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Hypnotized and Humiliated - Chapter 19 Part1 of 2

Hypnotized and Humiliated
By Karen Singer

Chapter 19 Part1 of 2

Vivian only had two small bags in her hands when she arrived home and got out of her car.  But she found a very large package waiting for her on her doorstep.  She knew what had to be inside it!  Without bothering to remove the packaging, she lugged the box to her car and put it straight into the back seat. 
She went into the townhouse and prepared herself a very quick dinner before going right back out to the car.  It was time to pick up Sissy Phyllis for tonight’s fun… and Phyllis’s first lessons toward his new life!  She was so looking forward to it!  Ten minutes later, she knocked on Phillip’s door.
Marian had just finished fastening the bow in Phillip’s hair when she heard someone at the door.  “Better go answer it,” she said to him. 
Phillip looked up at her with apprehensive pleading eyes, but he carried Dolly to the door as he was told.  As expected, Mistress Vivian was there when he opened it.  And as expected, she immediately pushed her way past him into his apartment.  She heard one of Marian’s moos coming from the living room.  “There’s a box down in the back seat of my car,” she told Phillip as she quickly looked him over.  “Hurry up and bring it up here!”  She turned her back to him and headed in to find Marian. 
“I’ve got him dressed just the way you asked,” Marian told Vivian as she walked in. 
“Yeah, yeah.  I saw,” Vivian replied.  Then her face broke out in a big smile.  “Any milk yet?” she asked.
Marian shook her head.  “Not yet.  But I wouldn’t expect any so soon.”
Vivian’s face clouded.  “According to what I read, some women showed signs of it starting after only a day!”
“Evidently, I’m not one of those women.”
“Just make sure you keep taking those pills!  And I want to know the minute you do start to… produce.”
Marian didn’t reply to that.
A few minutes later, Phillip came back into the apartment lugging the big box with Dolly laying on top of it.  “Open it!” Vivian ordered, her excitement growing.  “It’s for you!”
Phillip’s apprehension hit a higher notch when he heard that, but he began ripping the packaging off… exposing a very large box of what he now realized were adult diapers. 
Vivian giggled.  “I found you some that I’m sure are going to look so cute on you!  And you’ll notice that I got ones that are super thick and absorbent so they won’t leak.  But I think the best part is the pretty designs on the front.  Just perfect for a little sissy toddler like you!”  She turned to Marian.  “I want him wearing one right now!  Change him and be quick about it.  We have someplace we have to be in a little while.”
“Where?” Marian asked as she knelt down to open the box.
But her question didn’t exactly sit very well with Vivian.  “Cows have no need to know what normal people do.  All you need to do is to sit around and moo… and produce milk,” she added with a slight bit of humor.  When Marian had finally gotten the box opened and pulled one of the diapers out, Vivian looked at it critically.  “It certainly looks a lot thicker than those other ones he was wearing.”
Marian nodded as she moved over to Phillip who was already lying on the floor with his pants around his ankles. 
“I bought a triple order,” Vivian said as she watched Marian changing Phillip’s diaper.  “So there should be sixty in that box.  When you get down to about half, you’re going to have to order another large supply so he’ll always have plenty.  I’m not going to do that for you.  It’s going to have to be your responsibility, you stupid cow.  If you can manage to be smart enough to actually do it!”
Marian said nothing to the insult.  The new diaper was indeed a lot thicker than the old one.  She had no doubt that it wasn’t going to be as comfortable for Phillip to wear as the thinner ones. 
Phillip could feel the difference in the new diaper the moment Marian pulled it up through his legs.  It was a lot thicker!  In the front and back too.  He was very worried now about it showing under his clothes.  When he finally stood up, he noticed that it was a lot more difficult to bring his legs together.  The damn diaper was in the way!  He knew immediately that they were going to be nothing but a nuisance to wear. 
“Absolutely adorable!” Vivian declared with a broad smile on her face.  “And I think that little girl design is just perfect for you.  I want you wearing them from now on!  And don’t forget, when that box gets down to about half, you need to order more!”  She looked around.  “Now where’s that backpack of yours?  I need you to pack several of these in there in case you need them tonight.”
Phillip gave a very worried look toward Marian, who only let out a moo in response. 
“Hurry up!” Vivian ordered. 
Phillip grabbed his backpack and pulled the old diapers out.  Marian had already dug three of the new thicker diapers out of the box and handed them to him.  A moment later, he was ready.
“Do you have the money?” Vivian asked.
“It’s in my purse,” Phillip replied.
“Good!  Grab it and your backpack and let’s go.”  She headed for the door, but when she got there, Phillip wasn’t behind her.  She turned around to look for him.  He was still fixing his lipstick.  She smiled broadly.  “Perfect!  I just know you’re going to be a big hit tonight.”
Phillip’s eyes went wide with worry.  “Where are we going?”
“You’ll find out when we get there!” Vivian replied in no uncertain terms.  “Now hurry up.  We’re late!”
With one last apprehensive look toward Marian, Phillip followed.  Marian silently wished him good luck.
With the apartment empty, she mooed again to clear that out of her system, and then began setting up her laptop.
Most of the subliminal recording on the video had to remain just the way it was.  But that still left her plenty of room to put her next set of suggestions into it.  She just dared not put too much.  You had to build these things one step at a time.  Unfortunately.

Of all the places that Phillip was afraid they would be stopping at, the last place he expected Vivian to drive him to was another fast food restaurant.  But this one was located deep in an area of the city that most people usually shied away from.  Before getting out of the car, Vivian turned to Phillip and issued the magic words:  Phyllis sucks her thumb.”  She watched as his eyes closed and his thumb came up to his mouth.  Then she spoke.  “If I take your doll from you tonight, it will be okay.  You won’t have any problems with that at all tonight.  In fact, if the need arises and I tell you to, you’ll be able to remove that diaper as well.  But once we go home again, everything will be back the way it should be.  Got that?”  She watched as Phillip kept his thumb in his mouth and only nodded. 
“Good!” Vivian replied.  “And while we’re here tonight, I expect you to do absolutely anything at all that either I or anyone else tells you to do.  Anything!  No matter what!  Because otherwise I can assure you that you’ll be living a far worse life than you have right now, and that life is going to include a world of pain as well!  Understand?”
Again Phillip only nodded, keeping his thumb firmly in his mouth.
“Good!” Vivian replied again.  “Now wake up!”
Phillip opened his eyes, and left his thumb in his mouth.  She might take Dolly from him?  He wasn’t sure he was completely happy about that.  His eyes glanced at the fast food restaurant where they were parked.  How bad could things get in a place like this?
“Now let’s go,” Vivian ordered as she grabbed her purse and got out of the car.
Phillip was always nervous about getting out of the car anywhere people might see him, but in this area of town, he was even more nervous.  Hugging Dolly tightly in one arm, he followed Vivian inside.  But once inside, Vivian simply moved slightly away from the door and began looking around as if she was searching for someone.

Gloria saw them coming in.  She had noticed the twerp right away as soon as he got out of his car.  How could anyone miss someone dressed like him?  And that big doll in his arms was a real hoot and a half.  She had no doubt that this was the Vivian she had chatted with over the internet.  By the way she had her sub dressed, it looked like Vivian was going all out for this little meeting tonight.  From where she sat though, she had to wonder about the color of the lipstick that Vivian was wearing.  Not the best for the woman at all.  But the silly twerp with her had wonderful looking lips.  She took another sip of her coffee and sat there watching them for a few minutes before she got up and approached them.
“You must be Vivian,” she said to the woman.
“Gloria?” Vivian asked, and got a nod in reply.  Gloria wasn’t at all what she expected.  The woman was wearing a nice wrap-around dress that was belted at the waist, and where she expected the dominant woman to be wearing some killer heels, this woman was wearing flats instead. 
Gloria turned toward the guy with the doll.  “I must say, I hadn’t expected you to be dressed so… interestingly.  What’s your name?”
“That’s Sissy Phyllis,” Vivian answered for Phillip.
Gloria only nodded before saying.  “Come on back to my table.  I’m still on my break so get yourself some coffee if you like.”
Break?  Vivian ignored the coffee suggestion and a minute later she and Phillip were sitting at one of the tables with Gloria. 
“I love his outfit,” Gloria said as she sipped her coffee and looked Phillip over carefully.  She paid particular attention to how his hair was done.  “How do you manage your hair when you’re not all dressed up like tonight?”
Again Vivian answered before Phillip could say a word.  “He wears it like that all the time.  In fact, he dresses like this all the time now.  I think it’s so… suited to him.”
Gloria was more than a bit surprised by that.  She didn’t miss the look of fear on the guy’s face either.  She had no doubt there was more going on here than meets the eye. 
“Are we going somewhere else?” Vivian asked.  “I thought maybe you wanted us to just meet you here and then we would follow you to your place or something.”
Gloria rolled her eyes.  “Something like that.  Where we’re going is only a couple of blocks from here.”  She took another small sip of her coffee.
“What are we waiting for?” Vivian asked, anxious to get on with things.
“Like I said, I’m on my break.”  Gloria turned to… Phyllis.  “So you dress like this all the time?  I guess you’re getting pretty good at housework then.”
“No,” Vivian started to say, but she was stopped by Gloria holding up her hand.  “Let him answer for himself!” she said sternly.
Vivian was very much put off, but she shut up.
Gloria turned back to Phillip.  “So do you spend your days tending house now?”
There was no missing the nervousness in Phillip’s voice.  “No, I go to work every day like this.”
Gloria did a bit of a double take.  “You do?  What do you do?”
Phillip told her a little about the office he and Vivian worked in.  Gloria simply had a hard time believing any of it.  She finished her coffee and glance at her watch.  “I’ve got to get back,” she said.  “If you don’t mind, since we’re taking the time I had reserved for someone else, you’ll have some company tonight.”
“Someone else?” Vivian asked uncertainly.
“I thought that in this case, it might be for the best,” Gloria replied.  “Besides, there are some… games I’m interested in playing.”  She smiled at Vivian, “I think you’ll probably enjoy them more than a little too.”  She got up from her seat.  “I’ve got to get back.  When you leave the parking lot, go two blocks down that small road over there.  You’ll have to park along the street, and you can’t leave your car here.  It’s number twenty nine.  The door is red.  I’ll tell them to expect you.”  With that, she walked briskly away. 
Vivian wasn’t sure what to think, but she and Phillip… and Dolly, went back to her car.  By the time they got there, Gloria was no longer in sight.  They found the place easy enough, but they had to go another block up the road to find a parking place along the side of the road.  Phillip’s apprehension grew much worse as they walked from the car all the way back to the red door with the number twenty nine on it.  There was a rather large guy standing on the sidewalk out front that scared both Vivian and Phillip as they approached. 
The guy nodded towards the door.  “Go on in.  Gloria told me to expect you.”
Wordlessly, Vivian led the way, although she was more than a bit apprehensive about things now.  This was not the best part of town for a woman to be in.  For anyone to be in!
Inside, Vivian and Phillip were faced with a very dingy atmosphere, and the smell of stale cigarette smoke permeating the air.  There was another very large guy lazing back in one of the chairs there smoking a cigarette and watching TV.  The guy got up immediately.  “You got to be the one Gloria said was coming,” he said with a big grin as he looked Phillip over.  His demeanor changed quickly.  “You got the money?  It’s a hundred bucks!”
“A hundred?” Vivian asked.  She was sure that Gloria had told her a hundred and fifty.
“You got lucky tonight,” the guy replied.  “She’s already got a customer upstairs that paid his part and she said you could just pay the extra hundred.”  He was surprised though when the woman didn’t pay him, but she turned to the twerp with the bow in his hair instead.  He nearly laughed watching the fag trying to dig some money out of the purse he was carrying, and the huge doll in his arms was only making matters more difficult.  He took the money and counted it carefully.  “Upstairs.  Second room on the right.  Number four.”  He pocketed the cash and headed straight back to his chair to watch more TV.
This time, Vivian pushed Phillip up the stairs ahead of her.  Everything around her looked old and worn out.  Dingy!  The stairway led straight into a narrow hallway with several doors on each side.  As they slowly worked their way past the first set of doors, a loud cracking sound came from one of the rooms that made both of them jump.  They found room four easy enough.  Vivian knocked… a little nervously.
“Enter!” a voice called from inside.
Vivian opened the door a crack and peeked inside, then she opened it wider and walked in.  Gloria was seated in a chair… with a naked man kneeling in front of her lacing up her over-the-knee high heeled boots.  She was no longer wearing the dress she had worn earlier, but was now adorned in a very… erotic… leather outfit that included a riding crop in her hand.  Vivian noticed the wrap around dress Gloria had worn earlier hanging on a hook further down the wall.  She must have had it covering the leather outfit she was wearing now.  One entire wall of the room was covered in odd looking equipment… mostly in leather.  She saw a lot of whips hung on the wall and even more restraints.  There were some cabinets along the bottom of the wall as well with more equipment piled on top. 
“Close the door,” Gloria requested.  She didn’t speak again until Phillip had closed the door.  “This is Slave Thing,” she told them.  Then she quickly turned her attention back to the man on the floor.  “Don’t look up!” she yelled as she hit the man sharply with her riding crop.  “Finish what you’re doing!”  She watched him for a moment to make sure he was properly back to work before she turned her attention back to the new arrivals.  “Feel free to let your sub get undressed,” she said to Vivian.  “Thing here is going to be busy for a few more minutes and there’s no use wasting time.”
Vivian turned to Phillip and grabbed the doll, but Phillip held it tightly for a moment before finally releasing it.  “Get naked,” was all that Vivian needed to say.
Feeling oddly disconnected from Dolly, Phillip slowly started to undress under the all too watchful eyes of both Vivian and the other woman, but his eyes rarely left the naked man on the floor who was so attentively lacing up the boots.  It was embarrassing taking his top off and revealing the bra he was wearing underneath, but the woman barely batted an eye.  Of course the bra was padded so the bumps it created bulged out his top, so he guessed they knew he was wearing one anyway.  He had no trouble removing his shoes.  But then he had to reach to the zipper on his Capri pants and unfasten them.  Once unzipped, he paused a moment, then pulled them down to his knees.  He heard a small gasping laugh from the woman as his diaper was exposed.  He let the Capri pants fall down to his ankles where he stepped out of them. 
“I must say,” Gloria said, “I never expected the diaper.  I guess that’s what you get for playing with yourself so much.”  She turned to Vivian.  “Does he use them?” she asked.
“Of course!” Vivian replied.  “It would be such a waste if he didn’t.”
Gloria only nodded at that.  “There are hooks on the wall over there where you can put your things so they’ll be out of the way.  And I need that diaper off of you too!”
Leaving the diaper in place, Phillip bent down to retrieve his clothes.  He kept his diaper on as he carried them over to the hooks on the wall.  As he walked, he was very aware of the noise his diaper kept making.  He had no idea it would do that.  If he had to keep wearing the things, then he only hoped they wouldn’t do it with his clothes over them. 
As Phillip was hanging up his clothes, Gloria looked down at her boots.  Thing had finished the lacing and was now kneeling there staring at the floor.  She inspected the job he had done.  Good enough.  She raised one of her feet and planted it against his shoulder… and shoved him backwards.  She got up from her chair and stood right on top of Thing’s chest in her high spiked heeled boots as she watched the diaper clad sissy hanging up his clothes.
Phillip turned around once the clothes were out of his hands and saw the woman standing on top of the guy.  He could see the sharp heels on the woman’s boots digging into the poor guy’s chest.  That had to hurt!
“I’m waiting,” Gloria said to Phillip. 
“Sissy Phyllis, get over here!” Vivian ordered.
Phillip hurried over to Vivian as the woman, still standing on top of the guy’s chest, turned around to continue watching him.  Vivian pulled the tapes on his diaper open herself and it fell to the floor.  He was now naked in front of all of them. 
“About time,” Gloria muttered as she now got down off of the guy.  A small gasp escaped from his lips as she did.  Still staring at Phillip, she said, “Thing!  Get up from there and let me introduce you to your new playmate.”  Once he was standing, she said, “Thing, this is… Phyllis.”  She turned to Vivian.  “Sissy Phyllis?”
Vivian nodded.  “That’s how I always think of him.” 
Gloria turned back to the two naked guys.  “Sissy Phyllis, I’d like you to meet Slave Thing.”
Phillip looked at “Thing” nervously.  He wasn’t sure what to make of anything that was going on. 
“Now,” Gloria continued, “since you two are going to be playing together tonight, I suggest you get properly acquainted.  Thing!  Go over there and give Sissy Phyllis a nice hug and a kiss.  A real kiss!  And you Sissy Phyllis, I expect you to kiss your new boyfriend even more passionately!”
Boyfriend?  Phillip watched in horror as the guy came over to him… and wrapped his arms around him… and lowered his head toward his own, bringing his lips closer and closer.  He didn’t want to kiss this guy!  He didn’t want this guy kissing him!  But Mistress Vivian had commanded!  So despite not wanting to do it, he found himself locked in a very strong embrace, enduring and even stronger kiss that seemed to last forever. 
“Don’t stop kissing!” Gloria ordered, while Vivian giggled in the background.  “Just hold it there like that!”
She went over toward the wall and opened one of the cabinets and pulled something out.  And carried it back to the two kissing fags.  “I want to see tongues working between your mouths!” Gloria ordered.
Phillip almost gasped as he suddenly felt the guys tongue forcing its way past his lips.  But that worry went completely away when he suddenly felt the woman begin wrapping something wide and stretchy around their two heads, forcing them to remain kissing each other like that.  He quickly realized it was an Ace bandage as she kept wrapping it around and around the two of them before fastening it.  He literally couldn’t stop kissing this guy now no matter what!  He heard Mistress Vivian outright laughing in the background, but he couldn’t turn his eyes far enough to see her.
He felt the woman leave them again and then come back.  She grabbed his arms and pulled them tightly around the guy’s back, then he felt her tying some rope to his wrists.  She pulled the rope around both of them before pulling hard on it, forcing him to hold the guy tighter than ever.  And when she walked away, he couldn’t bring his arms back.  A minute later, she had done the other guys arms the same way.  They were forced to stand there hugging and kissing until they were released.  And through it all, the guy’s tongue kept exploring his mouth!  And worse, with their naked bodies pressed together like they were, he could feel the damn guy’s cock beginning to grow between them. 
Gloria turned to Vivian.  “Now that we’ve got them settled for a while, let’s talk about what you wanted to know.”


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