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Hypnotized and Humiliated - Chapter 21 Part 1 of 3

Hypnotized and Humiliated
By Karen Singer

Chapter 21 Part 1 of 3

Vivian was sound asleep when her phone woke her up.  But in coming awake, she realized that she had everything all wrong.  What was she thinking?  Plum lipstick, and theme all her clothes in the same plum color as well?  It was all wrong!  Yellow was the only proper color for her clothing theme – for the entire week.  Plum lipstick – with yellow clothes and accents.  It would be perfect.  And the yellow would be so bright and cheerful that she just knew everyone would love it.  The only problem was, she didn’t have very many yellow items in her wide wardrobe.  But that was certainly no real problem, it only meant she had something more to shop for now. 
The phone rang again and she sleepily answered it.  “Hello?”
“We’ve got milk,” Phillip’s voice on the other end said. 
Vivian crowed loudly with delight.  “You keep her on that machine till I get there!” she said excitedly.  “I’ll be there as soon as I can!”

There were tears running down Marian’s worn face.  She was exhausted because she hadn’t slept much the night before, and now she had been straddling the stupid plastic tub for almost an hour… with the damn machine still pulling at her nipples. 
And now this morning, the first signs that she was indeed lactating had appeared.  She couldn’t see it with the machine attached to her of course, she couldn’t look down that far past her breasts, but she had heard Phillip calling Vivian to tell her.  The arrival of the milk had sparked a fresh bout of sobbing in Marian.  Vivian was winning this war, and she could do very little to fight back in any way.
Her eyes glanced to the bowl of water out in front of her.  She had been forced to dunk her head in it to drink several bowls full last night before Phillip let her up… it was so horribly degrading.  And then this morning he had put a fresh bowl down for her to drink.  She just couldn’t get to it yet because she was still stuck kneeling upright while her damn milking machine was still attached to her breasts.  But she had no doubt that Phillip would force her to drink the entire bowl of water… and maybe more… before he let her up today. 
Her knees and thighs hurt from kneeling, straddling the tub where she had already peed twice since she had knelt over the thing… peeing all over her hands because she couldn’t remove them from her mostly numb vagina.  Out in front of her was a bowl of clean water, but all she could smell now was pee… all over her hands, and from the tub between her legs.
Ever since last night, she had noted that Phillip had been preoccupied and upset about something… and as result, he seemed to be taking it out on her.  He was being, without a doubt, cruel to her.  Downright, unjustifiably, cruel!  He seemed to be going way beyond what Vivian had said he had to do.  She had seen that Vivian was doing everything she could to turn her into nothing but an animal, and now Phillip was going right along with her and treating her absolutely horribly as well.  And this morning, she was actually producing milk… just like a cow.  With everything stacked against her, Marian felt more defeated than ever.  She was starting to feel just like the stupid cow Vivian kept telling her she was.  Nothing but a stupid, stupid cow.
Her udders… breasts ached now from the constant suction.  She wanted the machine gone.  She wanted to massage her breasts with her hands.  But as long as the damn machine was attached to her, she couldn’t even remove her hands from her own vagina where she had played with herself so often now that she barely felt anything down there anymore.  But that didn’t seem to keep her from constantly having to do it.  Vivian had ordered it, and it just happened whether she liked it or not.
She heard the knock at the door and she mooed again.  A minute later, she saw Vivian hurrying into the room.  She mooed her distress… but of course, Vivian didn’t seem to care.
Vivian saw the tiny bit of yellowish-white liquid in the collection bottles.  The sight both excited and disappointed her.  While she was extremely glad to see it, she had hoped for more since each bottle only contained a small amount.  Still, it was a definite start.  And she had no doubt that a cow with udders like Marian had would soon be producing much, much more. 
“I knew those pills would get your milk flowing,” she said.  “I’m just surprised that it took this long.”  She paused to watch the machine still pulling at Marian’s nipples.  “So now you’re finally producing milk like the cow you really are, but with that pitiful amount you produced today, you’ve obviously got a long way to go before Sissy Phyllis here can even get one full bottle out of you.  But I have no doubt that those udders of yours will wake up and start producing nicely very quickly.”  She noticed the odor in the room from Marian’s pee and she laughed.  “You’re even starting to smell like a real cow now!”
She turned to Phillip, “Have you given the cow her pill yet?”
“Not yet,” Phillip replied.  “I just woke her up and put her on the machine.  We’ve been waiting for you.”
“Get that machine off of her then and give her the pill!  But don’t let her up yet.”  She smiled wickedly.  “I want to see her drinking from that nice bowl of water you’ve so kindly left for her.”
Marian couldn’t help the moo of relief when the machine was switched off.  But the moment Phillip removed it from her neck, she removed her hands from up inside of herself… and found herself dropping to all fours… still straddling the damn tub.  She didn’t care that Vivian was watching.  She needed the drink so badly that she dipped her head down to the water bowl and did her best to drink some.  It was so humiliating and degrading!  After her drink, she looked up angrily at Vivian and let out another moo.  She really was starting to feel like a damn cow. 
Phillip came back from the kitchen and shoved a pill into her mouth.  “Drink and swallow it!” he commanded.
Marian again dunked her head down to the water bowl.  A moment later, the pill was down her throat – the pill that would only increase her milk output.  The pill that would make her body do what she didn’t want it to do – produce milk just like a cow!
Once Vivian was satisfied that Marian had indeed swallowed the pill, she turned back to Phillip.  “Pour that tiny bit of milk she produced into one of your new bottles,” she said.  “I want to see you drink it.”
Phillip wasn’t happy about that at all.  There wasn’t much of Marian’s milk in those milking machine bottles, but it was just the thought of having to drink it that bothered him… almost as much as having to drink it from the baby bottles.  He went back to the kitchen, noting that Vivian followed him in.  He removed each of the collection bottles from the milking machine and set them on the counter.  He found one of the packages of baby bottles and opened it.  He took the protective cap off one of the bottles and unscrewed the top.  He saw the nipple upside down in the top.  He had to figure out how to attach it properly, which fortunately wasn’t all that difficult.  Then, since Vivian was watching so intently, he carefully poured the milk from the machine bottles into the baby bottle.  Even with the liquid from both bottles now in the baby bottle, there wasn’t all that much… not more than a few good mouthfuls.  But it was more than he wanted to drink – especially since the mostly white liquid had a bit of a yellowish tint to it as well.  Was it healthy?
“Come on, come on!” Vivian urged as she saw him standing there just looking at everything.  “Pick that stupid thing up and drink it!”
Phillip screwed the nipple top onto the baby bottle and put it to his lips… and sucked.  He had to tilt his head back to get the small amount of liquid into the top of it where he could drink it, but once he did, he got his first taste of Marian’s milk.  It tasted… strange.  Not exactly bad, but not exactly good either.
Vivian broke out into a wide smile.  “So adorable,” she noted.  She grabbed his doll from the counter and pressed it into his arms and was even more pleased with the sight – especially since his diapers were so overly bloated.  “Yes,” she said, “I think I made the right choice for you.  This sissy style really does seem to suit you perfectly!”
Phillip was scowling, it just didn’t show past the bottle he was sucking on. 
Another thought struck Vivian.  “Since all the adult shops are probably closed today,” she told him, “I want you to go to the grocery store and buy a couple of cucumbers instead.  I told you the other night about how you would be practicing from now on, so you can start with the cucumbers until we can find you some better toys.”  She thought briefly about Marian.  “I wouldn’t take the cow with you to the store.  Not only does she smell horribly, but she’s so dumb she might eat one of those things before you get a chance to play with it.  Besides, what would she do in a grocery store anyway?  She’s too dumb to pick out anything proper to eat.”
Phillip’s mind turned sick at the prospect of what Mistress Vivian was forcing him to do.  She was forcing him to learn to suck cock… like it or not.  And he definitely not only didn’t like it, he hated just thinking about it.  Over and over again he remembered how awful it had been with Thing that night.  Over and over again he remembered the feel of Thing’s cock hitting the back of his throat, making him gag horribly, choking him, all but killing him.  And now Mistress Vivian was making him keep at it.  He couldn’t think of anything worse than that at all.  Nothing!  But what concerned him even more, was the future that Mistress Vivian had hinted at in the car that night.  He shuddered at the thought of it.
Vivian heard Marian let out another of her moos out in the living room.  She headed out to see her again, thoroughly enjoying the sight of the woman stuck in the position she was in.  “Oh, you really are such a beautiful sight now,” Vivian said to the tortured woman on the floor as she again noticed the odor coming from the tub of pee… and no doubt from Marian as well.  “No baths for you until after you get milked tomorrow morning!  I don’t even want you washing your hands.  I like that you now smell just like a real cow.  And since you won’t be able to do anything but moo like a cow anyway until then, you might as well smell like a proper cow too!”
She looked again at Phillip.  He really was a sight holding onto his big doll with his diaper fully on display.  And his diaper looked so huge!  She figured it had to be very uncomfortable.  All the better!  With an all too delighted smile at both of them, Vivian headed for the door and left.  Her mind was already filled with thoughts of shopping as soon as the stores opened later.
Marian mood again, hoping that Phillip would get the hint and let her up. 
Phillip stared at Marian, still stuck on all fours.  “You can just stay there like that!” he said angrily.  “It’s all your fault for the problems I have to face now.  You’re to blame!  And for that, you deserve to be treated like nothing more than the stupid cow you really are.”
Marian mooed in protest… and began crying.  How could Phillip possibly be so cruel?  Couldn’t he see how humiliating this was for her?  Couldn’t he see how totally degrading it was?  She didn’t want to be stuck like she was.  She didn’t want to be milked.  She didn’t want her hands always up inside of herself… playing uselessly all the time.  She wanted to be able to speak properly.  She wanted to be able to eat and drink properly.  She wanted a good long bath.  And she desperately wanted some decent sleep.  After another mournful moo, all she could think about was that she had to break free of Vivian’s mental programming.  And she had to do it soon!  But just then, she was so exhausted and hurting that she knew she would stand no chance at all of even trying.  So she mooed mournfully.  And cried.
Phillip stood there watching Marian crying… and mooing.  The damn cow!  If she hadn’t hypnotized him in the first place then none of this would have ever happened.  He would never have all these problems.  And now she was starting to produce milk… that he would be forced to drink from nothing but baby bottles.  How… infuriating!  His life was getting worse and worse – all because of her!  But the worst part was the one thing that he tried the hardest not to think about… the worst part was that if it wasn’t for what Marian had done, he would never have been saddled with the future that Vivian had in mind for him.  All because of Marian… the cow!  He heard her moo mournfully again and rolled his eyes.  The damn cow!  “You stay there!” he ordered again.  “You deserve it!”  He walked back to the kitchen where he wouldn’t have to look at her anymore.
Marian mournfully mooed her protest again… but she knew it fell on uncaring ears.  She was stuck there for… who knew how long… until Phillip decided she could get up.  The water bowl was right in front of her.  She lowered her head and drank the best she could.  It was difficult, but it was the only way she could drink.  As she raised her head up, her crying began in earnest again.  She hated this. She hated being treated like an animal!  She mooed mournfully again and again.
Phillip could hear Marian mooing out in the living room.  The damn cow!  For what she had done, she deserved to be stuck where she was!  Maybe he should keep her there like she was all day.  It would serve her right! 
He could hear Marian crying somewhat now.  Did cows cry like that?  Probably not.  But how should he know?  He knew he was being overly cruel to the woman, but he was angry… and besides, it was all her fault!  He grabbed a glass and filled it with water and carried it out to her where he dumped it into her bowl.  “Keep drinking!” he ordered.  Then he walked back to the kitchen with the now empty glass.
He reached into one of the cupboards and pulled out a box of cereal.  From another cupboard he pulled out two bowls.  He put cereal into both bowls.  He was very tempted to pour some milk from the refrigerator on top of his cereal, but after drinking Marian’s little bit of milk earlier, the thought of drinking any kind of milk didn’t appeal to him at all.  He carried one of the bowls of cereal out to the living room and set it down in front of Marian.  “Eat it!” he ordered.  Then he left her.  He would eat by himself in the kitchen.  He didn’t need to sit and eat with a stupid cow.
Marian’s crying intensified.  Now she was reduced to eating like an animal too!  She had no idea that Phillip had this much of a cruel streak in him.  No idea!  Having no choice, she tearfully lowered her face to the bowl and did her best to scoop up some of the dry cereal into her mouth.  She chewed and swallowed it, and then stuck her head into the water bowl to get some water.  Back and forth between the two bowls, she ate her breakfast that way until she finally realized she needed to pee.  On all fours there, she let it out into the tub… feeling more like a dumb animal than ever. 
Phillip refreshed his lipstick, then ate his breakfast in the kitchen, his mind constantly turning over all of the things he had to deal with now… not the least of which was the miserably overly bloated diaper he was wearing.  He had peed into it twice now since he had gotten up to milk Marian.  And now he was sure it couldn’t hold much more.  But Marian had been making him mess the thing in the mornings before she would remove it for him.  Surely it was just wet enough now that he wouldn’t have to do that too.  But further reluctant thought made him realize that perhaps getting that little problem out of the way now rather than later would be a good thing.  He didn’t want to have to worry about that happening later on… and then the possibility of Marian not removing his diaper for him.  The stupid cow would probably do that to him too… just out of spite!  The damn cow!  Once he finished eating, he stood in the kitchen and forced himself to mess again in his diaper.  Yuck!  Oh how he hated having to do this!  It wasn’t right having to live this way!  It wasn’t right – all because of stupid Marian.  Oh how he hated her now.  She deserved every little problem that Mistress Vivian was giving her.  Every little thing!
He headed out to see her.  Her food bowl was empty.  She had managed to drink most of her water too.  “Get this damn diaper off of me!” he ordered.
Marian mooed and looked at his diaper.  It was huge… more than well used.  And despite how badly she herself smelled, she could smell the mess he had made in it as well.  She would have no problem removing the thing for him.  No problem, except for one little thing.  Vivian had restricted her from using her hands for anything other than playing with herself while she was down on all fours.  She mooed, trying to explain that she had no way to remove it for him… but naturally, he didn’t understand.
“I said get this stupid diaper off me!” Phillip commanded even more angrily.
Marian mooed again, trying to tell him that she couldn’t.  She picked one of her hands up from the floor.  And set it down, but she had no way to tell him why she couldn’t remove his diaper.
Phillip was getting really angry now.  The damn cow was refusing to remove his diaper… even after he had messed in it!  She was doing it just out of spite because of the way he was treating her.  Well she deserved it.  “Get this thing off of me!” he tried one more time.
Again Marian mooed… and lifted both hands one at a time from the floor, but she could see that he still wasn’t getting the message.
Phillip was furious.  “Fine!” he yelled.  “Stay there!  You can stay there all day for all I care!  You’ll stay there until you finally get this thing off of me!”
Marian mooed loudly in protest.  It wasn’t that she didn’t want to remove his diaper.  Her problem was that she couldn’t.  And as he stomped off toward the bedroom she was still stuck there on all fours, still straddling the damn tub between her legs.  She was overly tired, overly hurting, and way overly humiliated.  And there wasn’t a damn thing she could do about it!
Phillip left her alone for over an hour.  He left her there until after he had drank yet another glass of water… and peed into his overly bloated and messy diaper again… and felt the damn thing starting to leak.  Ugh!  He headed back to the living room again where he could smell the pee in her tub even over the smell of his own diaper.  “Are you willing to get this damn diaper off of me now?” he asked.
Marian did her best to moo her agreement and shake her head up and down so he would know she did want to get the thing off of him.  As he approached, she again tried picking her hands up, one at a time from the floor, over and over again.  But obviously, he still wasn’t getting the message. 
Phillip stood over her and waited.  But she wasn’t doing anything to unfasten his diaper.  “I’m waiting!” he said angrily.
Marian mooed and looked up at him, and shook her head.
“What’s wrong with you, you stupid cow?” Phillip yelled.  “You said you would!”
Marian nodded her head hard and fast, agreeing that she wanted to.
“So get this thing off me – now!”
Marian shook her head a little, and then thought of something else.  She opened her mouth and tried to crane her neck out towards his smelly diaper, as if she was trying to get at the tapes that held it with her mouth.
Phillip stepped back.  “What are you doing, you stupid cow?”
Marian again craned her head toward him, this time glad that his smelly diaper wasn’t right in her face, and she opened her mouth and tried to mimic grabbing something with her teeth.
Phillip watched her.  What was the crazy cow doing?  And then it finally dawned on him.  Damn it!  She couldn’t open his diaper for him because she couldn’t use her hands!  “Damn!” he swore.  “I didn’t realize!  Get up from there.  You can get out of that position now.  You can’t undo my diaper because you can’t use your hands while you’re there.  Damn it!  I didn’t realize.”  He was angry at himself for not figuring it out. 
Marian mooed gratefully, and fell over on her side.  Her hips hurt from straddling the tub for so long, her breasts hurt from all the milking, her knees were killing her from all her weight being on them for so long, her vagina felt sore from too much masturbating, her feet hurt from being kept in the shoes for what seemed like forever, and she was simply beyond the point of exhaustion.  Staying right where she was, she closed her eyes and cried again.
Still angry at himself for not figuring it out, Phillip stood over her again.  “Get this damn diaper off of me!” he ordered.
Marian opened her eyes and looked up at Phillip standing over her… with his overly bloated smelly diaper.  She sat up and reached out with one hand and pulled open the tapes, letting the overly saturated thing fall off of him.  Phillip never said thanks or anything else.  He simply walked off toward the bathroom, leaving the smelly used diaper right where it had landed.  Ugh!  Marian dragged her way to her feet and walked into the bedroom.  She desperately wanted a good long hot bath, but it seemed she wasn’t going to get one.  She grabbed her nightgown and slipped it on.  Then she went back to the living room where she laid down on the couch, unfastened the shoes from her feet, pulled a blanket over herself, and fell asleep with just one thought on her mind – she had to break free.  Now more than ever!


sarah penguin said...

Poor pair. Thanks for the update :)

Melissa_cd05 said...

More great story!
I' m sad though, to see a wedge being driven between Phillip an Marian when they need each other so much. I hope they can come closer to support each other



Loved it... makes you wonder are they ever getting free... I am starting to doubt it. GREAT WORK, Karen!