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Hypnotized and Humiliated - Chapter 25 Part 1 of 3

Hypnotized and Humiliated
By Karen Singer

Chapter 25 Part 1 of 3

She was cold and uncomfortable.  The bare floor beneath her as she had slept offered no cushioning for her aging body.  Her feet were on fire from not being able to remove the high heeled shoes she was wearing.  And the whole area stank!  The tub in the middle of what was now her stall, where she had been forced to relieve herself several times during the night, smelled something awful.  And to make matters worse, her udders…breasts…udders ached because she needed to be milked again.  Other lactating women had their babies removing the milk many times during the day.  She only had that option every twelve hours.  Consequently, her breasts were heavy and full.  No doubt, fuller than ever before as her body continued to produce more and more milk.
She finally came awake enough that it forced another moo out of her mouth.  Ugh!  She opened her eyes.  The room was mostly dim shadows so the sun wasn’t really up yet, but she had no real idea of what time it was.  She couldn’t see a clock from her stall.  She couldn’t see much of anything for that matter except a short way into the kitchen and a small part of the living room.  Still curled up in a ball, she closed her eyes again and allowed herself to sink into the sensations that her fingers were causing down in her nether regions.  “Mmmm.”  Not quite a moo – fortunately.  It just felt so good.  So uselessly good.  She was so in need of a good orgasm she could scream.  She didn’t bother screaming because all that would come out of her mouth would be another moo.  And it wouldn’t help her gain the orgasm she wanted so badly either. 
She dreamed of being penetrated.  She dreamed of her husband being inside her again.  Oh God she missed that man!  She pushed her fingers deeper and deeper, but as always, it did her no good at all.  She needed to be fucked but good!  The only problem was, that now Vicious Vivian had fixed things so that being fucked like that would bring her nothing but the worst pain imaginable.  So she was stuck forever masturbating…and stuck being unable to obtain any kind of relief.  Stuck living like…a damn cow!  Stuck, stuck…
Huh?  Phillip’s voice pulled her out of her thoughts and another moo escaped her mouth.  She forced herself to pull her fingers out of her cunt as she embarrassedly looked up at him.  He was entering the area that had been designated as her stall – with her milking machine.  That was both good and bad.  “Moo!”
“Damn it stinks in here,” Phillip muttered.
“Yeah, yeah.  I hear you.  I’ll empty it later.  Now get in position, it’s time for your milking.”
“Moo.”  Oh damn she felt like such a cow!
As Phillip watched Marian getting into position over her tub, he thought of another little problem.  “Can you get this diaper off me first?” he asked.
Marian looked up at him.  His diaper was indeed pretty awful.  But as long as she was in her stall, she could do nothing with her hands at all – other than to walk on them…and masturbate.  “Moo!”
Phillip rolled his eyes and stepped back out of the stall, the milking machine still in his hands.  “Get out of there for minute,” he told her.
“Moo,” Marian gratefully replied as she crawled forward.  A moment later, she breathed a sigh of relief and climbed to her feet.  “Whew,” she exclaimed.  “I can’t tell you how awful that is for me.”
“Yeah, what do you care?  It’s the way you deserve to live.  It’s the way you should live!  You’re nothing but a stupid cow anyway.  I would think you’d find it perfectly natural.”
Marian didn’t even think.  Her hand swung out and she slapped the side of his face as hard as she could.  “How dare you say something like that to me!”
Phillip backed away quickly, his eyes were wide as saucers as he rubbed the side of his face where she had hit him.  “What was that for?”
“For being the biggest jerk in the world!  For treating me like nothing but an animal – even when you don’t have to!  For being nothing but a self-centered moron who has no regard for anyone other than himself!  You’re cruel Phillip.  Totally cruel!  You think I like living like an animal?  I can’t tell you how much I hate it!  And you’re doing nothing but making it worse!”
“But…but…”  Phillip sputtered.  “But Mistress Vivian said…”
“I know what Vivian said.  I was there, remember?”  But you’re going above and beyond to be nothing but cruel to me.  I’m not an animal, Phillip!”  Her voice backed down and she turned away from him.  “Even though I’m starting to feel more and more like one.  Vivian’s brainwashing is making me feel like nothing but a stupid animal.  A stupid cow!”  She had shed tears for most of the night.  But now they were back again.  She looked up at him, knowing she was crying again.  “I’m not a cow, Phillip.  I’m not an animal!  Even though Vivian’s got me living more and more like one.  Even though I’m starting to feel more and more like one.  But I’m not one!  I’m human.  And…”  But she didn’t know what else to say.  There were all too many problems she was faced with. 
“I’m sorry,” Phillip replied, staying well away from her so he wouldn’t get hit again.  “It’s just that Mistress Vivian keeps telling me this, and Mistress Vivian keeps telling me that, and through it all, she keeps telling me that you’re nothing but a stupid cow…and she makes me treat you like one.  And because of the way she keeps putting those thoughts into my head, I can’t help it!  Besides, the only time you have to worry about being embarrassed by anything is right here in the apartment where nobody can see you.  My whole life is one big embarrassment!”  He dropped his voice and looked at the floor.  “And worse, you don’t have to face what I’ll have to do pretty soon.”
Marian knew he was referring to having to go out somewhere and start sucking men’s cocks.  But that still didn’t make her feel any better.  “So you take it out on me?”  She shook her head.  “I’m sorry Phillip, but that’s no excuse.”
Not getting any sympathy from Marian only made Phillip feel angry instead.  “Stupid cow!” he muttered.  “It’s all your fault in the first place!”  Mistress Vivian had told him a thousand times that she was nothing but a cow.  His cow!  He looked at her boldly and angrily.  “You’re nothing but a stupid cow!” he told her as he headed closer to her.  “What would you know?”
Marian was shocked.  “I’m…” she started to say.
“Get back in your stall!” he ordered.
Despite herself, Marian found herself dropping to all fours again and crawling toward the area that Vivian had created behind the couch – her stall. 
“Wait a minute,” Phillip ordered.  Marian looked up at him hopefully.  “Get this damn diaper off me first,” he ordered. 
With tears forming in her eyes again, Marian reached out and unfastened the tapes on his diaper, letting the smelly thing fall to the floor.
“Now get back in your stall!  It’s way past your milking time!”
A few minutes later, Marian was again kneeling over her tub, her hands were again up inside her where they would ultimately do no good at all, and the milking machine was finally removing some of the pressure from her breasts.  She was still crying.  She hated this.  She absolutely hated it.  But she really was starting to feel like nothing but the stupid cow that Vivian…and now Phillip…kept telling her she was. 
Her thoughts turned briefly to what she would make Phillip wear to work that day.  She had only a few new options that she could use until she had a chance to go shopping.  And she would have to go shopping tonight since Vivian had decreed that they had to go out at least every other day.  She wasn’t looking forward to that…and she was looking forward to it.  Even walking around out in public with her damn bell around her neck was better than living like she was…like a cow.  If even for a little while.

Yellow was such a bright cheerful color.  And Vivian was certainly feeling cheerful as she sashayed into the office – five minutes late.  “Good morning everyone,” she announced as she happily paraded herself toward her desk.  She got mixed looks from everyone.  Many of the looks she knew were nothing but envy over her appearance, but of course, Phillip and Marian never looked happy to see her.  Not that she cared.  She was having way too much fun with both of them.  She mostly ignored Marin, who she thought looked acceptable, but not all that good.  She studied Phillip for a moment though as he scowled at her from across the aisle.  Oh my!  Marian had given him much bigger breasts this morning.  She nearly laughed.  The rest of him looked much the same.  But then Marian hadn’t had a chance to do any shopping yet.  She was looking forward to seeing what Marian did with the little twerp once she did go shopping – which according to the instructions she had given them, should be tonight. 
Vivian was very tempted for a moment to go shopping with Marian tonight, just so she could hear the stupid cow admit to everyone who seemed interested that she was nothing but a stupid cow.  Oh how she looked forward to seeing that!  But not yet.  She would do that another time.  Possibly Friday.  Friday was the start of Vivian’s weekly shopping binge.  But if she kept to her schedule, Friday was also the next time she needed to hypnotize the two of them and make sure everything stayed in their simpleton heads.  So perhaps after she did that, she and Marian would hit the stores together.  Yes, that sounded like the perfect idea.  She briefly wondered how Phillip would dress the stupid cow for that little venture.  Oh, she couldn’t wait now for Friday.  Of course, she always couldn’t wait till Friday.  She just had more reason now. 

Phillip felt irritated.  The stupid cow had done it again – gone out of her way to humiliate him even further.  It wasn’t the red high heels that bothered him this time, it was the bra she had given him to wear – one of hers.  And not one of her smaller ones, but one of her big ones.  And then she had stuffed the cups of it with everything she could to make them stay all too big.  The top he was wearing was miserably tight on him now.  His “breasts” were all too heavy every time he moved – and they simply kept getting in his way.  Every woman in the room had laughed at him when they came into work and saw him.  They would!  He’d like to…  Well, he didn’t know what he’d like to do to them all.  He couldn’t help it that Marian had made him look so…stupid! 
He really wasn’t looking forward to having to go out at lunch time to get food for both himself and stupid Marian.  With tits like he had showing on his chest, he was twice as noticeable as he ever was before.  The stupid cow.  She was just getting back at him for treating her like just what she was – a stupid cow.  And she didn’t like it?  Ha!  She deserved it!  Besides, Mistress Vivian had told him over and over again that she was nothing but a cow.  And he was finding it almost impossible to think of her in any other way.  And…she deserved to be treated like that for making his life even more miserable today…not to mention making his life miserable in the first place – because it was Marian who had hypnotized him first.  The stupid cow!
He thought back to earlier that morning when he had taken the milking machine from her neck.  When he had emptied the thing, the milk had poured out of the tubing.  She had over filled it.  From now on, he was going to have to watch the thing, turn it off and empty it, and then put it back on her again.  That was going to be a pain.  Why couldn’t the thing hold more milk than it did?  Surely the manufactures should have thought of that problem.
He was fighting against peeing into his diaper already.  Marian had nearly filled two full baby bottles this morning.  He had made a point to drink it all before he left the apartment – just so he wouldn’t have to put one of them in his purse.  But now the extra liquid in his system was fueling his need to pee.  Damn it!  And now Mistress Vivian had decreed that he had to spread all his liquids out during the day.  Which meant that he would need to get something to drink at each break period as well as during lunch.  How wet would he be by the end of the day?  Having no choice, he let himself pee into his diaper.  It was a relief…and a horror.  Then, just because he was mad at the stupid cow, he sent Marian an email telling her to get herself another bottle of water.  Let her feel the need to go pee all too often.  Served her right!  She should be made to suffer wearing the diapers like he was!
He stopped short at that thought.  Why hadn’t he thought of that earlier?

Marian realized she had made yet another mistake.  She backed up and corrected it.  How many had she already made that morning?  Her mind wasn’t on her work.  Her mind actually wasn’t on much of anything – except her own misery.  Consequently, she was making more mistakes than usual.  She cared, but not all that much. 
She had taken a good long bath earlier after her milking.  She had really needed it.  And she had massaged her aching feet for what seemed like hours.  Now they were back in another pair of stupidly high heels and aching again.  And there wasn’t a thing she could do about it.  Feeling herself fighting the urge to moo, she got up and headed for the elevators.  She rode the elevators a lot now.  They were a bit too far from the office, but at least they worked for her.  As far as she knew, nobody had heard her mooing yet.  Yet!
After the elevator, as she often did, she stopped in the ladies room for a few minutes.  Except that once she got into the stall, she found she couldn’t remove her underwear to take care of business.  Just the thought of even pulling them down made her stomach hurt.  She was forced to hurry back to the office where she immediately opened up an email to Phillip.

“Phillip.  I need to go to the bathroom, but I can’t remove my panties unless you give me permission!  Please can I take them down long enough to pee?”

Phillip read the email with a huge amount of amusement.  He quickly typed back his answer:


Marian was shocked.  Although she realized she shouldn’t be.  Instead of pleading her case with him, she sent an email to Vivian instead, telling Vivian that Phillip had refused her request, and emphasizing the point that if she wasn’t allowed to remove her panties to pee, then she wasn’t going to be able to maintain any kind of look of normalcy in the office at all – that Vivian seemed to want so badly about her.

Vivian was very annoyed with Marian’s email.  Really, the two of them were so stupid!  They were both acting more and more like children.  But then what could she expect from a silly sissy and…a cow!  Stupidity ran rampant in both of them.  Instead of answering Marian’s email, she sent an email to Phillip instead, telling him he better give her permission to go to the bathroom once in a while, or he would see what it felt like to be hooked up to Marian’s milking machine right after her from now on.  And she would be more than happy to supply him with the same pills that were making Marian produce milk.  She didn’t really know if they would do anything at all to him, but it was an interesting idea. 

Phillip read Mistress Vivian’s email.  While he was angry at the stupid cow for going around him and asking Mistress Vivian directly, her threat to make him undergo the milking machine treatment was more than enough to frighten him into immediately emailing Marian permission to lower her panties to use the bathroom whenever she needed to.  Those pills couldn’t really make him produce milk, could they?  Of course not, he was a man.  Sort of.  But he worried about it enough to do a quick internet search and shortly found something called male lactation.  He didn’t want to read anymore.  No, she wouldn’t do that to him, would she?
Marian hurried out to the bathroom, glad that Vivian had stepped in so quickly.  As usual, she was in there longer than she wanted to be.  And because she was that far down the hall, she stopped at the elevator once again, just for another mooing session.  When she finally came back to the office, she passed by Phillip’s desk with a somewhat angry look on her face, only to see him grinning back at her like a Cheshire cat.  Darn him!
Now that she was back, she realized that it was nearly lunchtime and she was getting hungry.  The little bit of cereal Phillip had given her that morning was pretty much gone now.  Damn Phillip!  Once she was done being milked, he had brought the cereal and more water into her stall.  She hadn’t been able to get out to get her bath until she had eaten it all – like an animal.  She wanted to kill Phillip.  Phillip and Vicious Vivian both!  She really hoped that Sissy Phillip “enjoyed” those huge breasts she had given him today.  Let him feel what it’s like to have breasts that big for a while!  Besides, she hoped they would humiliate the heck out of him.
She had some ideas bouncing around in her head for things to buy for him to dress him up with in the future.  She just needed to get to the stores to try to find some of them.  If he thought he looked ridiculous now, wait until she had a chance to go shopping!  But the jerk absolutely deserved every bit of humiliation she could dish out to him.  He deserved it…and a whole lot more!
She had slapped him hard that morning.  Yelled at him too.  But it had done no good at all.  All it had earned her was to get sent right back into her stall again.  Vicious Vivian’s mind warping had become all too strong in him.  Which brought up another troubling thought.  How much longer could she hold out?  She was amazed that she was still capable of thinking of herself as being a person and not a cow…at least in most respects.  But with Vivian continually telling her that she was nothing but a stupid smelly cow – under hypnosis – that concept seemed to be taking firmer and firmer hold over her too.  She continually found herself slipping and viewing herself as the stupid animal that Vivian continually told her she was.  How much longer could she stay human?  How much longer could she stay herself?


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Enjoyable update :)

Anonymous said...

im sorry to say that this story has become too redundant/repetitive and has lost its charm. You are a good writer but you seem to be stuck here with the same old same old and can't seem to break away from the place you have created. You need to introduce something other than cow/sissy to your theme to get things moving.