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Hypnotized and Humiliated - Chapter 20 Part 2 of 2

Hypnotized and Humiliated
By Karen Singer

Chapter 20 Part 2 of 2

When lunchtime came, Phillip wasn’t happy at all about being the one who had to go and get it.  He knew that Marian would have gladly done it for him, but since she was stuck only mooing again, he knew there was no other choice.  At least the fast food restaurant had a drive-thru he was able to use instead of going inside, so it wasn’t too much of a problem for him. 
After lunch, he took particular notice of Marian putting the DVD she had taken out of the player earlier, into one of the food bags he’d brought back.  He also noted that she elected him to carry all the trash out of the apartment and down to the big dumpster.  Carrying heavy stuff in his heels wasn’t all that easy either, but it was still fun.  Kind of.  His feet really were hurting him now and he was taking his shoes off more and more often.  But only until his feet felt up to wearing the shoes again, then he put them right back on.

By mid-afternoon, Marian was well into Vivian’s laundry and all of hers and Phillip’s laundry was safely out in the trunk of his car.  She glanced over at Phillip.  She had set him to dusting everything and he was currently working on the TV… which for some reason always seemed to collect more dust than anything else.  She noted that Phillip again had the heels on his feet.  She was betting it was because he was really enjoying them.  She had noted that he kept taking them off, but instead of leaving them off, he kept putting them on again… all day.  No, there was no doubt at all, knowing what she now knew about… Sissy… Phillip, she was sure he was enjoying those heels. 
The urge forced her to moo again.  She was really getting tired of doing that.  She had to break out of Vivian’s spell!  Tonight!  She would start trying again tonight.  It had been a few days now since Vivian had hypnotized her and refreshed everything in her brain.  Maybe she could break out tonight. But then she had to worry about getting Phillip out from under Vivian’s demented brain as well.  Vivian had lost it!  Leaving Phillip behind would be nothing but cruel!  And… she was the one who was ultimately responsible for the position Phillip was in.  Like it or not, she had to help the guy.  But how?  But before she could get Phillip out of his situation, she had to get herself out first, and that was going to be hard enough.  Tonight!  Tonight she would start trying again.  She had to make it.  She had to – before Vivian really did turn her into a cow!
A little while later, Marian walked around the entire apartment.  They were done.  The place actually looked pretty good… considering all the junk that Vivian had in her bedroom – so many bags of things that she hadn’t even bothered to open!  Marian mooed again toward Phillip who completely ignored her.  She grabbed his arm to get his attention and nodded her head toward the door.  She grabbed her purse, and a moment later, Phillip with Dolly and his own purse, followed her out to the car.  She couldn’t wait to get back to Phillip’s place where she could put her high-heeled feet up on the couch to get the weight off of them.  Her feet were killing her!

Vivian had bought a purple dress… as close to a plum color as she could find… a purple blouse, and a purple skirt.  But most of the things she had shopped for all day, after she had left Walmart, were the accent pieces that really made up a complete outfit.  It was the accessories that were really the most important parts.  You had to have just the right accents!  And she was a master at it!  And the best part was that everything she bought was always on sale.  Yes, finding things for her color theme was a stroke of genius!  Nothing at all like that stupid cow Marian was capable of doing.  She nearly laughed.  A cow with a sense of fashion?  No wonder she always thought of Marian as a cow.
It was getting later in the day now and her mind was starting to turn more and more to the things she needed to do tonight with Sissy Phyllis and Mooing Marian.  And the more she thought about it, the more she couldn’t wait.  It really was the perfect idea!  She was so glad she had “dreamed it up.”  Literally dreamed it up!  Besides, she did need to keep to her schedule for hypnotizing those two again and making sure they wouldn’t forget anything… which knowing their idiot brains, was all too likely.
Because she couldn’t wait, she ended her shopping shortly after dinner and went home.  She inspected her entire apartment.  It looked good.  But then those two idiots had better do a good job or she’d have them doing nothing but scrubbing her apartment from top to bottom for days on end!  Both of them!  She took all her new purchases out of her car with the exception of a few of the items she had gotten from Walmart.  Then she got back into her car and headed for Phillip’s place.

Marian mooed again and took a deep breath.  She had warned Phillip about what she was about to do, and he had protested rather vehemently, but she was determined to try it again.  And unfortunately, since she was stuck in mooing mode again, she knew she was going to have to conquer that part first.  She had done it before, only to be faced with the horrible pain which had totally defeated her.  But she was nothing but determined.  She had to do this… before Vivian really did turn her into a cow.
Her eyes stared out the window, but she wasn’t really seeing anything out there.  She was concentrating on the feelings, the urges, waiting for the urge to moo to hit her again.  And when it did finally come, she fought it, and fought it hard!  She had to defeat it!  Yes, she was worried about the pain, but she was so tired of only mooing that she really wanted to conquer that first.  She was fighting it hard, desperately trying not to moo, totally determined… when they heard the loud knocking on the door, and all Marian’s concentration went out the window and she let out a very loud moo.  Ugh!  Now who was at the door?

Vivian heard the moo from outside.  It was total music to her ears.  She really hoped that stupid Marian was getting the point now as to what she really was.  But if not, well, she had no doubt that she soon would.  Before long, Marian would be fit to only live in a barn!  And she had no doubt that Sissy Phyllis wasn’t going to be too happy either.  She pushed her way inside as soon as Phillip had opened the door.  “There’s some bags down in my car,” she said to Phillip.  “Get them up here!”
She went into the living room and found Marian.  “Any milk yet?” she asked.
Marian was getting tired of the question.  But the part that worried her the most was that eventually the answer was going to be yes.  “Moo!” she replied, hoping that Vivian would finally remove her compulsion to only moo.
“I take it that’s a no… since I haven’t had a phone call yet from Sissy Phyllis.”
Marian only shook her head, disappointed that Vivian hadn’t said the words to stop her from mooing.  A few minutes later, Phillip and Dolly came into the apartment with two bags from Walmart. 
“I bought you two some things that you’re going to need now,” Vivian told them.  She took the larger bag from Phillip’s hands and opened it… and pulled out a long plastic tub like container with a lid on it.  She handed it to Marian.  “Here, this is for you.”
Marian took the thing, wondering why she was going to need something like that.  And knowing Vivian, it worried her a lot. 
Vivian grabbed the other bag from Phillip and pulled out three packages of baby bottles that she dumped on one of the chairs.  “Those are for you Sissy Phyllis.  Don’t you just love them?”
Phillip could only stare at the bottles in horror.  First the diapers, and now baby bottles?  And she had bought three packages!  Each package had three bottles in it.
Vivian quickly said, “Phyllis sucks her thumb!  She watched as the sissified twerp closed his eyes and stuck his thumb in his mouth.  She immediately turned to Marian.  Marian sucks her thumb!  She really loved seeing the same reaction on the stupid cow.  “Both of you go sit next to each other on the couch!”  She had to take the plastic tub away from Marian because the stupid cow was too dumb to drop the thing. 
Oh how she loved seeing the two of them sitting together like that.  It was so fitting.  Maybe someday she would take them to her place, hypnotize them like that, and then leave them that way all day.  They would really make such a perfect room decoration.  And wouldn’t they be an even bigger hit sitting there like that for a party? 
But she was forgetting herself and she had a lot to do.  She grabbed her notebook out of her purse before she pushed one of the living room chairs closer to the two thumb sucking idiots on the couch.  She thought about doing each of them at the same time, but she didn’t know how well that would work, so she worked with each of them separately, even though they were sitting right next to each other.  She calmly and carefully led each of them down into a deeper and deeper trance.  Hoping that what she was doing was really helping.  She was very careful to keep her voice as calm and gentle as possible… even though she was anxious to get on with the business she had really come for. 
Once she had deepened their trances, she started with Phillip, reminding him of every single trigger she had put into his brain, and every single command.  She started with reminding him about the pain, and that he had to have Dolly with him all the time.  She continued on through his lipstick rules, and then went into the new things – the snakes and not being able to remove his diapers himself.  She realized that the snakes were probably not needed anymore, but she liked the idea of him being so worried about them.  Besides, they made doubly sure he would always be fully dressed when he went to the bathroom now.  She finished up with him by reminding him about his responsibility to always take care of and milk his very own cow – Marian. 
Then she started in on Marian, carefully following the list she had for her as well.  Again she started with all the trigger phrases before reminding her of the pain she would feel if she didn’t do whatever she was told.  She reminded Marian of all her various mooing modes, from the everyday mode, to the office mode, and again visited the mode where she could only moo and utter nothing else.  She continued through Marian’s masturbation need and the fact that she could never achieve an orgasm except if she were masturbated by someone else while mooing like the cow she was… as well as the fact that she could never have normal sex without feeling horrible pain.  She reminded Marian that she could only wear the very high heels and that she could no longer go barefoot unless she was sleeping or taking a bath.  Vivian again wondered if that was being too lenient, but she wanted to get through everything and into some fun new things so she left things the way they were.  She continued on, reminding Marian that she was now responsible for changing Phillip’s diapers and that they weren’t to be removed unless he really needed changing – badly.  And finally, she reminded Marian that she would always have to be milked twice a day like the cow she really was, and that like the stupid cow that she was, she couldn’t lift a finger to help Farmer Phyllis.  But her fingers instead would be busy inside her cunt masturbating herself uselessly.
Vivian breathed a sigh of relief.  She was finally done.  She was so glad she had kept a list of everything she had put into their pea sized brains.  But now it was time to add some new things.  Now it was time for some fun!  She looked at the two thumb sucking idiots in front of her.  So delightful! 
She turned her attention back to Phillip again.  “Sissy Phyllis,” she said.  “I read somewhere once that it’s healthiest to drink eight eight-ounce glasses of water every day.  That’s sixty four ounces!  So that’s the amount of liquids that you’re going to drink every day from now on to stay healthy.”
She turned her attention again to Marian.  “Marian, since you’ll be giving milk now and will need the extra fluids, I expect you to drink at least twelve eight-ounce glasses of water every day.  That way we can make sure that you’ve always got enough fluids in your body to make plenty of milk.”
She turned her attention to Phillip again.  “Farmer Phyllis, since cows aren’t that smart, it’s going to be your job now to make sure that Marian here is drinking at least twelve eight-ounce glasses of water… or whatever else you decide you want to allow her to drink, every day.  And since she needs to give plenty of milk, then it will be up to you to decide if she needs to be drinking more than that or not.”  She couldn’t help the evil smile that lit up her face.  “And now get this,” she said, “Since I read that the things that she eats and drinks can affect the way her milk tastes, then from now on Farmer Phyllis, you get to decide everything that Marian eats as well.  Got that?  From now on, that stupid cow has no say at all in whatever she eats or drinks.  She’s too stupid to know what she should be eating.  So like any good farmer, it’s up to you now to feed her, and of course to make sure she gets plenty to drink.” 
She turned back to Marian, “Hear that you stupid cow?  From now on, you have no ability at all to decide what you will eat or drink.  None!  You’re nothing but a stupid cow!  It’s up to Farmer Phyllis here to make those decisions for you from now on.  If he gives it to you, then that’s what you will have.  You’re too stupid to make those kinds of decisions.  He’s your farmer and he decides what you eat and drink… and of course when you will eat since it will be his job to feed you too.”  She nearly burst out laughing at the thought of it.  Before long, Marian really would be nothing but a stupid cow… and only fit for living in a barn!
She turned her attention back to Phillip.  “Sissy Phyllis,” she said.  “Remember all those baby bottles I bought you?  Once your stupid cow starts to produce milk… which better be soon… there’s no sense in letting any of that milk go to waste.  Once she starts producing milk, you’re going to be drinking it as part of your eight eight-ounce glasses of liquids every day.  And since it’s milk intended for babies, you’re going to only drink it out of the baby bottles.  Got that?  All the milk she produces will be drunk by you from the baby bottles.  And if she finally produces enough milk to fill eight or more of those bottles a day, which I fully hope that she will, then that’s all you’re going to be drinking… unless you want to add even more liquids to your own diet… which I’m sure is only going to soak those adorable diapers you’re wearing even more.” 
Vivian couldn’t help it, she had to pause to laugh.  It was going to be so hysterical!  Both her victims were still sitting there hypnotized, with their eyes still closed, and still sucking their thumbs.  Totally delightful!  She laughed again at the thought of what she was making them do… and more so at the thought of what was still to come. 
“Okay you two, wake up!”  She watched as they both took a few seconds to wake up.  Marian mooed immediately and removed the thumb from her mouth, but her face looked like she had been watching some kind of horror movie.  Phillip kept his thumb in his mouth, he simply looked scared.  To Vivian, it was all… simply wonderful!
“Marian, stand up and get naked,” she ordered.  “Except for those darling shoes of course.”
Marian stood up and got undressed as Vivian wanted.  Vivian grabbed the plastic container and pulled the lid off of it and took the label that was in it out.  Then she handed the tub to Marian.  “Get into your milking position now!” she ordered.  “But this time, when you kneel, I want you straddling that plastic tub!”
Marian was horrified as she grabbed the container.  She went over to her usual milking spot and knelt down.  Getting the tub between her legs like that was somewhat difficult.  She had to spread her knees extra wide and it was very uncomfortable.  She mooed at the distress, but of course, nobody understood her… especially not Vivian.  It was even more uncomfortable staying like that with her fingers now playing with herself down below. 
Vivian turned to Phillip.  “Farmer Phyllis, I want to see you milking your cow again.  Get to it!” she ordered when he didn’t move fast enough.
Marian mooed in protest as the machine was once again attached to her and turned on. 
Vivian knelt down with her face right in front of Marian.  “Do you know what else cows do all the time?”  She laughed.  “They pee!  All the time!  Anywhere they happen to be.  They just let it out all over the place.  I’ve seen it a hundred times on my Grandfather’s farm.  They just stand there while they’re being milked, and they pee whenever the mood hits them.  It’s positively disgusting!  And now that’s what you’re going to have to do now whenever you’re being milked.  You can kneel there and try to pee the whole time you’re being milked… just like a real cow! 
“From now on, once you’re milking is done, you can take your hands out of your silly cunt if you want, but then instead of kneeling, you will go down on all fours and stay there like that until Farmer Phyllis here says you can get up again.  And of course, you’ll do nothing but moo the entire time!”
She turned back to Phillip, “Hear that Farmer Phyllis?  You get to decide how long your cow stays over that tub.  And I don’t want you to let her leave there until she’s peed into it at least once.  And if you decide she should stay there longer, then that’s your decision, not hers.  She’s nothing but a stupid cow.  She can’t make that decision for herself.  You now have all say over when she can get up after you milk her or not.  And Farmer Phyllis, since Marian will be on all fours like the cow that she is, if you think she needs to drink more while she’s there, then you’re going to have to pour her water, or whatever else you allow her to have, into a bowl for her to drink from.  She’ll have to drink it by lowering her head into it just like every other cow.  And if you think she needs to eat while she’s there, then of course you’ll have to feed her the same way.  But she’s not to leave that spot until you say she can.”
She turned back to Marian again.  “You got that you stupid cow?  When you’re on all fours, using your hands for anything besides playing with yourself is out of the question.  You eat like the animal that you are!”  Vivian started laughing again as Marian let out a rather distressed protesting moo.
“Oh how I love to hear you mooing like that,” she said.  “In fact, I want you mooing for the rest of the weekend.  You’re not to be able to utter anything else until after your milking on Monday morning.  Not… till… then!”  She smiled all too wickedly at Marian. 
She couldn’t take it anymore.  She quickly got undressed, moved the chair that she had earlier pushed over by the couch so it would be out of the way, and draped herself down on her favorite spot on the couch.  “Sissy Phyllis, get that tongue of yours over here and get busy!”  The sight of Marian mooing away and being milked while straddling that big tub was turning her on tremendously.  “Don’t forget to pee you stupid cow!”  Her head lolled back against the back of the couch in ecstasy the moment Phillip’s tongue started working on her.  Total heaven!  He might not be any good and sucking cocks… yet, but he could sure do this part awfully well!
She was halfway toward her second orgasm when she realized that she hadn’t seen Marian pee into the tub yet.  “I’m still waiting to see you pee, you stupid cow!  Try harder!”
Marian wasn’t exactly trying to pee.  And besides, her fingers were occupying that part of her body, but she had little choice but to do her best to let it all out.  With her fingers and hands in the way, it finally came out of her, and splashed all over the place.  She couldn’t see down into the tub very well from her kneeling position, but she could feel the pee all over her hands.  She could smell it too.  And Vicious Vivian was laughing away… which quickly ended as Vivian went into yet another orgasm… an obviously bigger one than her last one.  Damn!  Marian wished she could have a good orgasm herself!  She was stuck endlessly trying to get one, yet Vivian had fixed her so that she couldn’t!
After two more orgasms, Vivian finally pushed Phillip out of the way.  She hadn’t seen Marian pee again, but then she didn’t expect to since Marian had just done it.  She got up and again grabbed Marian’s blouse to wipe herself clean with before getting dressed.  And the entire time, she rarely took her eyes off of Marian and especially the sight of her nipples being pulled out over and over again inside the clear plastic cups attached to her udders. 
Once Vivian was ready to go, she turned to Phillip.  “Keep your cow on that milking machine for at least another half hour after I’ve gone.  And I want her to stay there until she’s peed into that tub at least one more time!  And since she’s so stupid, I think that you had better be the one to make sure she continues to take her pills from now on – four times a day!”  She stopped to consider something else before adding one final thought.  “Since it’s so late, I think you should make sure you drink three glasses of something before you go to sleep tonight, and make sure that stupid cow drinks at least four.  No use waiting until tomorrow to start your new regimen.”  She smiled wickedly again.  “Now don’t you feel lucky to have your very own cow to take care of?”  With a final departing laugh, she walked out of the apartment. 
Marian mooed in horror.  Another half hour on the milking machine… breast pump?  It was becoming nothing but torture.  And even then she wouldn’t be able to get up until she had peed again into the tub… or until Phillip said she could get up.  It was positively torture… and so horribly degrading.
Phillip was more than a bit perturbed.  Now he had to make sure that the stupid cow got enough to drink as well as milking her.  Plus… he had to decide everything that she ate and drank.  And he wasn’t too fond of the thought of having to drink so many glasses of liquids every day – especially not Marian’s milk… out of the baby bottles.  That was going to be… irksome, not to mention humiliating.  He wasn’t looking forward to that at all!  But the worst part of his thinking centered around what all those liquids in his body was going to do to the amount he was going to be peeing into his diapers.  That could cause even more embarrassing problems!
He looked over towards Marian.  He knew that she had just been handed the most horrible situation possible, but that still didn’t keep him from feeling anything but sorry for himself.  Marian looked terrified.  He noticed Marian’s fingers moving slightly where they were stuck up inside of her.  “At least you get some fun from being able to do that!” he said nastily to her.  “Now I’m stuck with the responsibility of having to take care of you.  And you’re the one who’s ultimately responsible for me being stuck with all these problems in the first place!”
Marian mooed in protest, it was the only rebuttal she could make.  How could he say something like that to her?
“Yeah?” Phillip replied as if he understood what she had said.  “I ought to pour a bowl of something for you to drink right now!”  He watched as she mooed again at him.  “And you’d have to drink it because you’ve got to drink even more liquids a day than I do.”  He noticed that Marian didn’t say anything to that… and her fingers never stopped playing with her stupid twat.
“You’ve got it easy compared to me,” he said.  “You don’t have to go walking around out in public looking like a total fool so everyone laughs at you.  You don’t have to wear diapers all the time so the only place you can go is in your own stinking pants.  And now you don’t have to drink any of your milk out of nothing but baby bottles!”  He paused for a moment.  “Unless I make you drink it!” he added cruelly.  “I guess I could make you do that… if you ever produce enough that is.”
He stared at the shocked look on her face for a moment as another worrying thought came to the forefront of his mind.  “And you don’t have to learn to…”  But he couldn’t finish saying his final thought.  He couldn’t finish saying that she wouldn’t have to learn to suck cock like Mistress Vivian had told him he would now be learning.  And he had no doubt where that was going to take him. 
He turned away from the stupid cow on the floor and headed to his bedroom to brood alone.
There were tears in Marian’s eyes as she watched him go.  How could he be so hateful to her?  How?  All she wanted to do was help him… and she was stuck in the same situation he was!  She just had different problems to deal with than he did. 
She let out another despondent moo and turned her thoughts back to Vivian.  While Vivian had worked with them in their trances earlier, Marian had realized that she had made a big mistake.  She had seen Vivian using her notebook before to remind herself of all the commands she had given them.  But it wasn’t until tonight that it really dawned on Marian exactly what Vivian was doing.  Vivian wasn’t smart enough to set up a self-sustaining trigger to reinforce all her commands.  She didn’t know how.  And for some reason, she was getting around that little problem by reinforcing everything every couple of days.  And worse, she was taking the time to deepen their trances each time to make it all stick that much firmer.  If Vicious Vivian kept doing that, she would never be able to break out of her control. 
So she had made a mistake.  Because of what Vivian was really doing, she had put the wrong set of subliminal commands inside that last fireplace DVD she had made.  And it would be another whole week before she would have a chance to fix it!
She saw Phillip come back out of the bedroom again. 
“It’s all your fault!” Phillip yelled from the doorway of his bedroom.  “You’re the one who’s responsible for all this!  If you hadn’t hypnotized me in the first place, none of this would have ever happened!  You’re the one who’s ultimately responsible.  You!  It’s all your fault!”  He turned angrily away as he added, “You stupid cow!”
Marian mooed mournfully as the tears streamed down her face.  And the problem was that he was right.  She was the one who was ultimately responsible.  It was all her fault!


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