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Hypnotized and Humiliated - Chapter 25 Part 3 of 3

Hypnotized and Humiliated
By Karen Singer

Chapter 25 Part 3 of 3

For Phillip, his dinner was peaceful and quiet, even though his stomach still churned with humiliation and worry over someone seeing him.  He had parked his car at the very back corner of the fast food restaurant where no other cars were anywhere near.  At least he had a good chance of being alone…and there wouldn’t be any mooing or bell clanging that he would have to listen to.  For a while, he wished he could just stay there all night.  But he couldn’t.  Mistress Vivian had decreed that he had to go out and be in public – for at least two hours.  Ugh!
When his dinner was finished, he could no longer delay heading out to go shopping.  But where should he start?  Where do you buy women’s clothes – that would humiliate a woman?  And what kind of clothes would humiliate a woman?  He supposed there had to be some things, but what?  And worse, as decreed by Mistress Vivian, Marian had to look somewhat normal for work.  There was no way at all that he could buy anything to humiliate her.  Except when she went out shopping herself.  And he intended to keep that to a strict minimum…or not at all if he could help it.  She couldn’t hurt him if she was stuck in her stall all the time.  And she might as well just stay there.  She deserved it anyway.  The stupid cow!
With no special options in mind, and knowing he had no other choice but to go somewhere in public and put himself fully on display for the delight of everyone else, he wound up driving to one of the big department stores.  At least it wasn’t a weekend, and even though he saw more cars in the parking lot than he was happy about, he felt lucky that it wasn’t worse.  Of course, one car in the parking lot would have been more than enough.
He didn’t want to get out of his car.  He didn’t want to go into the store, but there was a sudden sharp pain in his back from just thinking about not going in, and the longer he stayed in his car the worse the pain got.  It literally drove him out of his car and toward the big brightly lit store.  He really hated his life just then.  Of course, lately, he simply hated his life – period!
The pain didn’t fully let up until he had gone through the doors and he was inside the store.  With the pain now gone, he hugged Dolly to his chest as he nervously looked around.  As he should have expected, he was in the men’s department.  He had parked where he always used to park before his recent problems, and he had come in through the same door. 
Despite the fact that he’d rather stay in the men’s department – no matter how he was dressed, he knew that he’d never find anything for Marian there.  He moved on and soon found himself in the home goods department instead where he killed some time by slowly looking around.  The department wouldn’t help him at all with finding something for Marian, but it did help him kill some time.  Beyond the home goods was the children’s department.  Still no help as far as Marian was concerned, but again, it was a way to waste time.  However, while he looked at everything carefully, particularly in the girls department, he found himself far more interested in what he was looking at than in the previous sections of the store.  But even in his present state, he dared not make it look like he was as interested in most of it as he really was.
Doing his best to ignore all the strange looks he got from people, he continued slowly moving through every department.  So what if everyone thought he was trying to find things to buy for himself.  Although, to be honest, he did keep half an eye for things that caught his fancy, particularly in the women’s department.  But he’d never buy anything for himself.  Not this time.  Not ever – if he could help it.  
More than a few amused saleswomen asked if they could help him find something.  He was tempted a few times to ask them what he could buy to humiliate another woman, but he didn’t bother.  He simply told them all that he was just looking and left it at that.  Fortunately, they all left him alone…sort of.  They all did keep watching him all too closely, just like everyone else in the store seemed to be watching.  His new life!  Ugh!  Trying to ignore them all, he slowly pressed on.  There was no use going fast.  Mistress Vivian had specified not less than two hours in public – every other day.  Was there a clown convention anywhere in town where he could hide out?
He had been in the store for quite a while looking at way too many things that he knew would be useless.  Eventually though, he found himself wandering through a large section of the store where he spotted something he couldn’t help but look at more closely.  It might not be perfect, but it would still be very good.  And there was no way he could pass up buying it.  He had no doubt at all that Marian would really like it.  Well, no doubt she wouldn’t like it at all.  But that was the whole point!
Feeling better that he at least had bought something, he and Dolly carried their prize back out to the car.  He didn’t know what time it was, but he saw he still needed to spend a little more time in public.  But he didn’t really want to go back into that store again.  He had already been through it too many times and the salespeople were all giving him looks like they might call the police.  He headed towards home instead, hoping he could spot someplace he could go in and hang out for a while – where there wouldn’t be too many people. 
But not far from the department store, he found the perfect place.  He parked the car and carried Dolly inside.  He wasn’t alone in the huge store, not by a long shot, but there weren’t all that many customers.  And in one of the areas of the store, he found something he absolutely had to buy. 
By the time he actually bought it and got it into his car, his public time was more than used up and he happily headed home.  No, he didn’t really find much for Marian to wear that would humiliate her.  But he still considered his trip to be successful.

Marian mooed her distress the moment she heard the door opening.  And a moment later, she saw Phillip glance at her as he and Dolly walked past.  And then he was gone, heading toward his bedroom.  She mooed again.  She had seen him carrying a bag.  What had he found?  She wasn’t sure she really wanted to know.  Whatever it was, would be trouble for her. 
And then he was back again, walking past her again, ignoring her again, and going out the door – again.  He was gone a little while.  Longer than she expected.  And then she heard strange noises coming from the area of the door that she couldn’t figure what they were.  It almost sounded like he was struggling with something.  With what?  What was going on?  From her stall, she couldn’t tell anything.  And then she heard the door closing.  She couldn’t make out for a moment what the next sound she was hearing was, until she realized he was dragging something heavy.  She watched carefully, trying to see the first sign of what was going on.  And when she did see, she was sorry she was seeing what was now in front of her. 
Phillip dragged the heavy bale of hay from the hallway by the door, into the living room, and straight into Marian’s stall.  Whew!  He ignored the angry mooing from the cow and picked Dolly up from the top of the hay.  Then he left her again.  He needed a drink – even if it had to be another bottle of her stupid milk.  He grabbed a bottle for himself from the refrigerator, and took a quick drink… which from a baby bottle took more than the small amount of time it should have taken.  After that, he poured a glass of water for her before dumping it into her bowl.  “Drink!” he ordered, and watched as her head immediately bent down into the bowl.  Stupid cow!
He was beat!  And dragging that hay bale up the steps and into the apartment while wearing heels had been particularly difficult – particularly on his feet!  And having his arms further burdened with Dolly hadn’t helped matters either.  He went back to the kitchen where he found a sharp knife and brought that back to her stall.  He saw her looking fearfully at the knife.  He held the blade toward her.  “You know what I’d really like to do with this, don’t you?”
Marian mooed in fear and moved as far back from him as she could.  She wasn’t sure if Phillip meant to use the knife on her or not, but just being threatened with it like that had her very much afraid.  But she watched as he moved to the bale of hay and cut the cords that had it bound together.  She mooed her hatred as he started ripping the bale apart and spreading the hay over most of her stall.  And then he started throwing some of it at her.  “Moo!” she bellowed.
“Shut up, you stupid cow!” Phillip replied.  “It’s just hay.  I have no doubt you’ll probably love it!”
“Mooo!” Marian mooed again.
Phillip ignored her and went back to distributing the hay.  The bulk of it though, he piled into the very back.
“There!” he said as he looked around.  “Now you should be plenty comfortable.  You can even eat it for all I care.” 
“Moooo!” Marian replied angrily.  She didn’t want the hay at all.  All he was doing was treating her more and more like a stupid animal – and she wasn’t! 
Phillip walked out of her stall and turned around.  “Okay,” he said, “get out of there now.”
Marian couldn’t believe it.  But as fast as she could, she got out of the stall and got to her feet.  “You stupid ass!” she screamed at him.  “Stop treating me like an animal!”
“Shut up!” he told her.  “You know I have no choice in what I do.”
“You don’t have to do it nearly to the point you are.  And worse, I need to go shopping.  I’ve got a pain in my head that’s killing me now because I haven’t gone yet.”
“Tough!” Phillip replied.  He walked into the kitchen and poured her a glass of water.  Then he handed her one of her pills she had to take so often.  “Drink it all!” he ordered.
Like it or not, Marian had to swallow the pill and drink the entire glass of water, while Phillip left her alone in the kitchen.  The pain in her head was really just a mild headache.  She knew it was from not being able to go shopping like Vivian had commanded.  She figured the pain wasn’t worse because she was very willing to go shopping, but it was Phillip that was preventing her.  Once the water was done, she set the glass on the counter and went to look for him.  She found him sitting on his bed with Dolly in his lap drinking from one of the baby bottles.  He was really quite a sight, especially dressed the way he was.  “I’ve got a headache now because you wouldn’t let me go shopping.”
He looked at her.  “I don’t really give a damn,” he replied. “I’ve got my own problems.”
“Like what?” she asked.
“Like the way I’m dressed.  “By the way, can I take anything off to go to bed tonight?”
She looked at him for a few moments without answering.  “Are you going to stop treating me like an animal?”
“How can I?  Mistress Vivian said you had to stay in your stall.  She said you even had to sleep there from now on.”
“But you don’t have to go out of your way to keep me there so much.  You’re being way too cruel – when you have no reason to be.”
“I have plenty of reason for it!” Phillip shot back.  “All this is your fault in the first place!  It’s your fault!  I was happy.  I had a girlfriend.  I had my apartment to myself.  I had a life, damn it!  Now I’ve got nothing but misery and humiliation.”
“And do you think I’ve got it any better?  I even lost my home!  We’re both in trouble here Phillip!  And not only that, if you don’t give me a chance to get that next DVD built, we may be stuck like this forever.  I’m trying to get Vivian off our backs, but I can’t do that unless I get time to make that new DVD.”
Phillip only looked at her for a few moments.  “Like it’s really going to help,” he muttered.  “I don’t think anything can help us now.”
“Those videos are already working on her,” Marian told him.  “I’ve seen the proof!”
“Sure you have,” Phillip replied, “but the result is that we’re now worse off than before.  Much worse!”
“That’s because I didn’t realize what she was doing before I made that last video.  But now I know and I just need a chance to fix it!”
“How could you not know what she’s doing?  She’s hypnotizing us and making us miserable.  Especially me!”
“Me too!” Marian returned.  “But I didn’t realize the way she was going about it.  She’s got a method and a schedule that she’s sticking to that’s making things impossible for both of us.”  She shook her head.  “I’m going to start working on that DVD now while I’ve got the chance.”
“Let me get undressed first, and get this damn diaper off me!”
“Why should I?” Marian replied.
He glared at her.  “Because otherwise I’m going to send you straight back to your stall.  If I have to be miserable, then I’m going to make sure that you’re even more miserable!”
She felt like hitting him again.  But instead she said, “Get undressed and hurry up.  I’ll get that diaper off you as soon as you’ve got everything else off.
While he was getting undressed, she went to his desk and started setting up her laptop. 
“I need this diaper off now,” Phillip said as he came out to her.
She reached over and simply pulled open one of the tapes, which loosened the diaper enough that it slid down his leg to the floor.  “There,” she said.  “Now let me work in peace for a while.”
“You’ve got an hour,” he replied.  “I’ve got something I need to do alone for a while anyway.”
Marian had an idea as to what that might be, but she said nothing.  She sat down in front of the computer and started working while he headed off to the bedroom.  Being stuck in her stall with nothing to do for so long had given her plenty of time to think about what she needed to do.  But the problem was, there were too many things she needed to put into this video now.  Things that meant she would have to remove some of the other content.  But she didn’t feel like she had much choice.  The way Vivian was continuing to get worse, this video might be her last chance. 
Since she knew that Phillip was going to be busy for a while, silently busy, she set things up and got ready.  She mooed to clear that out of her system, then started recording her messages, her voice carefully controlled by many years of experience.  One by one, she started saving her thoughts to spoken words that would never be consciously heard by anyone. 
It took her a long time to get her voice recordings done.  When she was finally ready, she pulled up the program on her computer that she had named, “Truth Hurts.”  Now all she had to do was to figure out what parts of the background audio to pull out and where she could plug the new recordings in.  That part took even longer than the just recording her voice because there was much to consider and she needed to make sure that all of the new recording got repeated an ample number of times.  She was still at it when Phillip’s door opened and he walked out.
Phillip glared at Marian, who had barely turned her head before going back to work at her computer.  After spending an entire hour with several disgusting fake male organs in his mouth, he wasn’t exactly in a good mood.  Just then he hated Marian more than ever since she was to blame for everything he had to put up with now.  “Back to your stall, you stupid cow!” he suddenly yelled.  “Get there now, and stay there!”
Marian was shocked. She was in the middle of something important when she suddenly found herself down on all fours again and crawling toward her stall – where she didn’t want to be.  And then she was in it…and stuck there.  She turned around to peer out, but she couldn’t see him until he walked past…ignoring her as he went into the kitchen.  “Moo!” she bellowed to get his attention.  But she could already tell that he wasn’t going to give her any kind of explanation. 
She had no doubt that she was now stuck in her stall until tomorrow after she got milked.  She wasn’t able to leave the small confined area.  She had no blankets to cover her naked body, she had no way to do anything but stay there and moo once in a while – like the cow that both Vivian and Phillip seemed to be trying to make her. 
No way out.  Now way to do anything normal – until she could get herself out of the mess she was in.  And she couldn’t even begin to do that until she got a chance to finish that DVD she was working on – and she needed a few more hours to complete that.  And time was quickly running out!
There was one other thing she realized she didn’t have.  A way to get back at Sissy Phillip for treating her like nothing but an animal again and sending her back to her stall when he didn’t need to.  She had no way to humiliate him any further at all.  Yet.  But her angry mind kept that thought as she tried to lay down on the hay – which wasn’t really very comfortable at all!


'Lil Melissa said...

I wondered when the hay would show up. Phyllis is SUCH a dick. It's sad to see him ally himself with Vivian - if unintentionally maybe. Justifying his cruelty to Marian by saying Vivian's orders make him do it is sooo weak. Ah well, what goes around...


Time for sissy dresses and petticoats, I hope!
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