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Hypnotized and Humiliated - Chapter 21 Part 2 of 3

Hypnotized and Humiliated
By Karen Singer

Chapter 21 Part 2 of 3

Phillip had no trouble diapering himself.  His problem was that once the diaper was on, he couldn’t remove it by himself.  He knew that Marian was supposed to change him, but as far as he was concerned, he was happier just so long as she removed it for him.  After showering and getting dressed, he went out to find Marian.  He needed to go shopping, but she still had to fix his hair and put a bow in it for him since he wasn’t allowed to leave the house without one.  He really wished that Marian could go to the store instead of him, but Mistress Vivian had put a stop to that hopeful wish. 
He found Marian sound asleep.  He was very tempted to wake her, but he stopped himself.  He really had been unusually cruel to her… but damn it, she deserved it!  Hypnotizing him like that.  What was she thinking?  It wasn’t right!  And now look where it had gotten him.  Or rather, where it had gotten both of them.  But ultimately, it was all Marian’s fault!  The stupid cow. 
He left her sleeping as she was and went back to his bedroom where he did his best to clip one of the bows into his hair.  He had no idea how to really fix his hair properly, that was another of Marian’s jobs, but as far as he knew, he only needed to have a bow in it to go out.  To go out… when he desperately didn’t want to go out.  When he desperately didn’t want to buy what he was being sent to buy.  When he even more desperately didn’t want to do what Mistress Vivian had demanded that he do. 
And Marian, no matter what condition she was in, couldn’t help him with that problem at all!
With the bow now stuck in his hair, he fixed his lipstick and picked up Dolly.  He was out the door and on his way to the grocery store a minute later.  He hoped there wouldn’t be too many shoppers in the store.  He hoped!  Oh God he felt like such a fool dressed as he was!

Vivian had wandered from store to store, much as she usually did.  She had bought less today though than usual, only because finding the yellow accents she was looking for was somewhat difficult – and she tried hard not to buy anything that wasn’t on sale.  After all, she was out to save money! 
She didn’t always go into the sporting goods stores, they didn’t sell much that she was interested in, but she did wander into one of the larger ones in the mall that day.  The only reason she went in was because this store did carry a lot of clothing items and often advertised some pretty good sales.  Not far from the front of the store though, there was a display of items for the fans of the local university team.  And something in that display caught her eye.  Unable to help herself, she headed straight for it.  It wasn’t yellow.  In fact, it wasn’t clothing of any kind… for her.  But the item absolutely boggled her already boggled mind.  It was perfect! 
She picked it up and examined it closely.  It was a cowbell of course.  And it had the logo of the local university painted on it.  It was meant for the fans to take to the games to ring loudly in support of the team.  She held it by the handle and moved the bell just slightly… and thrilled to the clang that came out of the thing.  It was absolutely perfect!  Forgetting the rest of the store, she carried the cowbell straight to the cashier and bought it – even though it hadn’t been on sale at all.
As she walked back out into the mall concourse, her thoughts were already on what else she needed to go with the bell… and where she could get that item.  Unfortunately, the closest place she could think of was at the far end of the mall, on the lower level.  As far from where she was as she could get.  Oh well, there were a lot of good stores between here and there, and she would get there eventually. 
But a short way further along the mall, she turned into another store that she frequently loved to walk through, even though she never bought anything in that store.  They never ran sales and everything was way too expensive.  But that didn’t mean she couldn’t look.  She was halfway through the store when the idea hit her.  The store specialized in engraved gifts, and they would engrave anything!  And of course the cowbell came straight to her mind.  She headed straight for the desk where they did the engraving. 
“How long would it take you to engrave something on this?” she asked as she held out the bell.
The man behind the desk thought for a moment.  “I’ve got a few other things ahead of you, but I can probably have it ready in about an hour.”
That was good enough for Vivian.  But she had another question as well.  “Is there any way to get the logo that’s painted on it off?”
The guy took the cowbell and looked it over.  “I can probably buff it off.  But it’s going to cost you more.”
Vivian didn’t really care.  She ordered all the painted logos on the bell removed and told him what she wanted engraved on the bell instead.  She paid for the work and left the bell with him while she wandered back out into the mall.  But she was so excited over it that she headed straight for the store she needed to get to at the other end of the mall instead of shopping all along the way.  She would hit those stores after she picked up the bell. 

Phillip was alone in his room… with his door closed.  Marian was awake now and was watching TV out in the living room.  He had put this little exercise off as long as he could.  He took another swig from the glass of coke he had poured for himself as part of the eight glasses of liquid he had to drink now.  He had given Marian a large glass of coke to drink as well… hoping that maybe the sweet liquid would make her milk taste better… if she ever started producing more.  He took another sip of his coke, but it was only to delay for yet another moment what he now had to do.
He was absolutely sick over what he had to do… like it or not.  Revolted by every thought he had concerning the issue, he pulled out one of the cucumbers he had bought earlier that morning in the grocery store.  He had to force himself to do it.  He had to force himself to bring it to his lips where he licked the outside a little.  Then a little more.  This at least wasn’t some stupid guy’s cock.  This at least bore very little resemblance to a real cock which made the whole exercise somewhat easier.  But the thought of what he was really doing still turned his stomach… more than a little.  He licked the thing again, then again, trying to keep the miserable images out of his mind that kept picturing what the cucumber was really supposed to represent.  Unfortunately, as much as he tried to banish those images, he couldn’t. 
After licking the thing for a while, he dared to open his mouth and try to put the thing inside.  But the cucumber he had bought was too big… too wide.  He could only get a little bit of it in.  And the others he had bought were all about the same size.  Something inside of him celebrated at that thought and he went back to just licking the outside.  He was much happier just doing that. 

Vivian had to wait behind another customer until she could pick up the cowbell.  But at least the wait was short.  She didn’t even have to say anything to the guy behind the desk once the customer ahead of her had finished.  Catching sight of her, the guy immediately reached under the counter and brought out a plastic bag with her cowbell in it.  He removed it from the bag and handed it to her to examine.  The bell positively glowed after being buffed.  There was no sign any longer of anything else ever havening been printed on it.  But what was there now was engraved so that it was easy to see, and just the sight of it made her a little wet down below.  The cowbell now read:  “Mooing Marian.” 
“It’s fantastic!” she declared happily, and saw the guy smile. 
“Glad you like it,” the man replied.  “Will there be anything else?”
Anything else?  But that question brought to mind a little problem she was still trying to solve.  “Um… can you figure out any way to attach the bell to…”  She dug around in one of the bags she had and pulled out the item she had made the special trip across the mall to get – a large, plain brown, leather dog collar.  “How can I attach it to this?” she asked as she handed over the collar. 
The man was somewhat shocked, but he quickly realized it had to be some kind of a prank.  “Um… I’m not sure,” he said as he examined the collar and also looked at the cowbell.  “I might be able to fix something up with a bit of wire,” he told her.
“How long would that take?” Vivian asked.
“I can have it for you in just a couple of minutes.”
Vivian jumped on the opportunity.  “Do it!”

Marian was watching TV, but her mind wasn’t on anything that the TV was showing her.  Her mind was instead on Phillip.  He had been so cruel to her!  And yet, in a way, he was absolutely right that she was the one who was ultimately responsible for all of his problems.  And even though he had been so cruel earlier, she still felt obligated to get him out of his situation… just as soon as she could.  But the question was, how?  She knew how she planned on getting herself out from under Vivian’s control.  But that wouldn’t help Phillip at all.  Phillip was stuck for a whole different set of reasons. 
She remembered all the pictures Phillip had drawn that she had examined so closely while he was gone.  Somewhat amazing pictures, yet somewhat disturbing as well.  They clearly defined the odd urges that were part of Phillip.  Evidently, a bigger part of him than anyone knew.  Those urges were the reason that Vivian was able to have such a strong hold over him.  Well, initially anyway.  Vivian’s constant practice of re-hypnotizing each of them, and taking each of them so deep each time before replanting all the suggestions into their brains, had both Phillip and herself in big trouble now.  But something told her that the key to pulling Phillip free from Vivian was in those same urges. 
With the TV flickering in front of her, she let her mind wander back over everything she could remember about the drawings.  In every last one of them, Phillip had pictured himself as a child.  Not a baby, but a child.  And not just a child, but a girl.  A little girl that was always dressed in some kind of a dress.  More often than not, an old fashioned party dress.  It was a little while before Marian realized that those pictures of himself had to be the real key into Phillip’s mind. 
But now that she thought she had figured out the key, how could she use it?  As her mind pictured the way Phillip continued to draw himself… as a little girl, she couldn’t help but remember the way she had felt when she fixed his hair for him… and even when she had been forced to change his diaper for him as well.  She had felt… maternal.  All those instincts that she had denied herself over the years had tried to flood into her… despite the fact that Phillip was a grown man. 
She mooed again… something she barely thought about anymore… and with that moo, came the realization of what she would have to do to get Phillip out from under Vivian’s vicious control.  Just as soon as she got herself out first!

Marian shed even more tears when her evening milking was done and the bottles contained a slightly larger supply of milk.  But again Phillip wasn’t letting her get up yet.  She was worried that he might keep her there most of the night!  She got positively angry when Phillip brought her dinner out for her to eat, right where she was again.  To eat like an animal.  She mooed angrily as the tears again started to fall from her eyes.  And since he had ordered her to drink so much as well, she was again going back and forth between the food and her water bowl. 
He had been pushing the drinks at her all day.  Thankfully, he had allowed her several glasses of coke – a welcome relief from all the water.  But mostly, all it did to her was keep her going to the bathroom all day… where inevitably she was there longer than necessary because her hands refused to stay away from her sexual zones any time she pulled her panties down.  And worse, she couldn’t bathe or wash her hands afterwards.  Since she couldn’t wash herself, she had no doubt now about how badly she smelled – all over!  Her smell was starting to disgust even herself!
Thinking about the pee smell made her realize she had to pee yet again.  Not even bothering to hold it back anymore, she let it out into the tub beneath her… while her head was still in her food bowl trying to get more food into her mouth.  She felt like such a stupid animal.  Like such a stupid cow.  She mooed at the thought of it.
The loud knocking on the door frightened her.  She could only think of one person it could be.  As much as she feared having anyone else see her, she still didn’t want to see Vivian come back into the apartment.  Unfortunately, Vivian was there in all her plum lipsticked glory just a moment later.  Marian did note the yellow scarf that Vivian was wearing.  Was that fireplace video working on her already?  She hoped so.  If only she had been smart enough to put some other suggestions into that last video she had made!
 “Oh what a glorious sight!” Vivian declared as she stared at Marian, down on all fours, with bowls of food and water in front of her.  She noted that the food bowl was mostly empty.  “How much milk did she produce this time?” she asked Phillip. 
“Just a little more than this morning,” Phillip replied. 
Vivian laughed.  “Not much, but at least it’s getting better!”  She leveled her gaze at Marian.  “But you’ve still got a long way to go you stupid cow!  I hope you see now just how much of a cow you really are!  Actually, how much of a cow you’ve probably been your whole life!  It’s just now that we’re bringing it to your attention.”
She briefly looked into the bag she had brought in with her.  “And I’ve got something new for you now that I know a cow like you is just going to love!”  She knelt down in front of Marian, but she didn’t pull anything out of the bag yet.  “Every woman loves jewelry,” she said, “I guess, even a cow like you.  So I got you some new jewelry to wear.”  With that, she pulled the dog collar with the cow bell attached to it out of the bag.  The cowbell clanged horribly as she did so.
Marian cringed in shock… and shame… as she saw the bright cowbell, and especially when she heard it clanging.  She mooed her protest, but that only seemed to delight Vivian even more. 
Vivian grabbed the bell and looked at it, then she turned it around so that Marian could see it better.  “Since you’re a stupid cow and probably can’t read,” she said, “the bell is very nicely engraved with your name on it… ‘Mooing Marian.’”  With that, Vivian broke out in a huge laugh. 
Marin of course could read the engraving.  She mooed and started crying again.  She cried harder when Vivian herself bucked the darn collar around her neck.  Each little movement seemed to make the stupid bell on it clang – all too loudly!
Vivian stood up to stare at her handiwork in delight.  Then her face turned serious.  “Now listen up you stupid cow.  You are not to remove that collar… under any circumstances.  In fact, you can never remove that collar.  The only time it can ever come off of you is while you’re at the office.  Farmer Phyllis here can remove it for you… in the car when you get there.  But the minute you get back in the car after work, that collar has to go right back on – before you leave the parking lot.  And you will wear that cowbell everywhere from now on so that it will always be on display!”
She turned to Phillip.  “Hear that Sissy Phyllis?  You’re the only one who can take that collar off of her, and it can only come off in the parking lot at work, and it has to go on before you leave the parking lot at the end of the day.  All the rest of the time, it stays on her so that it can be seen!  And heard,” she added.  She smiled wickedly again.  “She’s your cow, Sissy Farmer Phyllis, and she’s your responsibility to take care of in all ways… including this.  And just like you can’t remove your own diapers, she can’t remove that bell!  That’s part of your job as her farmer.”
She quickly changed the subject.  “Did you get that cucumber I told you to buy?”
Phillip nodded.  “Yeah,” he replied.  “I got it.”
“And did you practice with it?”
“For the full hour,” Phillip told her, trying to repress any sign of how unhappy he was about it.
“Good!  I expect you to make fast progress with that.  Tomorrow we’ll look into getting you something proper to practice with.  In the meantime, keep working with that cucumber.  Do another hour tonight!”
It was all Phillip could do not to roll his eyes.  Licking that cucumber and putting it in his mouth was the last thing he wanted to do.  But he guessed it was a whole lot better than what he knew he would soon be putting in his mouth.  He was very glad when Vivian tossed off another stupid remark that showed how little she cared about them before walking out the door.  He heard Marian moo again, accompanied by the clanging of her bell.  “Yeah, you can say that again!” he agreed.


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