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Hypnotized and Humiliated - Chapter 22 Part 2 of 3

Hypnotized and Humiliated
By Karen Singer

Chapter 22 Part 2 of 3

When lunchtime came and all the others had left, Marian grabbed her purse and headed to Phillip’s desk.  Their usual routine was for her to always go out to get their lunch since Phillip looked so ridiculous.  Despite the fact that she didn’t want to bother getting him anything anymore, she still stopped to ask, “Deli again?”
Phillip nodded.  “Sure.  And if you want, get yourself something other than water to drink.  Otherwise, I guess there’s still plenty of water in the break room if you’d prefer it.”
Marian nodded.  “There’s plenty in the fridge.”  She left him and headed down to her car.  The sight of her collar and bell on the driver’s seat made her cringe, but she didn’t have to wear the thing right then so she simply moved it aside and headed out to get them lunch. 
The delicatessen was busy as usual, but the store was used to the fast paced lunch crowd and the line went quickly.  Never once while she waited did Marian give a thought to what she would buy.  Never once!  And when she got to the front of the line and the guy behind the counter asked what she wanted, she stared up at the menu choices posted on the board on the wall behind him… and her mind simply went totally blank.
“Can I help you Ma’am?” the guy asked again.
Marian still stood looking up at the board, but her mind refused to think of anything at all.  She didn’t realize it, but she wasn’t even reading the words printed up there.
“Ma’am?” the guy urged again.
Marian finally shook her head and snapped out of it.  Vivian had said she couldn’t pick out what she would eat anymore.  And now it seemed that she couldn’t even order something for both of them from the delicatessen.  Feeling more defeated than ever, she sadly left the line and turned away.  She made the drive back to work feeling totally depressed.  But at least she was able to get the same close parking place she had gotten earlier that morning.  She mooed mournfully all the way up in the elevator, not just from needing to get it out of her system, but it was the best reflection of how she felt. 
“Where’s lunch?” Phillip asked the moment she walked in the door.
Marian shook her head.  “I… couldn’t buy anything.”
“Why not?”
Marian turned away from him and headed for her desk.  Not looking at him she replied, “Vivian’s demands wouldn’t let me.  I can’t pick out anything I eat anymore,” she added sadly.
Phillip didn’t know if he should feel sorry for her or angry because she hadn’t brought anything back to eat.  “So what are we supposed to do for lunch?” he asked with more than a bit of irritation in his voice. 
Marian just looked at him, his attitude made her feel just as perturbed as he had sounded.  “If you want lunch, then you’re going to have to go out and get it.  You’re supposed to be taking care of me now anyway.  Remember?  So you’ll have to get lunch.  And by the way, I’m hungry.  I need to eat something.  If you want my body to continue making milk, then get me something to eat!”
Phillip had started to feel a little bit sorry for her a few moments ago, but now he felt nothing but total irritation at her again.  The damn cow!  He had a good mind to let her go hungry – especially since he didn’t want to go anywhere dressed as he was.  How long would it take him to go somewhere where he could go through a drive-thru and get back?  Did he have enough time?  But then he remembered something else.  “I can’t go,” he said.  “My diaper hasn’t been changed yet.”
“And I need feeding!” Marian countered.  She looked up at the clock. Damn!  There wasn’t enough time for him to go get them lunch – before she changed him.  She shook her head.  “Okay,” she said, giving in.  “I’ll change you now… and then you can get me some lunch.  As far as I’m concerned, it’s okay if you get back late.”
Phillip would have preferred to just get changed and not go anywhere at all to get lunch, but since Marian had “claimed” she was hungry, he felt responsible for feeding her.  And unfortunately, that was part of his responsibilities now.  The stupid cow!  And unfortunately, he found that he couldn’t ignore that responsibility.
He and Dolly headed toward the break room where Marian now changed his diaper for him at lunchtime.  He pulled his pants down exposing his thick diaper, and laid down on the floor.  Marian stood over him and looked down at him.  “I can’t change that thing for you,” she said.
“Why not?” Phillip demanded.
“Because it’s not nearly wet enough.  I can hardly tell you’ve wet it at all!”
“But you always change me at lunchtime!”
“Not today.  I can’t!  How many times have you wet that thing since you put it on this morning?”
Phillip had to think about that for a moment.  “Only once… I think.”
Marian shook her head and turned away.  “We both know that those things will hold a lot more than you just one wetting!” she said as she headed for the door.  “I’ll get my car keys for you.”
“Damn cow!” Phillip swore as he got to his feet and pulled his pants up again. 
As quickly as he could, Phillip refreshed his lipstick, grabbed Dolly, grabbed Marian’s car keys, and hurried for the elevators.  He was hoping he could get out to the car before too many people saw him… and he was planning on coming back – after most people had gotten back to work!  He and Marian would just have to eat their lunch in front of everyone else.  His only real problem was that he was now more concerned with how bad his diaper might be by the end of the day.  He had made it a point not to drink anything all morning, and now he was planning on not drinking anything for lunch.  If he had to drink eight glasses of something today, then he was going to practically be drowning himself tonight to get all eight glasses in!

By the time everyone else was ready to leave for the day, it was all Marian could do to not rub her swollen and aching breasts.  And to make matters worse, her bra felt uncomfortably tight.  She was absolutely sure her breasts were heavier than they had been earlier in the day.  No doubt she needed milking again!  Ugh!  How did women who were nursing handle this kind of problem?  Of course, women who were nursing had their babies draining their milk many times during the day.  She was only getting milked twice… at twelve hour intervals.  Her breasts had no choice but to build up an uncomfortable amount of milk. 
She wanted badly to just remove her bra and get more comfortable.  But doing that while still at the office wasn’t exactly a very good option.  And if she was getting this swollen already, how bad would her breasts get in a few more weeks?  She knew for a fact that it took time for a woman’s milk to come in fully.  And when her breasts did start to get even bigger, was there a possibility of her nipples leaking?  She had heard of that problem too.  And if that was the case with her, then that was going to be another major problem she would have to deal with.  She hoped she didn’t have that kind of a problem.  She had enough problems now as it was.

Vivian needed to have a talk with both Marian and Phillip.  She considered doing it at the office but decided against the idea.  After finding out that that whore Heather had heard her hypnotizing the two of them, doing much with them at the office now was too risky.  She would wait until later after the two of them got home.  Besides, she needed to take Sissy Phyllis out shopping anyway.  She was rather looking forward to that little venture – more so because she knew Sissy Phyllis wouldn’t be.  Still feeling totally grand in her mostly yellow outfit, she sauntered out happily with everyone else.

Phillip knew he was supposed to go downstairs with everyone else, and then turn around and come right back up to his desk.  But he was too worried about his diaper showing too much under his pants now.  True, he had only wet it one more time all afternoon so the diaper wasn’t all that bad – only because the darn thing was so thick to begin with, but he could still feel how uncomfortably bulky the thing was.  So while everyone else was filing out, he took an extra-long time fixing his lipstick. 
“Coming?” Marian asked, seeing Phillip still working on his lips.
Phillip shook his head.  “Not today.”
“Why not?”
Phillip paused before replying.  In a softer voice he replied.  “Because I’m worried this thicker diaper will show too much under my pants.”
Marian stared at him then nodded.  “I’ll be back in a few.”  She hurried out to join the last of the women heading for the elevators.
Phillip had a few things that needed to go into the office distribution box.  He had delayed getting up from his desk all afternoon to do that.  Now that everyone was gone, he gathered them up and carried them across the room.  There was one document he needed to print as well.  Two minutes later the printer came to life.  Everything that he had needed to do earlier that required him to get up from his desk, he did now with the room empty.  He felt so much better about all of it. 
Shortly after gathering the printed pages from the printer, he saw Marian come back in. 
“If your diaper is that bad,” Marian started, “I can probably change you now if you like.”
Phillip nodded.  “I would like it, but I doubt you’ll be able to change me.  I only wet it one more time all afternoon.  And these stupid diapers can hold a ton!”
Marian nodded. “Maybe we better wait till later then.”
Phillip nodded disappointedly.  “I guess we’ll have to.”
As Marian returned to her desk, she was aware of the fact that the short conversation had been the nicest he had spoken to her all day.  Since last night in fact!  Was he finally coming to his senses?  She could only hope!

Half an hour later, silent tears fell from Marian’s eyes as she sat in the car and allowed Phillip to buckle her bell back around her neck.  It was so… demeaning!  So cruel!  Just like her entire life.  Trying to put the bell out of her mind, she drove out of the parking lot.  “I’m going to need some new bras soon,” she said to Phillip, trying to get her mind off of the weight of the bell once again strapped around her neck. 
“What for?” Phillip asked.
“My… breasts are getting bigger.  That’s what happens when women have babies to feed.  I may have to look at some of the nursing bras and see if they can be of any help to me too.”
Phillip was very tempted to make a remark about her bigger breasts also being what happened when cows needed to be milked, but he held his tongue.  “Do you want to go to the stores now?” Phillip asked instead.
“Absolutely not!” Marian replied.  “Not with this… thing around my neck.”
“We can’t take it off,” Phillip replied.  “You have to go everywhere with it on.”
“Don’t remind me!”
Phillip looked at her for a moment while she was driving.  “Now maybe you’ll know how I feel every time I walk out the door!”
Marian briefly turned her head toward him.  It wasn’t just the words he had said, but the tone of his voice as he had said them.  To her, he had sounded all too nasty!  Damn him!  She had thought he was starting to be nice again.  She bit her lip to keep from saying anything and drove straight home.

With every step she took, she tried to move as smoothly as possible to keep her bell from making any kind of noise.  It was all made more difficult because of the very high heels strapped to her feet, but she sometimes actually accomplished it.  However milking time came all too soon after getting back into Phillip’s apartment, and once naked, the darn bell seemed to erupt into life all too easily.  The sudden suction of the machine grabbing her breasts startled her enough to ring the bell, and the bell seemed to signal the start of her milk flowing again.  She closed her eyes and did everything possible not to cry… as her fingers played uselessly down below where she didn’t really want them.
Phillip watched the white milk flowing out of her.  It no longer had any yellowish tint to it like the first time she had produced any milk.  Now it was all a very consistent whitish color. It took only a few moments for him to realize that she would be producing even more milk this time than she had that morning.  Knowing it was useless to watch her, he carried Dolly into the kitchen and grabbed himself a glass of Coke.  There was already a baby bottle filled with her milk in the refrigerator from earlier that morning, but her milk was about the last thing he felt like drinking just then. 
After taking a much needed long drink from his Coke, he headed back out to check on Marian.  She was still kneeling over her tub as he expected, her eyes were still closed, and there was still milk being pulled out of her breasts.  How much would she eventually produce?  He guessed it would be interesting to find out… but at the same time, he wasn’t the least bit interested in drinking any of it. 
He took a long drink from his Coke.  He had literally gone all day without drinking anything.  And even though Marian hadn’t been able to change his diaper at lunchtime, as far as he could remember, he had only wet himself twice all day.  So his diaper could still hold a lot more.  He was more than a bit uncomfortable in it though.  He was sure it was now noticeable under his pants.  It was the reason why he had stayed behind at work earlier when everyone else had gone downstairs. 
With nothing better to do, he went back into the kitchen to get dinner ready for himself… and for Marian.  He stared into the refrigerator, trying to figure out what he wanted to eat.  It didn’t matter what Marian wanted, he already knew she would have no idea.  So more than likely she was going to wind up with whatever he fixed for himself.  Before he could make any decisions though, his cell phone rang and he hurried to answer it.  “Hello?”
“Are you milking that stupid cow yet?” Vivian’s voice asked.
Phillip sighed. “Yes, she’s attached to the machine now.”
“And is any milk coming out?”
“Yes,” Phillip replied rather exasperatedly.  “She seems to be giving a little more each time she gets milked.”
“Good!” Vivian replied.  “She better!  I’ll be around in a little while to see.  You and I need to make a little shopping trip tonight and that will give me the perfect opportunity to check on her.  You keep her on that machine till I get there!”
Before Phillip could reply, she had hung up.  Mistress Vivian was coming again – to take him out shopping for…  The very thought of what they would be shopping for scared him.  He hated just thinking about it!  He certainly didn’t feel much like eating anymore.  She was forcing him to learn to do things that he absolutely didn’t want to do.  Things that turned his stomach just thinking about them.  It wasn’t fair!  It wasn’t right!  He didn’t want that kind of life.  None of it fit anywhere at all into his fantasies – fantasies that even he knew were demented and crazy.  But his fantasies went nowhere near where Mistress Vivian wanted him to go.  And now just thinking about it becoming more and more of a reality was driving him crazy.
Hugging Dolly to his chest for comfort, he headed back out to the living room where Marian was.  The stupid cow!  It was all her fault in the first place!  She was still kneeling with her eyes closed just as she had been.  Remarkably, there was still a little milk flowing from her breasts.  Not as much, but still a trickle.  “Mistress Vivian will be here again in a little while,” he said, the irritation he was feeling sounded plainly in his voice.  “She said to keep you on that machine till she gets here.”
Marian’s eyes opened quickly and she let out a rather distressed moo.  She could feel the heavier weight of the machine hanging from her neck and breasts now.  Heavier than she remembered it being that morning.  She also noticed the tone of his voice.  Was he going back to being cruel to her again?  She hoped not.  “Moooo!” she said again.  But even she didn’t know if she was trying to complain about being kept on the machine longer, of if she was afraid because Vivian was coming, or if she was just making a statement about her life in general.  Not that it mattered.  Nobody could understand her anyway.  “Moooo!” she said again.
“Stupid cow!” Phillip muttered as he walked off.  He headed back to the kitchen, but he stopped and turned before he got there.  “You don’t have any of the problems I have!” he said harshly to her.  “None!  All you have to worry about is mooing once in a while… which I’m sure is no problem for you!”
Marian mooed angrily in protest.
“Don’t try to tell me you’ve got too many problems!”  Phillip replied.  “All you’ve got to do is kneel there and let me do all the work!  Shit!  You can probably take a nap while you’re there for all I know!  And now you don’t have to worry about what you’re going to eat, or what you’re going to drink, or how you’re going to fix dinner, or anything!  You can just laze around and let me do all that for you.  Your life is getting easier, while mine is getting worse!” 
He knew he was out of line.  He knew none of it was true.  But the thought of what Mistress Vivian was about to force him to do was pushing him beyond the point of being reasonable.  He was angry.  He was scared.  And he had no way out!  He ignored Marian’s protesting moos.  “Stupid cow!” he yelled back.  “It’s all your fault!  All of it is your fault!”  He turned back to the kitchen.  “Stupid cow!” he muttered one more time.
Marian was shocked.  What had gotten into Phillip again?  He had started to be nice, only to turn around now and be like this.  And he thought she had it easy?  What was wrong with him?  Didn’t he have any idea how much she hated all of this?  Didn’t he have any clue how hard this was on her?  Obviously not!  Or more likely, he knew… and didn’t care!  That was the more likely scenario.  He simply didn’t care about anyone other than himself.  Well, once she was out of this mess, she hoped he was stuck with his problems for a very, very long time!  The stupid sissy!  “Mooo!” she said loudly.  Not trying to actually say anything… other than to express her total frustration.  “Moooo!”
Phillip opened cupboards… and slammed them shut again.  He opened the refrigerator… and slammed it shut.  Every moment seemed to make his inevitable fate come closer and closer, and it all simply horrified him.  He had licked that damn cucumber over and over for hours yesterday.  But tonight Mistress Vivian was taking him out to buy something else to practice with, and he had no doubt what that something else was going to look like – the real thing!  He could still feel Thing’s damn cock in his mouth from that one time he had been forced to do it.  He could still feel it, and he could still feel how absolutely awful it had been. 
And after this, how much longer before he would be forced to… ugh!... actually put the real thing in his mouth again!  And not Thing’s… thing, but someone else’s thing.  Probably many things from many different men.  Ugh!  All because of Marian!  All because of what she had initially done to him.  It was all her fault!  She deserved every little problem that Mistress Vivian gave her… which from where he now stood didn’t seem so bad at all.  All Marian had to do was kneel there and let the machine do all the work… or let him feed her… or let him bring her something to drink… or let….  Damn it!  She had it so easy!  She didn’t have to face any of the problems he had to deal with.  She didn’t even have to face being nothing but an object of total ridicule every time she left the house.  She had no problems at all compared to him.  None!  She deserved every little thing that Mistress Vivian forced her to do!
Hugging Dolly to his chest, he gave up on any thoughts of dinner and sat in one of the kitchen chairs… waiting for Mistress Vivian to knock on his door… waiting for more horror to invade his life.  The horror came all too soon as the sound of someone knocking filled the apartment.  He heard Marian’s moo of distress out in the living room as he headed for the door.  His sentiments exactly!
“Out of my way!” Vivian ordered the moment Phillip had opened the door.  She pushed past him and his ridiculous doll and headed for the living room.  She thrilled to the sound of Marian mooing the moment she caught sight of her.  Delicious!  Just like the milk that she now saw in the bottles of the machine.  Closer examination didn’t show any more milk coming out of Marian’s udders.  Pity.  “How long has she been on that thing?” she asked Phillip.
“Just over half an hour now,” he replied.
Vivian glanced into the tub between Marian’ legs.  There was some pee there as she hoped there would be.  She backed away.  “You can take that thing off of her now if she’s done.”
Phillip switched the machine off and heard Marian’s relieved moo… and Mistress Vivian’s laugh.  He removed the machine from her neck and turned to Vivian.  “Do you want me to let her up now?”
His question amused Vivian.  “You’re the farmer.  That’s up to you.”
Phillip turned back to Marian.  “Stay there!” he ordered bitterly. 
Marian mooed in protest, which only made her stupid bell ring louder than ever.  He was making her positively angry!
Vivian so enjoyed hearing Marian moo like the cow that she was.  She so enjoyed seeing the milk in the collection bottles.  She followed Phillip to the kitchen and watched as he poured the contents into a baby bottle… and then finished pouring the rest of the contents into part of another baby bottle.  More milk each time.  Before long, Marian was going to rival any other cow… any real cow! 
“Do I need to drink one of these now?” Phillip asked.
“Not unless you want to,” Vivian replied.  “In fact, I’d just as soon you wait.  We need to get out of here for a little while.”
That was the part that Phillip was dreading.  He took the freshly filled baby bottles and placed them into the refrigerator.  As he did so, Vivian noticed the bottle of milk already in there.  “Have you had anything to drink yet today?” she asked.
Phillip nodded.  “Yeah, Coke.”
Vivian shook her head.  “From now on Sissy Phyllis, if there’s milk available for you to drink, you drink that first!”  Her face lit up in a positively evil grin.  “After all, you need that milk to help you grow up strong.”  She broke out in an evil laugh that matched the smile that had been on her face. 
Phillip only scowled.  Yeah, that damn cow out in the living room had it easy compared to him!  He picked Dolly up and cradled her to his chest.  “Let’s get this over with,” he said, not really wanting to do anything of the sort.
Vivian put a shocked look on her face.  “Are you going to leave your cow where she is?”
“You want me to release her?”
Vivian shrugged.  “Not if you don’t want to, that’s up to you.”
“Then she can stay!” Phillip stated.  “She deserves it!”
Vivian nearly laughed again.  “Are you going to feed her and give her something to drink?”
Phillip looked at Vivian for a moment before turning back to the cupboards.  He grabbed the bowl he had been using for Marian’s water and filled it.  With Dolly tucked under his arm, he carried the bowl out to Marian and set it down in front of her.  The moo of protest she gave had no effect on him.  “Shut up!” he replied as he headed back to the kitchen.  He found the box of cereal and poured her another bowl of that.  While he was there, he grabbed one of her pills from the bottle.  He took the cereal and the pill out to her, ignoring her further moos of protest. 
Vivian watched it all with delight.  She especially enjoyed seeing Marian dip her head down into the bowl full of cereal to begin eating.  It was so… perfect!  With a deep sigh of delight, she turned back to Phillip.  “Let’s go,” she said, her excitement growing.  “I’m so looking forward to this.”  She waited as Phillip grabbed his purse, redid his lips, and the two of them… plus Dolly… finally went out the door.
The apartment grew quiet with the closing of the door.  Marian mooed her sorrow into the room.  Damn Phillip!  She had clearly heard Vivian give Phillip the choice whether to let her up or not, and Phillip had purposely decided to leave her there – when he didn’t have to!  And then he had brought her out some water and… cereal to eat.  Which meant that he intend for her to stay there for a long time.  And now the two of them were gone, and she was still stuck right where she was… living like an animal – for who knew how long.  Damn Phillip.  How could he be so cruel? 
She mood her anger and sorrow out into the silent room… before dunking her head into the food bowl to begin eating.


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I hope after seeing how phyllis is treating her cow the ASPCA deals with her... and Mistress Vivian pimps her out... as the sissy whore she truly is.