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Hypnotized and Humiliated - Chapter 20 Part 1 of 2

Hypnotized and Humiliated
By Karen Singer

Chapter 20 Part 1 of 2

Vivian had fallen asleep on the couch to the relaxing sight of the fireplace video.  She had woken up sometime during the night to go to the bathroom before going to sleep properly in her own bed… where she dreamed wonderful dreams about creating whole outfits next week themed around a plum color lipstick.  It was a fantastic idea – planning her whole wardrobe for the entire week around a single theme, and she just knew that plum was the perfect color for it.  She couldn’t wait to start shopping again!
She fell asleep to those wonderful thoughts and dreams, but she woke up extra early with other thoughts on her mind.  Thoughts that excited her even more than a plum colored theme for her wardrobe next week.  She had dreamed… or thought she had… about so many different things that had weighed heavily on her mind yesterday… besides the plum themed wardrobe.  Marian still wasn’t producing any milk, and while she had noted that Marian was obviously taken down a notch over being milked like the cow that she was, Marian still needed a little more push to fully get the point across into that weak brain of hers – that probably wasn’t capable of fully realizing anything.  Sissy Phyllis was also running through her mind, especially the things he had been forced to endure the night before.  She had loved seeing him sucking that guy’s cock and then having to drink his pee afterwards – all of which she could see that he had absolutely hated.  She had thoughts about Marian, and thoughts about real cows she had seen growing up, and thoughts about Phillip, all going around and around in her head.  But somehow all those thoughts had finally gotten turned around in her dream and came out as a totally different idea.  And it was that idea that now had her so excited.  What was that dream about anyway?  It had to be good if she still remembered this part of it!  She had even more things to shop for now… and that simply made life even better for her.

Phillip turned his alarm clock off a few minutes before it was due to sound.  He hadn’t slept much all night.  Not after what he had endured the night before… and especially not after the things that Mistress Vivian had told him on the way home in her car afterwards.  Even after brushing his teeth last night, his mouth still tasted like pee this morning and his stomach was still upset after drinking it.  Marian had asked repeatedly after he had gotten home about what had happened, but he had refused to tell her anything.  He couldn’t!  All he did was to tell her Mistress Vivian’s latest demands… which they both knew already.  They both needed to be at Vivian’s place to clean it this morning.  And they both had to be wearing their red high heels.  But Vivian wanted them to be there at eight thirty… before she left for her shopping. 
But what had gone on last night wasn’t the only thing that had bothered Phillip all night.  The new diaper he was wearing was bothering him more than a bit too.  It was a lot thicker than the old ones… even when it was dry.  But it wasn’t dry anymore – not by a long shot.  And the result was that it was horribly thick between his legs… which in itself made sleeping difficult.  Just rolling over in bed was now a minor chore.  And… of course he had to pee again.  Knowing it was useless to resist, he simply laid there on his back and let it out.  The warm wet feeling spreading out around him inside the diaper still felt all too strange.  But the major part of the wetness was quickly soaked up by his thick diaper. 
He glanced at the clock again.  He knew Marian was still sleeping since he hadn’t heard any mooing yet this morning.  But that was going to quickly come to an end.  It was getting close to six o’clock.  Milking time.  He rolled out of bed.  He had to waddle out to the living room since his diaper was so thick.  Maybe once he had Marian hooked up to her machine he’d come back to bed and masturbate… if only to try to get some of those horrible thoughts from last night out of his head.  That seemed like the perfect idea.
The sun was coming up, but he turned the light on in the living room anyway, and saw Marian stir a little on the couch.  But she didn’t moo.  “Marian!” he called firmly. 
Marian snapped awake… and mooed.  Ugh!  “Yeah?” she asked sleepily. 
“Get up.  It’s milking time.”
Marian noted the slight edge in Phillip’s voice.  “You okay?” she asked.
“I’m fine,” Phillip replied sternly.  “Now get ready.”
But Marian was still struck by the tone of his voice.  He didn’t sound fine.  She glanced at the clock and inwardly groaned.  She swung her feet to the floor and grabbed her high heeled shoes and strapped them on.  Her feet were beginning to feel more at home in the heels than without them now.  She stood up from the couch and pulled her nightgown off and her panties down to the floor, leaving her naked except for her shoes.  She mooed again as she headed for her “milking spot.”  No, there was no missing Phillip’s attitude this morning.  Something was bugging him.  And she had no doubt it was something that had happened last night… which he had so far refused to tell her about. 
The moment Phillip hung the strap from the breast pump over her head, she mooed.  And she knew that she would be incapable of making any other sound for the next half hour.  She noted how tender her breasts were this morning, especially her nipples as Phillip held the machine up against her.  A tenderness that was amplified the moment he switched the machine on.  She mooed again as the thing suddenly grabbed her, even though she was fully expecting it.  She closed her eyes after watching Phillip heading back to his bedroom.  Those new diapers looked horribly thick.  He was positively waddling!

Phillip laid on his bed.  The one primary thing on his mind was masturbating again.  His problem was that he couldn’t remove his damn diaper.  And now that Marian was hooked up to her machine, it would be at least another half an hour before he could get the damn diaper off.  But he was still determined to get himself off.  He pressed both hands over the front of his diaper, trying to give himself enough stimulation through the bulky thing, but the diaper was now so thick after wetting it a few times, that he couldn’t manage nearly as well as he hoped.  He tried to force his hand inside of it from the top, but Marian had taped it on him so tightly last night that he couldn’t get more than his fingers inside of it.  Still, he kept at it, doing everything he could to try to get enough pressure to just the right places.  He got somewhat hard, but that’s about all he could manage.  He kept trying, and trying, and trying.

Marian’s nipples were getting so tender they were starting to turn a little numb.  And so was the spot between her legs where her fingers from both hands were trying vainly to do what she knew would never happen.  How long was this milking going to go on anyway?  She opened her eyes and saw that it was already six forty – a full ten minutes longer than she should have been there.  She tried to call for Phillip, but all that would come out was another moo.  She mooed again, louder, trying to get his attention.  Had he fallen asleep again or something?  She mooed again, and again.  Each time loud enough to try to get his attention. 

Phillip was still trying to get himself off… even though he had reached the point a little while ago that told him it wasn’t going to happen.  But it still felt good.  He heard Marian mooing in the living room, but Marian mooed all the time so it barely registered in his brain.  His frustration though at not being able to get off was growing… and now the almost constant loud mooing from the living room was irritating him too.  What the heck was she doing out there?  He glanced at his clock and was horrified to see how much time had passed.  Damn!  He hurried off of his bed and waddled out to the living room as fast as he could.  “I’m so sorry!” he apologized as he hurried to the pump and finally pressed the button to turn the thing off.  He heard Marian give out yet another moo, this one sounding more like a moo of relief. 
“No milk yet,” he noted as he finally pulled the machine off of her neck. 
Marina mooed one last time, then finally was able to say, “Not yet.  Fortunately.  Did you fall asleep in there or something?”
“Or something,” Phillip replied sheepishly.
Marian cupped her breasts.  They felt a little sore.  Her nipples tingled a little.  She forced herself to her feet.  “How’s that diaper doing?” she asked.  “It looks like it can hold quite a bit.”
Phillip felt all around his diaper.  It was so big!  “Yeah, and I’ve peed in it more than a few times since last night.”
Marian nodded.  “I’m going to go take a good hot bath.  I really need one now.” 
Phillip saw her start to head for the bathroom.  “Marian…”
Marian turned back to him.  “Yeah?”
“Can you take this diaper off of me now?  Please?”
Marian was glad his earlier attitude seemed to be gone.  She looked critically at his diaper.  “I’d like to, but I can’t.  It doesn’t look like that thing is anywhere near to the point where it’s going to leak yet.  I’m afraid you’re stuck with it for a while.”
That wasn’t what Phillip wanted to hear at all.  He was hoping to finish what he was trying to do earlier while Marian was taking her bath. 
“Why don’t you work at getting it messy,” Marian suggested.  “I’m sure I can take it off of you then.”  She turned and headed for the bathroom, mooing once again before she got there.  Now if she could just keep her hands out of where they seemed to go all too automatically, she’d be a lot happier!
Phillip wasn’t happy at all.  Messing himself was becoming a major thing that he was having to do every single morning now.  But it was also something he had no way around.  Not only would the snakes get him if he tried to do it in the bathroom, but he couldn’t remove his diaper himself, no matter what!  He went back to his bedroom where his hands again tried to work on his front side, while he tried to make something else happen in his backside.  Talk about a strange situation!

An hour later, Phillip was lying naked on his bed, fresh from his shower, while Marian was standing over him stretching open a fresh diaper.  He had actually dared to try to masturbate while he was in the shower.  But the whole time he was doing it, he was so worried about the snakes that he almost couldn’t.  The result was the longest shower he’d had in a while, and the weakest orgasm he could remember as well.  But at least he had managed it.  And no snakes!  He was very happy about that part.
He didn’t like these new thicker diapers that Mistress Vivian was forcing him to wear.  Diapers were not part of any of his fantasies.  He simply hated the whole idea of them.  And yet he was still stuck with them.  Ugh!  He lifted his bottom up so Marian could slide the diaper under him.  Then he felt her bringing it up through his legs and taping it all too firmly at the top.  He hated the thickness between his legs, but at least it wasn’t wet… or messy… yet. 
At eight fifteen, Phillip and Marian carried all of their laundry down to Phillip’s car and loaded it into the backseat… where it would stay until Vivian left to go shopping.  Marian figured that the washer and dryer in the townhouse really belonged to her anyway, so why not use them.  She just wanted to err on the cautious side and hope Vivian never found out.  With the laundry in the car, and the new fireplace disk in her purse, Phillip and Marian, both wearing their red heels, got in the car and headed for Marian’s old townhouse. 

Vivian had been standing in her open front door for the last ten minutes.  Where were those two idiots?  She glanced at the time:  eight twenty five.  You’d think the least those two could do was to make sure they got someplace on time once in a while.  She had shopping to do and they were keeping her from it!
Finally she saw Phillip’s car pull into the parking lot and the two of them got out.  Phillip was wearing the red outfit again that he had worn last night.  She noted the different bow in his hair though.  She also noted the red heels on his feet, just the way she had wanted it.  And of course he was carrying his purse and his huge doll.  He really was such a sight. 
Marian of course was wearing one of her way too short skirts… the only thing she was allowed to wear anymore.  The top she had thrown on was a far more casual one than she was used to seeing Marian wear, but since it was a bit stretchy, it did a wonderful job of showing off her huge utters underneath it.  And of course, Marian was wearing her red high heels as well.  But while hers were the same color red as Phillip’s, her shoes had a much higher heel and strapped to her feet.  And as usual, Marian carried the same old purse she always carried.  But then Marian had absolutely no sense of fashion at all.  But then, what else would she expect from a cow?
“Hurry up you two!” she commanded before they had barely gotten out of the car.  “I’ve got things to do!”
Phillip and Marian both picked up their pace somewhat.  Phillip found that moving faster was a little more difficult in the high heels he was wearing… and secretly loving.
Before anything else, Vivian stopped Marian before she even got into the house.  “Any milk yet?” she asked hopefully.
“No,” Marian replied.  “It’s too soon.”
“It’s not too soon!” Vivian insisted.  “Are you sure you’re taking those pills the way I told you to?”
“Four times a day,” Marian replied with more than a bit of frustration in her voice.
Vivian only stared at her with pursed lips.  “I want to know the minute you start producing.  Call me!  The very minute!”  She turned to Phillip.  “Hear that Sissy Phyllis?  I guess you’ll have to call me instead since she’ll only be able to moo when it happens.  I want to know the very minute you see milk!”
Phillip stared at her with wide eyes, but said nothing.  Something about the situation seemed to make Marian feel even more hopeless.
Vivian went through the downstairs of the house pointing at this and telling them to do that.  Basically she wanted the whole place cleaned from top to bottom including all the floors.  She also demanded that they do all her laundry for her including the sheets on her bed and the towels in the bathroom.  “You’re not to leave here until everything is done!”  Then she changed her mind slightly.  “Well, I guess you can leave to get yourself some lunch if you have to, but that’s it!”
She looked at Marian again and remembered that Marian still wasn’t producing any milk.  Marian moos like a cow!” she said, and thrilled to the immediate moo that Marian produced as well as the wide-eyed look of horror on the stupid woman’s face.  Vivian smiled wickedly.  “Maybe that will remind you of just what you really are and help you to get that milk of yours flowing.”  Her evil smile lasted through another terrified moo from Marian. 
With that delightful thought on her brain, Vivian grabbed her purse and headed out the door.  She had shopping to do, and today she was going to be starting it at Walmart.  She rarely ever shopped at Walmart, but it was the best place she could think of to get some of the things she was looking for.  And she guessed that since she did rarely shop there, she was actually looking forward to shopping in the entire store.  No telling how much money she could “save” there.
Marian mooed again as they watched Vivian’s car driving a bit recklessly out of the parking lot.  She really didn’t need to be stuck mooing like this all day again.  She really was starting to feel like nothing but a stupid cow!  Once Vivian’s car was out of sight, she mooed toward Phillip, and nodded her head towards his car.
“The laundry?” Phillip asked.  “You want to get it now?”
Marian nodded and mooed yet again.  She wanted to get all their laundry done first!  But once the laundry was inside, it wasn’t the first thing she did.  The first thing she did was to remove the fireplace video from the DVD player and replace it with the new one she had created the night before.  She could only hope now that Vivian would continue watching it.  But then, the majority of the video was dedicated to getting the demented woman hooked on watching it.
Being only able to moo, Marian was forced to find a pen and some paper in one of the kitchen drawers… just where she had left them.  Writing what she wanted to do, she set Phillip working on the floors while she started their laundry.  She wanted to do the laundry herself, only because she wanted it done right.  She had a feeling that Phillip didn’t know that much about the proper care of fabrics.  She offered to tie Dolly around Phillip’s neck again, but he shook his head.  “Maybe later,” he replied.  “I think I can manage for now.”
Phillip wasn’t all that happy about having to tackle the floors, but he reversed that thought as he got into the task.  Having to push the vacuum cleaner around while wearing the high heels was kind of fun.  Yeah, his toes were starting to hurt some, but that still didn’t detract from the fun he was having wearing them.  He just had to keep Marian from finding out that he was enjoying it.  After a while, he began lifting one foot at a time and twisting his ankle a bit as if the shoes were bothering him too much… which they kind of were… not that he really minded it all that much.
Marian saw Phillip trying to stretch his feet.  He wasn’t used to wearing heels.  She mooed, which did her no good at all.  She grabbed her pen and paper again and wrote her question before going to where Phillip was still pushing the vacuum cleaner. 
Phillip read Marian’s note.  “Are my feet hurting?  Yeah.  Somewhat.  I always heard that high heels could hurt to wear.  Now I know why.”
Marian nodded… and mooed.  She wrote on the pad again:  Take your shoes off.  I remember Vivian saying that you could do that… while I couldn’t.
But Phillip wasn’t ready to take his shoes off yet… but how could he tell that to Marian without her suspecting anything?  “In a few minutes maybe,” he replied.  “I think I should try to tough it out as long as I can so I can get more used to them.  It’s possible that Mistress Vivian might make me wear them somewhere where I can’t take them off too easily.”
Marian stared at him for a moment, and mooed, then nodded.  As she turned away and went back to the laundry, she wasn’t sure if Phillip’s decision was a good idea because Vivian might really do that… which was highly likely, or if Phillip didn’t want to take the shoes off because he was secretly enjoying them.  She simply couldn’t be sure… either way.

Vivian had a number of items in her shopping cart.  As she had suspected, it really was the perfect store to find everything she had been looking for.  And she absolutely couldn’t wait to spring the new things she was buying on both that stupid Sissy Phyllis and that even dumber cow Marian.  As she compared the prices on some body lotions before dropping one of them into her cart, she was very proud of herself.  Yes, shopping at Walmart today really was saving her money.  It might be months before she needed to use the bottle of lotion she was buying today since she already had three bottles of it at home, but she was “saving” so much money!


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it would be good to have Phillip associate pleasure with wearing wet and messy diapers as he already is required to wear them and tries hard to get off in them. Vivian should plant the command that when wearing he cant get enough of himself and that wetting and messing brings him to orgasm. That will make for some interesting situations at work. Also require him to buy plastic panties so he cant change at work. Foundation garments etc would be good to add to his every day work clothing with locks.... that evil....

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Thanks for the update fun as always :)


Wonder what the new signal is? GREAT CHAPTER! Keep up the fantastic story... I just LOVE it!