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Hypnotized and Humiliated - Chapter 24

Hypnotized and Humiliated
By Karen Singer

Chapter 24

Marian closed her eyes and tried to relax while the milking machine went to work extracting the milk from her breasts…udders…breasts.  Her hands were hard at work in the one place she both didn’t, and did want them.  Not that it would do her any good.  She was so frustrated now she hardly knew how it felt to not be frustrated.  She continually tried to relax, but she couldn’t.  Vivian was coming again that night, and Marian had no doubt at all that she would hypnotize both her and Phillip again and re-sink everything all too deeply into their already muddled brains.  Resisting would be impossible.  Breaking free afterwards would be equally as futile.
The sudden knocking on the door forced another moo out of her as well as startled her enough to make her bell clang again.  She opened her eyes and saw Phillip and Dolly heading toward the door.  A minute later, Vivian, in all her yellow glory, was there in front of her – smirking with the most obvious wicked delight Marian could ever imagine.  “Mooooo!” she bellowed, although she wasn’t really trying to say anything.  She was just making a nervous statement as to the situation.
“Oh, I must say,” Vivian said as she watched the milk still flowing heavily from Marian’s udders, “this has to be absolutely the best thing I’ve ever laid eyes on.  I think I need to stop by more often when you’re just starting to be milked.  This is the first time I’ve really seen how much milk that machine is pulling out of you.”  She looked up at Phillip.  “How long has she been on that thing now?”
“Not quite ten minutes,” Phillip replied after checking the clock.
Vivian’s wicked smile seemed to become even worse as she looked back down at Marian.  “I think that Farmer Phyllis here is going to have to start taking you off of that thing and emptying the bottles, then putting you back on it again.  It looks like you’ll be filling them to overflowing very soon!”  She let out an all too vicious laugh.  It was all Marian could do to keep herself from crying.
Vivian started looking around the room, deciding what she wanted to do.  Since Marian would be stuck being milked for a while more, she had plenty of time to do other things before she got into their brains again.  She pondered briefly how she wanted to handle the situation.  The solution though was fairly easy.  The couch where she liked to sit and watch Marian being milked was also somewhat facing the TV.  It had to be moved!  She turned to Phillip.  “You!  Sissy Phyllis!  Push this couch over so that the end of it is up against that wall,” she ordered as she indicated the back wall of the apartment that the TV was against. 
Uncertainly, Phillip set Dolly down on the end of the couch nearest him and started pushing, being careful not to get it too near where Marian was being milked.  He got it almost up against the wall when Vivian stopped him.
“Not that way, you idiot!” she yelled. “Turn the thing around so it’s facing the other way – toward the TV set.”
Phillip wished she had mentioned that before.  It took more than a bit of pushing and pulling but he finally got it turned around and pushed the end of it up against the wall like Vivian wanted.  He figured he’d be moving the TV set next.  But instead, Vivian walked around behind the couch. 
“Now push it back towards me,” she said as she moved back further, almost up against the wall that separated the living room from the kitchen.
Phillip pushed on the couch, moving it gradually closer and closer to the kitchen wall and doorway while still keeping the end of it up against the back wall of the apartment.  If he was going to be turning the TV around, the longer distance would be better for watching it.
“Stop!” Vivian ordered when she thought the couch was close enough to where she wanted it.
Phillip was confused.  Why stop there?  There was still a lot of space between the back of the couch and the wall behind it.
Vivian looked around at the new arrangement of things.  “This should work!” she decided happily.  The mostly flat back of the couch formed another low wall, creating a separate space in the small gap between the kitchen and the rest of the living room.  It was only about five feet wide and as deep as the length of the long couch, but Vivian knew it would be good enough for what she had in mind.
Marian had watched it all from where she was being milked, so she could fully see what was going on.  She didn’t understand the new furniture arrangement, but she knew it couldn’t be good.  Vivian had liked the couch where it had been before because it had given her a perfect view of whatever torture she came up with for her, while Phillip was usually busy between Vivian’s legs.  So she was confused now and very worried as to why Vivian was suddenly redecorating Phillip’s apartment.
Vivian walked out of the small space she had created and spent a few moments watching the milk still flowing out of Marian’s udders.  The milk had slowed down to a small trickle now, but it was still coming out.  Such a wonderful sight.  The two collection bottles were almost completely full already.  No doubt within a day or two, Phillip would have to empty them and put Marian back on the milking machine again to continue pulling the milk out of her.  Maybe she should have looked into an industrial milking machine for the damn cow instead! 
Since there was still a lot of time left for Marian to continue being milked, she turned back to Phillip who was now hugging his doll again.  Phyllis sucks her thumb!” she said to him, and watched as he immediately dropped into a trance, his eyes closed and his thumb came up to his mouth where he started sucking on it. 
Marian feared that she would be next, even though she was still being milked, but instead, she watched as Vivian ordered Phillip to go sit on the couch.  She had a perfect view of Vivian pushing over the other stuffed chair in the room directly in front of Phillip.  With the chair moved, most of the living room seemed wide open and empty now.  Somehow, she felt even more naked and on display.  What she watched next, was something she expected, but hated to see – Vivian pulling her notebook out of her purse.  It meant that once again Vivian was going to re-input everything into their heads, and the notebook insured that nothing would be missed. 
She watched carefully as Vivian softened her voice as she started speaking directly to Phillip, beginning the process of taking him down deeper and deeper, sinking him ever more firmly into the deep trance she knew he was already in.  Making him more and more susceptible to whatever commands she would plant into his already befuddled mind.  The moo that escaped her mouth did nothing at all to break the concentration on either Vivian or Phillip.  Neither of them even seemed to notice it.  But then they were both so used to her constant mooing now that there was no reason for either of them to take any more note of one moo than another.  Marian could only kneel there, playing uselessly with herself, while her udders were being milked, and watch what Vicious Vivian did with Phillip.
Since she had the time while Marian was still being milked, Vivian took longer deepening Phillip’s trance than she usually did with him.  Usually she spent more time on Marian, but she had nothing better to do until Marian was done with her milking machine.  Even still, she finished bringing Phillip down before Marian was done and had to wait until Marian’s allotted milking time ended.  She had deepened Phillip’s trance, but she had done nothing else with him.
“Phillip,” Vivian finally said.  “Stay deep in your trance, but remove Marian from her milking machine.  Put the bottles in the kitchen, then come straight back here and sit on the couch.”
Phillip removed the thumb from his mouth, stood up with Dolly, and went about removing the milking machine from Marian’s breasts.  Marian dropped from her kneeling position to all fours, having no doubt that she would soon be in a hypnotic trance as well.  The moment Phillip came back from the kitchen, Vivian told Phillip to release his cow so she could stand up again. 
While Marian was glad to be released, the cold fear in the pit of her stomach made her wish she could stay on the machine even longer – like until after Vivian went home.  She was still climbing to her feet the moment Vivian issued the fatal words, “Marian sucks her thumb!”  In moments, she was deep in her own hypnotic trance, sucking her thumb, and sitting on the couch right next to Phillip.
Just as she had done with Phillip, Vivian took her time to slowly bring Marian deeper and deeper into her own trance.  With Phillip sitting right next to Marian, Vivian wasn’t sure if what she was doing with Marian would take Phillip any deeper or not, but she figured that no matter what, it couldn’t hurt.  Only when she finally felt like she was ready, did she grab her notebook before continuing. 
She started as she usually did with Phillip.  She reminded him of his trigger phrase again, and then she spent more time than usual reminding him about the pain he would be faced with should he ever fail to not do anything she told him to do.  Keeping Dolly with him always was next on her agenda, followed by his ten lipstick rules that she felt so proud of.  She had really been enjoying watching the poor sap constantly having to refresh his lipstick. 
From there, she refreshed the things she had done at Felicia’s request.  Even though she knew she didn’t really need the idea anymore, she still liked the fear of the snakes that she had put into him to keep him from going anywhere but in his pants, so she spent a few minutes reminding him about that little problem he would face.  And of course, she reminded him that he could no longer remove his diaper by himself anymore.  Someone else would always have to do that for him to make doubly sure he would be using the things and staying in them until they were nearly to the leaking point. 
She reminded him that he was Marian’s farmer now, and she was his cow, and that he was responsible for making sure that Marian was milked twice every day at six in the morning, and six in the evening.  She reminded him that he needed to stay healthy and drink at least eight eight-ounce glasses of liquid every day, and since Marian was producing milk for him now, he needed to drink all the milk that she produced for him before he was allowed to drink anything else.  And he could only drink all that milk from his baby bottles, no matter where he was or what he was doing. 
She finally came to the first little change she had decided to make in Phillip’s instructions.  “Phillip,” she said, “I have no doubt that you’re not drinking enough during the day.  In fact, I never see you getting any coffee at work anymore.  That’s not healthy.  From now on, you will spread your liquids out through the entire day.  If you need to, you can bring some of your bottles of milk with you wherever you go.  In fact, if one of your baby bottles full of Marian’s milk is available, you will always have at least one of those bottles with you when you leave the house.”  She couldn’t wait to see how he handled that little problem while he was at work.
She moved on to reminding him that he was now responsible for everything that Marian ate and drank.  Since Marian could no longer decide those issues, it was all up to him to decide what and when she ate, as well as what and when she drank anything.  And since he wanted Marian to produce plenty of milk for him, he needed to make sure she got at least twelve eight-ounce glasses of liquids into her every day.  She also reminded him that since she was nothing but a stupid cow, he also had to make sure she took her little pills four times a day until they were gone so they could help her produce more milk. 
She said nothing at all yet about him having to pick out her clothes, she would get back to him later about that mess.
She finally ended by reminding him that he should hold Marian responsible for all his problems since she was the one who had hypnotized him first. 
Temporarily done with Phillip, Vivian turned now to Marian.  As with Phillip, she started by reminding Marian about her trigger phrase, and like Phillip, she spent a longer time than usual reminding Marian all about the pain she would endure should she fail to do anything she was told to do.  Then she went through all of Marian’s various mooing modes.  The fact that Marian was now basically stuck mooing all too frequently like the stupid cow that she was delighted Vivian to no end. 
She reminded Marian that she would have an insatiable need to masturbate herself – but uselessly since she could never achieve an orgasm.  And of course, she reminded her that the only way she could ever have an orgasm was if someone else masturbated her while she was mooing crazily like the dumb cow that she was.  Any other form of penetrating sex for Marian would bring her nothing but the most horrible pain. 
She moved on to remind Marian that she had to always wear the highest heels possible.  She paused for just a second because it was time for another subtle little change.  “But now hear this, Marian,” she said, “from now on, the only time you can remove the shoes from your feet is when you take a bath or a shower.  That’s it!  From now on, those shoes stay on your feet all the time, even when you’re sleeping!”  She just knew that Marian was really going to enjoy that!   
From there, she reminded Marian that she was responsible now for changing Phillip’s diapers and that she couldn’t remove them from Phillip until they were close to the leaking point. 
The next item on her agenda for Marian, was that like the cow she was, Marian needed to be milked twice every day at six in the morning and six at night.  And like any other stupid cow, she could do absolutely nothing to either help or hinder her farmer in any way at all.  In fact, while she was being milked, she had to kneel over top of her tub and masturbate herself with both hands non-stop.  And like any other cow, Marian now would have to pee at some point while she was being milked, and she would have to let it out right into the tub between her legs.  There were several other points about her milking that she would have added, but those things were now part of the new items she was going to stick into their heads later. 
She reminded Marian that since she was nothing but a stupid cow, she can no longer decide what she eats and drinks anymore – or when she eats and drinks.  That was all up to her farmer to decide for her.  But whenever Phillip does tell her to eat or drink something, she has to follow his instructions to make sure she gets enough food and liquids into her system to continue being the best milk cow she possibly can. 
She added nothing else about anything for Marian because it was time now for her to get into new material for both of them.  “Both of you listen to me now!” she said somewhat sternly.  She looked back and forth at the two of them for a moment, but after now spending so much time just talking to Marian, she needed to make sure that Knucklehead Phyllis was still paying attention.  “Nod your heads if you’re listening to me.”  She was somewhat relieved to see them both nod their heads.  “Good!” she exclaimed. 
“Now both of you pay attention!  It seems that both of you have all too many stupid questions and problems with the new rules I stuck in your idiotic heads last night.  So tonight I’m going to spell things out a little differently for both of you.  First of all, like I told you last night, neither of you is capable anymore of picking out anything at all that you will wear.  That is now the sole responsibility of the other person.  Just don’t you dare do anything to get the other person arrested! 
“Marian, you are to always make sure that Sissy Phyllis here looks like the most incredible sissy possible whenever he leaves this apartment.  And Sissy Phyllis, you are to make sure that your stupid cow Marian is equally humiliated every time she leaves the apartment as well.  But unfortunately Sissy Phyllis, I’m afraid that for now, stupid Marian here will have to continue to look at least somewhat normal when she’s at work because otherwise it raises way too many questions.  But outside of work, feel free to use all the imagination you can come up with, even though it seems from your email today that you have absolutely no imagination in that area at all.  And don’t forget, that bell never comes off of her neck except at work, and she must stay in the highest heels possible.  I want her feet to be forever in absolute agony!”
She turned to Marian.  “Marian, you asked all too many questions today and complained all too much about things that Sissy Phyllis here isn’t allowed to wear.  But at least you did show a bit of imagination in some of what you asked about so I’m going to make some small changes.  From now on, I will allow you to put Sissy Phyllis in skirts and dresses if you like, and I will allow you to buy him pants now that don’t zip up the side or back.  You can even buy him some higher heels or shoes that strap to his feet, but…whatever heels he has on his feet have to be lower than whatever heels you are wearing that day.  So what shoes he wears is also going to depend on what shoes he decides for you to wear.”
She felt it was time to go back through some other issues.  “Marian, you will still continue to do your own hair and makeup for work, but only for work.  Outside of that, it will be up to Sissy Phyllis here to handle those chores for you – if he decides to do anything about it at all.  And you Marian will also continue to do Sissy Phyllis’s hair for him every day and make sure that it always looks good and that it always has a pretty bow in it.  Other than the bow, his diapers, and his lipstick, the rest is totally up to you!  But remember, both of you, neither of you can leave this apartment anymore without the other one certifying that you look the way they want you to.”
She looked back and forth between the two of them for a moment again before continuing.  “It was brought to my attention today that it would be a shame for one person to dress the other person, only to have them remove whatever they were dressed in.  So from now on, once you are dressed and the other person has approved what you are wearing, it will now be impossible for either of you to remove anything at all that that person wanted you to wear – until you are given permission by the other person to remove it.  Once you’re dressed, you stay that way until the other person changes it since it’s up to the other person to decide what you’re going to wear anyway.” 
She paused for a moment to consult her notes before continuing.  “Sissy Phyllis did bring something to my attention earlier today that made me realize something.  It seems that you Marian have no need to leave this apartment any longer other than for work.  That will now come to an end.  Once Marian’s milking is done in the evenings, both of you must now leave this apartment at least once every other day if not more often.  You can leave together or separately, I don’t care.  But you will go shopping, or I guess at least someplace public, for no less than two hours each time before you’re allowed to go home.”
She turned directly to Marian again.  “And you Marian, if anybody at all asks about your cowbell or your mooing, from now on, you will freely admit to them that you’re nothing but a stupid cow and therefore you’re only doing what every other cow would do.”  She smiled broadly after saying that and decided she would have to make arrangements soon to witness Marian in action with that little problem.  It would do the stupid cow good to start admitting exactly what she was to everyone else! 
Vivian looked briefly down at her notes, then smiled wickedly at Marian.  “Marian, since you’re finally showing everyone more and more just what a cow you’ve always been, then you might as well move another step forward in that direction.  Since real cows are among the filthiest, smelliest beasts I’ve ever seen, then from now on, the only time you’re allowed to wash any part of your body at all is in the mornings just before you go to work.  At all other times, you’re no longer capable of cleaning any part of your body at all, not even your hands.  If you get dirty in any way, then like every other cow on the planet, you stay dirty.  However, if Farmer Phyllis here decides he wants to clean something about you, then that’s his privilege, but as with everything else, you cannot help or hinder him in any way when he does it.  You can’t even ask him to clean you.  You will continue to be the dumb cow you’ve always been.”
She turned to Phillip.  “Hear that Farmer Phyllis, the stupid cow here can only bathe herself just before work from now on and that’s it.  If you want to clean her in any way, then that’s your business and she won’t be able to help or hinder you in any way at all.  Although why you’d ever want to bother cleaning the stupid beast in the first place is beyond me.  But I’ll leave that option up to you.  I’m only giving you the opportunity because some farmers are overly fond of their cows before they show them off somewhere, and they at least try to keep the dumb beasts looking good…which trust me, is all but impossible.”
She glanced down at her notes again and looked through them carefully.  Finally she smiled.  She stood up before addressing her two playthings.  “Both of you, open your eyes and stand up.”  She watched as the two thumb sucking idiots immediately got to their feet.  So much fun!  And now it was time for another bit of fun. 
“Farmer Phyllis,” she said, “you said in your email earlier that you had no ideas as to how you could do anything to humiliate Marian.  Well, I guess I can understand that somewhat since Marian is just a stupid cow, and being a cow has to be about the worst thing possible, so I can somewhat see your point.  But I’m still very disappointed in you over that.  You managed to picture Marian perfectly in that drawing you did of her.  That picture showed real vision.  It showed that you’re capable of seeing Marian for exactly what she is – in this case, nothing but an ugly, stupid cow.  So I’m very disappointed now to hear you can’t come up with anyway at all to make her life more miserable than it already is.”  She paused for only a moment before adding, “Therefore, let me show you exactly how to humiliate a stupid cow like Marian.”
Vivian moved away from the living room chairs and headed for the kitchen doorway.  “Follow me kiddies.”  She was pleased to see both of the thumb sucking idiots following her.  Well…they better!  Once she had the two of them standing where she wanted them, she turned to Marian.  “Marian,” she began, “since you’re finally beginning to realize how much of a stupid cow you really are, then you will continue to live the life of a cow more and more.”  She turned toward the space she had created between the back of the couch and the wall that separated the living room from the kitchen.  “Look at that area behind the couch now,” she told them.  “That area is now Marian’s stall.  A cow belongs either out in a field somewhere, or in a barn stall.  So now Marian has her very own stall to live in.  Marian, whenever Farmer Phyllis here tells you to go to your stall, you will immediately strip off everything you’re wearing except for your bell and your shoes, get down on all fours, and crawl into your nice new barn stall where you will stay until he gives you permission to leave.”  It was all Vivian could do to keep from giggling at that.  “And of course,” she continued, “the only proper place for a cow like Marian to be milked is in her stall.  So from now on that’s where she will be milked.  And of course, she will continue to do that the same way she has by kneeling over her tub like she does now and masturbating the entire time the milking machine is attached to her udders.”
She turned to Phillip.  “Farmer Phyllis, I want you to do everything you can to make that area as much like a real barn stall as possible so that your cow can feel right at home.  You might want to consider finding some hay to put in there for her.  Animals like her like a lot of hay in their stalls.”
She turned back to Marian.  “Marian whenever you’re in your stall, you will only be able to moo like the cow that you are.  You will also be incapable of standing upright, so of course you will remain on all fours…or you can lie down if you like.  As long as you are in your stall, your hands will become useless for anything at all except walking on and masturbating uselessly.  You will be unable to use your hands for anything else at all!  If you need to pee or poop while you’re in there, you can use your nice tub for that…or you can just go on the floor like any other cow would do.  I really don’t care.”
She turned toward Phillip.  “Farmer Phyllis, from now on you no longer have to worry about Marian here taking up any room in your bed, from now on the only place she’s allowed to sleep is in her stall.  And like any other cow, she won’t be able to use a pillow or a blanket.”  She smiled wickedly again at Marian.  “If Farmer Phyllis here decides to decorate your stall with some hay, then you can sleep on that if you like.”
Vivian consulted her notes again and quickly looked down the entire long list.  As far as she could see, she had covered everything.  Now it was time to stand back and see what happened.  She turned again to her two stupid playthings.  “I’m going to count down now from three to one.  When I get to one, you will both wake up fully.  Three…two…one!”
Marian woke up, pulled her thumb out of her mouth and let out a horrified moo as everything Vivian had put into her head came crashing into her now awake realization!  It was too much!  Everything that Vivian had done now was beyond anything her imagination could have conceived.  Vivian was basically reducing her to a life of an animal – a cow!  More and more every day.  There could be no escaping it, and she realized, no way to even deny it since she had to admit to everyone who asked, just what she was.  “Noooo!” she wailed.  “Please don’t do this to me.  Please…”
Vivian delighted to the sound of Marian’s pleading.  It was simply the most beautiful music her ears could ever hear.  She turned to Phillip who was still standing there sucking his thumb like the frightened idiot child he appeared to be.  “Farmer Phyllis, I suggest you take charge of your silly cow!”
Marian let out another anguished cry, but it was cut short by Phillip pulling his thumb out of his mouth and saying, “Marian, get in your stall!”
Marian was already naked except for her bell and her shoes.  She immediately dropped to all fours where her cry of “Nooo…” became a rather anguished moo instead.  As she had been ordered, she crawled into the space behind the couch where she turned around and stared out at Vivian and Phillip…and she knew she couldn’t leave the area until Phillip told her she could.  Just as Vivian kept telling her, she was rapidly becoming nothing but a stupid cow.  And just then, she felt very, very stupid. 
As she watched Vivian directing Phillip to push the chair over to where she could sit in it while watching her, all Marian could feel was total hopelessness.  Vivian had gone to great lengths again to take her as deep into a trance as she possibly could before sinking everything into her head.  Breaking free anytime soon would be completely impossible.  She had no way out until she could get that new DVD into Vivian’s machine and let the thing start to work.  Of course, she hadn’t had a chance yet to make that DVD.  And of course, after she got the DVD into Vivian’s player, she needed even more time for all of Vicious Vivian’s mental conditioning to wear off to the point where she could actually fight it. 
As she watched Vivian quickly stripping her clothes off, Marian knew that until she could finally break free, she was once again thoroughly stuck!  Stuck living like an animal. Stuck living like…a damn cow!  And she was really starting to feel just like a cow now.  What choice did she have?  Vivian kept telling her she was nothing but a stupid cow, and living like this would only seal the deal.  And there was no way at all to fight against it, because even if she could make the effort and try, underlying everything that Vicious Vivian had done to her, was a monstrous world of pain.  Enough pain that right now could kill her.  Stuck, stuck, stuck!  Stuck living like a cow! 


Anonymous said...

it should be nice if you move ahead whith marians plan, or introduce some new kind of humiliations, it starting to look like they are on a loop.
But it is just a comment, i realy like your stories.

Anonymous said...

The story seems to have stalled out in hopelessness, I almost find myself voting for the Marian to get killed by her prisoners as physicly assulting her would be the only course of action to stop her.

sara said...

Fanks for the update!

sarah penguin said...

thanks for the update!

Lorraine Oliver said...

I love this story.  From the first time Marian was hypnotized to moo, I was hoping she would be hypnotized to say she was a stupid cow if asked about her mooing.  And you did it. I know this story is mostly already written,  but I am also hoping Marian falls into mooing mode if someone tells her she is not a cow and only Vivian or Phyllis can make her stop. After all, cows can't argue.


Great installment! Especially liked the creation of Mooing Marian's stall... hope the tub disappears to be replaced with hay that the sissy farmer needs to change daily because the cow cannot control her bodily functions... and poops or pees at will.