with his own tastes.  He bought so many boxes because it was simply a lot easier to pour Marian a bowl of cereal to eat than do anything else.  He knew the stupid cow wouldn’t complain.  Why should he bother doing anything more?  And after he had found all the cereal, he felt proud of himself.  By his best estimate, he had managed to waste at least fifteen whole minute just picking out cereal boxes before he slowly moved on.
The only aisle he didn’t spend any time in…in fact, compared to the other aisles he practically hurried though it…was the baby aisle.  Baby food, and baby formula, and baby bottles.  Baby care products of all kinds.  He had enough of those things in his life just then.  And all of them were things he would really like to get rid of – like the overly soaked diapers he was wearing under his dress.  He’d been wearing them all day now and he was pretty sure that they were getting close to the leaking point.  And that was another little worry he had to deal with.  But he hadn’t had nearly enough to drink yet all day, so they had lasted all day.  He would have to spend a few hours drinking a lot of Marian’s milk before he went to bed that night, but he was planning on those bottles washing the taste of that “other thing” out of his mouth!  No doubt whatever diaper he wore to bed that night would be close to leaking by morning.
He turned up the next aisle and immediately slowed to barely a crawl.  Soup!  Soup was easy to fix.  No doubt it would do Marian some good to eat a bowl of soup every once in a while.  He guessed he could cook that much.  Actually, he might even be able to cook it in the microwave.  Even better!  One by one, mostly to kill time, he started examining closely what kinds of soup were available.
“Look Mommy!”
Phillip turned around quickly.  A little girl and her mother had just turned up the aisle behind him.  And…the little girl was wearing a pink princess outfit – in the store!   Panic hit him as the little girl ran laughingly straight toward him.  He stared in horror as she stopped just two feet away and looked up delightedly at him. 
“You’ve got a pretty dress,” she said to him with a big smile on her face.
Phillip did his best to control the panic in his stomach.  He even managed somewhat of a smile.  “So do you,” he replied.  “And yours is all pink.”
The little girl twirled all the way around, letting the skirt of her dress fly out for a moment before she stopped to stare up at him again.  “I like your crown,” she said to Phillip.  “It’s real pretty.”
Phillip touched the tiara fastened into his hair.  “Uh…thanks,” he replied.  “You’re real pretty too.”  He realized that her mother had stopped just out of the way and was watching them closely.  He looked up at her only briefly before turning his attention back to the little girl.
“You’ve got a magic wand!” the little girl exclaimed next.  “I wish I had one.”  She turned back to her mother.  “I want a magic wand too!” she demanded.
“No Angela, not tonight,” her mother replied.  “They don’t have them in this store, we’ll have to find one somewhere else.”
“I want one!” the little girl insisted.
“I told you, not tonight!” the mother insisted.
Phillip realized that the girl was about to go into a full blown temper tantrum.  Quickly he turned around and plucked Dolly from his cart.  “Hey,” he said.  “Did you see my dolly?”  He stooped down close to the girl and held Dolly where she could see it better.
The little girl’s eyes went wide at seeing the big doll in his arms.  “She’s pretty!” she said.  “Can I hold her?” she asked as she reached out and tried to take it from him. 
Taking a chance, Phillip let go of Dolly and the little girl hugged Dolly tightly.  The fact that Dolly was half as big as the girl didn’t seem to bother her in the least.  “Her name is Dolly,” Phillip told her.  “And she’s real nice to hold onto.”
The girl turned to her mother.  “I want one like this!” she demanded.
Phillip looked up questioningly at the mother.  She looked totally exasperated with her little girl.  “Sorry,” Phillip said to her.  “I was only trying to stop what I thought might be an argument because of the wand.”
“No problem,” the woman replied, still looking at him uncertainly.  “She does this all the time.  And I’m afraid I give in to her all the time just to keep her happy.”
Phillip nodded.  He was about to ask for Dolly back when the mother asked, “So what are you doing here, dressed like that?”
Um…  “Costume party,” he replied.  “I got tired of it and left soon after it started.”
“I’m surprised that you would be out in public in an outfit like that,” the woman noted.
Phillip tried to smile.  “So am I.  But…well, here I am.”
The woman looked down at her daughter.  “Give the nice man his doll back Angela,” she said.  Phillip held out his hands for the doll, but he didn’t get it until after Angela had given Dolly another big hug.  But he was nothing but relieved to have Dolly back in his arms again.
Phillip stood up, wanting to be done with the girl and get back to his slow motion shopping.  He noticed the mother looking at him with a strange look on her face.  He wasn’t in the mood for any more embarrassing questions, but he knew he was about to get one.
“Um…” the woman started uncertainly.  “Would you mind if I took a picture of you and Angela together?  Two princesses out grocery shopping?”
The little girl was suddenly totally delighted with the idea.  “Yeah, yeah, yeah!” she exclaimed happily as she quickly stood in front of him and turned to face her mother. 
Phillip realized he really wasn’t going to get much of a choice in the matter.  “I guess, go ahead,” he told the mother.  He waited while she dug her cell phone out of her purse, stood back, aimed it, and took a picture. 
“It’s hard to get both of your outfits together.  You’re too big…or she’s too small.”
Phillip quickly divined the answer to that problem.  In his blue princess gown, with Dolly cradled in one arm, he stooped down and picked up the little girl in her pink dress with his free arm where his wand was dangling from his wrist.  He cradled her on his hip and managed to grab the wand in his hand as well.  Then, while the little girl laughed, the mother took several more pictures. 
“Totally precious!” the mother declared as she finished.  “Thank you, so much,” she added as Phillip set her daughter on the floor.
“Um…you’re welcome,” Phillip replied.  A moment later, the woman dragged her daughter down to the end of the aisle where they turned out of sight, but the little girl had kept trying to look back at him the entire way.  Phillip breathed a sigh of relief.  He was glad they were gone.  But…had he enjoyed himself with the little girl?  As much as he hated to say it, he realized that it hadn’t been that bad.  There had been no “sexual” thrill in it at all, and yet, it had been…somewhat fun.
By the time Phillip paid for his groceries, and refreshed his lipstick just inside the door, and actually got out of the grocery story, he had been seen by way too many people, played with another “princess,” been subjected to non-stop humiliation everywhere he looked…and he was as horny as he could ever remember being.  And the clock in his car told him he still had more than half an hour that he had to kill before he could go home. 
Since it was getting late, and he was hungry, he decided he had little choice but to actually go inside of the fast food restaurant where he would normally have stayed in his car.  When he got there, he was pleased to see that there were only a few cars in the parking lot.  Holding Dolly tightly in one arm and his purse and wand in his other hand, he got out of the car and nervously approached the building.  He could see a few people inside looking at him through the big plate glass windows from the moment he got out of his car.  He had no doubt that the big bright tiara on his head was probably acting like a neon sign, pointing straight at him. 
He actually hugged Dolly tighter for a moment as he opened the door and stepped inside.  His eyes immediately started scanning the interior.  He saw only about half a dozen customers, most of whom were now looking at him with either surprised or amused looks on their faces.  By the time he approached the counter, he figured every worker in the place had come out for a look at him.
“Oh my God!” one of the girls way back toward the drive-thru window exclaimed as she stared at him.  “It’s the guy from the car!”
Yeah, they all knew about him.  Nervously, he approached the cash register, trying to keep his eyes on the menu overhead while he decided what he wanted to eat – which he already knew. 
“You decided to come inside!” the girl behind the register exclaimed.  “And you’ve got a princess outfit on today!”
Phillip could feel his face turning red.  Coming in here had been a bad idea.  But he was there now and he still had time he had to kill in a public place where people could see him…and laugh at him.  “Um…yeah,” he said simply.  “Can I have…”
“Your doll is adorable,” she said.
“Um…yeah,” he replied, trying to keep his eyes on the sign overhead.  “I’d like…”
“How come you brought it in with you?  The wand too?”
“Um…they go with the outfit,” he explained before turning his eyes back to the sign overhead.  “I think…”
“How come you always wear the weird women’s clothes?” the girl asked next.  “And especially that outfit tonight?”
“Um…costume party,” he replied as his eyes went back to the menu board.  “I’d like…”
“But how about all the rest of the time, when you don’t get out of your car?”
Phillip figured it was time to find a new fast-food restaurant.  Obviously, he had too much of a reputation there already.  “Um…what are the chances of getting some food tonight?” he asked.
“Oh, no problem,” the girl replied.  “You mean, you really wanted something?”
Phillip was tempted to hit her with his magic wand – turn her into a frog or something.
There were no “good” seats in the place where he could sit out of the way without being seen…and he did look carefully before he finally selected a table that was unfortunately next to one of the plate glass windows.  It was either that where he could only be seen well from one side, or sit in the middle where he could be seen all too well by everyone.  He quickly refreshed his lipstick and started eating.  Nervously.  Even more nervously since just after he started eating several cars drove up and he watched as a number of young women got out of them.  College girls he figured.  And they all saw him through the window.  Just great!
Things didn’t improve at all for Phillip as the girls all came inside – ignoring the counter where they would have to order their food.  Instead, they all seemed to head straight for him.
“Such a pretty tiara,” one of them said laughingly as she came and sat down right across from him at the table.  She was soon joined in the booth by another one…and another girl shoved him over and sat in the same seat where he was sitting…and he couldn’t count the number of girls who were standing at the side of the table. 
Phillip really wished he had decided to stay in the grocery store instead.  He could have simply started shopping all over again. 
“So where’s the party?” the girl who had spoken a moment earlier asked.
“Right here,” the girl sitting next to Phillip replied as they all started laughing. 
“Oh look at the doll!” One of them exclaimed as she caught sight of Dolly down by Phillip’s side.  “She’s adorable!”
“Let me see it!” another of the girls asked.
Phillip’s eyes searched across a few of the girls, then nervously, he reached down and pulled Dolly up onto the table, keeping her way back from where the girls could reach her…but not quite far enough from where the girls on the other side of the table could reach…unfortunately.  The girl closest to Dolly quickly reached out and grabbed her. 
“Oh my God!” she exclaimed as she hugged the doll to her chest.  “This thing is so soft.”
“Let me feel!” another of the girls exclaimed.
Phillip watched in horror as Dolly got passed around to each and every girl there.  Dolly was certainly getting a lot of love, Phillip was simply too scared to know what was going on.
While the girls were all mostly focused on Dolly, Phillip suddenly felt something pull at his left wrist.
“Hey, what’s this?” the girl sitting next to him asked as she pulled his wand up that had been dangling from his wrist.  “It’s a magic wand!” she exclaimed as she held it straight up and started laughing.  “How perfect!”
“Did you do any magic with it tonight?” another of the girls laughingly asked.
Phillip didn’t bother replying.  Instead, he grabbed the wand out of her hand and held it so they couldn’t try to pass that around too.  Of course, they would have had to untie it from his wrist first, which wasn’t all that bad an idea.
“Hey,” the one sitting next to him exclaimed as she suddenly scooted in closer to him.  “Somebody take my picture!” 
Horrified, Phillip had to endure being photographed with the girl…then with another girl…then with another.  By the time they finished taking pictures, he had not only been photographed with each of them, but there had been a lot of group shots as well. 
“Hey,” one of them said, “I can’t stay much later.”
Phillip was so relieved when all of them finally left him alone.  Most of them headed for the counter to order some food, some of them headed directly out to one of the cars.  Phillip left most of his dinner untouched.  He quickly refreshed his lipstick, grabbed his purse, wand, and Dolly and hurried out to his car.  Whew!  He’d never go there again!  He checked the clock in his car.  Way past time to be home.  He wasted no time at all in heading back to his apartment.


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