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Hypnotized and Humiliated - Chapter 30 Part 1 of 4

Hypnotized and Humiliated
By Karen Singer

Chapter 30 Part 1 of 4

It wasn’t a moo that escaped her lips, but a soft sighing “Ahhh…” as Marian sank herself in the warm bath water Monday morning.  She could talk again – and she could take a bath again.  Heaven!  She allowed herself to enjoy the sensations of the wonderful warm bath for a few moments as she laid back and closed her eyes.  But the inactivity soon allowed other thoughts to begin running through her head.
It was Monday, a day when, if Vivian’s usual plan held together, Vivian would most likely be there that night to re-hypnotize them again – re-brainwash them again.  Except that for once, Marian was very hopeful that Vivian wouldn’t show up at all.  That last DVD she had created had not only given Vivian more “important” things to think about instead, but Vivian would wake up each morning now remembering that she had already hypnotized them the night before.  Hopefully, it would all combine to keep Vivian away from them and not hypnotize them anymore.  Hopefully.  That was her theory anyway.  And so far, based on the way Vivian seemed to be responding to the subliminal suggestions in those fireplace DVDs she had already created, things were looking very hopeful for her…and Phillip of course. 
And Phillip!  He had again treated her decently all last night and again this morning.  She had been very grateful for that.  Was he treating her better because his one big problem was now behind him…if Vivian didn’t ever figure it out?  Or was it more likely that he was treating her better because she had continually treated him like a child?  Like a little girl mostly.  She was betting on the later because of all his weird fantasies.  Either way, she decided she was going to continue treating him childishly…sort of.  At least as long as it helped with the way he treated her. 
And she had plans to again treat him childishly all day today too.  A broad smile lit up her face as she thought about what Phillip would soon be faced with for the rest of the day.

Vivian awoke with an ugly snort.  Her arm wiped the slobber from her chin as she sat up on the couch.  Her eyes took in the fireplace video still playing on the TV – so nice.  Her mind was full of ideas to shop for, and she couldn’t wait to go shopping again.  The only problem was, it was Monday and she had to go to work.  But that was just fine.  She really couldn’t wait to show of her new fashion trend to all the ladies at work.  She simply couldn’t wait!  And then after work, she would go shopping again.
At least she didn’t have to worry about hypnotizing those two idiots again.  She had taken the time from her shopping last night to get that nasty chore out of the way.  She was proud of herself for thinking of it and getting it done! 
With a last glance at the fire on the TV, she got up and headed upstairs to start getting ready for work.  The ladies were all going to go crazy over her latest outfit!  They would all be so jealous – again!

Phillip was on pins-and-needles.  He still had no idea what Marian wanted him to wear to work.  But so far, all indications were that he would be wearing only what he had on.  It was all she had dressed him in so far.  And the way she had been treating him lately, he had some very real fears that she might actually want him to go out in public the way he was. 
The cow was at the kitchen table just then, eating the breakfast he had set out for her.  She was all dressed and ready for work.  And he was worried that he was dressed and ready for work too.  She wouldn’t really send him out the way he was, would she?  But she had literally dragged him around the mall last night dressed like a stupidly colorful little girl for hours!  Of course, he’d never admit to anyone how much he had actually loved it.  And then she hadn’t undressed him until just before he went to bed last night.  This morning, he had been worried that he would again be wearing the colorful Rainbow Brite outfit she had put him in – balloon and all!  But so far, that didn’t appear to be the case. 
Earlier, after her bath, Marian had attacked his hair with her curling iron again.  Then she had put one of his smaller hair-bows on the back of his head.  But other than the lipstick he had already been wearing, she had done nothing more with his face – for which he was grateful…kind of.  He’d never admit it, but he did love the humiliation he got from having to wear the makeup all the time. 
He glanced down at the red high heels on his feet.  He hadn’t worn them with his little girl outfit last night.  Was she dressing him more “grown-up” today?  Of course the bra he was wearing was one of the small ones that Mistress Vivian had made him get.  But the cups were certainly stuffed full enough with several pairs of Marian’s panties.  But the part about the bra that bothered him the most, was that there wasn’t anything at all covering it.  Nothing! 
His visible bra wasn’t his biggest worry however.  There was nothing covering his bra at all…and also nothing covering the childish design on the diaper he was wearing either.  Nothing!  Would she really take him out of the house wearing only the diaper – with nothing covering it?  But based on the way she had been treating him, he was still afraid she might do just that. 
And beyond all that, he had another small problem.  He wasn’t sure if he would love being taken out dressed just as he was, or not.  The humiliation would be incredible!  Overpowering!  Just thinking about it was enough to make him want to try to get his hand into his diaper for some…fun.  So was she going to make him wear anything else…or wasn’t she?

Marian glanced at the clock as she stuffed the last spoonful of cereal into her mouth.  She had eaten as fast as she could, but if she didn’t get moving, they might actually be late for work.  It was still early enough now, but she had a long way to go still to get Phillip ready.  And she knew he had no idea what was in store for him today.  Now it was time to start letting him find out. 
With a moo to clear it from her system, she hurried to her feet, her stupid cowbell clanging like crazy.  “Okay, Phillip,” she said as soon as she saw him in the living room.  “Let’s finish getting you ready.  For today, you can sit at the kitchen table while I do your makeup.”
Phillip headed for the kitchen.  Makeup.  He was glad…and he wasn’t.  But mostly, because of the humiliation factor, he was glad.  He just didn’t dare act that way.  But he still didn’t hesitate to head for the kitchen where he sat at the table and held Dolly in his lap while he waited for Marian to come back.  He shoved her breakfast dishes further back on the table to get them out of the way. 
When she came back, he wasn’t surprised to see her hands totally full of makeup stuff that she dumped out on the table.  But there was something different in that pile that immediately caught his eye.  And he couldn’t stop staring at the package.  But then Marian plucked something else new from the pile that he hadn’t even noticed before, and he didn’t know if he wanted to scream and run, or smile with delight.  In the end, he stared at the package she was trying to open – with horror! 
Marian finally got the package open and her hands pulled out the small card inside.  “I used to love wearing these all the time,” she told Phillip.  “I’m guessing you’ll probably love them too.”
Phillip said nothing.  He only watched as Marian pulled one of the false eyelashes from the card, examined it closely, then she spread some glue all along the edges.
“Close your eyes,” Marian said to him.  Then she pasted the false eyelash in place on his left eye.  A minute later, his right eye was done as well.  “All done,” she said.
Phillip opened his eyes.  He could actually feel the strange weight of the eyelashes she had pasted onto him…and he could somewhat see their longer length.  They weren’t painful or really uncomfortable, but they did feel strange.  After that, he sat through Marian attacking his face with more makeup than she had used on him in a while.  But it was still that other new package on the table that mostly held his attention.
And then he watched as Marian grabbed that other package and opened it.  He swallowed hard and hugged Dolly tighter to his chest. 
“Set your hand flat on the table now Phyllis,” Marian said to him.  “And keep your fingers spread wide.”  When his hand was in position, Marian selected one of the long, glamor length red false nails from the package and pulled it off.  Then she carefully positioned it over his thumbnail and pressed it down firmly into place.  One by one, she pasted the long nails onto each of his ten fingers.  “There,” she finally said with some satisfaction.  “All done.  Now we can get you dressed.”  With that, she turned and headed for the living room.
Phillip lifted his hands and stared at his fingers.  Long red nails!  On all his fingers!  He attempted to close his hands into a fist, and didn’t get very far.  He immediately knew that those nails would be a huge curse all day long.  And now he wanted more than ever to be able to get his hands into his diaper…or better yet, get the damn diaper off so he could get some real relief!
His new long nails brushed oddly against Dolly as he grabbed her and got to his feet.  Get dressed?  At least he knew for sure then that she wouldn’t be sending him out with his diaper on display.

Vivian was so happy with herself that she started singing.  The fact that she was so horribly out of tune and didn’t even know the words made no difference.  She sang anyway.  And after each piece of clothing she put on, she preened in front of her mirror, admiring her beauty and her wonderful sense of fashion.  She was the best ever!  No wonder everyone else was so jealous of her.  The leopard print dress she was wearing reminded her a bit of Wilma Flintstone, the cartoon character…except she knew that Wilma Flintstone never looked as good as she did then.  Of course, Vivian didn’t even notice the fat bulges around her stomach.  She simply felt too good to notice any little imperfections like that. 
The tiger striped belt she was wearing was the perfect accent to go against the leopard print dress.  Perfect!  She felt positively feline and powerful.  But then…she was powerful.  Look what she had done with those two idiots, Sissy Phyllis and Mooing Marian.  Ha!  Powerful!!!  And now her clothes reflected just that.  Oh the ladies were all going to be so jealous of her today.
She stuck her feet into the new zebra print pumps she had bought the day before.  What a find – and sixty percent off!  How could anyone pass up a deal like that?  She felt so lucky she had found and bought them before anyone else could snatch them up. 
Still singing, she carefully draped the bear claw necklace around her neck and fastened it behind her.  Perfection!  It was so wonderful.  And it was another symbol of absolute power!  Oh how everyone was going to envy her.  Especially that stupid cow Marian.  But then who would ever expect a cow to have any sense of fashion at all?  It was laughable!  Just like Marian herself.
With a feeling of absolute gleeful anticipation, she slowly picked up the final piece of her outfit that day, and carefully set the peacock feathered hat on her head.  Stunning!  The hat simply was the best accent she could possibly imagine for her animal theme outfit.  She stared at her reflection for a moment, then once again burst out in song.  She looked…stunning!
Ever so happily, she grabbed the zebra pint purse that was a very good match to her shoes – so proper – and with another song on her lips, she headed off to work.  She was a bit earlier than usual.  Maybe she’d take the time to show off her outfit in one of the local restaurants on the way.  Such a perfect idea!  Then even more people could see her – and of course, be jealous of her.

Phillip was shaking.  Positively shaking.  And he could see that Marian was doing everything in her power not to laugh at him…which obviously wasn’t working too well.  He could feel his false eyelashes every time he blinked his eyes.  The extra-long nails on his hands made grabbing anything, or doing anything all but impossible.  And now Marian had added the worst part yet!  He was wearing another princess costume…but it was unlike any other princess costume in the entire world!  He supposed he was supposed to be Ariel, from The Little Mermaid, because the bottom of the dress flared out into some fake fins at the bottom.  But the green and blue dress not only hugged his body, but it especially hugged his legs – all the way down to his ankles.  And Marian had even joked about the way she had sewn the kick pleat shut.  The entire skirt was like one long tight tube – almost down to his ankles.  He could hardly walk at all.  He could barely put one foot in front of the other.  He was literally shuffling in his red high heels.  The fins at the bottom of the skirt were only decoration, they didn’t open up to make walking easier at all. 
“Okay, Phyllis,” Marian said to him.  “Grab a couple of bottles and stick them in your purse for later.  And do your lipstick quickly now so we can get out of here.  We don’t want to be late for work.”
Late for work?  Phillip figured that it would probably take him an hour just to get from the apartment down to the cars.  Just trying to pick up his lipstick was a chore with his long nails.  Fortunately, the nails didn’t bother him too much as he spread it over his lips.
“Okay, Sissy Phyllis,” Marian said when he was done.  “Grab your purse and let’s go.”
Phillip felt like such a fool – again!  With Dolly cradled in his left arm, his right arm holding his purse was extended wide to help him keep his balance while he walked…shuffled…toward the front door.  He went as quickly as he could, which was actually at a snail’s pace compared to normal. 
A few moments later, Phillips trip down to the cars went from very slow – to dead stop.  He turned to look at Marian, who was still doing her best not to openly laugh at him.  “How am I supposed to get down the steps?” he asked.  “I can’t!”
“Grab your skirt and pull it up as high as you can,” Marian suggested.  “It’s probably the only way you’re going to manage it.”
Ugh!  It would have been difficult enough to grab his skirt with his hand that was holding his purse, but the long nails made it all that much more difficult.  Still he pulled the tight skirt up as much as he could – which wasn’t very far, and took a tentative step downward.  He was lucky he didn’t fall! 
“You’ve got it,” Marian said from right behind him.
Phillip went down another step, and had to reach out quickly to grab the handrail before he lost his balance completely.  He decided that holding onto the railing was going to be a necessity.  Especially with the heels he was wearing.  He tried to grab his skirt with the arm that was holding Dolly, but he almost dropped her.  He wound up stuffing her under his arm that was holding onto the railing and his purse, and then he had to be careful of his fingernails in order to grab the fabric of his dress to pull it up.  One slow step after another, he went down, and breathed a sigh of relief when he made it.  Whew!  How was he going to get through the day?


Anonymous said...

phillis should now be made to wear noisy plastic panties and have to lift a dress or skirt which shows off the bottom of them that would be a fun thing for him to suffer

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Loving this so much :) *triplehugs* Hope your publishing stuff goes amazing as it should :)


Loved it... but not letting my girl read that part... she might get some ideas