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Hypnotized and Humiliated - Chapter 19 Part 2 of 2

Hypnotized and Humiliated
By Karen Singer

Chapter 19 Part 2 of 2

Vivian was having a hard time keeping her eyes off the two guys hugging and kissing in front of her… and she was having a ball watching them being stuck like that.  Since Gloria was now heading for the wall with all the equipment, she followed.  For the next few minutes, the two of them discussed the things that Gloria did with her subs in the realm of cock sucking.  Gloria pulled out dildo after dildo, some of them more than a bit lifelike as she explained some of the things that Vivian should consider.  And all the while they discussed the subject, the two guys were stuck in their all too loving embrace, seemingly ignored, while Thing’s cock became fully engorged… and Phillip’s cock was now a little more “solid” than he felt good about as well.
When Gloria was done showing things to Vivian, and Vivian’s questions had finally ended, Gloria turned back to the two guys in the middle of the room.  “I think it’s time for a game I’ve been thinking of.”  She walked back over to the two guys.  “Can you two manage to get down on your knees while you’re like that?”
Very slowly and cautiously, the two of them managed to drop to their knees while locked in their loving position. 
“Excellent!” Gloria exclaimed.  She turned to Vivian.  “Viv, will you get some more rope out of that cabinet over there while I start untying these two?”
Phillip felt some relief when his arms were finally released from holding onto the guy, despite the fact that they were still locked in a rather intense kiss.  But all too quickly, he felt Gloria tying his arms behind his back instead.  It wasn’t until both he and Thing’s arms were secured behind their backs that Gloria finally removed the Ace bandage binding their lips together.  He wanted to rub his aching mouth, but with his arms tied behind him, that was impossible.  The lipstick that had transferred from his lips to Thing’s lips was very apparent. 
Gloria took a length of rope that Vivian had gotten and stretched it out on the floor, just to the side of the two naked men.  “Viv,” Gloria said, “can you lay your slave down on his side on top of that rope while I deal with Thing here?”
Vivian didn’t touch Phillip, all she did was to command, “Lay down!” and Phillip dropped to the floor on his side as he knew the other woman wanted him.  The piece of rope he was laying on was a bit uncomfortable.  He was quickly growing more worried about what was to come.
“Tie his ankles together,” Gloria told Vivian.
Phillip heard Vivian giggling again as he felt her tying his ankles.  But what concerned him the most was that Gloria had positioned Thing… on his side, but with his head facing the other direction.  And she had positioned him so that now Phillip had an all too perfect view of Thing’s cock, which fortunately wasn’t hard anymore. 
Gloria looked at the job Vivian had done tying Phillip’s ankles together.  “One thing you might want to do some time,” she said as she saw the sloppy work and the even sloppier knot, “is to learn how to tie someone up properly.  That doesn’t look very good at all.”
Vivian was a bit put off again, but she replied, “Don’t worry, he won’t move unless I tell him he can.”  She looked down at Philip.  “Don’t move!” she commanded.
Gloria just rolled her eyes.  She was going to tell her to tie his ankles up to his arms, but considering the job she had done on his ankles, she figured she would be better off doing that herself.  She walked around behind Phillip and grabbed the length of rope wrapped around his ankles.  She wrapped it a few more times around before tying it again, then she drew his legs up harshly behind him and drew the length of rope over the rope binding his wrists together.  She pulled hard, pulling Phillip’s ankles and wrists together in a very uncomfortable position, then she tied everything off. 
With Phillip taken care of, Gloria went back to Thing.  “Scoot over now,” she told him.  “You know where you’re supposed to be.”
Phillip watched in horror as Thing’s cock came closer and closer to his head.  And tied back the way he was, he had no way of getting away!  He grew positively distressed as their bodies touched, and he did everything he could to keep Thing’s cock away from his mouth. 
Gloria took the time to tie Thing’s ankles back to his wrists the same way she had done with Phillip, then she turned to Vivian.  “Viv, hand me that end of the rope there that they’re laying on, and you push Sissy Phyllis this way while I push Thing that way.”
Phillip heard Mistress Vivian giggling again as he felt her getting down behind him and pushing against his back.  Things cock was now touching his mouth, and it was difficult to pull his head back far enough so that it wouldn’t.  And then he felt the rope pulling him even tighter up against Thing as the woman pulled on it extra hard, binding the two of them together again in this new position.  Thing’s cock was touching his closed lips, and he could feel something touching his cock down below… and he had no doubt that it was Thing’s mouth.
When she was done, Gloria stood over the two naked men.  “Okay you two, here’s how this game is played.  When I say go, each of you will somehow manage to get the other’s cock in your mouth, and then start sucking each other off.  The first one to get the other one to spurt into their mouth wins.  And just so you know that there’s a reward and a penalty for this game, since the loser will already have gotten off, the loser is going to have to finish sucking off the winner, and then he’s going to be forced to drink a full load of the winner’s pee!  So you see, you’re both going to get to cum tonight.  The only difference will be which of you will become the toilet for the other!”
Phillip was aghast.  She had to be kidding!  But he already knew that the woman… and Mistress Vivian… had every intention of going through with this mad game.  But before he had time to think about it anymore, Gloria shouted, “Go!”   Phillip immediately felt Thing’s mouth trying to grab his cock.  But he didn’t want to do this!  Despite the fact that Mistress Vivian had said he had to do whatever he was told, he didn’t want to do this at all, and he certainly didn’t want to drink this guy’s pee later either!  But the moment he realized he was delaying and balking, he felt a new pain erupt in both his arms.  The same pain he experienced whenever he didn’t do whatever Mistress Vivian wanted.  He heard Mistress Vivian shouting orders for him to get to it, while the other woman was doing the same with Thing.  But it was the pain that drove Phillip to open his mouth and do everything he could to get Thing’s cock into it. 
“Your sissy doesn’t stand a chance against Thing,” Gloria crowed.  “I’ve been training Thing now for three months!”
“Yeah, well Sissy Phyllis here has a fantastic tongue,” Vivian replied.  “You wouldn’t believe what he can do with that thing up against your crotch.  And besides, he spends a lot of time with his thumb in his mouth sucking on it.”  She turned back to yelling encouragements to Phillip. “Come on you lazy sissy.  Get that thing in your mouth!  You can do it!”
Phillip felt total warmth suddenly encasing his cock as he realized that Thing had somehow managed to get his cock into his mouth.  Sudden warmth, and some very strange sensations.  But he was still struggling to get Thing’s cock into his mouth… despite Mistress Vivian’s encouraging cheering.  But the more he kept trying, the more he realized that Thing’s cock was now growing in front of him, and it finally got to the point where he was able to get it past his lips.  He cringed at what he was doing – he had some other guys cock in his mouth!  Yuck!  But it wasn’t until he started actually trying to suck the guy off that the pain finally left his arms. 
“There you go you stupid sissy!” Vivian yelled. “Now get working!  You can do it!  Just think of it like your thumb… only bigger!”
Phillip felt Thing’s cock growing even bigger inside of his mouth… and he felt his own cock already huge inside of Thing’s mouth.  He was doing his best to get Thing to cum, but he was starting to become too distracted by the feelings that Thing was giving him… despite the fact that he now realized that Thing’s cock was now so big that he couldn’t draw his head back far enough to get Thing’s cock out of his mouth no matter how hard he tried.
As much as he felt total revulsion for what he was doing, Phillip tried harder, despite the incredible distracting feelings he was feeling in his own cock from Thing’s mouth.  And soon he felt Thing starting to push and pull in his mouth… but then, he had been doing that in Thing’s mouth for a few minutes already… as much as he was able.  His bindings didn’t allow him to move his hips that much.  He knew he had to work harder, but the intense sensations in his own cock were simply overriding everything. 
Before long, he was barely doing anything at all trying to take care of Thing because he was too wrapped up in his own incredible sensations.  As he felt his own orgasm coming closer and closer, he completely forgot about any consequences.  All he could think about was getting the final release he so desperately needed.  As little as his bindings would allow, he was trying to buck for all he was worth inside of Thing’s mouth, while he felt Thing’s warm wet tongue and lips giving him the most incredible sensations… along the full length of his cock.  It was only far back in his mind that Phillip realized that Thing was taking all of his cock into his mouth, while he couldn’t even get close with Thing’s cock!
And then the impending orgasm built to the point where he could do nothing else at all as he erupted wildly right into Thing’s mouth.  It was one of the strongest orgasms he could ever remember.  And it wasn’t until it was completely over that he realized he had lost.  In fact it wasn’t until the woman had shouted for them to stop that he remembered what the consequences of this game were.
“You stupid sissy,” Vivian shouted.  “You lost!”
Phillip cared, but he didn’t care.  He was simply happy when he felt the rope binding him to Thing loosening up… and finally being removed.  Thing’s hard cock was still in his mouth, but since he had been told to stop, he was no longer trying to do anything to it.  It simply felt strange and all too distressing in his mouth.  But he already knew that he wasn’t done with Thing yet.  Unfortunately.  He felt his own cock suddenly released from Thing’s mouth as the cool air hit it.  He was already shrunken down, but wow, what an orgasm.  And finally, he felt Thing’s cock pulling away from his mouth.  He breathed a sigh of relief.
“Want me to untie him?” Vivian asked when she saw Gloria untying Thing.
“No, leave him like that.  He’s not done yet.” 
“So why did you pull them apart?”
“So he can do it differently now.”
“Differently?” Vivian asked.  But she only saw Gloria nod as she finished working on the ropes binding Thing.
Once Thing was completely free, Gloria directed him to pick up Sissy Phyllis and place him on his knees, holding him there.  “Spread your knees some,” Gloria ordered Phillip, “so you don’t fall down.”  She herself pushed against one of Phillip’s knees with her foot until she was satisfied.  Then she turned to Thing.  “I’m proud of you Thing, you actually managed to do something halfway decent for once.  That’s pretty amazing, for you!  So I guess now you get your reward.  She moved over behind Phillip, straddling his bound ankles and grabbed Phillip’s hair, pulling his head back.  “Open that beautiful lipsticked mouth of yours sissy!”  As soon as Phillip had opened his mouth she said, “Okay Thing, have at him!”
Before he knew what was happening, Thing was standing over him and sticking his cock into his mouth again.  Only then did Gloria release his head from her grasp.  “Get going, sissy, we don’t want to be here all night!”
“Hurry up sissy, work at it!” Vivian added all too excitedly.  “Let me see what you can do!”
Like it or not, Phillip found himself with no choice in the matter, and since he had already worked some on Thing earlier, it took no time at all for Thing to become hard again.  With no other distractions, Phillip soon started tasting the salty pre-cum oozing from the tip of Thing’s cock. 
Phillip suddenly felt Thing grabbing his hair and using that grasp on his head to start thrusting his cock into his mouth harder than ever.  With no way to fight it, Things cock kept hitting the back of Phillip’ throat, making him gag horribly over and over again.  And then he felt the sperm shooting out of Thing’s cock sliding down his throat.  That feeling alone made him sick.  When Thing finally pulled his cock out of Phillip’s mouth, the only thing keeping Phillip up on his knees was Thing’s hands holding him by his hair.  He coughed and gaged, but nothing came out of him. 
“Pitiful!” Gloria declared. “Vivian, I’m afraid you’ve got your work cut out for you.”
“I guess so,” Vivian agreed sadly.
“Hold him there like that,” Gloria ordered Thing who was still holding Phillip by his curled hair.  Gloria went back to the cabinet against the wall, hunted around for a minute to find what she was after, before she came back again.  “Okay,” she said to Thing as she moved in behind Phillip to take Thing’s place, “you can let him go now.”  She grabbed Phillip’s hair in one hand and said, “Open wide!”  She leaned over top of Phillip and saw him open his mouth.  “Wider!”  Phillip’s mouth opened a bit wider, but it wasn’t nearly enough.  She reached over with her other hand and grabbed his chin and pulled one way while she pulled back on hair.  “Wider!”  She eventually forced Phillip to open his mouth wide enough.  As fast as she could she stuck the ring gag into Phillips mouth before releasing him to buckle the thing behind his head. 
Phillip’s jaws were stretched wide, and there was no way he could close his mouth.  There was also no way he could fight back or not do whatever he was told anyway.  But it was the woman’s next words that sent the greatest fear into him. 
“Okay Thing, I hope you have to pee, because now’s your chance.”  She grabbed the sissy’s hair again and held him perfectly still as Thing approached.  “I suggest you swallow as fast as you can,” she said to the sissy in her hands.  “And if you spill any, you’ll not only be licking up the floor, but washing the entire floor before you can leave as well!”
Being held as he was, Phillip had no choice in the matter when Thing’s cock once again invaded his mouth.  But this time, with the ring holding his mouth wide open, it was a totally different matter.  And all too soon he felt Thing’s pee gushing into his mouth.  He did everything he could to swallow as fast as possible – and not choke to death as the warm torrent seemed to go on and on and on!  It was horrible!  And it was all happening so fast he had no time to think of anything except to do everything possible not to drown. 
Finally, Thing finished and pulled away, and Phillip swallowed the last of it.  His mouth tasted horrible, and he realized he was crying.  And then he found Mistress Vivian’s face in front of his.  “That’s the consequences of not knowing how to suck cock better!” she hissed.  “So if you don’t want it to happen again, I suggest you learn real fast!”
Phillip only cried harder as he felt the ropes binding him finally being released.  A minute later, he was flexing his arms and legs, trying to get the circulation back into them.  But the circulation in his limbs did nothing for the horrible taste in his mouth… and the sick feeling in his stomach.  It was all he could do to keep from throwing up.
“Oh stop your crying!” Vivian ordered, annoyed that he had lost the game… while at the same time, overjoyed over what she had seen him go through afterwards.
“Just give him an extra baby bottle or two when he gets home,” Gloria suggested.  “He’ll be fine.”  She turned to the two naked men.  “Time to go, kiddies,” Gloria announced.  “Your time limit is up.  Get dressed and out of here now!”
The only thing Phillip wanted to do was to get out of there!  He hurried and grabbed his clothes off of the hook on the wall, but then he was faced with the problem of having no diaper.  “Can I just go without that thing?” he asked Mistress Vivian as he indicated the diaper on the floor that she had unfastened for him earlier.
“Absolutely not!” Vivian replied before she realized that all his fresh ones were still down in the car.  They hadn’t brought the backpack in with them.  “Put it back on,” she commanded.
Phillip tried, but now that the tapes had been opened, they wouldn’t fasten again.  He looked questioningly up at Mistress Vivian.
“Just pull your pants over it.  Maybe that will hold it long enough till you get home.”
Phillip wasn’t too sure about that, but it was worth a try.  He had a lot of trouble holding the diaper in place while he pulled his pants up, but he finally managed it, and he finally got the zipper pulled up at the side.  Two minutes later, he was completely dressed. 
“Let’s go Sissy Phyllis,” Vivian said.  But Phillip didn’t follow her out of the room.  He couldn’t.  He couldn’t leave until everyone there was treated to the sight of him refreshing his lipstick.  Only then could he pick up Dolly and walk out. 

Marian had finished the new fireplace DVD a while ago, but Phillip and Vivian weren’t back yet.  With nothing better to do, she wandered around the apartment, mooing occasionally when the need started to make itself known.  But that was something she had done so often now that she barely noticed she was doing it.  Before long, she found herself in the bedroom where her eyes fell on Phillip’s chest.  She remembered the time that she had seen the drawings that Phillip had done… but he had withheld most of his drawing pads so that she wouldn’t see them.  She had a pretty good idea that he had hidden them in one of his drawers.
But he was such a talented artist.  Amazingly talented.  So why didn’t he want her to see his work?  Knowing that she shouldn’t, she began searching his chest for the missing drawing pads.  They weren’t very hard to find and she pulled them all out.  She opened the first one, and quickly realized why Phillip didn’t want her to see them.  The drawing she was looking at had to be his latest because it wasn’t quite finished yet, but what she saw told her everything she needed to know about Phillip.  The page was dominated by a large drawing of Vivian… with the cruelest look possible on her face and large pointed horns coming out of her head.  The look of absolute evil that Phillip had managed to portray was incredible.  But it was the other part of the drawing that held her attention the most.  Down at the bottom of the page, Phillip had drawn himself… holding Dolly.  This was the part that wasn’t quite done yet, but it was done more than enough for Marian to get the whole picture.  The part that interested Marian the most, was that Phillip had drawn himself looking more like a child… like a little girl… complete with a little girl’s party dress.  And compared to the picture of Vivian, Phillip’s character looked to be the size of a small toddler as he stared up at the towering evil figure.  
The picture spoke volumes to Marian.  And as she turned page after page in each of the drawing pads, she learned all too much about Phillip.  And everything she learned not only confirmed all her fears as to why Phillip was so affected by the hypnotism, it took her fears to a much higher level. 
Sissy Phillip was indeed not only a major sissy, it looked like he thrived on major humiliation!  If she was going to get Phillip out of Vivian’s cruel clutches, she was going to have a much harder time of it than she thought.  Vivian was fulfilling all of Phillips wildest fantasies!  He had to be secretly loving everything that Vivian was doing to him!


sarah penguin said...

Oh noes poor sissy had to drink pee :(

Douglas Marcks aka katarina nikki said...

So now Marian knows she is in for the fight of her life... or that Her true Domme side better come out and have sissy phyllis look at Her as a Sterner and Crueller Mistress than Vivian ever could be.