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Hypnotized and Humiliated - Chapter 23 Part 1 of 2

Hypnotized and Humiliated
By Karen Singer

Chapter 23 Part 1 of 2

In the early morning hours, she was awake, but not really awake.  Half-dreaming.  If she had been more awake, she would have mooed which would have pulled her completely into the wakeful world.  Instead, her angry mind was in that twilight state where you can often remember what you were thinking about, yet your body remains completely at rest – half-asleep.  Her body was mostly sleeping, but her mind was too angry.  Angry at Vivian, angry at the world, and particularly angry at Phillip. 
In her mind, Phillip had betrayed her.  He had crossed over completely to Vivian’s side of things, and now he was only out to make her more miserable than she already was.  The traitor!  But now she had a way to get back at him…somewhat.  Nothing could ever make up for the way he was treating her – like an animal!  Like…a cow!  Damn him!  But Vivian had hypnotized them again last night and put new requirements into their heads.  And now she recognized a small way to get back at Phillip for the way he kept treating her – like an animal!
Phillip could no longer pick out his own clothes.  Neither could she for that matter, but her mind refused to dwell on that fact.  She would have to deal with that issue…or not deal with it…as the situation demanded.  But Vivian had explicitly told her to dress Sissy Phyllis in as much of a sissy manner as she possibly could.  And she was sure that the choices there would be endless.  The only problem was that Phillip, as much as he acted differently, really was a damn sissy.  But she supposed that little fact didn’t detract too much from how uncomfortably humiliated he most likely felt when he was dressed as such – in public…which was all the time now.  Or whenever he went out of the apartment anyway. 
So the primary question raged through her partially sleeping mind, how could she dress Sissy Phillip in as much of an embarrassing manner as possible so he would feel nothing but worse humiliation than the twerp already felt?  The idea that the possibilities had to be endless kept running through her mind, yet the more her mind tried to focus on the issue, the more frustrated she became.  The problem was, Sissy Phillip’s wardrobe, as humiliating as the entire thing was, was really too limited.  He didn’t have enough clothes for her to really put together something that would humiliate him into…into…into what?  Total submission?  She wasn’t really sure.  Bottom line, she wanted him to simply get so overpowered by the humiliation that he would simply give up and…and…and what?  Surrender?  Give in?  Acknowledge that she had won and was superior?  She wanted all that, plus something more important.  She wanted him to start treating her with respect!  Respect like she deserved!  Not like a damn animal.  She wanted and deserved to be treated with respect – as a superior – person!
So how should she dress him this morning?  As her partially sleeping mind reviewed his wardrobe choices, it all seemed to boil down to the things he already wore every day.  Nothing that was any different than what he already wore to work now – as totally humiliating as she knew that was for him.  She had nothing really to work with to make things any worse for him…yet.  She definitely would have to go shopping to buy him some new things!  But as for today, she was stuck!
Or was she?

Ugh!!!  Phillip came awake with a start when he realized his stupid diaper was leaking.  And by the feel of things, it must have been leaking for some time now.  The damn cow out in the living room hadn’t removed it for him last night.  True, he had been so mad at her that he never actually asked her to remove it.  All he had done with her last night was to make sure she took her pill and to force a few glasses of water on her – and that was it!  The rest of the time he did everything possible to avoid her, only because he didn’t want to be anywhere near her.  The stupid cow! 
And now, because of her, he wasn’t supposed to have a choice in anything that he wore anymore?  Damn her!  Not that he figured it mattered.  There was nothing she could make him wear that could possibly be more humiliating than the things that Mistress Vivian had decreed his normal wardrobe would be now. 
But now, not only did he have to decide what she would have to eat and drink all the time, not only did he have to milk her every day – twice a day – now he had to pick out all her clothes for her too!  Damn her!  Like he didn’t have enough to do around there as it was!  And what did she have to do?  Sit around and take a nap while the machine milked her…oh, and of course moo once in a while.  Huh!  Like that was any effort.  She hardly knew she was doing it anymore!  The stupid cow had it easy!  Way too easy!
He knew in the back of his mind that his thoughts were unreasonable, but that didn’t change his attitude at all.  The sudden moo out in the living room brought him back to reality.  He quickly checked the clock.  Still a little while to milking time.  But before the cow could be milked, he needed out of this leaking diaper.  He got up from the bed intent on heading out to the living room…and he stopped.  Damn!  As overly soggy as his diaper was, it would still be better to mess the thing now and get that over with – before his shower.  Ugh!  Damn he hated being stuck in diapers!

Marian closed her eyes as the milking machine once again extracted the milk from her udders…breasts!  She barely even realized where her fingers were and what they were doing until she felt her pee hitting her hands as she knelt uncomfortably over the plastic tub.  She had unfastened Phillip’s diaper for him again, as usual.  But unlike before, this time his diaper had been absolutely drenched.  She tried to remember changing him yesterday, and couldn’t remember even a single time.  Why hadn’t he come to her and asked her?  As much as she’d rather just leave him stuck in the stupid thing, she knew she would have removed it at least once for him.  But he hadn’t bothered to ask… and she hoped he had been totally miserable in the thing all night long!  Served him right!  The jerk!
She still wasn’t sure how this morning was going to work out for either of them.  They would just have to see what happened.  One thing she was fairly certain of was that they were both going to arrive at work a lot later than they had been.  Something about that actually pleased her.  As the machine worked on her breasts, her mind again reviewed the outfit she would put Phillip in today.  He would hate it!  He would also most likely love it.  She wasn’t sure how much winning there would be with that today, but she would do her best.

“This…is…ridiculous!” Phillip angrily exclaimed as he stood stark naked and stared at the box of diapers on his bedroom floor.  Should he wear one?  Or not?  And if he did, which one should he take from the box?  He knew it was a foregone conclusion that he was going to end up in one eventually, but he simply couldn’t decide if he should wear one or not.  He looked at his closet door, and turned away in disgust.  He couldn’t decide if he should even open the door or not.  Totally frustrated, and still totally naked, he grabbed Dolly and walked out of his bedroom to where Marian knelt over her tub while the milking machine remained attached to her breasts. 
“This is ridiculous!” he exclaimed again as he crossed the living room toward her.
Marian couldn’t have agreed more with his statement as she opened her eyes and mooed, although she wasn’t sure about the exact nature of his statement.  She was a bit surprised to see Phillip was still naked. 
“I can’t even figure out if I should grab a diaper to put on or not!” Phillip exclaimed.
Marian was slightly amused.  Let him see how it feels to not be able to decide anything.  “Moo,” she replied amusedly.
“Yeah?  A lot of help you are!”
“Moo,” Marian said again… it was actually the only thing she was capable of saying as long as she was being milked, but she found that this time she was enjoying the situation.
“Stupid cow!”
“What the heck am I supposed to wear?”
“Am I supposed to wear anything?”
“Or should I just go around naked all day!”
“Moo!”  Marian really wanted to laugh.  She really was enjoying Phillip’s frustrating plight.
“Damn it!  I don’t know what to wear!” Phillip exclaimed angrily.
Marian withheld her moo this time for a moment before finally letting out a soft but amused, “Moo,” as if to taunt him.
“Damn you!  What am I supposed to do?”
Phillip finally shook his head.  “This is getting me nowhere!”
“Yeah, like you really care!”
He checked the clock.  She still had almost ten minutes more that she had to remain on her milking machine.  He was literally stuck until then.  “Ugh!” he exclaimed as he threw his arms up in the air in frustration. 
With nothing better to do, Phillip stomped off into the kitchen where he poured a bowl of cereal for himself.  He went to the refrigerator.  No baby bottles full of milk this time.  He had finished the three that had been in there last night.  But he knew that all too soon, Marian’s milk would be in there again as soon as he removed the machine from her neck.  He poured himself a glass of Coke and started drinking it – before Marian’s milk could be added to what he would have to drink later that day. 
He was still finishing his cereal when he heard Marian’s repeated mooing out in the living room.  He glanced at the clock.  Six-thirty.  Time to get her off the machine.  But he wasn’t finished with his breakfast yet.  “Shut up!” he yelled over top of her constant mooing.  “I hear you.  I’m not done with my breakfast yet.”  He had to endure one more long angry moo before she finally went silent.  Damn cow!  And she had wanted him to start thinking of her as his mother?  Not likely!  Talk about stupid.  Besides there was no way that could ever help him with his problem.  As far as he was concerned, it was just another ploy by Marian to start bossing him around even more than she already did.  His mother!  Stupid cow! 
With his breakfast finished, he refreshed his lipstick, poured a glass of water for Marian, and grabbed one of her pills.  With Dolly in his arms, he carried them out to the living room where she was still attached to her machine. 
“Moooo,” Marian wailed. 
“Yeah, yeah.  I hear you,” Phillip muttered.  He switched the machine off which made her moo again and this time caused the crazy bell around her neck to clang.  At least she did her best to keep the darn thing silent.  He had to listen to the noisy thing all too much as it was.  He put the glass of water down on the floor and took the machine from around her neck.  “Yeah, you can get up now,” he said as he stood back.  The clanging from her stupid bell was an irritation that he hoped she hated more than he did.  He held out the pill she had to take.  “Swallow this,” he told her, “There’s water for you in the glass.  Make sure you drink all of it.”  He watched for a moment as she picked up the glass, then he took her milking machine into the kitchen to empty it. 
Glass in hand, Marian followed him toward the kitchen.  She stood in the kitchen doorway as she watched him emptying the collection bottles from the milking machine into one of the baby bottles, and then the rest of it into a second one.  There was a depressingly greater amount of milk again.  “Do you want me to pick out something for you to wear before I get my shower?” she asked.
“Yeah,” Phillip decided.  “Maybe you better.  Then I can figure out what you’re supposed to wear while you’re in the shower.”
“Sounds good,” Marian replied as she turned and headed for the bedroom, still sipping at the glass of water he had given her, and still completely naked except for her high heeled shoes.  Her stupid bell seemed to clang with every step she was taking.  Ugh! 
She pulled one of his thick diapers out of the package and threw it on the bed for him.  She pulled one of the bras he had to wear every day out of his dresser and threw that on the bed as well.  Phillip entered the room as she headed for his closet where she selected a pair of Capri pants that had a bit of pattern in the material.  She also pulled a fairly frilly top from the closet to go with the pants.  All things he had worn before.  All things he should really have no problem with.  “Do you need help getting dressed?” she asked.
Phillip shook his head.  “I don’t think so.  I just can’t seem to decide on anything at all that I should wear.”
“You wear everything I put on the bed for you,” she told him.  “Call me if you need to,” she added as she turned her back on him.  Her bell clanged constantly as she headed for a much needed shower. 
Since she had relieved herself into the stupid tub earlier, Marian was able to avoid playing with herself while on the toilet this time.  Only having to remove her shoes, she was able to turn the water on and step straight into the shower, doing her best to ignore the irritating clang of her bell with every little movement that she made.  The shower felt wonderful as she scrubbed every inch of her body, but all that movement made showering a very noisy endeavor now as the bell around her neck rarely paused between repeated clangs.  She was tempted to relax in the tub for a little while, it would certainly be quieter than the shower, but she knew she and Phillip were already going to be late for work, and there was no telling how long it was going to take for each of them to get ready to go.
When she came out of the bathroom, Marian saw that Phillip had managed to put everything on that she had laid out for him.  At least there was no problem there. 
“I put some cereal in a bowl and poured you some water to drink,” Phillip told the naked woman as she returned from the bathroom.  “It’s in the kitchen for you.  You might as well eat now while I try to figure out what you’re supposed to wear to work.  And don’t forget to drink all that water!”
Everything else went out of Marian’s mind as her thoughts turned immediately to eating what Phillip had put out for her.  Two minutes later, she was happily eating cereal, glad for the opportunity to once again eat like a normal human being.
While Marian was in the kitchen, Phillip stared into the closet at Marian’s clothes.  As far as he could tell, everything that Marian owned was basically the same as everything else.  She only had very short skirts and some fairly revealing tops to go over them.  For work though, she usually wore a jacket over it all.  He reached in and grabbed the first skirt on the rack and pulled it off the hanger.  He removed the first blouse he came to as well.  Marian hadn’t put out any clothes at all that he hadn’t already worn to work, so she wasn’t trying to go out of her way to humiliate him any worse than he already was.  He appreciated that greatly.  A few minutes later, he had selected a bra and some panties for her and finally chose the high heeled shoes he wanted her to wear for the day. 
Once Marian finished her breakfast, she remembered that Vivian had decreed that she had to do her makeup and fix her hair for work, so she headed back to the bathroom and got right to that task.  Halfway through her makeup, she noticed Phillip standing just outside the doorway to the bathroom.  As usual, he was cradling Dolly in his arms.  It was getting hard to remember seeing him without that doll.  Since he didn’t say anything to her, she went right back to working on her makeup.  She wasn’t ready yet to spring the new surprises on Phillip. 
When she finished her makeup, Phillip was still standing there.  “Ready for me to finish getting you ready for work?” she asked.
Phillip had actually wanted to show her what he had laid out on the bed for her to wear, but her mentioning getting him ready for work somehow took precedence.  “Sure,” he replied.  He turned and headed for the kitchen where she usually fixed his hair for him.
“Phillip!” Marian called after him.  “Let’s do it in the bathroom today.”
Phillip returned slowly and cautiously to the bathroom.  He glanced all around from the doorway.  “Can’t we do it in the kitchen instead?” he nervously asked.
Marian quickly looked all around the bathroom.  “No snakes in here Phillip.  Come on in.”
Phillip knew better!  She might not see them, but he knew they were there.  He took a nervous step into the bathroom as he saw Marian grab her hair brush. 
“Sit on the commode this time,” Marian told him.  “It will be easier for me to reach your head that way.”
But the commode was the last place Phillip wanted to sit.  He simply stared at the thing in horror from where he was. 
Marian saw how afraid he was and shook her head.  She went over and closed the toilet lid.  “No snakes!  Now come over here and sit down!”
More nervous about it than ever, Phillip went over and sat on the toilet, but his eyes constantly searched the bathroom around him for the snakes that he absolutely knew were there.  He hoped that the fact that he was fully dressed would be in his favor as far as the snakes were concerned. 
Marian attacked his hair, much as she usually did.  The perm that had been done on his hair wasn’t looking as good as it had a few days ago.  “Stay there,” she told him.  “I need to fix the curls in your hair.  That perm doesn’t seem to be holding too well anymore.”
Phillip stayed silent while Marian plugged in her curling iron.  But when she came back to him, she wasn’t carrying her curling iron, she was carrying something else instead.  Something that horrified him!
“Hold your head still and look up,” Marian ordered.
“Makeup?” Phillip complained.
“That’s what I want you to wear today,” Marian replied.
“Makeup?” he said again.
Marian was a bit surprised.  “You don’t want to wear it?  Can you not wear it if I tell you to?”
Phillip tried to think about it.  “I don’t know.  I can’t decide.  I can’t even figure out if I want to wear it or not.”
“Then hold still and look up!”  A moment later, Marian attacked his eyelashes with the mascara in her hand.  The mascara was followed by a bit of eyeliner, some eye shadow, some liquid foundation for his face, and finally some powder and blush.  The lipstick he was already wearing was a good enough color.  Only when she finished did she grab her curling iron and repair the curls on top of his head.  She left him for a minute to find another bow for him to wear, and two minutes later, Marian was done with him.  Well, almost.  “Okay,” she said.  “All finished.”
Despite his fear of the snakes in the bathroom, Phillip headed straight for the mirror to look at his face.  She had put makeup on him!  She had gone out of her way to make his life even more humiliating by putting makeup on him.  And she had put it on heavy enough that there was no way to miss it.  He turned to her.  “Why?” he asked.
Marian smiled.  “Because I want you to wear it.  That’s all you have to worry about.”  She turned and left the bathroom.  “Now hurry up or we’re going to be late!”
Phillip took another moment to stare at his face.  Makeup!  But was it any worse than everything else he was already wearing?  He finally decided that just the fact that it was something else added did make it worse.  And he hadn’t put out anything out of the ordinary for Marian to wear today…not that he knew what he could have made her wear.  Mistress Vivian’s instructions that she had to look decent for work gave him no choice in that matter.  With a sigh and one last glance in the mirror he turned and left the snakes behind. 
As expected, he found Marian in the bedroom getting dressed.  He watched her quickly putting on everything he had laid out for her.  He finally watched as she bucked the colorful high heeled shoes onto her feet – that he knew she hated more than the others.  Now after adding the makeup to his face, he was glad he had put those shoes out for her.  The only question now was, what shoes should he wear?  Marian hadn’t put any out for him yet.  “Um…” he started as she was buckling her second shoe.  “What shoes should I wear?”
Marian looked up at him and smiled.  She finished buckling her shoe and headed for his closet where she pulled out his red high heeled pumps. 
Phillip again was totally shocked.  “The heels?”
“That’s what I want you to wear.”  She looked at him more seriously.  “Phillip, look at me.”  When his attention had turned from looking at the shoes to her face she asked.  “Phillip, is there any way at all that you can’t wear those shoes if I want you to?  You’re managing to question me more than a bit about everything.”
Phillip searched his brain.  But the only thing he could decide about the shoes was that he was supposed to wear them…and that he would wear them…like it or not.  “I…I have to wear them,” he finally managed to reply.  “It’s like, I have no choice!”  With that, he stepped into the shoes, feeling more humiliated than ever. 
Marian smiled.  “Now you look good enough to go out – just as soon as you redo your lipstick that is.  I approve.”  She stood straight and asked, “How about me?  Good enough to go?”
After adding the makeup and now heels to his outfit for the day, Phillip was really wishing there was something…anything…that he could have done to what she wore to work to make things more humiliating for her.  Nothing she was wearing was the least bit humiliating or out of place for her at all.  Nothing!  At least, as far as he was concerned.
Phillip grabbed his purse from the kitchen where he refreshed his lipstick, and to the clanging of Marian’s bell, the two of them finally headed out to work.

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Marian, just did what Vivian wanted... make sissy phyllis look her sissy best... can't wait to see what Marian adds to phyllis' sissy wardrobe.