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Hypnotized and Humiliated - Chapter 26 Part 2 of 3

Hypnotized and Humiliated
By Karen Singer

Chapter 26 Part 2 of 3

They were early, but not by much.  The stares that Phillip got as he walked into work were almost enough to make him turn around and go home.  Unfortunately, Marian had driven that day and she wasn’t letting him back into the car.  He had no choice but to go into the building and ride up the elevator – with two other people he didn’t even know.  Humiliating!  Once off the elevator, he waddled as fast as he could for the office.  He sat down at his desk without bothering to even turn on the light.  And once he was there, he had no intention of getting up again for any reason at all!  Hopefully.
Marian was amused at Phillip’s reaction and the way he tried to hurry to the office.  She couldn’t blame him, but she was still very amused by it all.  But as far as she was concerned, the humiliation served him right – especially after going out of his way to treat her like nothing but an animal.  And since he didn’t let her go shopping last night, her head still hurt!  She had barely turned on the office light and sat down before Ashley and Courtney arrived.  It was the latest she had gotten to work in a long time.

“Good morning ladies!” Vivian crooned as she sashayed into the office two minutes late again.  Seeing all the heads turning to look at her…and especially the looks of envy on all their faces made arriving late much more worthwhile.  She decided that from now on she would always be fashionably late, just so they all could see and enjoy her marvelous outfits more.  She twirled slowly so they all could see her yellow splendor better as she made her way to her desk. 
A big silly looking banana!  That’s how Beverly saw Vivian as she waltzed happily into the room.  How could the woman possibly think she looked good?  Every bit of everything she was wearing was totally yellow!  She looked – ridiculous.  And worse, Vivian seemed to be totally happy with her appearance.  The woman had lost it for sure!
Beverly didn’t know it, but every other woman in the room thought exactly the same thing – especially Marian, who was nothing but totally delighted to see the expanding yellow theme of Vivian’s wardrobe.  She could only hope that some of the other little suggestions she had been putting into those DVDs were taking root.  But by the way Vivian was dressing, she had little doubt that they were.  If only she had realized sooner what Vivian was doing with her schedule for re-hypnotizing them and using her written list of commands she had stuck into them.  Then she might be out of her current situation by now.  Hopefully though, next week for sure!
Vivian sat down after “casually” looking over Marian.  The stupid cow looked okay, but not as good as she usually looked.  Since Marian was sitting at her desk, she really couldn’t see much of her other than from her chest up.  Sissy Phillis was supposed to go shopping for things to humiliate her last night.  Did he?  She guessed that because of work, anything he may have bought her would be wasted until she went shopping the next time, most likely on Friday when she was planning on going out with Marian just so she could hear her admit to everyone that she was nothing but a stupid smelly cow!  She couldn’t wait!
She turned her computer on and glanced across the aisle toward Phillip where she really expected to see something different.  But he was turned more toward the far wall than usual as he worked, making it more difficult for her, or anyone, to see him very well.  She couldn’t see anything from the back of him that gave her a clue as to what Marian had bought him.  Frustrated, as soon as she could, she typed Marian an email asking what she had bought for Phillip and what he was wearing today that had him hiding more than usual. 
Marian read Vivian’s email.  She had been tempted earlier to tell Vivian about what Phillip had done to her last night and about the headache she still had because of it, but since Vivian had asked directly, the temptation to tell her became a thing of certainty.  In no uncertain words, she wrote back about how Philip had sent her back to her stall last night and completely prevented her from going shopping.  And she especially told Vivian about the painful splitting headache she’d been enduring ever since.  And since it wasn’t her fault that she couldn’t go shopping, wasn’t there something that Vivian could do to remove her pain?  She finished the email though by telling Vivian that Phillip was hiding more than usual today because of the three layers of diapers she had put on him so that they couldn’t be missed – by anyone.  She added the last part only to show that she had still gone out of her way to find something new for Phillip to be embarrassed over.  Despite all the content in her email, typing it didn’t take long and Marian soon had it sent on its way to Vivian.
A minute later Vivian was pouring thought Marian’s email – not happily.  She sent Phillip a quick email asking him why he hadn’t allowed Marian to go shopping last night.  The email she got back from him never came close to answering that question.  Instead, he complained about how he had gone to all the trouble to buy her a new purse last night – one shaped like a cow, which he thought was absolutely perfect for her, but she had refused to carry it this morning, and he had been unable to make her carry the thing.  He also added that he had put two layers of diapers on Marian today in such a way that once the first layer started leaking, it would be absorbed by the second layer, and because the system should work so well, he had revoked all her bathroom privileges. 
Vivian read Phillip’s email with interest.  So now the stupid cow was in diapers too.  Lovely.  But his email didn’t answer her question at all.  She sent back another email to Phillip asking again why he didn’t let her go shopping last night, and if he bought her anything else to humiliate her with.  And again, the answer she got back a few minutes later never answered her original question.  Instead, she now knew that Marian’s stall was filled with hay.  Fitting for her.  Totally fitting.  But it didn’t help with her original question.  Really the two of them were getting more and more like children every single day!  It was ridiculous!  Like it or not, she was going to have to step in again and take care of matters personally.  She wrote back to both of them how disappointed she was in each of them and that she would be at their apartment that night to talk to both of them again.  Really, their childishness was so ridiculous!  But then what else could she expect from a stupid sissy and an even more stupid cow?

Phillip tried shifting in his seat again to get himself more comfortable, but the huge bulk of diapers under him and between his legs didn’t exactly help matters.  It was all just hard to get used to.  There were things he needed to do…things he needed to print or put into the office distribution system that he was purposely leaving undone.  There was no way he was getting out of his seat at all!  He sent Marian a note reminding her to get a bottle of water at break time and drink it.  He supposed he had to tell her to drink it because the stupid cow was so dumb she might not realize she had to.  A few minutes later, he noticed her walking past him on her way out of the room.  He noticed that the material of her skirt around her butt was stretched a bit tighter, but it didn’t give any other hint of the diapers she was wearing underneath.  Pity.  But would it later when they got wetter?  He could only hope.  Since she couldn’t relieve herself in the ladies room that day, he was sure that she was heading for the elevators to moo again like the stupid cow that she was.  Served her right! 

Letting out a number of long loud moos in the elevator felt incredibly good to Marian.  She went an extra trip to a few other floors just to moo a few more times before she got out and started back toward the office.  A short way from the elevators, she turned into the ladies room like she always did in hopes that maybe she could get the stupid diapers off and use the toilet like everyone else.  But she knew it was hopeless from the moment she walked into the stall and stared at the thing.  She couldn’t even find it in herself to pull her skirt up out of the way.  Disappointed and now having to pee, she headed back to her desk, her mind filled with thoughts centered around how long she was going to last before she had to wet herself…and how bad was it going to feel – during and after.  The thoughts and her situation did nothing for the headache that Vivian hadn’t bothered to remove from her.  Ugh!

Phillip had a problem.  Actually many problems.  But his current problem was something he hadn’t had to face before – even though he knew he eventually would.  It was break time – the second break period actually.  And he had to drink something.  But now he couldn’t drink anything except the baby bottles of Marian’s milk until he finished them all – and since Marian was producing more and more milk each time, he hadn’t been able to drink all of them before he left the apartment that morning.  Knowing that Mistress Vivian had commanded him to drink all through the day now, he had little choice but to remove the one remaining full bottle from his purse.  Looking around quickly, he turned into the wall to try to hide what he was doing, and started drinking. 
“A baby bottle?”
Phillip turned quickly back toward Heather behind her.  She was looking at him with a shocked look on her face. 
“When is it going to end?” Heather exclaimed loudly.  “It’s totally ridiculous…and it keeps getting worse!”
“I love it!” Vivian stated loudly from across the aisle.  “I think it suits him perfectly!”
Heather looked over to Marian.  “How much longer is this going to go on?  It’s ridiculous!  And right here at work!  It’s one thing in the privacy of your home, but here at work…in public?  It’s not right and it’s nothing but totally cruel!  It needs to stop!”  But then Heather remembered that the one she was complaining to, wasn’t really the one who was responsible for all of Phillip’s humiliation.  She turned toward Vivian, intent on saying something, but the fact that the FBI was watching them all so closely and they wanted them left alone kept her from saying anything.  Instead, she quickly got up from her desk and headed to the ladies room to cool off.  It was simply stupid!  All of it.  When was the FBI going to finally come in and end it all?
Vivian looked across the aisle at Phillip again.  He had the baby bottle in his hand…but this was the first time all morning that he hadn’t been turned toward his computer or towards the wall.  And she now could see the huge breasts that Marian had given him again…as well as the odd bulk of what she could tell were diapers below his waist.  And even more surprisingly, she saw the band of white where his top didn’t come down far enough…and his pants didn’t come up far enough either.  The white of his thick diapers – that went oh so well with the white milk in the baby bottle he was drinking.  So absolutely precious.  So precious…and so wonderful to see.  “Drink up…baby,” she said with an all too gleeful smirk on her face.
Red faced, Phillip raised the bottle back to his lips…and turned his body back toward the wall and his computer again – doing everything he could to hide what he was doing as much as possible.  Not that it really mattered anymore.  As of now, they all knew.

By the time break was over, and Marian had cleaned up after everyone, and by the time she had now consumed the second of the two bottles of water that Phillip had emailed her that she had to drink, Marian was pretty much going crazy with the need to pee.  She considered herself fortunate that she sat at the very back of the room where nobody could see how much she was fidgeting around in her seat.  She knew she was going to have to break down and wet herself eventually, most likely very soon, but actually doing it was much harder than she ever thought it would be…which was part of the reason she was fighting it.  Of course, she wasn’t looking forward at all to being stuck in wet diapers for the rest of the day.  
Her phone rang.  Her nervous energy made her reach for it faster than she normally would.  “Hello?”  A moment later she said, “No problem.  I’ll be there.”  She hung up her phone.  It had been Loretta calling to tell her they had just called another department head meeting – right away.  No problem…except that she had to pee so badly now she couldn’t think straight.  Having little choice, she got up from her seat and walked out of the room…which was more like hurried out of the room since her need to pee had her moving faster than usual. 
Since she had the elevator to herself, she allowed herself the luxury of mooing several times on the way to the next floor – too short of a journey for her now, but it was still satisfying.  She left the elevator and began heading toward the conference room.  But ten steps out of the elevator she felt herself starting to lose the battle with holding her bladder.  It started small at first and her body forced itself to clamp down again and stop the flow, but a dozen steps later, the flow started again.  And this time it kept going.  Her walk continued, but it went from a fast walk to nearly a crawl as she felt the warm pee surrounding her inside her diapers.  It was awful!  It was horrible!  Step after slow step, she prayed that she wasn’t leaking – especially not noticeably.  She realized she was walking more wide legged than she usually did.  She forced herself to try to walk more normally, but the thick diapers wouldn’t completely let her do that. 
She prayed nobody would notice – just like she prayed nobody would find out about what she had just done…or about anything weird in her life now. 
“Hey Marian,” a male voice called as she crossed one of the hallways and another manager coming from a different direction joined her.  “Hey,” he said, “are you alright?  You look like you’ve just seen a ghost or something.”
“I’m…fine,” she managed to get out.  “It’s just…allergies,” she finally told him.  Well, she guessed it might be somewhat true.  She had no doubt that peeing herself and wearing wet diapers would qualify as something she was seriously allergic to!  Surprisingly, as the two of them walked together, it became much easier for her as the feeling of warm liquid inside her diapers receded more than she expected.  The thick diapers were quickly soaking all of it up amazingly well.  Now if only they could soak up all the rest of her problems she’d make a huge investment in the company!
The meeting was uneventful and uninteresting.  More of the same garbage that always came up.  The only good part of it was the mooing session she had enjoyed on the way up in the elevator…and again on the way down.  And as she walked past the ladies room on the way back to the office, she stopped to give it the longest wishful look imaginable.  With a heavy sigh, she continued back to the office – trying not to waddle along the way.

Phillip dreaded lunchtime.  Especially just then.  But he had no intention of going out to get any lunch at all for either himself or Marian.  Since she had dressed him so ridiculously, he wanted no part of being seen by anyone else.  Marian was just going to have to go hungry!  Him too for that matter.  But it would be a lot better than being out in public with such a huge amount of diapers showing.  
As soon as the clock ticked down the last minute to lunch, all the women got up from their desks and headed for the door, most of their lunchtime conversations having already started in the few remaining minutes before lunch.
“Coming Phillip?” Vivian called to him before all the women had gotten out of the room.  She asked the question, but her main purpose in asking him to come was so that she could see what he was wearing.
“Not today,” Phillip replied.
Vivian moved over closer to him and whispered.  “Get your ass up out of that chair and go get some lunch for yourself and your damn cow.  Now!”
Horrified, Phillip had no choice but to grab his purse and Dolly.  But he couldn’t get up to go yet.  He couldn’t because he had to fix his lipstick first.  To the tune of Mistress Vivian laughing at him, he quickly applied a fresh coat of lipstick before getting up and waddling as fast as he could after the other women…while Mistress Vivian continued to laugh wickedly behind him.  His luck became worse since all of the women, along with many others that he didn’t know, were still waiting at the elevators.  And the moment someone shouted “Oh my God!” he knew that every last person in the crowd was looking at him.  With Mistress Vivian walking delightedly behind him, he was forced to stop and stand there and wait for the elevators with everyone else…while everyone else stood there and gawked at him with unbelieving faces.  Well, he couldn’t believe it himself. 
As they stood by the elevators, Vivian knew she absolutely shouldn’t do it, but since there were so many gawking at Sissy Phyllis, she simply couldn’t resist.  She leaned over his shoulder and whispered in his ear.  “As soon as I move away from you, put your thumb in your mouth and suck on it till you get out to your car.”
But that thought brought up another horrifying thought.  He didn’t have his car that day.  Marian had driven them to work instead.  He turned to tell Mistress Vivian that, but she had already moved away from him…and like it or not, he found his thumb going straight up to his mouth.
Before he could figure out what to do, one of the elevators opened and the crowd thinned out – but not completely.  He had purposely stayed behind – not that he had been that close to the elevator door anyway.  He went in search of Mistress Vivian.  “I have to go back to the office,” he said, in a whispered voice with his thumb half out of his mouth.
“What for?” Vivian asked.
“Marian drove to work today.  I don’t have the keys to her car.”  His thumb went right back into his mouth. 
“Hurry up and get it, damn you!” Vivian ordered.  “And get right back.  I’ll be waiting right here so make sure you hurry.  Now go!”
As fast as he could, Phillip waddled back toward the office – hearing the faint sounds of people laughing at him behind him.  He got the keys from Marian, and had no choice but to waddle just as fast back to the elevators, where he could see everyone but Mistress Vivian getting onto the elevator and the doors closing them out of his sight.  Mistress Vivian was standing there waiting for him. 
“I love seeing you waddle like that,” Vivian said as he hurried up.  “Maybe we should consider keeping you diapered like that all the time.”
Phillip didn’t even want to contemplate that idea.  With his thumb still in his mouth, and hugging Dolly close, he rode the next elevator down to the ground floor with Mistress Vivian.  Vivian didn’t leave him until he was halfway to the car, but by that time, so many people had already seen him that there was no reason for him to not get lunch.  He went through another fast-food drive-thru and got another hamburger for himself and for Marian.  He hurried back to the office as quickly as he could – before the crowd returning from lunch could get any worse. 
Total humiliation!

By the middle of the afternoon, Marian had been forced to wet herself again, and now with the clock getting close to quitting time, she was once again faced with the battle.  She had decided not to stay and work too late that night – mostly because with Vivian coming to the apartment later, she was concerned about putting her computer away that was still sitting out on Phillip’s desk – with the program she had been working on still open.  She had to get rid of that incriminating evidence as soon as possible or she’d never be able to get herself out of the mess she was in…and that didn’t count the mess of her pee soaked diapers.  Or maybe it did count that too.
She gathered up her purse as most of the other women were doing, while Phillip was refreshing his lipstick again.  She didn’t know it, but Vivian had sent Phillip an email instructing him to make sure he would leave along with everyone else – with his thumb in his mouth the entire time. 
As the last few seconds ticked away, Vivian leaned over her desk towards Felicia.  “Felicia,” she whispered. “Hold on a moment.  I’m sure you’ll want to see this!”
“What?” Felicia asked as everyone suddenly got up from their seats.
Instead of answering, Vivian nodded toward Phillip who was just now grabbing Dolly and throwing his purse over his shoulder. 
“Oh my!” Felicia said.  “I heard he was out earlier, but I couldn’t see him then.  And he’s been keeping himself pretty much hidden all day.” 
She started to follow Phillip, but Vivian quickly said, “Wait!”  A moment later Marian walked past them too… but she was definitely walking funny.
Vivian carefully checked out the back of Marian’s short skirt.  Yeah, there was no doubt there was something bulky under there now.  It hadn’t looked that bad earlier, but she could see there was obviously something not quite right there now.  And…Marian was walking strangely.  Almost waddling.  With a laugh, she whispered to Felicia, “Marian is wearing two diapers too.  Phillip’s got three on.”
“I love it!” Felicia said happily.  “Especially that stupid shit Phillip.  I don’t care that much about Marian.  I’m surprised you’re still riding her that hard.”
Vivian smiled.  “It gets worse for both of them almost every day,” she said happily. 
All the way out of the building, Felicia loved seeing Phillip obviously so heavily diapered.  She was still very concerned though over the fact that Vivian was still working Marian over too.  All Felicia could think about was getting as far away from Vivian as soon as possible – before she got arrested!
As Vivian walked out of the building to the sight of Marian and the silly sissy in front of her, she couldn’t wait to see the two of them later tonight.  She had decided she was going to go shopping with Marian tonight instead of tomorrow night.  No use breaking up one of her primary shopping nights any more than she needed to.  Tomorrow night she could just take a few minutes to hypnotize each of them quickly and then get back to business – shopping!  And hopefully, tonight she could get there before Marian was done being milked again.


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