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Hypnotized and Humiliated - Chapter 22 Part 3 of 3

Hypnotized and Humiliated
By Karen Singer

Chapter 22 Part 3 of 3

Phillip held Dolly tightly in both arms as Mistress Vivian drove.  More than once he thought they were going to have an accident.  More than once he prayed for a bad accident that might somehow rescue him from his fate… or kill him.  But miraculously, no such accident occurred. 
“There it is!” Vivian finally declared as she suddenly turned off of the road into a dank, seedy looking strip mall.  There was one bright spot along the row of stores.  One bright spot filled with colorful neon signs proclaiming the “adult” nature of the store they were about to enter.  “Gloria told me this was the best place in town to find what we need.”
As far as Phillip was concerned, it looked like the one place in town he’d most prefer to avoid!
“Let’s go,” Vivian said excitedly as she parked the car crookedly, overlapping two parking places. 
Phillip slowly and reluctantly got out of the car.  He entered the store as Vivian held the door wide for him to go through.  He looked all around.  The place looked… weird!  There were things all over the place that he had no idea what they were… except for all the magazines and videos of course.  Not knowing where to go, he followed Mistress Vivian as she walked all over the store – looking into positively everything!  In that slow but brief tour, Phillip saw things he’d rather never see again.  Things like handcuffs and whips and… ugh!... all too realistic looking dildos.  Unfortunately, it was all those realistic phallic dildos that Vivian spent the most time looking at.  He had to wonder what she was looking for since she spent so much time examining and reading each of the packages… where each item was clearly visible behind the clear plastic window of each box. 
Vivian closely compared all the choices.  She especially noted the prices… not that it mattered all that much since Sissy Phyllis would be paying for whatever she decided he needed to buy.  She was rather surprised by the assortment of things she found in several places in the store.  All different sizes.  All different materials.  And all different colors.  And a few with some very interesting “extra” parts.  There were more than a few that got her own interest up for her “personal” use.  But she put those thoughts quickly out of her mind.  She could have far more fun just watching that silly stupid cow Marian… while she had Sissy Phyllis between her legs doing the absolute best things in the world to her.  She suddenly wanted to hurry this little trip along faster… but shopping was serious business!  It had to be done properly!
She finally made her decision when she found a box containing three very lifelike looking phalluses.  “Look, Sissy Phyllis,” she said as she examined the box carefully.  “There’s three in this one.  And they’re all different sizes so you can work your way up to the bigger one.  Isn’t that a great idea?”
Phillip said nothing.  The very thought of it horrified and sickened him.
“I think they’ll be perfect for you!” Vivian declared.  “I just know you’re going to love them.”  She laughed a tiny bit.  “I know I would!”  What she didn’t add though, was that she would enjoy them for a different reason.  But not as much as she enjoyed Sissy Phyllis’s tongue!
Phillip remained silent and only thought that if she liked them that much, then she should keep them.  He could totally do without!
Vivian carried the box to the checkout counter, where the guy behind the counter never once looked at her, but kept his eyes on Phillip instead.  “Pay the nice man, Phyllis,” Vivian ordered.  But while Phillip was digging his credit card out of his purse, Vivian had a chance to look around at the things near the counter… and in particular, on the wall behind the counter.  And her interest was caught by the signs.  One had a price for the private video rooms in the back, and another had a price for… “Glory Holes” with two names penciled below the price.  Vivian had only barely heard of glory holes before, but the realization of what they were immediately hit her.  “You have people who… um… take care of… um… the glory holes?” she asked the man.
The man behind the counter, still watching Phillip, nodded.  “Rooms one and two tonight.  Are you thinking of having… him… man another one?  We’ve still got two rooms available.”
Phillip nearly died right on the spot.  His knees certainly went weak. 
“Can I see?” Vivian asked.
“I can show you one of the empty rooms,” the man said.
“Can we please?” Vivian asked, her excitement growing.
“Just as soon as I run this card,” the man replied as he started processing Phillip’s credit card.
A few minutes later, he led them to a hallway with a series of doors at the back of the store.  “Not much to see,” the man explained as he opened up the door to room number three.
Vivian looked in.  It was just a tiny, badly lit room with graffiti all over the walls… and one hole in the wall that appeared dark on the other side.  “Do people… make much money for doing that?” Vivian asked.
The man shrugged his shoulders.  “Depends on who’s in there and if they have a reputation or not.”  He could see how excited Vivian seemed to be over the idea.  “I can’t say if anyone will visit him at all tonight,” he told her, “but you’re welcome to leave him here for a while to find out.”
It was a good thing that Phillip hadn’t eaten anything, because he immediately felt very sick.
Vivian almost said yes.  She was so tempted.  But she had other things she absolutely had to do with both Sissy Phyllis and Mooing Marian.  They both needed a good talking to… and she had spent too much time that day planning it all.  “No,” she finally decided after seriously considering it.  “Not tonight, but very soon I’m sure.”
Phillip didn’t know if he felt better – or worse!
“Come along Sissy Phyllis dear,” Vivian said brightly as she headed for the door.  “We’ve still got things to do tonight.”
Phillip with Dolly followed.  Part of him was glad to get out of that store, but another part of him worried about what Mistress Vivian had planned for when they got home.  And a bigger part of him worried very much about his future.

Marian had dropped to her elbows while her back end still straddled the tub.  She would have set her forehead down in the floor, but it would have only wound up in her water bowl.  She was tempted anyway.  She was so tired, she hurt so badly, and the tub underneath her stank horribly.  And every time she peed in it she felt more and more like a dumb animal… a dumb cow.  In the silence of the room, she heard Phillip’s key opening the door.  Before they even came into view, she mooed her distress, begging to be released. 
“Ah!  Music to my ears,” Vivian declared as she walked into the living room.  “Have you been a good cow while we were gone?”
Marian declined to answer.  Not even with another moo.  She saw Phillip come into the room with Dolly and another package in his arms.  He headed straight for the bedroom.  She mooed again, begging him to release her.  But he ignored her completely.
Vivian walked over to Marian and looked in the tub.  “I see you’ve been practicing being a good little cow,” she said.  “You’re getting more and more like the real thing every day.”
The only reply Marian could make to that was a rather emphatic moo.
But it was then that Vivian noticed something she hadn’t seen before.  Something new.  How could she have missed it earlier?  She walked right past Marian and stared – at the picture on the wall.  And after staring closely at it for a few moments, she broke out laughing.  She turned to see Phillip come out of his bedroom with only Dolly in his arms.  “Did you draw this?” she asked.
Phillip nodded.  “Yeah,” he replied.
“I love it!  I absolutely love it!” Vivian exclaimed.  “It’s everything I ever imagined!”  She looked down at Marian.  “See, Mooing Marian, even your farmer thinks you’re only fit to live in a barn!”  She couldn’t help herself, she broke out laughing… while Marian only let out an agitated moo.
Vivian turned quickly to Phillip.  “Okay, Farmer Phyllis,” get your cow up now.  We’ve got things to discuss!”
Marian fell over on her side the moment Phillip told her she could get up.  She grabbed her knees and rubbed them, trying to ease the pain from being on them for so long. 
“Come on you stupid cow, get over here!” Vivian barked since Marian was taking so long. 
Careful not to knock over the tub of her pee, Marian slowly and painfully climbed to her feet.  She was angry at Phillip for making her stay there like that.  Very angry!  But she was more concerned with what Vicious Vivian wanted now.
Marian sucks her thumb!” Vivian said quickly the moment Marian got to her feet.  Marian’s thumb was still on its way to her mouth when she turned to Phillip and said, “Phyllis sucks her thumb!  Just that fast, both her playthings dropped solidly into a trance where they stood there with their eyes closed and sucking their thumbs.  “Open your eyes and get over on the couch, you two,” Vivian ordered.  The sight of the two of them, sitting side by side, sucking their thumbs together like infants, simply did things to Vivian that went way beyond anything she had contemplated in the adult store earlier.  She knew she was getting wet down below just looking at them. 
It took a moment of just looking at the two of them before she could get herself under control enough to get down to business.  She didn’t plan on deepening their trances tonight.  She would do that another time – probably tomorrow if she kept to her schedule.  Tonight she simply wanted to put some new things into their idiot brains.
As sternly as she could, she said, “I wasn’t happy this morning with the way you two showed up for work.  And I want you to know that I’m placing the blame firmly on you Marian.”  The sign was small, but she thought she saw fear suddenly come into Marian’s face.  Delightful! 
Vivian backed the edge off in her voice before continuing.  “I want you to know though Marian, that I am very glad to see that you are now coming to realize that you’re exactly what I’ve always known about you – that you’re nothing but an ugly, stupid cow.  That’s what you’ve always been to me, and that’s what you’ll always be.  I’m happy that at least you’re seeing that now.  But that’s no excuse for not taking care of things properly that I told you that you had to do!  In this case, I wasn’t happy at all today with the way little Phyllis here looked when he came to work.  His hair simply looked awful!  I don’t care that you didn’t look very well yourself.  You’re nothing but a silly cow.  I can’t expect you to look good.  It’s remarkable you’ve succeeded in fooling everyone so long as it is.  But despite that, I do expect you to keep Sissy Phyllis here looking his absolute best!”
She paused to study her two playthings.  It was time now to load up another round of fun into their heads.  “Because of that,” she said, “we’re changing the game a bit kiddies.”  It was all she could do to keep from giggling.  She turned to Marian first.  “Marian, from now on, you are responsible for making sure that Sissy Phyllis here looks his absolute best every time he walks out the door.  Every single time!  No matter what he’s doing, no matter where he’s going.  And by looking his absolute best, I mean his absolute sissy best.  From now on, he has absolutely no say at all in what he wears.  You’re to choose absolutely everything he wears, and of course I expect to see his attire absolute scream that he’s a sissy to everyone who looks at him.  And I expect to see something different on him every day.  The only guidelines you have to stay in is that I don’t want him arrested, he has to stay in his darling little diapers, his hair has to be as pretty as possible with a bow in it every day, and I don’t want him wearing skirts or dresses because I want you to know that he can wear pants while you can’t!  Let me see how well you can manage that. Show me that there may be more intelligence in you beyond the basic cow level… which I seriously doubt.”
She turned to Phillip.  “Hear that Sissy Phyllis?  From now on you have absolutely no say at all in anything you wear.  You can’t decide that at all.  You wear what the cow here tells you to wear and that’s it!  And before you leave this apartment, you must get Marian’s approval on how you look – every time!”  She smiled wickedly again.  “But in return, Marian here will also have absolutely no say in anything at all that she wears.  She’ll be picking out your attire, and you’ll be picking out hers.  Anything that you decide that you want her to wear, she’ll have to wear.  And just like you, she can’t leave this apartment either without your approval.  And unfortunately, you have more than a few guidelines we’re going to have to impose as well.  Just like with you, I don’t want her arrested for what she’s wearing.  You already know that she can’t wear pants of any kind and her skirts all have to be ridiculously short.  And of course she absolutely has to wear the very highest heels all the time.”  She paused again.  “I’m afraid that because of work, we’re going to have to establish a few other things as well.  Just for work, I’m afraid that Marian will have to continue to do her own makeup and hair so that there’s at least a small chance she can look presentable.  And I guess for work, for now, I need her to look fairly decent every day.  Unfortunately, it seems the other ladies raise too many questions if she doesn’t.  But you’re going to have to make sure she doesn’t look too bad at all whenever she’s at work.  Oh, and of course, except for at work, she can’t remove that pretty little bell that’s hanging around her neck now.  We wouldn’t want anyone to get the impression she wasn’t really a cow in disguise, would we?”
She was suppressing another laugh as she turned back to Marian.  “Hear that you stupid cow?  Not only can you no longer decide what you eat and drink, now you have no say at all in what you wear – anywhere!  That’s now Sissy Phyllis’s job to decide for you.  And you must get his approval on how you look before you can leave this apartment from now on.”
She stood back and looked at the two idiots in front of her.  So delightful, and she had no doubt that these new requirements she had just given them would produce some very interesting results.  “Both of you are free to do some shopping for the other person if you feel the need.  You don’t need me to give you that permission.  It’s just that neither of you is now capable of shopping for clothes for yourself anymore since neither of you is able to decide what you’re going to wear anymore.”
Vivian’s eyes darted back and forth between her two playthings.  There!  That was it!  Now she would see what the future would bring… and she was hoping it would be interesting.  She was only disappointed that Marian would have to look somewhat decent for work.  Such a shame.  As much as she really wanted to get Marian fired, getting her fired right now would take too much of the fun out of her life.  Still, it wasn’t something she was overly worried about.  So if Sissy Phyllis screwed up too badly, then that was just Marian’s tough luck.
“Wake up!  Both of you!” she commanded.  Marian mooed angrily as she pulled her thumb from her mouth… even though she was no longer under the compulsion to only moo.  Phillip simply sat there hugging Dolly and looking totally shocked.  Before either of them could fully recover, Vivian started issuing orders again.  “Marian, I want you back over your tub again on all fours.”  She turned to Phillip.  “Farmer Phyllis, get your cow something more to eat and drink… and hurry up about it!”  She thrilled to see both her victims moving immediately.  So nice.
While Phillip was getting food and drink for Marian, who for some reason was doing more mooing than necessary, and ringing her delightful new bell more than necessary, Vivian again walked up to the picture on the wall and studied it.  It really was very well drawn.  Very well!  The detail in it was amazing.  She watched as Phillip… and Dolly… set a bowl of water down in front of Marian and commanded her to drink.  The moo Marian replied sounded just as angry as the moos she was letting out before Phillip had brought her the water.  But Vivian didn’t care in the least.  A few minutes later, Phillip came back with a bowl of cereal and set that down in front of Marian as well.  Finally!  Stripping her clothes off as fast as she could she settled herself down in her favorite spot on the couch.  “Sissy Phyllis,” she said, “I know you don’t need me to tell you what to do now.”  A few moments later, life was simply glorious for Vivian once again.  The things Sissy Phyllis was doing between her legs, and now watching stupid Marian on all fours, eating and drinking like the animal she really was, sent her into ecstasy faster than ever. 
Three orgasms later, she finally pushed Phillip away and got up.  Marian was done eating now, but was still drinking occasionally from her water bowl.  Vivian couldn’t find any of Marian’s clothes to wipe herself clean with so she had Phillip remove his shirt and she used that.  Three minutes later, she was dressed again and took one last look that at the picture that Phillip had hung on the wall.  Fabulous!  With an uncaring, “Ta-ta kiddies,” she walked out feeling like the happiest person alive. 
Now that Vivian was gone, Marian glared at Phillip.  “Mooo!” she bellowed, wanting to get up. 
Phillip looked back at Marian.  “Blow it out your ass!” he said before heading directly to the bedroom and closing the door behind him. 
Marian was more than angry with him.  He was being positively insanely cruel!  “Mooo!” she bellowed her frustration out into the room. But of course, it did nothing at all… not even make her feel a little better.  Wanting to scream – a human scream, yet knowing she couldn’t, Marian bent her head down and took another drink.  She sunk down to her elbows again, keeping her head high enough to stay out of the water.  How long was Phillip going to keep her like that?  Damn him!

Phillip was angry.  More than angry.  And he now had even more reasons to be angry.  He couldn’t choose what clothes he wore now?  And now he had to pick out everything that Marian wore too?  It was one job after another taking care of that stupid cow.  When would it end?
His eyes fell on the bag from the adult toy store.  Mistress Vivian had said he had to practice for an hour every single night with those things.  And she had told him she wanted him to get some real experience next Saturday night at that store.  Just the thought of that sent him into a total panic. 
He was supposed to be practicing now.  He pulled the box full of the lifelike dildos out of the bag and stared at them.  Still having no choice, he opened the box and removed the smallest one.  Ugh!  He didn’t want to do this!  Especially not with something that looked… and strangely almost felt… all too real!  He was about to put it to his mouth, when he decided he needed another drink first.  He hadn’t drank much at all today and he was going to have to do a lot of drinking before he could go to bed tonight.  In fact, his diaper just then was starting to get pretty well saturated. 
He grabbed Dolly and left his bedroom, heading for the kitchen.  His eyes fell on Marian… who mooed angrily at him and then just continued to glare at him as he passed.  Dumb cow!  He opened the refrigerator, wanting some Coke, but his eyes saw the baby bottles full of her milk.  Mistress Vivian had said whenever there was the milk available, he had to drink that first.  Having another reason to be angry, he grabbed one of the dumb baby bottles and headed back to his bedroom, ignoring Marian’s angry moo one more time.  He again closed the bedroom door so he wouldn’t have to listen to her.
The milk in the bottle had sort of a… sweet taste.  Not too bad, but certainly far from great.  It would never be his first choice for something to drink… if he had the choice.  But now that he had some moisture in his mouth again, he was faced with the problem of the phallic toy in front of him.  He picked it up.  It really was all too lifelike.  He didn’t want this.  He didn’t want it at all.  He was absolutely panicked over what Mistress Vivian intended for him… starting next Saturday night!  And there was no way out for him.  No one to help him. 
He concentrated on that last thought – nobody to help him.  Was it possible that Marian could somehow help him?  He seriously doubted it.  She was stuck with her own set of monumental problems.  Yet she still claimed that she could get herself free – which he also seriously doubted. 
He was grasping at straws, but just then, he was so desperate that he was willing to do absolutely anything.  Grabbing Dolly once again, he left the bedroom and headed for Marian in the living room.  He heard her moo and he endured her angry glare as he sat on the arm of the couch looking down at her.  He shook his head.  “I’m sorry,” he said as sincerely as he possibly could.  “I’m really sorry.  I have some problems that I just can’t deal with.”
Marian mooed loudly and angrily, wanting up.
“Oh, yeah, sorry,” Phillip replied.  “You can get up now.”
Marian rolled over onto her side again, making sure not to disturb the plastic tub that now needed emptying more than ever.  She glared up at him with hatred in her eyes.  “You’re treating me like nothing but an animal!” she said, her anger very apparent.  “You’re being nothing but cruel to me!”
“I know!” Phillip replied.  “I said I’m sorry!”
Marian shook her head and climbed to her feet.  Before this, she would have found her robe to cover herself with, but that option didn’t even enter her head this time.  “There’s no excuse for the way you treated me!” Marian yelled at him.  “No excuse.  You’ve been nothing but totally cruel!”
“Damn you!” Phillip replied.  “I said I was sorry, but maybe I shouldn’t have bothered!”  With that, he got up and started back to his bedroom.  “Damn cow!”
Marian watched him go.  “Wait!” she called.
“What?” Phillip replied as he turned around. 
Marian did everything she could to hold her temper.  “What’s your big problem that has you so… hot and bothered?”
Phillip stared at her for a moment.  Was it worth telling her?  Was there any way at all that she could help him?  But the thought of the toy waiting for him in the bedroom sent him back to the couch where he again sat on the arm.  “I don’t really want to tell you.  I don’t even want to think about it myself, but it seems I have no choice.  And it’s driving me absolutely crazy.  I have to find some way around it!  Some way to get out of it!  But Mistress Vivian has made all too clear to me what she wants me to do… and I really don’t want to do it at all.”
Marian digested that for a moment.  The hold that Vivian had on them was horrible indeed.  She herself couldn’t get out from Vivian’s control… yet.  But she would – just as soon as Vivian backed off a bit on all the rehypnotizing and deepening she did every few days.  That’s where the real problem was.  All that had given Vivian way too much power over them, and for the moment, neither of them had a way out.  Still holding her anger back, she asked, “So what does she want you to do?”
Phillip stared back at her for a moment.  Then he shook his head, cradled Dolly to his chest, and dropped from the arm of the sofa into the seat.  He couldn’t look at her.  He couldn’t look at the naked woman right there in the room with him as he began telling Marian all about what had happened that night that Mistress Vivian had taken him to see that Dominant woman Gloria… and that guy – Thing.  From there he explained everything that Mistress Vivian had hinted about his future, and finally he told her about tonight’s trip and what Mistress Vivian had said he would be doing next Saturday. 
Marian’s anger didn’t drain out of her completely.  But she found more patience than she thought she would have as she listened to him.  Yeah, there was no doubt, this subject was a major taboo item for Phillip.  The one thing she really wondered about it though, was if it was something that would upset him enough to actually break him free from Vivian’s control.  It was possible.  But… most likely not.  Most likely not, because he had already done it once when Vivian had taken him out and he had played with someone only known as… Thing.  For that one reason alone, Marian had no hopes for this problem breaking Phillip free.  “So what do you want from me?” Marian finally asked when he had told her everything. 
Phillip shook his head.  “I don’t know.  You can’t even help yourself.  I’m looking for some way out of it.  Some way not to have to do this.  I’m just desperate I guess.”
Desperate?  Yeah, Marian had no doubt.  She closed her eyes and tried her best to calm herself.  Should she do this?  Should she tell him?  Was he worth it?  He had been so damn cruel to her!  But was he truly sorry now?  Was it worth taking the chance? 
“Phillip,” she finally said.  “I don’t know if I can get you out of this… and certainly not before next Saturday.  I’m fairly sure that that’s not going to happen.  But… and that’s a big but… there may be a way to break you free... in the future.”
Phillip stared up at her.  “How far in the future?”
“Another week or two.  Maybe as much as three.  It depends on a lot of things.  Especially Vivian.”
Phillip was feeling crushed.  “So there’s no way you can help me sooner?  Before Saturday?”
Marian shook her head.  “Sorry.  I’m afraid not.  Vivian simply has too strong a hold over me too.  I have to make another video and stick it into her DVD player and I can’t do that until next Saturday when we clean her house.  And then we have to see if it works!”
Phillip considered that.  “But you think it might?  You think that eventually those DVD’s you’re making will get us out of this?”
Marian nodded.  “I do.  They’re already working on her.  I just put the wrong set of instructions into the last one I made.  I didn’t realize that she was going to be here every few days to reinsert everything into our heads again.  There’s no time for any of her commands to weaken before she’s reinforcing everything – stronger than before.  And don’t kid yourself, it’s going to be very difficult for either of us to break out of that conditioning… even if she stopped it all right now.”
Phillip considered that.  No hope for him this week, but maybe in the future.  Like it or not, it sounded like the best chance he would have.  “What do you have to do to get me out of it?” he asked.
“It’s not so much what I’m going to have to do, it’s what you’re going to have to do,” Marian replied.
Marian took a deep breath.  This was the part that she had spent so much time figuring out.  This was the part that she had derived from all of his drawings.  “From now on,” Marian said to him, “you have to think of me as your mother.  You need to call me Mommy, and think of me as your mother.”
Phillip was shocked.  “What?” he exclaimed angrily as he shot up from the couch.  “Think of you as my mother?  That’s ridiculous!  You’re almost as crazy as Mistress Vivian!  You… a cow… are supposed to be my mother?  Sure!  Just great!  I can see myself telling everyone now, that I have a stupid cow for a mother!  Maybe then they’ll realize why I’m so screwed up!  No way!  No thanks!”  With that he stomped off toward the bedroom.  “You stupid cow!” he yelled back as he slammed the bedroom door behind him.
Marian balled her fists as she glared at the closed bedroom door.  Once again Phillip had shown his true colors.  Well, if he was going to continue to be that cruel to her, then he had a big lesson to learn… because now she had a way to get right back at him.  Sissy Phyllis couldn’t pick out his own clothes anymore.  So now, just as Vivian had wanted, she was going to show Phillip just how cruel she could be right back at him!
Let the war begin! 


sarah penguin said...

Outfit wars are coming I can tell :) I wonder if he's going to decide to replace her panties with diapers for a while?

erica said...

Brilliant, Karen. I can't wait for the next chapter.


Fantastic... the sissy is dumber than the cow... I would love to see a Little Lord Fonteroy suit on the sissy. And Marian in a cow suit.