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Hypnotized and Humiliated - Chapter 22 Part 1 of 3

Hypnotized and Humiliated
By Karen Singer

Chapter 22 Part 1 of 3

Marian’s subconscious was aware of it while she was still sleeping, but her conscious mind didn’t realize it until Phillip woke her up for her morning milking… making her bell clang several times in the process.  The moment she came awake, she mooed… and her hands came up to her breasts.  They were sore and they ached.  As her hands cupped them, she wondered if they weren’t bigger and heavier too – the result of storing all the milk.  If things kept on as they were, she had no doubt that her breasts were going to continue to “grow” as her body continued to produce more and more milk… for the milking machine to extract from her.  As much as she hated the damn machine, right then, she was starting to feel as if she needed it – just to relieve the pressure that had built up since last night.
There was no fighting it, and no delaying it.  To the annoying clanging of her bell, she slipped her nightgown off and buckled her high heeled shoes back onto her feet. 
“Get this diaper off me!” Phillip commanded before she went any further. 
Marian noted immediately that his attitude hadn’t improved.  She was tempted to not remove his diaper – just out of spite.  But they did have to get to work later and it would be better if he could get his shower now.  Besides, she could already smell his dirty diaper.  She reached out and pulled open the tapes on one side, which freed it up enough that it fell down his leg to the floor. 
Phillip stepped back and out of the diaper.  “Now get where you belong!” he ordered.
Naked except for those shoes and her bell, she got into position, straddling the damn tub between her legs.  As she got into position, she prayed that Phillip wouldn’t leave her there too long.  Her whole body seemed to smell like pee now and she needed a good bath – before work!  Vivian had left the command that she could speak normally again as soon as her milking was done, and she was very much looking forward to that.  Unfortunately, that time was still a good half hour away.  At least!  No telling how long Phillip would make her stay there. It better not be long though!  She soaked her hands with pee again as she let it out… before Phillip had a chance to get the milking machine around her neck. 
Holding the milking machine in place against Marian’s breasts, Phillip switched it on.  The almost immediate sight of the milk let him know it was working.   Without another thought, he headed to the bathroom for his shower… leaving his messy diaper right where it was. 
Marian didn’t appreciate his dirty diaper being left right in front of her again.  The sight of the mess inside of it was sickening – as was the smell.  She closed her eyes to the sight of it, trying her best to ignore the smell that was even worse than her own smell.  If the two of them kept things up as they were, the apartment was going to be too rank to live in before long!
Thirty minutes later, Phillip, fully dressed, went back into the living room to check on Marian.  She was just kneeling there with her eyes closed, playing with herself as usual.  Stupid cow!  He noted the amount of milk in the bottles.  To him it looked to be about twice as much as last night.  He switched the machine off to the sound of another of her stupid moos.  He removed the machine from her neck and carried it into the kitchen where he carefully poured the milk into one of his empty baby bottles.  Practically a full bottle… if not, it was close enough.  Still, it was progress… although he wasn’t sure he knew why he wanted her to produce more milk.  He’d only have to wind up drinking the darn stuff… out of the stupid baby bottles!  Ugh! 
He grabbed one of the pills she was supposed to take four times a day before he filled a bowl full of water and carried it out to her.  Her hands were no longer inside of her and she was now down on all fours, waiting to be released.  He set the bowl of water down in front of her, ignoring her mooing protests and the irritating noise of her bell.  He pushed the pill into her mouth and left her there, ignoring her further moos of protest as he headed back to the kitchen. 
He poured two bowls of cereal and carried one of them back to Marian where he set it down next to her water bowl.  He couldn’t have cared less about her angry mooing now.  He wasn’t about to eat his breakfast with the stupid cow.  Let her eat right where she was!  He went back to the kitchen where he pulled his lipstick out of his purse and refreshed his lips before he sat down and ate his dry cereal… without milk.  He figured he could have poured Marian’s breast milk over it, but why ruin the taste of perfectly good cereal?  He wasn’t sure he was up to drinking any before work either.  Putting it off until later in the day seemed to be a much better option. 
After his breakfast, and after fixing his lipstick yet again, he headed back out to Marian.  She was just finishing eating her cereal… not taking much longer than it had taken him to eat his, so she couldn’t have had too much trouble with it.  “Finish it all,” he told her.  “The water too!”
Marian let out another angry moo at him, before bending her head back down to the bowls in front of her.  The cereal didn’t take her long, but lapping up the last of the water was far more difficult.
“About time,” Phillip muttered angrily.  He carefully slid the tub out from between her legs.  “You can get up now,” he told her. 
Marian mooed one more time, then rolled over onto her side.  She thought about speaking, but there was nothing she wanted to say to him… especially not to tell him thanks for finally letting her up.  She got to her knees and finally to her feet.
“Pick that damn smelly diaper up and get rid of it before you take your shower!” Phillip ordered.
Marian turned around and leveled a nasty look at him.  “I’m a stupid cow, remember?  Cows don’t pick up poop.  Farmers do.  So I would guess that’s your job.”  With that, she turned and headed for the bathroom and a much needed shower… maybe followed by a good long bath.  She didn’t care if they were late for work or not!

Vivian waltzed into the office feeling totally resplendent in her latest outfit.  Her black and yellow pattered scarf over top of her pure white silky top, her dark yellow pattered skirt, and of course the pumps she was wearing on her feet with accents of yellow, all of it was set off perfectly by her plum lipstick.  She felt totally resplendent.  A ray of sunshine for everyone to appreciate…and envy.  “Good morning ladies,” she called out as she headed for her desk, very aware of every eye being on her… and of course, the jealousy they all had to feel. 
Before she sat, she took a good look at Phillip.  He didn’t look as good today as he usually did.  And it wasn’t just the scowl on his face.  His hair didn’t look very good at all.  Yes, there was a bow in place on it, but it almost looked like the stupid cow never bothered to fix his hair at all. 
She looked at Marian now and noticed the expression on her face.  Was that fear, or just envy because of how good she looked?  But like Phillip, Marian didn’t look very good either.  In fact, she looked almost… awful!  The cow hadn’t bothered to do her makeup properly, and her hair was far from perfect as well.  She couldn’t tell much about the clothes Marian was wearing because she was sitting behind her desk, but from everything Vivian was seeing in Marian, she decided that the woman simply looked… defeated.  And that was nothing but a total delight to Vivian.  Obviously, the stupid cow was now realizing exactly what she was!  While the sight of Marian delighted her, she was still bothered by the way Sissy Phyllis looked.  Why wasn’t his hair fixed properly?  That was the stupid cow’s responsibility!  If she hadn’t bothered to do a good job just because she finally realized what a cow she was, then Marian had another thing coming!  She would definitely have to look into things later!

The expression of irritation on Marian’s face never changed a she looked at Vivian.  She still hated Vivian way too much, but Marian did notice all the yellow that now made up Vivian’s wardrobe… along with the plum lipstick.  She wasn’t sure if she should be amazed or not that her new fireplace DVD was working on Vivian already.  So why didn’t she realize what Vivian was doing sooner and put some different commands into that DVD?  Too late now.  But she couldn’t wait until next week.  Unfortunately, once those new commands did start to register in Vivian’s brain, it was still going to take some time for things to wear off.  Well, she was hoping they would wear off.  Since Vivian had been all too cautious to keep re-hypnotizing them every few days, along with using that checklist she followed that was a little bit too complete, Marian had no doubt that it would all combine to make things very difficult for her to break out of it all.  And it would be yet another week before she could put the new DVD into place.  But even though she knew that it was going to take a while yet before it would happen, she was certain that her freedom would eventually come.  She could almost see it in the future.  Unfortunately, she still had to wait for things to get to that point. 
And what about Phillip?  With a quick mental effort, she forced those thoughts right out of her head.

Before Heather even reached the office, she was praying that Phillip would be back to his old self again and not looking like such a… sissy.  It was positively abominable what he was being made to do – out in public no less!  After seeing that Vivian had hypnotized both him and Marian, she didn’t lay any claim on Phillip’s statement that he wanted Marian to make him dress that way.  She knew for a fact that Vivian was behind it all.  The only thing that kept her from going to the authorities was the FBI.  They were watching them all closely.  And no doubt, the three of them demanded close scrutiny.  But how much longer was it going to last?  When was the FBI going to come in and put a stop to it?  Just before walking through the office door, she prayed again that Phillip would be back to normal and that it would all be over.
No such luck!  She shook her head in disappointment as she spotted the bow in Phillip’s hair.  She noticed right away though that Phillip didn’t look as… good… today.  There was something… off about him.  The big splash of yellow as she headed for her desk caught her eye and ripped her thoughts away from Phillip to Vivian.  Her eyes went wide at Vivian’s outfit… what she could see of it.  The yellow certainly wasn’t bad at all.  She actually loved the scarf and Vivian’s blouse, but the plum colored lipstick with it?  What was up with Vivian lately?  And the woman was positively beaming back at her with such a broad smile on her face.  “Good morning Vivian,” she said as she continued on to her desk. 
But now her eyes caught sight of Marian… and Marian didn’t look very good either.  Was she sick?  That was her first impression.  Before heading to her own desk, she stopped by Marian’s desk first.  “Are you feeling okay?” she asked, full of concern.  “You don’t look so good today.”
Marian was bothered by the question.  So what if she didn’t look as good today.  And she really had no good answer she could tell Heather.  “Don’t worry about it,” she said rather dully.  “I’m fine.”
But Heather got the impression that things were anything but fine as she went to her desk to sit down.  Phillip, Vivian, and Heather. What was up today with all of them?  Was the FBI finally on their case?  Is that what was bothering them… well, Phillip and Marian maybe, she wasn’t sure what the heck was going on with Vivian and that purple lipstick.  She did like that scarf though.  She wondered where Vivian had bought it.

Marian turned back to her computer.  At least her movement didn’t cause any bell ringing.  She had been ever so glad to be rid of that thing when Phillip had finally removed it just before they got out of the car.  The constant clanging every time she made the least little motion had grated on her nerves more than she thought.  But knowing that the bell would go right back on again after work only depressed her.  It seemed like every single day she was becoming more and more the stupid cow that Vivian kept telling her she was.  And she had no way to fight it… yet.  And to make matters worse, now even Phillip was calling her a stupid cow.  And worse yet, he was treating her like one.  It was so depressing.  Maybe they were right.  Maybe that’s all she really was.  Just a stupid ugly cow. 
It was those thoughts and that depression that had caused her to not bother finishing her makeup that morning.  She had started, and then couldn’t find a reason to finish it.  And the same with her hair – she had barely run a brush through it before she gave up.  Why should she bother?  She was nothing but a stupid ugly cow anyway.  What did it matter?  And when Phillip came to her to fix his hair for him, she had simply stuck one of his bows into the top of it and that was it.  She didn’t even bother trying to match the bow to anything he was wearing.  What would be the point? 
Nobody cared about her.  Nobody!  Not even Phillip cared the least bit anymore.  And that was despite how she had wanted to help him before.  But she couldn’t see any reason to help him now.  As far as she was concerned, he didn’t deserve it.  He was nothing but a mean, cruel, jerk!  He deserved the punishment that Vivian was dishing out to him.  She never thought that before, but after seeing the way he really was this past weekend, she fully agreed with Vivian now, the jerk deserved it!  And maybe more!

Just before Marian got up to make the coffee for the first break period, she got an email from Phillip demanding that she grab a bottle of water while she was making the coffee and then make sure she finished it before both break periods were over… at which time she needed to get another bottle of water to carry back to her desk.  Damn Phillip!  But she knew that Vivian had demanded that she drink a lot of water now to help her body make more milk.  She guessed that Phillip was only doing his job, but it still irked her.  And since Vivian had demanded it, and since Phillip was her farmer and had ordered it, Marian had little choice in the matter.  What she drank and when she drank it didn’t seem to be something she had any control over anymore. 
She got up from her desk a few minutes earlier than usual and headed down to the elevators for a good mooing session before going back to make the coffee.  Hopefully, she wouldn’t have to moo again until after the breaks were all over with.  She found herself taking small sips of water for the rest of the morning as she worked.

“What’s up with Marian today?” Courtney asked during the first break period.  “She looks awful!”
“I asked her when I came in today if she was feeling okay,” Heather replied, “but she told me she was fine.” 
Vivian was suddenly all ears, but she remained quiet to the conversation and just listened. 
“Phillip doesn’t look as good either,” Brittany noted. 
“You’re right,” Ashley agreed.  “Both of them look like there’s something major wrong with them.”
Vivian wanted so badly to tell them that the only thing wrong with Marian was that she was a stupid cow who couldn’t look good if she tried, but she held her tongue as a bit of worry started to grow in her.
“I just can’t believe that Marian is still making Phillip dress so crazily,” Courtney said.
“I couldn’t agree more!” Heather replied.  It was all she could do though to not say anything else about the situation – especially with Vivian sitting at the break table with them.
“I don’t know,” Vivian spoke up.  “I’m kind of enjoying seeing Phillip get just what he deserves!”
“Nobody deserves what she’s making him do!” Ashley stated.  “And I don’t care that Phillip asked her to make him dress like that.  It’s not right!”
“I couldn’t agree more!” Brittany added.
“I think he deserves it!” Vivian replied.
Heather sat and silently fumed.  How much longer was the FBI going to let things go on before they did something about it?  It wasn’t right!
Vivian got no replies to her comments from the other women.  Instead, all she got were disapproving stares.  Let them all think what they wanted.  As far as she was concerned, Sissy Phyllis was getter everything he deserved.  Besides, she was having the time of her life with him… and that stupid cow Marian.  But at the same time, she was more convinced that she had better have a little talk with those two later.  She couldn’t have everyone thinking that something was so wrong with them… other than how stupid they both looked.
When she got back to her desk, Vivian had planned on going back to searching for more sales that might have been announced, but instead her mind kept replaying the conversation in the break room.  As much as she wanted to see stupid Marian get fired, she was surprised to find that she wasn’t ready for Marian to be fired yet.  She was enjoying Marian’s discomfort all too much.  But today was the first time that Marian had finally shown any signs of defeat.  She was finally showing her true nature to everyone.  She was finally showing just what she was – an ugly, stupid cow!  The damn woman!
Her problem though was all the other women in the office.  They all thought there was something wrong with Marian today… well, there certainly was – she was as stupid cow.  But that little bit aside, she realized that she couldn’t have Marian acting too far gone.  And Sissy Phyllis too for that matter.  The others didn’t like seeing Phillip all dolled up like a silly sissy.  They all thought it should end.  But ending Sissy Phyllis’s sissyness was about the last thing that Vivian ever intended to do.  No way! 
She finally decided that the main problem today was not so much the other women, as it was with Sissy Phyllis and the stupid cow.  They both looked like hell.  Phyllis’s hair hadn’t been done properly and Marian hadn’t bothered to do her makeup right… or do her own hair for that matter.  She was going to have to fix things so that they both looked a bit more… proper?  She wasn’t sure if that was the right term, but it was the closest thing she could think of, because she had no intention of either of them ever looking “proper” again!
With that thought on her mind, she spent a major part of the day trying to figure out how she wanted to handle the problem.


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